5 Ways to Turn Your SEO Skills Into an Online Business

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For any company that does its business online, expert SEO skills are among the most vital assets when it comes to achieving success. 

So, if you’re a qualified SEO expert, you are at an advantage, since you hold valuable skills that have huge revenue potential. 

However, turning those skills into a successful online business is no simple task, especially if you’ve spent most of your experience working for a bigger company. 

Thankfully, there are many solutions available for you to choose from as you plan your next steps towards starting your own company.

Here are five ways you can turn your SEO skills into a profitable online business

Running an e-commerce or dropshipping site and using SEO to boost sales

Your SEO skills will come in extremely handy if you decide to use them for your eCommerce or dropshipping site, as they will enable you to boost sales.

Since you already know the ropes of SEO, you know which tactics are going to be the most effective at driving traffic for your business. 

Running an e-commerce or dropshipping site and using SEO to boost sales

This is essential for creating an effective SEO sales strategy, one that will get your products on the first page of the search results.

Being familiar with sales SEO is a great starting advantage for an entrepreneur.

SEO knowledge is critically important because it allows you to set realistic, measurable projections for your eCommerce or dropshipping business.

When you understand how SEO works, you can estimate how long it will take for your business to reach your target number of visitors.

This will enable you to save resources and plan sustainable growth for your business early on.

According to a study by Semrush, 37.5% of all traffic that goes to eCommerce sites comes from search engines.

Therefore, eCommerce businesses benefit immensely from making sure their websites are optimized for search engines.

They get ranked on the first page when prospects are looking to buy products, which makes it more likely they will end up being the buyers’ first choice.

In other words, SEO optimization makes sure eCommerce websites get organic traffic, and, as such, it is critically important.

If you’re skilled at SEO, you can use it to ensure a strong start while getting your business off the ground. 

Creating and selling SEO courses

Creating and selling online SEO courses is another option if you want to make a profit from your SEO know-how.

Put your skills to work and create a structured learning program.

With a combination of SEO and teaching skills, creating and selling SEO courses is a great way to make new revenue opportunities.

SEO courses can range anywhere from free to a few thousand dollars based on the quality of the program.

Consider offering your skills to new SEO prospects and putting your knowledge and experience to work.

Creating SEO courses helps you establish yourself as an expert in the field.

Having a detailed learning program gives you the opportunity to showcase your knowledge to interested visitors.

As you gain more course attenders and reviews, your reputation in the industry will increase, which will only benefit you and create new opportunities.

A report by Semrush has found that 64% of marketers actively spend their time learning new marketing techniques, including SEO.

This means that there are many prospects looking to learn SEO techniques - a great opportunity for fantastic educators and course makers.

SEO experts should teach their skills to other marketers looking to learn something new.

Creating and selling SEO courses is a great way to capture revenue opportunities and establish yourself as an expert. 

SEO content and copywriting

You should expand your SEO skills and offer SEO-optimized content and copywriting services as part of your online business.

Moreover, you should regard writing SEO-optimized content as a natural progression of your skills.

Since SEO is about optimizing a website so that it can rank well, the principles of effective SEO extend to the content you feature on that website as well.

SEO copywriting and content writing are about creating compelling and valuable posts that make use of specific keywords and SEO techniques to improve ranking.

By adding content writing on top of your SEO skills, you can excel at delivering excellent SEO-friendly content that attracts visitors and provides value.

SEO content and copywriting are in high demand because they greatly improve website visibility on search engines and drive traffic.

Businesses that invest in such content are looking to add value to their websites and hire experts with knowledge of both best SEO practices and content creation.

This creates an amazing opportunity for you to offer your skills in return for profit.

The average median salary of SEO writers in the US is $48,328.

The salary range varies on multiple factors such as education, years of experience, additional skills and the profile of past employers.

With the rising demand for SEO writers, experts in the field can use this to branch out and expand their offer.

Picking up SEO-optimized content writing and copywriting is a great way to build on your skills and turn them into a profitable business asset. 

SEO consulting

If you’re an experienced SEO expert with a track record of success and a reputation in the field, you should offer consulting services to other businesses that are looking to improve their strategies.

This line of work is a great networking opportunity for you as well, as it can help you strengthen your connection to established industry names. 

SEO consulting

To be a desirable SEO consultant, you need to have a track record of proven success and use the best strategies for finding clients.

Being an SEO consultant might seem challenging at first, but it’s proven to be a great career choice for many SEO experts

SEO consulting is a great business model that can lead to revenue opportunities from established brands and companies in need of your knowledge.

As an SEO consultant, you’ll work with different businesses and create solutions for their specific SEO needs.

This type of work is ideal for strategy-driven experts keen on improving SEO strategies and working with different brands.

When it comes to finding clients for SEO consulting, there are various ways that you can offer your services.

For example, if a company is struggling to get more organic traffic, you could step in as a consultant and lead their team as they endeavor to improve their visibility.

You’ll review the strategies they are using and come up with new, highly effective solutions to help your client.

As your reputation as a consultant grows, you’ll be able to access bigger, more impressive clients.

Focusing your skills on becoming a consultant is a top move for creating new opportunities for yourself as an SEO professional. 

Offering SEO services on freelance websites

You can market your SEO services on specialized websites advertising marketing gigs for freelancers.

Marketing freelance websites have a great advantage, in that they connect you with the clients looking for specialized SEO services directly.

This way you don’t have to spend as much time trying to find clients on your own.

It essentially allows you to focus more on doing SEO for various businesses all over the globe.

Freelance websites enable you to get in touch with new clients fast, no matter where they’re from in the world, and easily select projects that suit your skills the most.

You ensure that all the jobs you take on are definitely worth your time.

Since other businesses are looking for the most qualified experts, they are more likely to hire you for your services if you’re experienced and knowledgeable.

When you’re offering SEO services on freelance websites, your skills give you a direct competitive edge over other SEO professionals.

This is why freelance websites are a great place to employ your SEO skills. Competitors will drive you to improve your skills, which will make you a better professional in the long run.

For example, you can offer your SEO services on some popular freelance websites, such as

There you can showcase your portfolio, pick clients, and start doing SEO for profit. Freelance service websites offer you a direct way of turning your skills into revenue.

If you’re looking to get SEO gigs fast, use freelance websites to get the momentum going. 

The takeaway

In this article, we’ve discussed some of the ways in which you can use your SEO skills and turn them into a lucrative online business.

Thanks to new trends in SEO development and emerging work opportunities in the market, experts in SEO should be confident in their potential to reap substantial profit with their skills.

Since organic traffic will always be irreplaceable for online businesses on their road to success, SEO professionals will, likewise, always have work lined up for them.

Being an expert in SEO puts you in a unique position in the online labor market, which is why you should not miss out on the chance to turn your skills into a full-time online business.

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