What Happened To Alice’s Table After Shark Tank?

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Alice's Table is a company that offers floral arranging workshops and events for individuals and groups. Founded in 2015 by Alice Rossiter, the company aims to bring people together through the art of flower arranging.

In 2017, Alice's Table appeared on the hit TV show Shark Tank to pitch their business to a panel of investors. The company's unique concept and passionate founder caught the attention of the sharks, leading to a successful pitch and a significant boost in visibility for Alice's Table.

Key takeaways

  • Alice's Table pitched their business on Shark Tank, offering a unique experience of flower arranging workshops for women.

  • The investors were impressed with the business model and saw potential for growth, leading to a 0,000 investment from Mark Cuban.

  • Post-Shark Tank, Alice's Table experienced significant growth, expanding to new markets and launching new product lines.

  • Despite challenges such as high overhead costs and competition, Alice's Table has continued to thrive through collaborations and partnerships.

  • The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on Alice's Table, leading to a shift towards virtual events and a focus on online sales.

Alice's Table's Shark Tank pitch

During their appearance on Shark Tank, Alice Rossiter presented her business model to the panel of investors. She explained that Alice's Table offers flower arranging workshops and events that are hosted by independent contractors called "execs."

Alice Table

These execs are trained by Alice's Table and then go on to host their own events in their local communities. The events are typically held at venues such as restaurants or private homes, and participants pay a fee to attend and learn how to create their own floral arrangements.

Rossiter emphasized that Alice's Table is not just about flower arranging, but also about creating a social experience. The workshops are designed to be fun and interactive, allowing participants to connect with others while learning a new skill. Rossiter also highlighted the potential for additional revenue streams, such as corporate events and partnerships with other businesses.

Shark Tank investors' reactions

The investors on Shark Tank were impressed by Alice's Table's unique concept and passionate founder. They recognized the potential for growth in the floral industry and saw value in the social aspect of the workshops. However, they also had concerns about scalability and competition.

Sharks reaction

Mark Cuban expressed his concern about the scalability of the business, questioning whether there would be enough demand for flower arranging workshops in different markets. He also raised the issue of competition from other companies offering similar services.

Despite these concerns, several investors made offers to invest in Alice's Table. Kevin O'Leary offered $250,000 for a 20% equity stake in the company, while Lori Greiner offered $250,000 for a 25% stake. Ultimately, Rossiter accepted an offer from Greiner, recognizing the value of her experience and expertise in the retail industry.

Post-Shark Tank growth

Appearing on Shark Tank gave Alice's Table a significant boost in visibility and credibility. The exposure from the show led to a surge in interest and sales for the company. Rossiter reported that within 24 hours of the episode airing, Alice's Table received over 1,000 inquiries from potential execs interested in hosting events.

The increased visibility also opened up new opportunities for partnerships and collaborations. Alice's Table was able to secure partnerships with major brands such as West Elm and Crate & Barrel, further expanding their reach and customer base.

In addition to the increased visibility, the investment from Lori Greiner provided Alice's Table with the capital needed to fuel their growth. The company was able to invest in marketing and advertising efforts, as well as expand their team to support the growing demand for their workshops.

Challenges faced by Alice's Table

Like any startup, Alice's Table faced its fair share of challenges in its early stages. One of the main challenges was building a network of execs to host events in different markets. Rossiter had to invest time and resources into training and supporting these execs to ensure consistent quality across all events.

Another challenge was differentiating Alice's Table from other companies offering similar services. The floral industry is competitive, and Rossiter had to find ways to stand out and attract customers. This involved creating unique workshop experiences and leveraging partnerships with well-known brands.


To overcome these challenges, Alice's Table focused on building strong relationships with their execs and providing them with the tools and support they needed to succeed. They also invested in marketing and branding efforts to differentiate themselves from the competition and attract customers.

Expansion into new markets

After the success of their Shark Tank appearance, Alice's Table was able to expand into new markets. The company started hosting events in cities across the United States, allowing them to reach a wider audience and tap into new customer bases.

The expansion into new markets was made possible through the recruitment of more execs. Alice's Table continued to train and support new execs, enabling them to host events in their local communities. This decentralized model allowed the company to quickly scale and meet the growing demand for their workshops.

The expansion into new markets also presented opportunities for partnerships with local businesses. Alice's Table was able to collaborate with venues, restaurants, and other event organizers to host joint events and reach new audiences.

Launch of new product lines

In addition to their core flower arranging workshops, Alice's Table also launched new product lines to diversify their offerings. They introduced DIY floral arrangement kits that customers could purchase and use at home, as well as subscription boxes that delivered fresh flowers and arranging supplies on a regular basis.

These new product lines allowed Alice's Table to reach customers who may not be able to attend in-person workshops or events. It also provided an additional revenue stream for the company, further fueling their growth.

The launch of these new product lines required careful planning and execution. Alice's Table had to source high-quality flowers and arranging supplies, as well as develop packaging and shipping processes. They also had to invest in marketing efforts to promote these new offerings and attract customers.

Collaborations and partnerships

Collaborations and partnerships have played a crucial role in the growth of Alice's Table. The company has partnered with major brands such as West Elm, Crate & Barrel, and Whole Foods Market to host joint events and reach new audiences.

These partnerships have provided Alice's Table with access to new customers and increased visibility. They have also helped to establish the company as a trusted and reputable brand in the floral industry.

Alice marketing

In addition to brand partnerships, Alice's Table has also collaborated with other event organizers and influencers to host unique and memorable workshops. These collaborations have allowed the company to tap into new markets and attract customers who may not have been aware of their services.

Impact of COVID-19 on Alice's Table

Like many businesses, Alice's Table was significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The company had to cancel in-person workshops and events due to social distancing measures and restrictions on gatherings.

However, Alice's Table quickly adapted to the new reality by pivoting to virtual events. They started offering online workshops where participants could join from the comfort of their own homes. The virtual events allowed Alice's Table to continue generating revenue and connecting with their audience during a challenging time.

The company also launched a "Flower Subscription Box" during the pandemic, which delivered fresh flowers and arranging supplies directly to customers' homes. This offering provided a sense of joy and beauty during a difficult time and helped to sustain the business.

Recent achievements and milestones

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Alice's Table has continued to achieve significant milestones. They have expanded their reach and hosted virtual events for customers across the United States and internationally.

The company has also received recognition for their innovative business model and impact on the floral industry. They were named one of Inc. Magazine's "Fastest-Growing Private Companies" in 2020, further solidifying their position as a leader in the industry.

Additionally, Alice's Table has continued to innovate and launch new products and services. They introduced a "Flower Crown Workshop" that allows participants to create their own floral crowns, as well as a "Floral Design Masterclass" for those looking to enhance their flower arranging skills.

Future plans for Alice's Table

Looking ahead, Alice's Table has ambitious plans for future growth and expansion. The company aims to continue expanding into new markets and reaching a wider audience. They also plan to further develop their virtual event offerings and explore opportunities for international expansion.

In terms of product development, Alice's Table plans to launch new DIY floral arrangement kits and subscription box options. They also plan to collaborate with more brands and influencers to host unique and memorable workshops.

Alice Table Shark Tank

To achieve these goals, Alice's Table will continue to invest in marketing and advertising efforts to increase brand awareness and attract customers. They will also focus on building strong relationships with their execs and providing them with the support they need to succeed.Since appearing on Shark Tank, Alice's Table has experienced significant growth and success.

The company has expanded into new markets, launched new product lines, and formed valuable partnerships. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Alice's Table has adapted and continued to thrive.

With their innovative business model, passionate founder, and commitment to creating memorable experiences, Alice's Table has the potential for even greater success in the future. As they continue to grow and evolve, they will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the floral industry and the communities they serve.


What is Alice's Table?

Alice's Table is a company that offers flower arranging workshops and events for individuals and corporate clients.

What happened to Alice's Table after Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank in 2017, Alice's Table received an investment of $250,000 from Mark Cuban. The company has since expanded to over 25 cities across the United States and has hosted thousands of events.

What is the business model of Alice's Table?

Alice's Table operates on a franchise model, where individuals can purchase a franchise to operate their own flower arranging events in their local area.

What is the cost of a franchise with Alice's Table?

The cost of a franchise with Alice's Table ranges from $9,850 to $24,850, depending on the size of the territory and the level of support provided.

What kind of events does Alice's Table offer?

Alice's Table offers a variety of events, including public workshops, private events, corporate team building events, and fundraising events.

What is the target market for Alice's Table?

Alice's Table targets women between the ages of 25 and 45 who are interested in hosting or attending social events and are looking for a creative and fun activity to do with friends.

What is the revenue of Alice's Table?

As of 2021, the revenue of Alice's Table is not publicly available.

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