What Happened to Baby Toon After Shark Tank?

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If you have a baby at home, chances are you’re aware that feeding them is a challenge. They love to chew on anything within reach—including the long ends of their feeding spoons.

That’s why ten-year-old Cassidy Crowley invented the Baby Toon. A feeding spoon and teething toy made especially for babies and toddlers to safely feed themselves. The product appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank in its 11th season’s first episode.

But what happened after it appeared on Shark Tank? 

In this article, I’ll guide you through what happened to Baby Toon before and after appearing on Shark Tank and how its little inventor is doing right now.

What is Baby Toon?

The Baby Toon is a baby spoon and teething toy that eliminates the long sharp design of a traditional spoon.

What Happened to Baby Toon After Shark Tank

Instead, it is made of 100% soft FDA-grade silicone with rounded corners and edges (gentle on babies' gums).

The design is easy to hold for babies and parents with a short neck to limit how far it can enter a baby’s mouth, and it comes in three fun shapes and colors:

  • Blue Koala
  • Lime Alligator
  • Mint Elephant

A brief history

The inventor of the Baby Toon is Cassidy Crowley. She came up with the idea when she entered her school’s science fair. They were tasked to look for a problem and invent a tool to solve it. 

Cassidy found her problem when she came home that day and noticed her mother, Lori Crowley, worrying when her baby sister would put a long, hard, plastic feeding spoon in her mouth.

After creating Baby Toon, she started selling her product for $15 each with the help of her parents. Soon after, she got the chance to pitch the Baby Toon to the sharks in Shark Tank.

Shark Tank pitch

The ten-year-old Cassidy, along with her mother, went on the first episode of season 11 of Shark Tank to pitch her invention, the Baby Toon, to the sharks. She asked the sharks for $50,000 for 50% stake before pitching her product to them.

Shark Tank pitch

She and her mother demonstrated how the Baby Toon is made of 100% soft silicon with no sharp edges to harm a baby’s mouth, and it is a two-in-one product that is not only a baby spoon but also a teether.

 She even handed out samples of Hawaiian baby food for them to try with the Baby Toon and showed them the prototype that she presented for her school’s science fair.

The sharks were quite impressed by the young entrepreneur’s product and pitch but more so by her determination. Cassidy impressed them even more by answering their questions directly and confidently.

When asked if she was already selling her product, she confirmed this and even gave them their total sale of $5,000 since September 2018, with the product cost of $6.60.

Cassidy was asked why she had a 50% stake in her company for $50,000, and she pointed out that she was still young and still in school and she needed a partner to help her with her business ventures.

The Queen of QVC, Lori Greiner, was so impressed with Cassidy and saw her potential with the Baby Toon that she offered the little entrepreneur a deal of her asking price of $50,000 for 50% stake. 

Cassidy, delighted, took Lori’s deal immediately

After Shark Tank

After Baby Toon’s appearance on Shark Tank, Cassidy, now eleven years old, is still considered the current CEO of the company despite Lori Greiner owning half of it. 

The exposure and advertising it received from Shark Tank helped in the sales of the Baby Toon. However, not all those interested in the product are customers.

Recently, the company got a licensing deal with Munchkin Baby Products, which is currently being sold on Amazon.com at $6 with a 50% profit margin.

Value of Baby Toon today

After taking the deal with Lori as well as the licensing deal with Munchkin Baby Products, Cassidy’s company has accumulated an estimated $1 million as of 2022

Baby Toon features

When seven-year-old Cassidy created the Baby Toon, she had her baby sister’s and other babies’ safety in mind.

Baby Toon features

So she made a two-in-one product that is perfect for babies and toddlers to use. So let’s take a look at the features of the Baby Toon and see what makes the product unique.


The design of the Baby Toon is quite impressive. It is made of soft silicon with no sharp edges, making the spoon very flexible for babies to handle

This comes as a perk, especially when babies than to play by bending and twisting things they can get their hands on.

Baby proof

The Baby Toon’s main feature is to prevent babies and toddlers from hurting themselves with traditional plastic feeding spoons. The soft silicon is 100% FDA-grade silicon which makes it safe for babies and toddlers to use as a teething toy

Unfortunately, babies also love to throw things, and I should know because my baby cousin tends to throw things at anyone within throwing range.

Luckily, a pacifier clip can be looped through the hole and clip it onto the baby’s clothes to prevent it from getting tossed on the dirty floor.


The Baby Toon is ergonomically designed for little hands to handle. Its rectangular body makes it easier for babies to grasp and feed themselves with it. It’s also easier for parents and older siblings to handle as well and help in feeding the baby.

Baby Toon vs. other baby feeding products

After watching the episode where Cassidy pitched the Baby Toon on Shark Tank, I was pretty impressed with her. She is so young, yet she already knows what she wants to do in life. And the product itself is nothing to sneeze at. 

Baby Toon vs. other baby feeding products

Typical baby feeding spoons are usually hard and made of plastic. Of course, there are some that are made of silicon out there but what makes the Baby Toon different from the others is that it’s a two-in-one product. A feeding spoon and teether

As I pointed out in the features above, its rectangular body is ergonomically efficient for both babies and parents to use, and it is made of soft silicon that is 100% FDA-grade, so it’s safe for babies to put in their mouths.

It also comes in fun animal shapes and colors: koala, alligator, and the iconic elephant that was presented on Shark Tank!

It’s a product with a wholesome story behind it. Cassidy made it with genuine love and care for her baby sister. I highly would recommend it to parents with babies and toddlers.


What is Cassidy doing currently? Did her company grow in value?

Cassidy Crowley invented Baby Toon with her baby sister in mind, and she successfully patented a product that parents all over the country love

Looking through the Amazon product page of Baby Toon, I was impressed at the amount of positive reviews it receives from parents that had ordered the product. It is truly a fantastic product for babies and parents.

Cassidy is now eleven years old and currently focuses her time on school. However, she has no desire to drop out to focus on her company.

That’s why she asked for her initial deal on Shark Tank, then, took a licensing deal with Munchkin to help manage her business. 

To make the long story short, Baby Toon is still in business and doing quite well at that. The company now has a net worth of an estimated $1,000,00.

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