What Happened To Back 9 Dips After Shark Tank?

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Hopeful businesses present their concepts to a panel of investors on ABC's reality show Shark Tank. The show's catchphrases, "I'm out" and "I'm in," are also well-known. 

The phrase "I'm out" indicates that an investor has decided not to invest in a company. "I'm in," on the other hand, means that they've opted to put money into the company.

Ever since the ABC show hit the airwaves in 2009, businesses and products have been taking advantage of the exposure they get from being on the show. Back 9 Dips is no different.

They were so successful that they've even gotten a second round of funding! But what happened to them after their appearance on Shark Tank? 

Who is the founder of Back 9 Dips?

The founders of Back 9 Chicken Dips are David and Nique Mealy. When David lost his job as a golf equipment salesman, he and his wife formed a partnership and started Back 9 Chicken Dips.

What Happened To Back 9 Dips After Shark Tank

Back 9 Catering sold Chicken Dips because their event attendees loved them.

A collaboration with "Shock Jock" Bubba the Love Sponge resulted in the creation of Bubba's Back Nine Chicken Dip. "Chicken wings on a chip" is how the manufacturer markets the product. It consists of chicken breasts with several sauces.

The pair teamed up with a food packaging company. They began selling their Back 9 Chicken Dips at Publix supermarkets in the Tampa area.

What is Back 9 Dips?

Back 9 Buffalo Chicken Dips are David and Nique's signature product, made by blending chicken breasts with various sauces. It had the flavor of a sauce that would go over chicken wings.


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History of David and Nique

Nique found out she was pregnant with her first child, a girl named Makenzie when she was 23 years old.  

She was concerned about how the family would pay for the further education of their children, so she decided to start Re-American English to aid her.

By improving students' command of the English language, her organization was able to assist them in accomplishing the academic goals they had set for themselves. In contrast, David's company struggled to break even, although Nique's was thriving. 

David, who was living in Florida and working as a salesperson of golf equipment at the time, desired to further his career by relocating to New York.

However, he was at a loss for words and felt terrible about it, so he could not explain the situation to Nique before he left. He felt dreadful about it. He could not make travel plans. 

To make ends meet, he had no choice but to sell both his home and his vehicle. He just couldn't escape the notion that he needed to bunker himself up in a hotel room for the whole week.

What happened to Back 9 Dips in Shark Tank?

Nique was pregnant, and they wanted to raise $150,000 for 15 percent of the company, Back 9 Dips.


Before the talk began, there was a tiny plate for each shark with dips and chips. Nique told the Sharks that Americans consumed almost 1.25 billion pounds of chicken wings over the Superbowl weekend. 

David called to inform the Sharks that they were currently sampling a combination of Back 9 Dips buffalo chicken dips. Dip sauces, spices, and white meat chicken combine in each dip. 

Robert seemed to calm down and inquired about the origins of their company. Nique revealed to him that they had created a new firm called Back 9 BBQ, which specializes in catering.

David claimed that BBQ was his specialty, but the dips were popular. 

He claimed that he had decided to sell the drops at retail prices. So whether you're a college student or a shark, you can have fun with them. Robert wanted to know what sparked the idea for the company, and he was eager to learn more about it.

Nique told him that David lost his job while she was eight months pregnant with her last kid. 

She explained that to make a move, they had to downsize from a large property to a tiny one and sell their second car and other belongings. According to David, it had turned out to be a blessing after all.

In response to Kevin's question, Nique acknowledged that the business was their sole source of income. Kevin wanted to know how much money they made, so he inquired about their sales. 

David informed him they had crossed the $400,000 mark in two years. Their retail accounts include roughly 400 retail locations, one of which is a significant grocery chain. 

The supermarket chain gave them a weekly sales target, and they consistently achieved it. According to David, customers will pay more for a high-quality item.

With this in mind, Robert agreed to accompany her, explaining that sometimes people need the opportunity to try something new in life. As far as Robert was concerned, he could only offer business advice at this time. 

He reminded them that if no one ever gave him a chance, he and Lori would not be sitting in the Tank.

He offered each of them $75,000 for a quarter of that amount. David promised that they would accept the bargain and that they would not disappoint them

Nique apologized to Lori for being hormonal, and Lori embraced her. Daymond told them that his card would be available for them and that the other Sharks could call him for guidance.

Is Back 9 Dips still in business?

After appearing on the show, the company noticed a dramatic increase in sales. Unfortunately, as a result of this, their website crashed. That, fortunately, was simply a short-term issue.


Nique took care of the company's marketing while David concentrated on production.

Many supermarkets in the states of Florida, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, and Georgia had the dip by the time they realized what was happening. With the help of Costco, they were able to get an agreement.

That, however, was only a temporary occurrence. It was uncovered in 2013 that one of the company's dips contained anchovies. This frequent allergy was not noted in their ingredient list or website. 

The company came under fire for this as a consequence. So, they had to recall 112,500 pounds of Buffalo Blue Cheese Chicken Dip; as a result, that's a given, but it's likely to have taken a financial toll on them.

The company was never able to recover from the catastrophe. It had also tarnished the good name they had fought so hard to establish. 

Whether they will return to business or remain in bankruptcy is unclear. Their social media accounts have been deactivated.

Back 9 Dips Shark Tank update

Bubba, The Love Sponge, was a minority partner in the company. David claims that neither Lori nor Robert had a problem with this. BUBBA's Chicken Dip was the last name given to the dip.

Nique was in charge of marketing and community events after the exhibition. At the same time, David stated he was focusing on manufacturing improvements due to the show's exposure. 

After the program aired, sales increased, and Mealeys began to expand its distribution. It wasn't hard for them to secure an agreement with Costco either.

They didn't have much time before they came up against a brick wall. BUBBA's Buffalo Blue Cheese Chicken Dip was recalled by the USDA after the firm neglected to declare that anchovies — an allergen – were a component in the dip. 

As a direct result of this, grocery shops and online merchants in the states of Florida, Georgia, Illinois, and Missouri, as well as Ohio, have already begun stocking and selling the dip.

The regrettable outcome was that the company could not recover from the recall and, as a result, has now shut down all of its operations.

David Mealey is presently working for Nat Sherman. This company specializes in hand-rolled cigars and so-called "luxury cigarettes," in the capacity of Regional Sales Manager.

Additionally, Nique serves as the Field Marketing Manager for a restaurant business based in the Orlando region.

The Takeaway

We've learned much about Back 9 Dips since they were featured on Shark Tank. It's unclear how much of Back 9 Dips' growth after its appearance.

Shark Tank is owed to the expansion/improvement of its product, and how much it owes simply to a rise in popularity around golf. 

The fact that such individuals are not afraid of taking chances has emerged as one of the most salient details

They stood out from the industry because they were not afraid to take risks and try new things, contributing to their success. And if you want to learn more about the show, check out their other articles about entrepreneurs on Shark Tank.

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