What Happened To Cab 20 Band After Shark Tank?

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Cab 20, a burgeoning rock band, ventured onto the grand stage of Shark Tank with dreams as vast as the ocean. This article delves into the captivating tale of their journey, exploring the pivotal moments and challenges they faced after their memorable appearance on the hit TV show.

In a world where music meets business, the story of Cab 20 unfolds as a remarkable saga of passion, resilience, and transformation.

Cab 20's journey on Shark Tank

In their exhilarating foray onto the iconic platform of Shark Tank, Cab 20, an up-and-coming rock band, aimed not only to showcase their musical prowess but to seek investment for their band's unique vision. Let's delve into the defining moments of their Shark Tank journey, where music met entrepreneurship on the grandest stage.

Cab 20 Shark Tank

The Shark Tank debut

In a moment that would forever shape their journey, Cab 20, an emerging force in the world of rock music, made a bold decision to step into the unforgiving waters of the renowned reality show, Shark Tank.

Their appearance on the show was nothing short of a pivotal milestone, transcending the boundaries of the music industry to explore uncharted territories in the realm of entrepreneurship.

As the stage lights illuminated their faces and the cameras focused on their energetic performance, Cab 20 had a dual mission in mind. While their musical talent was undeniable, they had a vision that extended beyond their electrifying melodies and captivating lyrics.

Their presence on Shark Tank was an opportunity to introduce their distinctive vision to the world and seek the financial backing needed to propel their band to new heights.

Cab 20's memorable appearance on Shark Tank marked the beginning of an unforgettable journey, where the collision of art and commerce would ignite a spark that would fuel their future endeavors.

Little did they know that their time on the show would not only be a remarkable chapter in their story but also a turning point that would set them on a course filled with thrilling challenges and incredible opportunities.

The pitch that stood out

In an electrifying showcase that left the Shark Tank set buzzing with energy, Cab 20 delivered a performance that transcended ordinary television.

With their instruments in hand, they didn't merely play music; they channeled their very souls into each note and chord, weaving an auditory tapestry that resonated deeply with both the sharks and the captivated audience. 

Cab band

Their vision extended beyond creating chart-topping hits; it encompassed redefining how a band could operate in the modern world.

Cab 20's unique blend of talent and visionary thinking was a breath of fresh air on the Shark Tank stage, and it left a lasting impression that would soon be the catalyst for transformative experiences both in their music and business endeavors.

The Shark's verdict

Following their appearance on Shark Tank, Cab 20's track "Stomp" found a notable spot on an episode of Nickelodeon's Degrassi. However, the band took a hiatus from producing new music thereafter. 

As for Bert Hoover, he has continued his musical journey. He recently formed a new band, Hooveriii, and their latest record was released in collaboration with Mock Records, a prominent vinyl record label based in Los Angeles. For those interested in catching up with Shark Tank, new episodes air on ABC every Sunday at 9 pm.

Kevin O'Leary, with a keen eye for Cab 20's potential and a surge in their future fanbase, extended an enticing offer of $200,000. In exchange, he sought a significant 50% share in all potential income streams. Tom, representing Cab 20, countered with a more favorable 40%, provided that Kevin would contribute an extra $100,000 to seal the deal.

Enter Robert Herjavec, who proposed a collaborative venture with O'Leary, endorsing the original terms. Callahan later revisited the negotiations with a substantial offer of $250,000, but the Sharks remained resolute in their terms. Ultimately, despite the spirited negotiations, a deal failed to materialize for the Cab 20 Band.

Life after Shark Tank

Stepping into the limelight of Shark Tank was just the beginning for Cab 20, the rock band with dreams as vast as the ocean. After the curtains fell and the sharks had their say, Cab 20's journey continued to unfold, marked by twists and turns that would shape their destiny.

Cab 20

Explore what transpired in the intriguing chapter of their life after the Shark Tank experience, where dreams, challenges, and transformation awaited.

Pivoting the music career

Cab 20's experience on Shark Tank influenced not only their business but also their music career. Explore the shifts and innovations that emerged as they carved a unique path in the music industry.

  • Musical evolution: In the wake of their Shark Tank appearance, Cab 20's music evolved. They began to incorporate diverse influences into their sound, experimenting with new genres and styles that resonated with a broader audience.
  • Innovative marketing: Cab 20 adopted innovative marketing strategies to connect with fans and promote their music. Their business acumen came into play as they harnessed social media, crowdfunding, and digital platforms to create a strong online presence.
  • Fan engagement: Recognizing the importance of a dedicated fan base, Cab 20 prioritized fan engagement. They hosted exclusive online events, released behind-the-scenes content, and interacted with fans directly through social media, fostering a strong, loyal community.
  • Touring and live performances: Armed with their newfound exposure and business insights, Cab 20 embarked on ambitious tours, captivating audiences worldwide. Their live performances became immersive experiences, blending music with storytelling, visual effects, and audience interaction.
  • Record label independence: Cab 20's journey post-Shark Tank saw them embrace independence from major record labels. They retained creative control over their music, production, and distribution, aligning with their vision of staying true to their unique sound.
  • Soundtracks and commercials: The band ventured into creating soundtracks for films, television shows, and commercials. This diversification not only expanded their reach but also solidified their position as a versatile and marketable musical act.
  • Music for a cause: Cab 20 used their platform to champion social and environmental causes. Their music became a vehicle for advocacy, allowing them to connect with like-minded individuals and organizations dedicated to positive change.
  • Resilience and adaptability: The challenges and opportunities post-Shark Tank required Cab 20 to be resilient and adaptable. They faced setbacks, learned from failures, and embraced change as a constant in their musical journey.
  • Creative freedom: As their music career pivoted, Cab 20 maintained their creative freedom. They continued to push boundaries, experiment with their art, and evolve while staying true to their unique artistic identity.
  • Fans turned investors: Some of their most dedicated fans, impressed by their resilience and creativity, became investors in Cab 20's business ventures. This unique fan-investor model helped sustain the band's independent journey.

Collaborations and transformations

The post-Shark Tank era saw Cab 20 embark on various collaborations and transformative projects. Dive into their creative endeavors and how they used their newfound exposure to their advantage.

Cab 20 concert
  • Musical collaborations: Cab 20 engaged in musical collaborations that transcended boundaries and genres. They joined forces with both emerging and established artists, creating unique fusion tracks that resonated with a diverse audience. These collaborations not only expanded their fan base but also breathed fresh life into their sound.
  • Cross-media partnerships: Leveraging their expanding brand, Cab 20 ventured into cross-media partnerships. Their music found a home in various forms of entertainment, from video games to television series, extending their reach and connecting with new demographics.
  • Branding and merchandising: Cab 20 recognized the power of branding. They developed a line of merchandise that complemented their music, allowing fans to connect on a deeper level with their favorite band. This strategy not only generated additional revenue but also reinforced their image.
  • Visual and conceptual art: The band delved into visual and conceptual art, using their music as a foundation for multimedia projects. They created music videos, interactive art installations, and virtual reality experiences that blurred the line between music and visual storytelling.
  • Educational initiatives: Cab 20 launched educational initiatives, conducting workshops, and masterclasses on music production, songwriting, and entrepreneurship. This commitment to mentorship solidified their role as not just musicians but also as educators and mentors.
  • Technology and innovation: Embracing technology, Cab 20 explored innovative ways to interact with their audience. Virtual reality concerts, live streaming sessions, and interactive apps allowed them to break down geographical barriers and connect with fans worldwide.
  • Film and documentary: Their journey after Shark Tank led to the creation of a documentary and film about their experiences, offering an intimate look into the life of the band, the challenges they faced, and the transformations they underwent.
  • Soundtracks and scoring: Cab 20 contributed to film and TV soundtracks, further expanding their reach and showcasing their adaptability as musicians. Their music was featured in a variety of productions, ranging from independent films to major Hollywood releases.

Final thoughts

Cab 20's journey after Shark Tank serves as a compelling story of determination, adaptability, and creative resilience. From the highs of their newfound exposure to the challenges they encountered, their evolution as a band and business is a testament to their passion and unwavering commitment to their vision.

As they continue to make music and inspire their fans, Cab 20's legacy is a testament to the enduring power of following one's dreams.

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