What Happened To Cave Shake After Shark Tank?

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The most fun element of Shark Tank is seeing how wealthy people react to your business proposal. But have you ever wondered what happens to these companies after the cameras stop rolling? 

Where do they go after the pitch and the sharks have left? What became of Cave Shake's inventors Holly Heath and Billie Cavallaro following their Season 4 appearance on Shark Tank? Read on to find out.

What is Cave Shake?

The Cave Shake Smoothie is a gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free coconut drink advertised as a delicious and filling meal alternative.

What Happened To Cave Shake After Shark Tank

You can select your Cave Shake flavor from among these three variants: vanilla, chocolate, or coffee. Those following the paleo or ketogenic diets could eat it as a snack or in place of a meal.

It wasn't enough that they produced a magical drink devoid of sugar, carbs, and dairy. They also came up with an intelligent name: Cave Shake, which is a tribute to the drink's compatibility with the Keto and Paleo diets.

Who founded Cave Shake?

Holly Heath and Billie Cavallaro came up with the idea for Cave Shake in 2015 to supplement their ketogenic eating regimen. The company has now relaunched as Space Shake. 

According to their presentation on the Food Founders Podcast, the two individuals first met in college and immediately connected due to their same entrepreneurial drive.

Cave Shake before Shark Tank

Holly and Billie were both employed in the food sector. Billie also conducted a study into the nutritional needs of athletes. 

Even when they both had their degrees, their relationship remained unbroken. Both of these people decided to try the ketogenic diet in the hope that it might help them alleviate their current health symptoms

They soon discovered some of the inflammatory symptoms they had been experiencing were alleviated by following a keto diet. Not to mention, they liked following the diet. 

Unfortunately, they did not find many options for keto milkshakes at the time, so they decided to manufacture their own. In 2017, they could sell their products for a total of 270 thousand dollars, which was a profitable year. 

With a retail price worth $7.99 a jar, the product was first made available only in California before expanding distribution to other states.

In exchange for their contribution, LA Libations, an incubator affiliated with Coca-Cola, became a company member and was granted 15% ownership. 

Cave Shake pitching on Shark Tank

On stage, Billie and Holly entered the Shark Tank. They presented themselves and their company and asked for $250,000 in return for 10% ownership in Cave Shake.


At the outset of her talk, Holly inquired as to whether or not any of the Sharks had ever attempted to eliminate sugar and carbs from their diets. Mark Cuban seemed to nod his head in understanding as if he had been there before.

When they were done with their presentation, the two started singing and dancing. Using the concepts presented in the show, they composed their own memorable tune.

Holly said that the group brought samples since they are aware of the Sharks' gastronomic passions. The sharks loved the Cave Shake tune, and they could be heard humming along while Holly and Billie distributed sample servings.

Each Shark tried a sample of the stevia-sweetened treats. It was not to Robert's taste. Tasted funny, according to him.

Mark and Lori, both of whom are always watching what they eat, found the flavor to be satisfying. Robert inquired as to the calorie count. When he asked how many calories were in them, Billie informed him that there were 480. 

Although the caloric count was high, it was packed with beneficial fats from plants.

Several of the Sharks were taken aback by the high-calorie counts each, but the pair of entrepreneurs assured them that calories are of no consequence on the ketogenic diet, which places a premium on reducing carbohydrate intake and increasing healthy fat consumption.

Charles smiled when Mark questioned him about his calorie concerns and claimed he was "always really worried." Charles inquired about the cost of a keto milkshake as he held up his little mason jar.

The business owners said that they earned $7.99 for every sale, with production costs per flavor averaging $1.50. Local health food shops in Southern California were stocking them for sale.

Rob questioned about revenue next, and Holly said that in the year leading up to their appearance on Shark Tank, they earned $270,000.

During the time the episode was being taped, they had made $182,000 thus far this year. They were encouraged by Mark Cuban's comments.

Kevin was perplexed by their demand for $250,000 in exchange for a 10% stake. Billie said that an incubation contract was struck with Coca-Cola.

This implies they provided the beverage giant with free or low-cost resources that would have been difficult for them to get on their own. It's something only a brand new company in its infant phases of growth would use.

The confusion

Charles questioned the trade-offs involved in acquiring the incubator. Holly informed him that the company had paid LA Libations 15% to be their strategic partner.

Mark Cuban warned them that giving up so much stock for an incubator was a bad idea. It was Billie's firm belief that they made a great pairing with Cave Shake. 

Mark questioned why they would need a Shark if they partnered with the company. Billie stated she agreed that they should recruit as many excellent individuals as they could.

Holly said that they were not originally from a business background and that they had taken a significant risk to be present. 

Holly uprooted her life by leaving her full-time job and moving across the nation. Because Kevin has seen royalties or commissions included in every incubator contract he has seen, he naturally wondered whether there would be any in theirs.

Holly clarified that if the incubator brings in more than $10,000, it would get a commission

It was put off since they don't have the funds right now. Kevin tried to ask what the % was, but they didn't appear to understand what he was asking. Billie said they had just recently begun, leaving her uncertain.

Holly said she was confused by the inquiry. 

To her knowledge, the incubator has not yet resulted in any new business. They're new to Cave Shake. Holly did not respond to Kevin's inquiry concerning the share of sales that would ultimately be owed to Coke.

The suggested solution

Kevin advised them to turn off the incubator if he were in their position. He left, saying there were too many obstacles for him to help them overcome. 


He complained that it was unfair that someone else was receiving the inheritance he was entitled to. Robert could not understand the marketing and was thus unaware of the existence of the keto diet. He also did not like the flavor. After that, he left.

Mark enquired of Charles whether he was interested in a Cave Shake. They both made constant attempts to lose weight.

Charles stated he liked two of the tastes but was not a fan of the others. He did not think it would be good for his health. Billie attempted to explain that the MCTs in it made it an excellent sporting energy source. 

The offers

Mark praised them, citing their high energy and unique shakes as reasons to like them. In addition, he left, claiming that he didn't feel ready to invest and that doing so would be too much of a hassle.

Lori said that whenever she felt the urge to slim down, she switched to the ketogenic (or "paleo") diet. 

However, she didn't like consuming her caloric intake in liquid form, and she had to have faith in the goods she sold in order to make a profit. Eventually, she left.

Charles Barkley, the basketball legend, was now the only hope. He committed to providing them $250,000 in exchange for 20% ownership. The two business owners received compliments as a result. 

Billie tried to negotiate a discount, and she asked if he could go to 14%. Kevin informed them that Charles's offer was already rather fair.

Charles said he was offering what he considered to be a reasonable offer, taking into account the company's actual output and the incubator's potential. Holly expressed skepticism that they should part with so much stock. 

Since she left a secure job and relocated to California in order to try her luck in business, her anxiety levels were over the roof. Kevin probed for the motivation behind Barkley's offer.

Charles said he was overweight his whole life. Billie and Holly were two people he had a thing for. 

He was enthusiastic about the items and eager to put his money into something that would improve people's health.

When he made a bid on the Tank, he saw it as an investment in the people who worked there. When Holly finally gave in, they accepted the offer.

Cave Shake after Shark Tank update

Cave Shake got a lucrative arrangement with Guest Shark Charles Barkley, which resulted in the company bringing in the amount of $750,000.


They changed their name to Space Shake to reflect that their product would launch you into a healthy physique. 

They were able to get a position at Whole Foods, one of the nation's most well-known health food shops, with the assistance of LA Libations, an incubator that was the subject of much controversy and that Mr. Wonderful had recommended they eliminate.

It would seem that they also took into consideration the Sharks' concerns about their shakes' calorie content, reduced the serving size, and repackaged the product in a more handy pouch.

The new formula has just 180 calories in each keto milkshake, which is a reduction of over 300 calories from the old formula.

As a result, it's more probable that consumers will use it as a snack instead of a meal replacement.

The startup has created a bar and is working on a portable packaging option for the beverage. One significant change, though, doesn't seem to have been highlighted in advertisements.

Is Cave Shake still in business?

After securing an investment from Shark Tank's Charles Barkley, the duo saw their business expand. The average cost to produce one serving of shakes is $1.86. Yet, with a selling price of $7.99, the manufacturer makes a healthy profit.


In 2017, sales of Cave Shake amounted to $270,000. Making their presentation on Shark Tank, the firm had already made $180,000 in 2018 and was on course to meet its $540,000 goal.

Because of the Shark Tank impact, 2019 sales topped $750,000. But unfortunately, the product was only available in Southern California through health food shops and online. Plus, you can get it on Amazon right now!

Originally known as Cave Shake, the company has relaunched SPACE SHAKE and is on track to earn $3 million by 2022.

The takeaway

So there you have it. After going through a lot on Shark Tank, Holly Heath and Billie Cavallaro have emerged with a successful firm

They're still pushing to get Cave Shake carried by additional merchants. Meanwhile, you can pick some up at Whole Foods Market or other specialty stores around the country.

They're not just good friends but also great business partners. So who has turned their Shark Tank appearance into a successful company with a growing fan base? We can't wait to see what's next for them!

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