What Happened to Cerebral Success After its Appearance on Shark Tank?

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Cerebral Success is a dietary brain supplement that promotes and improves mental energy and alertness

It helps college students maintain focus, learn lessons quickly and effectively, and improve their memory.

It also helps them stay motivated and focused, making it easier for them to pass their exams and achieve their goals. Cerebral Success appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank season 5, episode 26.

But what happened after it made its appearance on the show? In this article, we’ll go over how the business started, the pitch to the sharks in the tank, and the aftermath of the deal.

What is Cerebral Success?

Do you have a test coming up but your brain is too tired to take in information? Are you having trouble memorizing your notes?

What Happened to Cerebral Success After its Appearance on Shark Tank

Cerebral Success has got your back!

Cerebral Success is a brain supplement that boosts your brain power. Made with 12 major nootropic ingredients, that help organically increase brain function, stimulation, and memory. 

It helps you to stay focused on your studies, increase mental sharpness, take in information quickly and efficiently, and improve your memory.

This brain supplement is perfect for anyone who needs to study for an upcoming test, take in information quickly and efficiently, or even just has a little more mental energy. If you are looking for the best nootropic supplements and brain enhancers take a look at nootropicology.com

Cerebral Success is a student’s best aid when it comes to studies.

A brief history of Cerebral Success

Trevor Hiltbrand, a college student at Brigham Young University, created Cerebral Success as an alternative to Adderall to help him study better for upcoming exams. 

Though he has no background in making any kind of supplement before, his motivation to help students like himself study more effectively for exams inspired him to create Cerebral Success.

He enlisted the assistance of experts on the matter and he soon concocted his own recipe for Cerebral Success. After creating his brain pills formula, he went to get an FDA clearance but he was rejected for the clearance.

Despite this, he launched his business while he was an intern at the university. He fabricated certain merchandise in order to start selling Cerebral Success on Amazon. 

Once he started selling Cerebral Success on Amazon, Trevor garnered a lot of success and positive reviews from customers. So much so that his product rose to the top of the Brain Supplements List. 

Trevor knew that he needed more funding to grow his business even more and he got his opportunity when he got the spot to pitch Cerebral Success to the sharks of Shark Tank.

Cerebral Success Shark Tank pitch

Trevor went on Shark Tank’s 26th episode of its 5th season. He nervously bumbled about first before one of the sharks asked him what was his asking price. A bit flustered, he asked the sharks for $75,000 for 20% equity of his business.

Cerebral Success Shark Tank pitch

He begins his pitch with the disclaimer that he has no scientific proof for his claims and that he only has studies and evaluations on the ingredients of his formula and not the entire thing as a whole.

This threw off the sharks for a bit. Trevor explains how Cerebral Success can help college students focus on their studies and preparations for exams by listing the ingredients of the brain pills and what they contribute to brain health.

With college students rather than adults as his target, he has sold around 900 bottles of Cerebral Success for $70 per bottle and it takes around $10 to create one bottle. He finished his pitch and awaits for the sharks to make him an offer.

Daymond John backs out immediately without making an offer. He’s not satisfied with Trevor’s lack of credible scientific evidence.

Robert Herjavec backs out with no offer as well. Agreeing with Daymond’s statement on credible evidence.

Mark Cuban also backs out with no offer. Stating that he might have invested in Trevor’s business if he was going to use the funds for study and research but he doubts it.

Kevin O'Leary withdraws without an offer as well. Declaring that he knows that he won’t receive a return on investment if he made a deal.

That left Barbara Corcoran, who surprisingly made an offer of $75,000 for 40% equity to Trevor. He tried to negotiate the deal with $75,000 for 37% equity but Barbara stood strong with her offer.

In the end, He took the deal with Barbara Corcoran much to the other sharks’ dismay.

Cerebral Success after Shark Tank

Trevor and Barbara closed their deal on Cerebral Success and she managed to get his product in all GNC stores nationwide. For a few months after, Cerebral Success was selling quite well.

Cerebral Success After Shark Tank

Barbra even featured Trevor on her Entrepreneurial Retreat in Cabo, San Lucas. Some say that Barbara was the good luck charm Trevor needed for his business to flourish.

The rebrand and the fall of Cerebral Success

After Cerebral Success’ initial success under the hand of Barbara Corcoran, Trevor changed the name from Cerebral Success to Spark X, completely rebranding everything from packaging to pricing.

Barbara had no involvement with the rebranding of the product.

Unfortunately for Trevor, Spark X did not do well under his management and he stopped production in 2019. He later sold the rights of Spark X to an unknown buyer for an anonymous amount.

Value of Cerebral Success

Trevor earned his first revenue of around $60,000 after selling 90,000 bottles. Cerebral Success was valued at around $190,000 around the time of the airing of the episode. The current net worth of the company is unknown.

Controversy and problems

Trevor’s Cerebral Success was already facing controversy even before he pitched it to the sharks of Shark Tank. 

Controversy and problems

He was not a licensed expert when he created Cerebral Success. Sure, he had some help from “experts” but he still went with his own homemade formula.

He also illegally sold bottles to students at the university where he studied and interned in. He had no permit from the university’s administration to sell Cerebral Success to his fellow students.

He failed to get an FDA clearance for his product and fabricated merchandise in order to sell Cerebral Success on Amazon. The product not being FDA-approved initially makes it illegal to sell in the United States.

Another controversy is the lack of scientific evidence needed to back up his claims on Cerebral Success’ properties.

It was the main reason why Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary, and Mark Cuban dropped out without making an offer to him and only Barbara Corcoran remained.


What really happened to Cerebral Success after its appearance on Shark Tank? What happened to Trevor?

Trevor created Cerebral Success to help his fellow students study more efficiently and improve their memory.

However, he cut corners like failing to get an FDA clearance, fabricating merchandise, and illegally selling to students in order to achieve his short-term success. 

In Shark Tank, several sharks pointed out the concerning problems regarding the health and business of Cerebral Success. He was lucky enough that Barbara Corcoran gave him the offer to help his business to flourish.

However, it was only taking and closing the deal with Barbara only made his questionable product more legitimate in the eyes of the public which is what the other sharks were concerned with.

Cerebral Success was a success for a short time but after Trevor gave it a major rebranding of SPark X, it majorly flopped and he had to cease production and sell the rights away. 

Cerebral Success is out of business but Trevor is not. Currently, he is the CEO of a firm in Utah that sells DIY solar panels

Goes to show that one flop doesn’t define the success of another.

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