What Happened To Cool Wazoo After Shark Tank?

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Cool Wazoo is a universal cover for strollers, changing tables, supermarket carts, bucket swings, and cars that Ginelle Mills presented in Episode 8 of Season 4 of Shark Tank.

Since we can't get enough infant products, it was lovely to see a manufacturer develop something new.

However, what jumped out to us as a highlight of this program was the Sharks' ability to connect with their fans on such an individual level. We found it to be the most impressive aspect of the show.

The fact that they spoke about their own families and children gave their presentation an air of genuineness and elevated them beyond the position of being austere "Shark Tank" stars.

And they showed that they were committed to the success of Cool Wazoo not just because they saw the potential to make some money off of it but also because they believed in the objective it was trying to accomplish.

The purpose of the Cool Wazoo product 

Cool Wazoo's principal function is the folding diaper pad that takes up so little room when unused.


It may be used as a cushioned cover for highchairs in restaurants, swing sets, car seats, and shopping carts to keep them smelling fresh and free of soiled diapers.

The Cool Wazoo has hook-and-loop straps so you can put it precisely where you want it. You may adapt it to fit whatever your infant or toddler needs in this formative era.

Regardless of how filthy you get Cool Wazoo, a simple wash will return it to its original state.

Who is behind the brilliant invention?

So when Ms. Ginelle Evans stepped into the room with the sharks, she immediately faced off against the vicious fish. 

In her capacity as CEO of Cool Wazoo, Ginelle presented the Sharks with a business plan and asked for $65,000 in exchange for a 25% ownership stake in the company.

She paraded in front of the Sharks with a diaper bag stuffed with various items for infants.

Along with a portable changing pad that was remarkably small, an auto shade, a cover for high restaurant seats, and a shopping cart cover were also taken from the bag.  

The fact that Ginelle's diaper bag was so small that it couldn't even accommodate diapers came as a complete surprise to the Sharks. Then, however, Ginelle suddenly got a flash of insight. 

She reasoned that she could have all of these things at once, including her notion of a swing, and this reasoning included her concept of a swing.

Cool Wazoo before Shark Tank

Ginelle earned a total of $20,000. She said that the low figure was because there was no inventory

She said she has not been concentrating on sales since transferring manufacturing abroad. She said the cost of production was prohibitive in the United States. Mark was interested in the per-unit price. 

It costs $30 per Wazoo in the United States, which is why Ginelle advised the Sharks to hold their breath. Each unit of Ginelle may be purchased for $65.95 at retail. Robert questioned whether or not she did business on a wholesale level.

Ginelle gave a price of $32.50 wholesale. Mark went away and later reported that she earned $2.50 for each wholesale unit. Mark inquired about the expenses associated with producing the movie abroad. 

Without compromising product quality, Ginelle could lower the cost to $11.36. Daymond applauded her margins and then inquired whether her spouse was on board with her working full time

Kevin was curious as to whether or not her spouse was the company's founder. Ginelle said that he was the only source of funding for the company. 

Ginelle disclosed to Kevin that her company had incurred losses of about one hundred thousand dollars. Finally, Kevin inquired about the medications that her spouse may take.

Cool Wazoo Shark Tank pitch

Robert said he was experiencing a fantastic adventure. It was admirable that she fostered young children and had an encouraging spouse.


Robert was undecided about whether he should accompany Ginelle on her adventure. He rejected it and departed. The expression on Ginelle's face seems to be out of control.

Robert extended an invitation to Daymond to accompany her on the trip. Daymond departed awkwardly and later reported that Ginelle had picked up a lot of new information.

Daymond said that she needed lathe necessary experience to work as a company owner or CEO.

Ginelle was going crazy with worry. Finally, she informed the other members of the Shark Tank that she had orders from a Canadian distributor.

She said that the distributor was looking for 2,000 to 3,000 units, to begin with. Ginelle was given a purchase order for a thousand dollars. 

According to Lori, Ginelle is fantastic and will fix all her issues. Lori was confident that Ginelle's following product would be a smashing commercial success

Mike explained to Ginelle that the issue with Cool Wazoo is not the product but the company's business. Mark said he needed a return on the time he invested in instructing her in business matters.

He said that the money was straightforward. He departed, claiming that she was unable to study with his assistance.

She was in a bad mood. She did her best to hold back the tears as the Sharks played. She said that she was featured on Shark Tank meant a lot to her because of how hard she worked. 

Ginelle said that it feels like it was recently launched, but in reality, she has been assisting business owners for the last four years. It took her two years to create the device and find its materials.

Lori has witnessed steps. She informed Ginelle that she had a crush on her. Lori bid $65,000 for a 25% stake in the business. 

Lori promised that she would contribute to lowering the price and increasing output. Kevin proposed to Lori that she might have 50% of the firm.

Ginelle sprang forward, informed Lori that she would agree to the terms of the arrangement, and then embraced the Shark

Daymond said that her laughter and tears were booming in influencing her spouse. Lori. She expressed her gratitude before leaving.

How did the Cool Wazoo Company originate?

Ginelle said to the Sharks that her product idea occurred to her when her kid got burnt while playing on a park swing. She looked for a way to shield her child from the swing's heat but came up empty. So then, Ginelle produced one

What happened to Cool Wazoo after Shark Tank

Ginelle unveiled the Cool Wazoo. The heat, she said, was directed to the swing or the heater. To hear Ginelle tell it, the Wazoo has five uses. 

It served as a sunshade for the vehicle, a high chair cover, a shopping cart cover, and a changing pad. There was confusion on Kevin's face. Ginelle had hoped to find an investing Shark who believed in her concept.

Cool Wazoo after Shark Tank and Cool Wazoo's success

It was because of Lori that she was able to push the company forward. For her part, she started selling the device on Amazon, and when the episode aired, sales picked up, as is typical for products featured on Shark Tank. 


According to reviews, the multipurpose pad delivers on its promises. Its versatility and ease of usage won widespread praise. Some customers, however, continued to believe the price was excessive. 

Additionally, the pad's inability to be folded easily was a source of frustration for several users. However, several users complained that it was ineffective in conjunction with standard shopping carts.

Thanks to a license arrangement, the pads will also be available for purchase in specific locations of Babies R Us throughout the United States. In addition, Ginelle's participation in industry events aided in spreading the word about the product.

Their Shopify stTore is still up and thriving in 2022. Yet, unbelievably, they claim to be "out of stock" of everything. So, as a set, they were discounted from their original $59.99 to their new reduced price of $39.99.

The  Takeaway

While Cool Wazoo may not have succeeded, it was an exciting experiment.

This is a wonderful illustration of how innovation may take place in any setting, even on a very small scale

It serves as a reminder that every one of us needs to be ready to take chances, particularly if we want to bring about the occurrence of something brand new and fascinating.

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