What Happened to Crooked Jaw Clothing After Shark Tank?

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Crooked Jaw Clothing is an action sport, streetwear clothing brand that specialized in mixed martial arts or MMA. Crooked Jaw Clothing was founded by a college student from Long Island, New York. 

The company specializes in mixed martial arts or MMA clothing and they offer a wide range of products that includes t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, and long sleeve shirts.

Crooked Jaw Clothing appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank season 1, episode 2.

But what happened to the brand after making its appearance on Shark Tank? In this article, we’ll go over how the brand started, the pitch to the sharks, and the aftermath.

What is Crooked Jaw Clothing? 

Do you like doing high-action sports but can’t find the right clothing to make you look good while doing it?

What Happened to Crooked Jaw Clothing After Shark Tank

Look no further than Crooked Jaw Clothing!

Crooked Jaw Clothing is a streetwear apparel brand that gives you style while doing high-action sports like mixed martial arts or MMA

It not only makes you look good and stylish but it also serves as sportswear that you usually wear when doing sports and working out.

It has the perfect fit for athletes and sports enthusiasts who want to look good while doing their favorite sports. They have different designs for all kinds of people, from men to women, kids to teens; there’s something for everyone in this brand!

Perfect clothes for those who love looking good and mixed martial arts. 

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A brief history of Crooked Jaw Clothing

Craig French founded Crooked Jaw Clothing back in 2005. The name of the brand was inspired by the jaw injury he sustained while playing lacrosse in college. 

He worked on the brand while attending college and then later started to market it in local mom-and-pop stores in the area as well as direct online selling platforms

Crooked Jaw Clothing’s mission is to create high-quality clothing at an affordable price. They have a large selection of t-shirts available for both men and women.

However, he knew it was not enough for his company to properly take off and garner attention to earn sales.

He needed the expertise and connections of someone in the business world in order to launch Crooked Jaw Clothing properly. Fortunately for him, he was given the opportunity to pitch his brand to the sharks in Shark Tank.

Crooked Jaw Clothing Shark Tank pitch

Craig entered the tank in the show’s 2nd episode of its 1st season and asked the sharks for $200,000 for 20% equity of Crooked Jaw Clothing before beginning his pitch.

Crooked Jaw Clothing Shark Tank pitch

He began by giving the sharks free T-shirts and explaining the story behind the Crooked Jaw Clothing name. He went on with his pitch mentioning that his company had already sold 1,500 units of clothing. 

He added that Crooked Jaw Clothing was featured in surfboard/skate shops in local regions and cities.

But no national chains carried the clothing line just yet. The sharks were concerned that the sales orders did not materialize as quickly as they had hoped after Craig introduced Crooked Jaw Clothing to its first trade show.

Robert Herjavec, despite loving the backstory of the name and the T-shirt gifted to him and the other sharks, was the first shark to drop out without making an offer because he believed that Craig’s company was failing terribly.

With less than $5,000 in gross revenue sales (and falling), few of the other sharks were confident enough to consider making an investment.

Daymond John was considering investing in the company, but he ultimately decided against it and dropped out as well with no offer.

After Daymond, the expert in the clothing industry, admitted that he was dropping out, all of the remaining sharks, Kevin O’Leary and Barbara Corcoran, dropped out as well without making any offers to Craig.

They all generally agreed that there wasn’t a clear path to getting their investment back in a timely fashion without an enormous amount of risk.

So, Craig and Crooked Jaw Clothing left without any offered deals from the sharks. This was a huge loss for Craig, as he had spent years developing his brand. 

The experience left a sour taste in Craig’s mouth, especially since he believed that sharks were only interested in making money.

He felt like no one was willing to help him grow his business and make it profitable.

Crooked Jaw Clothing after Shark Tank

Despite no deal from the sharks, Craig wasn’t at all discouraged by the negative experience. Unfortunately for him but fortunately for the sharks, his company had trouble garnering attention despite appearing on Shark Tank. 

Crooked Jaw Clothing after Shark Tank

This was mainly because the company had no revenue and little to show for its efforts. The sharks were skeptical that Craig could ever make it profitable, let alone spark interest in an unproven product.

His website accumulated a total of 500,000 visits but it wasn’t enough to give Crooked Jaw Clothing the sales it needed. They didn’t have the funds to compete with other brands that were popular at the time.

In 2015, Craig was forced to file for bankruptcy and close down his company after years of trying.

Value of Crooked Jaw Clothing

During his pitch to the sharks when the episode aired, Craig mentioned to them that Crooked Jaw Clothing was valued at around $1 million. And in 2004, his company sold 1,500 units which totaled $5,000 worth of sales.

The  fall of Crooked Jaw Clothing

Not much is really known as to why Craig and Crooked Jaw Clothing went out of business but one of the more commonly known reasons is that it simply didn’t get attention enough.

The fall of Crooked Jaw Clothing

Another possible reason is the negative effect when the episode aired and showed the sharks making no offers to him. Seeing no potential in his company to make an investment.

Another reason is that there was a lack of innovation in their clothing line. One thing that stood out was the fact that they didn’t have any designs on their website. This could be seen as an indication of how they planned to run their business. 


What really happened to Crooked Jaw Clothing after making its appearance on Shark Tank? What went wrong with Crooked Jaw Clothing?

Craig may have been too optimistic about the potential of his line and he didn’t fully understand how it would be received by retailers or consumers

He may have needed more time to develop his brand and build up a reputation for himself and his clothing.

On top of that, Crooked Jaw Clothing was in direct competition with popular clothing brands that had much deeper pockets than Craig could ever hope to achieve on his own.

Craig had the right idea that he needed to have the shark’s expertise and connections to launch his clothing line properly but unfortunately, no shark believed in his company’s potential to make him an offer.

In the end, Crooked Jaw Clothing was forced to shut down in 2015 despite trying for many years.

The company’s website is no longer active and there are no plans for a relaunch.

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