What Happened To Flipstik After Shark Tank?

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Akeem Shannon's Adhesive Flipstik debuted in 2017 and has since been featured on the ABC show Shark Tank.

Despite its tenacious grip on the wall without leaving any unsightly marks. Soybean oil and recycled plastic bottles are just two examples of this product's eco-friendly components

Available in your choice of yellow, green, blue, and red.

Sticky yellow things adhere to smooth surfaces, including walls, windows, mirrors, and more; sticky green things adhere to tables; sticky blue things adhere to whiteboards, and sticky red things adhere to tiles.

Because of its versatility, the Flipstick product has proven to be quite well-liked among teenagers.

But what’s become of it after Shark Tank?

What is Flipstik?

St. Louis, Missouri Home of Flipstik, a space technology-based adhesive gadget, was released, allowing users to stick their phones to any surface.


The first of its kind, this kickstand can be affixed to any flat surface and can hold devices up to 2 pounds.

The "Synthetic Setae" technology developed by NASA has been included in the production of this item. Akin to the function of gecko hairs. You may use it to make a video instruction by attaching your phone and propping it over your kitchen.

First, peel off the 3M film off the Flipstick; secondly, wipe the back of your phone; and last, connect the Flipstick to your device.  Third Steps: Stick it to your desired surface.

Switching from the vertical mount to the kickstand takes two complete revolutions.

Who invented Flipstik?

Akeem Shannon developed Flipstick. Before starting his own business, Akeem worked as a sales representative for several mobile phone carriers. 

Flipstik's creator, Shannon, pitched the device in Season 12, Episode 4 of "Shark Tank," where he sought a $100,000 investment in exchange for 20 percent ownership of the firm.

Most people shoot these kinds of videos on their phones. Thus keeping the phone steady is essential for getting a sound recording and covering the complete backdrop if the video is shaken even slightly.

That's why you have to stay hooked to your phone. A Flipstik product may be used to adhere the phone to a flat surface. This gadget uses synthetic Setae to protect your phone from sliding around while you're using it.

Akeem, a chemical engineering student at Harvard, had his full scholarship taken away because of this.

He returned to Missouri after being forced to give up his scholarship. Also, he had a short stint working for a Fintech firm, but he was ultimately unsatisfied with his time there.

To satisfy his entrepreneurial drive, he created Flipstick Company. Akeem's ambition to one day become his employer began at an early age, and he hasn't given up on the dream.

The story behind Flipstik

He has a sales career in a wide variety of telecommunications firms. And he spent considerable time at the helm of Square, a significant financial technology firm.

He excelled at his work but ultimately decided to pursue self-employment. He wondered whether there was a way to make hands-free phone calls at work.

According to what Akeem had said, near the close of 2017, he had been on a late-night phone chat with his uncle. During this conversation, Akeem was briefed on a reusable glue that NASA had studied in the '70s.

They seriously considered the adhesive and how it would function if the phone were stuck to prevent it from falling.

Akeem then came up with the Flipstik, a "kickstand." You may mount your phone to any smooth surface by attaching this to the back of your phone.

Therefore, this Flipstik may be cleaned with soap, water, or alcohol. You may get this item in a wide variety of hues and patterns.

Flipstik before Shark Tank

The Flipstik product was brand spanking new. However, many more individuals began using the product and found it helpful.


This product is a registered trademark and patent of Akeem. To raise $1,865, he launched a Kickstarter campaign on April 20, 2018. 

Akeem understood that the generation born between 1980 and 2000 was likelier to purchase convenience items.

In December of 2017, Akeem developed a prototype of a kickstand that could be fastened to almost any smooth surface, such as wood, walls, mirrors, leather, or the dashboard of a car.

When his campaign concluded on May 26, he had already met his target of $10,310 from 460 supporters, a feat he accomplished in only 24 hours.

He opened his online pre-order shop on June 14, 2018, and all pre-orders had been fulfilled by August of the same year. 

It was Akeem who helped spread the word about the Flipstik. As a result, Flipstik won first prize in the 2019 TechStars CES Retail Pitch Competition.

Akeem had hoped to advertise at "Diddy" Combs' REVOLT Summit in Atlanta, Georgia, at the end of August, but the event had already ended.

In an interview published on April 13 this year, Akeem expressed a desire to improve himself. That's why he pledges to give out annual quantities of his goods.

Pitching on Shark Tank

The inventor of Flipstik, Akeem Shannon, made a compelling presentation on Shark Tank and requested $100,000 in exchange for 20% ownership.

What Happened To Flipstik After Shark Tank

The sharks were similarly captivated by his presentation. As part of this proposal, he resorted to a rap song about which he had researched extensively. 

The sharks themselves have deemed this rap the finest on Shark Tank. He earned $30,000 a year at Sprint, where he worked in the cellular phone sector.

This product sells for $15, yet it only costs the company 0.58 cents to make. Package deals are its specialty. You may buy one for $15, two for $25, or three for $30.

He made $115,000 in sales for the last two years. This accounts for 60% of the company's retail sales. After a brief exchange of numbers, Kevin gave the founder $100,000 for the 20% stake he sought.

Barbara Corcoran used some of her reasons to get out of this commercial arrangement. But, unfortunately, their opinion is that it's not worth much.

Daymond John claims that I run a business identical to his. Still, I am not engaged in the activities you assert. Love handle describes this situation. John thus declined the business opportunity.

When Mark inquired about our monthly sales, Akeem responded with a dismal $1,500. Kevin qualified his statement. If you need me, Lori said so. Lori has made hundreds of movies over the last 20 years, all visual representations of the product.

In under 10 seconds, he describes the product and why he should purchase it in this promotional video.

Kevin said that we made the offer to you without understanding the details. Then you allegedly informed us that you only earned $1,500. This rules him out of consideration for the offer. It would be best if you took advantage of Lori's kind offer.

Lori offered $100,000 for a 25% share in the company. Barbara vouched for Lori as the perfect match for you. Lori Greiner offered Akeem Shannon $100,000 in exchange for 25% of the company, and Akeem accepted the offer.

Flipstik update and where to buy Flipstik

Most of Flipstik's success can be found in retail. Saint Louis, Missouri, is home to this company's headquarters. It employs more than ten people and produces the item it sells.

Recently, Flipstik began selling its wares on Amazon and other e-commerce sites. This is leading to a significant increase in their sales

So to satisfy your product requirements, you may get this item at over 400 different retailers around the United States.

It is also available on the company's official website, Amazon, and other online marketplaces in addition to brick-and-mortar stores. Amazon ships worldwide and carries this item.

There is a price increase of $14.99 on Amazon for this item. Different hues are available, so choose your favorite.

How much Is Flipstik worth?

During its appearance on "Shark Tank," Flipstik had a worth of $400,000. Beginning in April of 2022, Flipstik will be sold at all of the 300 Target stores located around the United States.


As of 2022, Flipstik produces yearly revenues of $5 million, which is expected to rise as the firm increases its distribution.

Is Flipstik still on the market?

Since the episode of Shark Tank in which Flipstik was shown, there has been no official news about the product.

On the other hand, a cursory examination of the Flipstik website indicates that a vast range of SKUs is being offered on the site; hence, it would seem that Lori has helped him with his online presence.

The takeaway

The sum of these parts suggests that Flipstik is among the most forward-thinking companies in its field.

Anyone who uses a product with a broad range of applications in their day-to-day life would benefit greatly from purchasing a Flipstik—developing goods to resolve customers' issues and improve the quality of daily life.

Or if you aren’t a big fan of the product, you could still learn a thing or two from its humble beginnings. 

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