What Happened To Forus Athletics Shoes After Shark Tank?

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The brand Forus Athletics Shoes produced footwear that was designed to improve both your gait and your equilibrium. The product impressed the investors on Shark Tank, and Lori Greiner offered to invest in their company.

The business has earned a good reputation for its commitment to social responsibility.

Scholarships are awarded to worthy students, and the corporation gives 10% of its income to organizations that help children. The company is no longer active. However, we are interested in its history up to its demise.

Forus Shoes

The sporting gear produced by Forus was the first to use a novel kind of shoe insole. The PolarMax 6 insoles are designed to cushion impact and provide a comfortable fit throughout the foot.


Although it is integrated into the design of the shoes in the Forus line, the insole may be removed if desired. As a consequence of this, any shoe that is created with PolstarMax 6 will provide greater levels of comfort, protection, and performance.

Forus Athletics before Shark Tank

Entrepreneurs Joel Vinocur and Arsene Millogo, who founded Forus Athletics, have sprinted into the Shark Tank to pitch their business idea

On the episode, the two of them are on the Shark Tank looking for a $200,000 investment in return for 15% of their business. In Forus, you may get some of the most supportive and cushioned sneakers for working out. 

Forus set out to create the lightest, most shock-resistant sneakers on the market. You can observe how much light and air can travel through the Forus by just holding it up to the light.

But they're made with indestructible stability support that weighs a quarter of what conventional shoes do.

History behind Forus Shoes

In response to Lori's inquiry about the men's histories, Arsene reveals that he is originally from West Africa. The outbreak of war in his homeland forced him to flee to the United States, where he eventually settled.

His dad passed away as he was holding him. Arsene was awarded a track and field scholarship to attend law school in the United States

Still, he had to endure years of training in subpar equipment. The shoe was worn down to almost nothing in a few weeks.

Nevertheless, Arsene was able to network with influential Chinese business people and legal minds on a school-sponsored trip to China. Everything you see with the Forus brand name on it is created in China.

Forus Athletics on Shark Tank

Joel gives each Shark samples to try on and walks them around. Robert says the shoes seem springier than others.


Arsene explains that they have gel cushioning, memory foam, and engraved inserts that treat pressure spots differently. The memory foam adjusts to your foot as you walk, making the shoe fit better.

Daymond asks what the Forus shoes are created for, how much they cost, and how much they sell. The shoes cost $11 to $13 to create and sell wholesale for $35 to $50.

The sneakers cost $75-$80. Shoes are sold everywhere; Taiwan, Holland, and Africa have distributors. Forus is focusing on e-commerce with a guerrilla marketing strategy comparable to Under-Armour's, and consumers have been enthusiastic.

Kevin thinks the sneaker is fantastic, but why? Hundreds of shoes are on the market, and some vast firms control billions of dollars.

How can Forus compete with giant corporations and earn market share? Arsene's $500,000 in 6 months' sales impress the Sharks. Kevin wants the sales strategy.

Arsene estimates next year's revenues at $2.5 million. However, Forus Athletics missed their sales window, which may have boosted sales, says Arsene.

The device was released towards the end of summer when most people purchase new running shoes. So when Forus introduced their items, they'd missed a big chance.

Lori wonders how Forus can infiltrate the market so fiercely that she can repay her money quickly. Lori leaves the agreement first. Then, Arsene claims they've inked partnerships with the top three NASCAR drivers to make a running shoe. 

Finally, Arsene tells Daymond he wants NASCAR to endorse the sneakers. Mark and Daymond consider this an unusual effort to earn an endorsement, given that the shoes aren't outstanding and NASCAR is a U.S.-focused sport.

Daymond wonders how much shoe inventory Forus Athletics has; it's $68,000. Arsene and Joel tell Daymond all shops. Their most significant challenge is finding the funds to complete reorders, which is why they came to Shark Tank

Kevin adds that distribution is where Forus struck a brick wall — taking off a significant brand shoe, like Nike or Adidas, and putting up the Forus shoe instead would be a significant struggle since they'll have to fight off those larger rivals. 

Kevin doesn't want to travel with Forus's rivals. 

Kevin bails. Mark can tell that Arsene and Joel's company is their life's work. Mark Cuban's Dallas Mavericks are official Adidas partners. Mark's major deal with Skechers shoes is unethical. Mark's out too.

Daymond says Forus is trying to distinguish its goods too much; for every new line and collection, they'll need shoes in sizes 7 to 13, including half sizes.

This is a lot of stuff, particularly with so many hues. Sometimes, $4 million in left shoes will be tied up. Daymond was unsure about investing, but he decided against it.

Joel admits they used email marketing software when making the shoes. Email marketing alters the subject line to incorporate an image of the Forus Athletics sneakers.

The emails' header pictures compel the subject to examine the image without opening the email. Robert admits that's possible nowadays. 

Arsene invested in Attlo since he's a coder. Robert claims a former employee was the 11th fastest man in the world, but he never ran with him since Robert ran 5 miles while the man ran 100 meters.

Robert tells Arsene that he's so split that he's not sure Forus Athletics will work. Too many conflicts at once: NASCAR shoe prototype, email topic business, running shoe. Arsene should concentrate on one job to become a billionaire.

Although Robert is interested in making an offer, he feels that he lacks detailed knowledge about Forus Athletic's inventory management and sales procedures

Robert would make a deal if Daymond rejoined him, but without him, he won't. Robert requests Daymond's help since Forus may burn through $200,000 quickly. 

Unfortunately, Joel and Arsene can't sway Daymond's mind since Arsene has a vision with which Daymond doesn't want to interfere. So Daymond stays out with Robert.

Robert admires Joel and Arsene's commitment, but sports shoes need strict inventory management. Robert won't play without Daymond. Daymond's persistence forces Robert to abandon the deal.

Forus Shoes net worth

Making these shoes will set you back between $11 and $13. Based on where in the country you lived, wholesale prices ranged from $35 to $50.


Forus Athletic Shoes had several distributors and independent sales agents in Taiwan, the Netherlands, and Africa.

The corporation's efforts were centered on gorillas in advertising and online sales. The response from their clientele was favorable.

After just six months in business, CEO Arsene told viewers of the Shark Tank broadcast that the company had already made $500,000. The analysis indicated that annual sales of $2.50,000,000 were anticipated.

What happened to Forus Athletics after Shark Tank?

Forus' customs troubles caused unfulfilled shipments and unhappy customers. They're still taking orders but can't seem to fulfill them. The Shark Tank Blog features news and updates about the show's entrepreneurs.

What Happened To Forus Athletics Shoes After Shark Tank

Despite taking client money, they haven't sent items or updated social media since October 2015. Forus Athletics ended in 2015. Vinocur was an Oracle sales manager.

The Takeaway

The Forus Athletics shoe line got a huge boost in publicity after appearing on Shark Tank

Before the show aired and business owners furious over the Forus agreement started contacting the family, things were looking brighter. However, after that point, nothing went according to plan.

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