What Happened to Hater App After Shark Tank?

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The Hater App is a piece of dating software that university student Brendan Alper developed. It matches users with one another based on the things that they both dislike.

The humorous writer and former financial analyst at Goldman Sachs came up with the idea for the program that would match individuals together based on their shared dislikes of one another.

The idea, which at first glance seemed humorous, had some psychological support standing behind it.

Users choose their perfect mate depending on whether or not they share a distaste for more than 4,000 topics

During his appearance on Shark Tank, Alper pitched the Hater App intending to acquire $200,000 in exchange for a 5% ownership stake in the company. He presented his company proposal to a group of investors he referred to as "sharks."

Who created the Hater App?

Brendan Alper is the brains behind the notion of the "Hater Dating App", which was just released.


After resigning from his job at Goldman Sachs, he established the firm that would later be known as Hater. The mobile application for mobile devices Alper created was the first step in the entrepreneur's journey that he was on.

After graduating college, he began his post-college working life as a banker for Goldman Sachs, where he remained until he concluded that the financial sector was not for him. 

Even though he intended for it to be used in comedic sketches, he has been told by his friends that they would download the app if it were made available to the general public. 

This particular component served as the impetus for him to develop the application. The character of Hater was conceived throughout one of his stand-up acts.

He had the idea of a dating app that would pair people up with others based on the things they loathe and dislike in a partner.

He intended to use it in the act he was about to do, but as he told more and more people about it, he began to feel more inspired.

Hater dating App - how does it work?

Haters can get along because of the anonymity of swiping, which makes it possible to find your mate if you both right-swipe each other's profiles. On the other hand, you are only allowed to send one message to each non-match per twelve hours.

What Happened to Hater App After Shark Tank

In addition, the company researches the "hates" that are the most prevalent in each state. The Hater App is a dating service that connects users based on their shared disdain for various topics.

Users of the Hater App have access to more than 4,000 choices ranging from politics and business to lifestyle, food, and sports.

The algorithm will consider your preferences in these areas to match you up with a person who shares your distaste for things similarly. To find an appropriate life partner, it employs a compatibility score system. 

As per marriage statistics, nearly half of teenage marriages end within 10 years. Hence, the new concept got support.

Hater App on pitching Shark Tank

Brendan Alper examines the results of a study which found that people are more likely to develop a meaningful connection with one another if they despise the same things rather than if they love the same things

This was a sentiment that Rohan experienced as well. During the time that Alper is showing the sharks some emoji indicators, he will talk about the thinking that went into developing the Hater App. 

He then asks the Sharks to vote on whether they favor, are hesitant about, or vehemently oppose the views that are shown on the screen, which he does before displaying a range of topics.

Following the completion of the test, the software on the smartphone shows that Rohan and Barbara are a compatible match.

Mark would want to know if there are any questions that need to be answered throughout the process of registering for the app. As far as Alper is concerned, there are such questions.

In order to provide feedback on them, the user has the choice of selecting one of the five following responses: love, hate, like, dislike, or indifferent.

They have not yet started making money off of the app despite the fact that 500,000 people use it on a daily basis. In order to launch his company, he cashed out his 401(k) and secured venture capital in the amount of $500,000.

Mark is of the opinion that a number of daily active users somewhere between 8,000 and 10,000 is a satisfactory quantity for the platform.

Now, the sharks were interested in learning more about the app's regular use. Alper has stated that it has between 8,000 and 10,000 active users, which is a statistic that the sharks did not find amusing.

They began weighing their options with relation to making an investment in the Hater App. The low demand for Rohan's services forces him to depart. Barbara makes an offer of $250,000 for 5% of the total, but she needs a response right once. 

Alper is unsure about what to do and is interested in hearing about different opportunities.

Lori makes an offer of $200,000 in exchange for a 10% ownership in the Hater App and asserts that the company has the potential to become a well-known brand. 

Additionally, she is prepared to collaborate with him one-on-one in order to expand the business. Mark makes an offer of $200,000 in return for a 7.5% investment in the company and a 2.5% advisory share of the company. 

He promises that he would assist Alper in establishing ties with famous people.  The offer is identical to the one that Lori made. While Robert is considering the offers, he receives a fresh one for $500,000 in exchange for a 15% share in the company.

This opportunity would include him and Barbara making an investment together in some kind. Brendan decides to take Mark up on his offer.

What happened to the Hater App after Shark Tank? 

The "Hater dating" application was released in 2017, and in its first year it had more than a million downloads. The number of people downloading the Hater app witnessed a significant spike when it was featured on the show "Shark Tank."


Over 35,000 users expressed interest in testing the beta version of the app.

Mark, who is already in a committed relationship, created a profile on the dating app only the purpose of which is to try it out and acquire a sense of what it was like; he had no intention of using it to find a love partner.

Immediately after the launch of the beta program, there were 35,000 people who registered their interest in participating.

Brendan emphasizes that the software is not intended to target any one person but rather to promote conversation based on shared aversions to certain things.

He acknowledges that the success of the app may be attributed to two fundamental principles of successful dating: shared interests and physical attraction.

At the present time, the members of the Hater team are as follows: Joel Idelson (marketing adviser), Stefan Wirth (CTO), and Brendan Alper (developer, CEO and founder).

Over 750,000 individuals are now making use of the application. The introduction of premium memberships and contextual advertisements was something that Alper planned to do in order to boost income.

And both App Store and Google Play have averaged 3.5-star reviews for the app.There was also noted to be a rise in its popularity on various social media platforms.

Is the Hater App still working?

Since 2018, Hater's Twitter account has been inaccessible, and even though the company's website is still active, the mobile app that formerly offered has been removed from the Apple App Store.


In an interview that Brendan gave to CNBC in 2018, he indicated that the app was not generating enough revenue at the time and that they were considering the possibility of including premium memberships and advertising.

In addition, it was difficult for users in 2019 to identify many persons living in their nearby neighborhood, as shown by ratings posted on Reddit.

The company ceased operations in 2019 after having struck a deal with Mark during their appearance on Shark Tank. In addition, Brendan uprooted his life and moved to Stockholm in Sweden.

Everbloom is a new piece of software that he created, allowing people to turn movies into beautiful stories.

The takeaway

The developers of the Hater App are devoting a great amount of their work to ensuring that users of the app will be able to continue using it in the same manner that they have in the past, but with even more capabilities and features. 

It would seem reasonable to assume that thousands of individuals in various parts of the world are already using the application is a good idea. So what do you think? 

Do you plan on downloading this app and using it to spread rumors about your friends? Or have you decided it's not worth the effort?

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