What Happened To HyConn After Shark Tank?

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Imagine a product that will allow you to connect to a fire hydrant within three seconds or less. Aside from how I think that it is very helpful, I can also see how many lives and houses will be saved during fire situations.

This is actually what Hyconn was all about when it joined Shark Tank. But, where is this product now? 

As you read on down below, I will walk you through what happened to the company after it was featured in Shark Tank - was it a success or not?

Aside from that, we will also be knowing more about the ins and outs of HyConn and why it is loved by more firefighters as well as its users. If this is something that you find great interest in, please don’t hesitate to read it down below!

Now, what is HyConn all about?

Essentially, HyConn is a hose connector for different kinds of fire hydrants. With that, one can be able to use it during fire emergencies as quickly as possible.

What Happened To HyConn After Shark Tank

What makes this product so special is its ability to lessen the danger when it comes to fires that happen around the neighborhood or even inside your own home.

If you are looking for an innovative product that will help you save time, money and even lives, HyConn was made to be just that. The company, founded by Jeff Stroope, is working to provide innovative solutions to the problems of the world.

They are committed to providing you with a quality product so that you can live in comfort and peace.

HyConn has also been able to create a product that is not only durable but also reliable. With that, users will be able to use this product for years without having any problems at all. 

This is HyConn’s founding story!

Because of various fire accidents around Texas, this has led Stroope to create HyConn. He thought that what better way to save other people's lives and homes than to create something that will save a few seconds of their time.

HyConn is also a company that prides itself on their product that is known to be high quality and durable. With that, it is with no doubt that it was revolutionary in its own way.

Stroope strives to provide its users with a product that will make their lives easier as well as a means to save some which is one of the reasons why the product was invented in the first place.

It was designed to meet the needs of all its users and help them in any way possible. 

Indeed, HyConn wasn't just a product that was unique on its own, but it really was made to also save lives.

This is why HyConn is a product like no other!

As mentioned above, it takes only up to three seconds for this connector to be attached to a fire hydrant.

This is why HyConn is a product like no other

Typically, it actually takes you 30 seconds to do so! And so, imagine how much time firefighters or even people of the community can save when using this product, right?

This is why HyConn is a complete standout and is a product that can really change the game when it comes to fire accidents inside your community or even in your own home. 

The product is very easy to install, and it’s also very light. This means that every one that uses it for the first time can use this product and be able to attach it quickly to a fire hydrant in case of emergency with no training needed as well.

HyConn is also very durable, and it can be used in different environments

Because it is created for firefighting, you can also be assured that it can withstand anything, even the various kinds of weather that it might be exposed to. HyConn is also very flexible and can be used in many different ways. 

This means that you won’t have to worry about having to put it on every time because it will just be there for whenever you need it.

This is an important one of the products that are needed by everyone especially if you live in areas where there are frequent fires.

What happened to HyConn when it joined Shark Tank?

Well, the good news is that Stroope was able to close a deal for HyConn.

What happened to HyConn when it joined Shark Tank

While the founder pitched for the deal to be $500,000 with 40% equity, it was closed at around $1.25 Million for 100% stake as well as $100,000 each year for 3 years for 7.5% royalty.

Because everyone was excited to see so many companies working on these kinds of systems, everyone had high hopes for HyConn. However, where is this company that seemed to be a game changer for the way people can handle fire emergencies now?

How much is HyConn’s net worth?

HyConn was actually valued at around five million dollars last 2015. However, because of unforeseen circumstances, it is now valued at $0 as of today. 

Despite the fact that HyConn was valued at $5 million, it had to close down because of some issues. This is true for many businesses, especially for those that have been around for a long time. Unfortunately, HyConn is one of those businesses.

Is HyConn closed for business?

Unfortunately, HyConn is not in the market right now. Though you will be able to check out their website, it doesn't offer you the product itself.

Is HyConn closed for business

Because of how there were a lot of complications especially with manufacturing, this made it harder for HyConn to thrive. Apart from that, Cuban, one of the Sharks, reportedly pulled out from the deal and also started to renegotiate a few terms.

Not only do they have a lot of issues with the product and how it was made, which is why they decided to take a break from producing, but the deal didn’t push through to begin with. Hence, it was also one of the reasons why they went out of business

Currently, the owner of HyConn is working as a shop manager for a company.

Are there any products like HyConn in the market now?

Unfortunately, there are no products that are known to be similar like HyConn. This is very unfortunate as these products can really be pivotal in helping you should certain emergencies happen inside your home and the places around you.

However, though that may be the case, it might also benefit you if you learn a thing or two about how to respond to a fire emergency so you will be able to quickly take shelter as well as help your family be safe.

With proper planning and preparation, you can be ready for any emergency situation. Here are a few tips that might just help you!

Double-check the nearest fire hydrants around you

If you're new to the neighborhood, or if you've just moved, it's a good idea to double-check the nearest fire hydrants around you.

You don’t really know when they might come in handy to you and your family—whether it's an emergency or just a way to make sure your lawn stays green during the summertime.

When it comes to fire hydrants, there's no room for error. In fact, there are specific rules and regulations that govern how close they can be placed to each other as well as guidelines for where they should be located.

For more information about how close your hydrants should be from each other and what type of street lighting is required, check out your local municipality's website or call their hotline number for more information about fire hydrant placement requirements in your area.

Be sure you know the emergency numbers of your community

If you ever find yourself in a bad situation, you want to be sure that you know the emergency numbers of your community.

Be sure you know the emergency numbers of your community

There are several different numbers that can help you in an emergency. The most important is 911. This is the number for emergency services in most places in the US as well as in Canada.

If you call 911, a dispatcher will ask you what kind of emergency services are needed (police, fire department, etc.). They will also ask for your location so that they can send you or your community some help as quickly as possible.

It's important to know these numbers, but it's also important to be sure you know the emergency numbers that are unique to your own community.

These numbers can help you get first responders on the scene faster when an emergency happens.

Wrapping things up with HyConn!

That's it for our recap of what happened to HyConn after Shark Tank. After Shark Tank, while HyConn did a lot of growing and adapting, it is surely unfortunate that it wasn't able to grow to be as successful as everyone hope it to be.

Though it was a great idea, and the Sharks were impressed with what they saw, there were a lot of complications that the company had to deal with along the way

That said, I actually hope that HyConn will continue to grow and improve on its products so that one day it can be as successful as many of its competitors, if not reopen again!

I hope you enjoyed this article and have caught up with what happened to HyConn after Shark Tank. If you did, let me know in the comments below!

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