What Happened To Manscaped After Shark Tank?

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Manscaped, established in 2016 by cofounders Josh and Steve King, addressed an unmet necessity in men's hygiene with tools tailored for sensitive regions below the waist. Their assortment features electric razors and skin care formulas designed with delicate areas in mind. The company appeared on ABC's Shark Tank in 2018 and asked for $500,000 for 5% of the business.

Their actual deal was even more impressive: Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner offered $500,000 for 25%, and the Manscaped folks jumped all over that deal. Following their appearance on Shark Tank, Manscaped's path took a profitable turn, combining technical progress with a keen understanding of the market.

What happened to Manscaped after their pitch to the Sharks? Explore their post-show achievement narrative in depth.

Key takeaways

  • Manscaped gained popularity after appearing on Shark Tank.
  • Sales increased significantly after the show.
  • Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner invested in Manscaped.
  • Manscaped faced challenges with production and shipping.
  • Manscaped expanded its product line to include skincare and haircare products.

The initial impact of Shark Tank on Manscaped's sales and popularity

The impact of Manscaped’s appearance on Shark Tank was felt almost immediately. The sales and popularity of the company exploded following the show. In the 24 hours following their appearance, the company claimed that their sales increased by an astonishing 600 percent.

The result of all those new eyeballs was also remarkable for their website, which saw thousands of people visit to find out more about their wares. 


Manscaped’s appearance on Shark Tank not only helped them increase sales but also helped people to establish brand awareness. The company got great media coverage and was featured in a multitude of publications and TV shows.

This helped Manscaped quickly establish themselves as leaders in the men’s grooming industry and the undeniable force they’ve become in personal male-hygiene.

Manscaped's deal with Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner

Manscaped's deal with Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner was a game-changer. The investment and industry expertise that Cuban and Greiner brought to the table allowed Manscaped to rapidly scale.

Mark Cuban helped Manscaped streamline its operations and improve its supply chain. He also used his industry connections to help Manscaped negotiate attractive deals with suppliers. 

However, perhaps most importantly, Cuban provided significant credibility. In an industry that isn't taken all that seriously, having a public agreement with the owner of the Dallas Mavericks is a major boon for a DTC brand looking for growth capital (among other things).


Lori Greiner, known as the "Queen of QVC," has played a key role in product development for Manscaped. She helped refine the product line, enhance packaging design, and create effective marketing strategies. Lori also contributed to sales and distribution, aiding Manscaped in reaching new channel partners and distribution warehouses.

The challenges Manscaped faced after Shark Tank

Manscaped got a big lift from being on Shark Tank. However, their time on the show brought some special problems for the company.

The initial surge in demand led to production delays and difficulties fulfilling orders, beyond what was previously expected. This caused the site to experience heavy lag and performance issues due to a massive increase in traffic, which was more than its back end could handle in its original state.

The company tackled these issues by quickly boosting its production capacity. They put money into customer service, manufacturing, systems, and hired more staff to keep things running smoothly.

Manscaped managed to acquire enough materials and components from suppliers to keep its products in stock. At the same time, it worked on improving the overall hardware reliability for its server deployment and enhancing the user experience to be more user-friendly for the large number of potential shoppers it faced.

Its ultimate answer to server performance was to invest in dedicated customer service, and in sufficient server infrastructure and better performance of the website itself that they’d never be in that position again. And in terms of overall operations, it did the old production boosting and facilities upgrades, as well as hiring more staff to administer the business.

How Manscaped adapted and evolved its product line

Manscaped's appearance on Shark Tank not only boosted its sales but also provided valuable feedback from the sharks and viewers. This feedback played a crucial role in shaping Manscaped's product development strategy and led to the introduction of new products.

Manscaped product

Manscaped’s Shark Tank appearance helped it get more than just a sales boost. Not only did its sales skyrocket following the broadcast, but the company was eager to leverage the expert advice that each shark offered. Not to mention the feedback from potential millions of customers viewing the show

The feedback it received helped steer its product development strategy in a new direction. Instead of abiding by the common belief that manscaping is only about trimming body hair below the waist, Manscaped heard from both the sharks and potential customers that they wanted a trimmer that also doubled as a shaver for facial hair grooming. 

It was that request that gave life to the Lawn Mower 2.0, a waterproof trimmer for anywhere hair grows. This quickly become the company’s best selling tool and helped propel it to its place as a frontrunner in the men’s grooming category. 

To fill a void of skincare products for below the waist grooming, and a better option of no skincare products, Manscaped added advanced offerings, such as a ball deodorant, ball toner, and ball wipes, which were created to keep the skin healthy, clean, and replenished. These additional products, too, were a hit with customers, further setting it apart from the competition.

Manscaped's marketing and branding strategies post-Shark Tank

Manscaped’s marketing and branding play a large role in the company’s post-Tank success. The company takes a lighthearted and irreverent marketing approach and has come up with iconic taglines and clever slogans that its core base of customers will be entertained by.

The company’s marketing and branding efforts have been riddled with tongue-in-cheek hilarity and do a phenomenal job playing off established male grooming cliches. The result has been a branding strategy that has connected remarkably well with the consumer public as a whole, and Manscaped has received the kind of recognition and press that any company would want to have. 

The company has been noted for its innovative, unique strategy and for its ability to capture the attention of a demographic upon which it has a stranglehold

The company has heavily invested in influencer marketing. They partner with social media influencers and famous celebrities. These partnerships often attract the same target audience that Manscaped wants to reach.

The role of social media in Manscaped's success

Following Shark Tank, social media played a significant role in the company's success. Manscaped doubled down on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, where it maintains an engaging presence that includes shareable content in line with its male grooming theme.

In practice, Manscaped's social strategy involves creating content that's not only engaging, but highly shareable to its demographic. The company mixes in funny videos, tutorials on how to use the product and user testimonials, all of which serve to entertain and inform its followers. This strategy has helped Manscaped not only foster a community of loyal customers, but one that engages the brand directly on its social platforms.


Manscaped has also leveraged social media to showcase user-generated content. The company has tagged satisfied customers who've shared their Manscaped experience on Instagram and Twitter using branded hashtags. In the end creating both authenticity and a sense of community to its advertising.

In the process, this user-generated content has served as a form a social proof and brought Manscaped to new audiences thanks to word-of-mouth marketing.

Manscaped's expansion into international markets

Capitalizing on this popularity, recently Manscaped has expanded its reach beyond the U.S. in response to the global increase in demand for mail grooming products. Although more challenging, it’s been just as rewarding allowing the company to launch its product in its home country as well as in markets in Canada, Australia, throughout Europe and beyond.

By expanding across international borders, Manscaped has taken advantage of a number of opportunities and had to overcome various challenges. Entering a foreign market has been resinous, as breaking the various regulations, cultural nuances and logistical complexities of new territories was a daunting experience. 

Executives note that expanding into international markets has allowed them to tap into a much larger customer base, diversify the company’s revenue streams, and benefit from a long-tail strategy. This involves reaping the rewards of international marketing tweaks, rather than just counting the units sold each month. "Going global" is never an easy task. 

Therefore, to take on the challenge, Manscaped has relied heavily on established partnerships and distribution networks. It has also considered the various preferences and behaviors of customers in each specific region. This allowed them to tailor products and marketing strategies to meet the unique needs and preferences of potential customers in each area.

Manscaped's current market position and future plans

Manscaped is leading the way in the field of men's grooming, and it's a company that is enjoying consistent and powerful growth. The brand has seen its market share grow almost every single month since its initial airing on Shark Tank. It's now the biggest name in the household in male grooming.

It's set to continue growing in the months ahead, expanding its product line further. This expansion comes through continually introducing bold new innovations that equip men with the tools they need to look and feel their best as their needs evolve.

The company plans to continue expanding to new markets around the world. It aims to become the top brand name in the business on every continent where there are men.

Lessons learned from Manscaped's Shark Tank experience

There are several key takeaways from Manscaped's Shark Tank experiences for aspiring entrepreneurs. As seen in the case of Manscaped, having a unique product or service that solves a problem or meets an unfulfilled need in the market is key.

Manscaped Shark tank

Manscaped groomed itself aesthetically — pun intended — from most of the competition and that distinctiveness captured attention from investors and consumers alike.

Manscaped's first six months on the market suggest that was ahead of the curve in intersecting gender norms with hidden consumer waves. Furthermore, we see the subsequent power of partnerships for a company like Manscaped. Its Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner alliance gave the company not only money, but it was also a source of expertise and useful industry connections, which are critical to the early days of a business.

As far as grooming measures taken after the cameras go dark? They ended up being important. While Manscaped needed to make relatively minimal changes to its products, it was mindful of customer feedback and made those tweaks. Particularly when a product as dangerous-sounding as The Lawn Mower is involved, any fine-tuning requires care. 

It's also important that when companies listen to their consumers, it also results in chemically effective actions. For post-tank entrepreneurs, strategic visualization of where you're going next is as important as where you're going.

In all, Manscaped made a deliciously hairy situation out of their appearance on Shark Tank in eye-watering success. Now a truly global brand, it definitely cleans up well.


What is Manscaped?

Manscaped is a company devoted to offering solutions tailored for gentlemen's nether regions. They focus primarily on this neglected area, crafting specialized tools addressing unique grooming necessities below the belt.

What happened to Manscaped after Shark Tank?

Following their televised presentation, Manscaped experienced an astronomical spike in product sales. Mark Cuban injected $500,000 into the business, allowing them to diversify their product roster and advertising tactics. This expanded their customer base exponentially and enabled further growth of the enterprise.

What products does Manscaped offer?

Manscaped provides an eclectic selection of grooming gear including electric shavers, razors, and skin care merchandise customized for maintenance in this delicate domain. There are solutions addressing an immense range of requirements within this concealed cosmos.

Where can I buy Manscaped products?

Manscaped merchandise can be acquired straight from their website as well as third-party online retailers that stock male grooming essentials. Various pathways exist for procuring their carefully engineered provisions.

What sets Manscaped apart from other male grooming companies?

While other companies may touch upon such matters, Manscaped commits solely to below-the-belt administration. They craft top-quality tools but offer an assortment targeting this unique male territory, satisfying a massive array of individual inclinations within this concealed sphere.

What is the price range for Manscaped products?

The financial values spanning their selection fluctuate drastically. Individual utilities may cost around $10, whereas full hygiene packages surpass $100. Budget-friendly and deluxe options exist.

Does Manscaped offer any discounts or promotions?

Yes, Manscaped frequently proposes sales and discount codes on their online outpost and electronic advertisements through email marketing. Loyal clients enlisting in the automatic replenishment service qualify for discounted prices and free delivery on select transactions.

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