What Happened to Show No Towel After Shark Tank?

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Success has followed Show No Towels creator Shelley Ehler from the very beginning.

One fortunate incident has led to Ehler's appearance on Shark Tank. It all began while she was in the pool trying to assist Max and Clark with their respective changes.

Shelley's maternal instincts kicked in, and before long, she had designed a one-of-a-kind towel that would address all of her worries. Shelley might have gotten a patent since the idea was novel, but money was tight. 

Shelley had no way of affording the Show No Towel patent until a stroke of luck provided her with the funds she needed.

What is Show No Towel?

Show No is a towel with a cut-out in the center, specifically designed to go over your child's head.


The remaining portion of the towel will cover your kid while they change out of their wet clothes as it drapes over their body and covers their shoulders.  

In addition, it is an entertaining new product that will keep your children dry at the beach, the pool, and even while they are taking a bath.

The founder of Show No Towel

Shelly Ehler, who serves as CEO of the company now, is the founder of ShowNo Towels. She is a life coach, in addition to being a wife, a mother of two kids, and a part-time teacher at an elementary school in the neighborhood. 

It's almost like a towel ripped in half along the middle. She is a motivational speaker who has earned honors and has inspired other mothers to reconsider their goals for their life.

However, her audience consists mainly of mothers. She continues to guide her life by the motto "Dream it, Believe it, Let it go," even though she ran a company in the past that was unsuccessful.

She was motivated to conceive of this answer when she encountered a challenge shared among parents, which she, too, had to face.

When they are at the beach, the mother has difficulty convincing her boys to change into swimwear. Towels are essential to have on hand in situations like this.

To fit the child's head, the towel is folded in the center to create a split, and the remaining towel is wrapped around the child's body. 

Because of this, they were removing damp garments is now a straightforward process. ShowNo Towels was founded as a direct result of this event.

Show No Towel before Shark Tank

Shelly Ehler is a lady who has taken a simple concept and developed it into a thriving new company.

What Happened to Show No Towel After Shark Tank

People who saw a problem that often occurred in their lives and came up with a novel solution to the problem by developing a simple and effective product brought many of the best items to market. It is possible to say the same thing about Shelly. 

Families might find it challenging to locate a space at the beach that is handy enough to change into and out of swimming suits while they are with their children.

This is when the device that Shelly sells called the Show No comes in helpful. The Show No is essentially just a towel with a slit cut out of the middle of it; this is meant to be the passageway for your child's head while they use the product

Your youngster will be protected from the elements as they remove their wet clothing thanks to the way the remaining portion of the towel drapes over their body.

 In addition, it is a fun new product that will keep your children dry at the beach, the pool, and even while they are taking a bath.

Shelly wants to push things further with the Show No Towel.

Even though she started the company on her own and has been able to achieve some success with it from the beginning, she wants to sell her goods at water parks  so that she can get her sales off the ground and make a name for her brand.

However, for her to realize that objective, she will need some assistance. So Shelly presented her ShowNo on ABC's "Shark Tank" in the hopes of gaining support from one of the "Sharks".

Show No Towel pitching on Shark Tank

Ehler went on Shark Tank to raise $50,000 in return for a quarter of her company. When she presented her business plan to the Sharks, she took along her two boys to help.


She then grabbed a towel, sliced it down the middle, and voila! Finally, a new kind of towel poncho could protect youngsters from the elements they changed. Ehler's boys presented the Sharks with handmade ShowNo's after she told them her tale.

As soon as her boys exited the Shark Tank, Ehler elaborated that she was interested in more than simply financial backing. Her heart desired to find someone to act as a guide. 

All the Sharks have in common is that they've turned fundamental concepts into multimillion-dollar enterprises. She thinks she and one of the Sharks can make a massive impact with their ShowNo company.

The first Shark to provide her thoughts was Lori Greiner. She questioned Ehler on her ShowNo production facility. Her home is where she manufactures the vast bulk of her goods. 

When the ShowNo is laid flat, the slit closes, and the towel becomes whole, effectively blocking sand from entering the hollow core. 

He explains that the one Robert Herjavec has seen on the market is made of towels, so this one is really different.

She even has a patent on the product's design thanks to the trade of custom-made draperies with a former neighbor who is a patent attorney.

After Ehler was granted the patent, he thought of marketing and selling the towels to water parks. Herjavec felt it was a fantastic idea to have each towel produced to order, with the park's name imprinted on the ShowNo collar.

She has opened accounts with Lego Land in California and Six Flags Magic Mountain

She sells them in bulk for $9 each and says they've been a big hit at the parks. With a production cost of just $6, the selling price of $19.99 represents a sizable profit for her. About $15,000 worth of ShowNo products has been sold thus far.

Kevin O'Leary broke the news to her that the Sharks weren't thrilled with her sales numbers.

He claims that her company is very cyclical, so she would have to invest all she has into making the towels in quantity and cross her fingers that she would make a profit.

Ultimately, he opted against investing in her since he did not like the fact that it was seasonal.

Although Ehler first anticipated that the ShowNo would be a seasonal product, she soon recognized that it would also make a great bath towel for the kids in her life.

For example, if she sold her towels to 50 water parks, each of them sold 20 each day, she would have over a million dollars in three months. She thinks it's pretty feasible to do this.

Although Herjavec praised her enthusiasm and dedication to the company, he said he wasn't blown away by the product itself. He also decided against investing in ShowNo because he did not think it would generate enough revenue.

Mark Cuban asked her what she would do if she had to leave her family on their birthday to attend a business conference. 

She assured him and the Sharks that she would do so since her loved ones knew how much she valued them

In addition, her loved ones are aware of this chance's significance, knowing well that the recession was particularly hard on her and her husband. 

They were both laid off, so they had to sell their houses and relocate. Getting her company off the ground is a top priority, so she has no qualms about traveling for work.

Even though John expressed interest in the product, she couldn't generate enough revenue to justify the sum she was asking.

This was understandable to Ehler, but she went public with her conversation with Disney's theme park division and her intention to work tirelessly to get a contract with the company.

Pioneering by the news, John made her an offer of $50,000 in return for 50% ownership of her company.

However, Greiner proposed an alternative deal. She saw so much of herself in Ehler that she chose to invest $50,000 in exchange for 25% of the company while they were still on Shark Tank. 

She only requested that Ehler maintain her enthusiasm for the company and work with Greiner to introduce the ShowNo to every water park in the country.

Ehler was thrilled by Greiner's offer and about to accept it when John intervened and offered her $50,000 in exchange for a 20% ownership in the business. And that's hardly the only unexpected turn of events. 

Again, Cuban responds by making his offer, this time for $75,000 in exchange for 25% of the company.

Greiner stated that, as a woman, she and Ehler "speak the same language" and would be the ideal person to negotiate a deal with, while John countered that he had more contacts at stores like Bed Bath & Beyond and JCPenney's. 

On top of that, he upped his original offer of $50k to $75k for a mere 20% stake in her company. Also, Greiner opted to match the $75,000; however, he insisted on having a 25% stake in ShowNo.

Ehler, overwhelmed by the options before her, requested a moment alone with her husband outdoors. While Ehler spoke with her husband, O'Leary made it apparent that he disagreed with the other Sharks' offers and believed they were silly.

Back in Shark Tank, Ehler decided to take Greiner's offer instead of the ones from John and Cuban.

What happened to Show No Towel after Shark Tank?

In the third season's Show No Update episode, Shelly and Lori Greiner's business deal with Disney Land is explored. The two take a trip around Magic Kingdom and see the Show No Towels shop, which proudly displays the Mickey Mouse emblem.

She mentioned her interest in collaborating with Disney during her first appearance on Shark Tank.

Her appearance on Shark Tank was preceded by the curiosity of a Disney employee, Dara Trujillo, who was scouting new merchandise for the parks and happened to be in the audience that day.

Show No Towel update

They got ShowNo onto the Today Show after their debut on Shark Tank. They were able to sell off their stock quite quickly as a consequence. But, on the contrary, they sold like hotcakes throughout the spring and summer.


They also signed a contract to provide Disney's water parks with towels. Unfortunately, one of their workers, supposedly looking for products to sell at the parks, stumbled onto the Shark Tank set that day. 

Disney decided not to extend their contract after a short period. Therefore their success was short-lived. However, Shelly is negotiating a license arrangement that will allow her to bring her product back to the amusement park.

Despite not being sold at Disney World, the Show No towel has made its way to water parks throughout the United States. Shelly has found that appearing at trade exhibitions and other such events has helped keep her name in the public eye.

Since the end of the program, Lori Greiner has been noticeably absent, while Shelly's company has flourished. She's still making Show No's in her spare time, but now she also runs a 3D poster business called All Blown Up.

The "Shark Tank deal" [with Lori Greiner] fell through, Ehler wrote on her blog on August 13, 2015, after six years of being buried in towels. So when my Shark Partner fired me, I swore revenge," Ehler went on.

The sale of Show No Towels on the Show No website has been discontinued. But I appreciate it now and am grateful to her. She imparted considerably more wisdom onto me than she realized, which had nothing to do with business.

The takeaway

After all, nothing beats a brilliant thought that can accompany you into the bathroom as you scrub away the day. The panel of "sharks" unanimously agreed that this idea would be successful and couldn't wait to see it brought to market. 

Show No Towel was a novel idea back in the day, but the market has shown its time has passed. Though we wish the product had lived up to its promise, we're pleased we gave it our time and energy when it was released initially.

Looking back on the failures of Show No Towel after so many years has given us valuable insight.

Maybe they were expecting too much, and it wasn't the game-changer they required in the towel industry. Suppose you are starting your own company and considering appearing on Shark Tank or a similar program. 

In that case, you should keep the following in mind: There must be an obvious benefit to purchasing your goods.

In what way does this improve matters? In what ways does it improve the lives of people? Why do you think it's pricey? Don't believe all the hoopla! Good work always gets noticed.

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