What Happened To Simply Fit Board After Shark Tank?

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Exercise is good for you, but it's also hard work. Sometimes finding the motivation to get moving can be a challenge. That's why Linda and Gloria teamed up to create the Simply Fit Board, which makes exercise fun and accessible!

Linda was looking for a way to help her lose weight, so she came up with the idea of a balancing board that uses the same principles as an exercise ball but is easier to use

She enlisted her daughter Gloria's help in creating a prototype that would be safe, effective, and easy to use.

Would the Sharks be interested in this exciting modern take on an old idea? Take a peek!

What is a Simply Fit Board?

The Simply Fit Board is a fantastic tool for anybody trying to trim down. It's a portable exercise device that facilitates muscle toning and flexibility training. It has a wide range of applications, from the home to the workplace.

What is a Simply Fit Board

It doesn't take long to set up and use, and it's pretty straightforward once you get going.

To use the board, just stand on it and move your feet forward, backward, left, or right. If you're looking to burn extra calories or get rid of any extra fat around your thighs or arms, the Simply Fit Board is a great tool for doing squats.

Simply Fit Board features

The Simply Fit Board is an awesome way to get your cardio in and have fun doing it! Not only does it help you get fit and stay healthy, but it's also a great way to improve your balance, coordination, and flexibility.

The Simply Fit Board is made out of foam rubber and has an adjustable incline level. This means that you can use it anywhere—even if there isn't enough room in your house or apartment! 

And because it's so lightweight (weighing only three pounds), carrying it around isn't much of an issue either. You can even take it with you when traveling!

Children may also benefit from using the Simply Fit Board since it is a fun way to improve their balance and coordination. Also, it's available in a wide range of hues, so even the pickiest tot may find a suitable option.

Recently, Simply Fit Board was featured on Shark Tank. Lori Greiner made the product pitch. However, I am unsure whether the move will result in a shift in price or distribution methods. 

For more information on this groundbreaking venture, please continue to explore our page.

Simply Fit Board before Shark Tank?

Around the time she turned 60, Linda found it far more challenging to reduce weight in the abdomen area.

She joked that she was "vertically challenged" and admitted that her love of food had finally caught up with her. Linda said she was inspired to start skating after witnessing her grandkids do it. 

She found that the skateboard helped her to make all the right moves, so she and Gloria worked together to create a new item.

The Simply Fit Board was developed by the mother and daughter team, Linda and Gloria.

Linda, who is getting on in years, wished she could devise something to help her shed pounds. Together, with Gloria's help, they developed a novel kind of balance board.

Simply Fit Board pitching on Shark Tank?

On the most recent episode of "Shark Tank," Simply Fit Board founders Gloria Hoffman and Linda Clarke asked for $125,000 in return for 15% ownership.

Simply Fit Board pitching on Shark Tank

The product seemed to be intriguing to all five sharks, although not all were willing to invest.

Robert Herjavec enquired as to the total number of sales. Gloria informed him that in the last six months, they had sold over fifteen thousand boards, generating a total of $575,000

Gloria informed Robert the board could be purchased online for $45, and she explained that this price covered all production costs but not advertising.

When asked how much it cost to produce one board, Lori Greiner (again excluding marketing costs). It cost over $9 per item, she was informed.

Mark Cuban looked pleased by their margins and stated he knew they would be imitated, but he was worried about how large they might go despite this disadvantage.

In return for a stake in the business equal to 30%, Kevin O'Leary gave the team $250,000 and indicated he was a big fan of the product.

Mark predicted that their success would be imitated, thus the question was how large they could become despite the competition.

Kevin acknowledged the company's inventory funding needs and expressed enthusiasm for the product. More than they had asked for, he gave them $250,000 for a 30% stake.

Robert interjected, remarking that, indeed, the Simply Fit Board is fantastic. Worried that it couldn't be copyrighted, he left. If there were any other options, Gloria wanted to know.

Barbara said that the item was one that would benefit from an infomercial, but she had previously had negative experiences with similar infomercials. She”s out as will.

Mark said that he and his brother had developed a product for kids, but he lacked the marketing chops necessary to make it a hit. The man departed.

Lori, who claims to be the "Queen of QVC," stated the item was perfect for her. Interrupting with, "I'm the King," Kevin stepped in. In her opinion, he is the Joker, as stated by Lori.

Lori responded that she, too, has a lot of infomercial expertise, but that they would need to move swiftly and put in a lot of effort since the idea isn't original.

To get a 20% stake, Lori gave them $125,000. Kevin informed them that this sum was inadequate for running the company. If they're getting purchase orders, Lori is pleased to assist, since it means the advertising is having the desired effect. 

Kevin urged them to choose a path forward, but Lori argued that, given their histories, the choice was obvious.

They've all done similar transactions, Kevin added; they may as well consult with the folks he's backed, who have made a bundle. 

Gloria said that they had high hopes for QVC since they were big fans of the Sharks. And Lori gave them her word that everything would be OK. 

Lori was asked whether she was open to the possibility of an 18% raise. She was questioned by Lori whether she believed it was worth the risk of losing the transaction to try to get those two percent back.

Linda and Gloria had a little chat between themselves. After thanking Kevin, Gloria said that she and her family preferred to travel with Lori.

For $125,000 and 18% ownership, Lori Greiner has agreed to a deal.

What happened to Simply Fit Board after Shark Tank?

QVC's promotional video for the Simply Fit Board has Lori and Linda leading an exercise session for the board's intended audience. As of this writing, you can get one from QVC for $39.96 plus shipping and handling. 

What happened to Simply Fit Board after Shark Tank

The Simply Fit Board website also offers a number of free exercises that may be done on the board and serves as another sales channel for the product. 

QVC ran out of the boards the next day after selling a record 500 every minute during the program. Before Christmas, the item was sold out, but it looks to be available again today.

According to the company's social media pages, Simply Fit Board is offering a workout DVD for the low, low price of $9.95

They're on the hunt for a Board Mat maker in anticipation of an online pre-sale launch. Lori appeared like the best possible business associate.

Simply Fit Board pricing plans

Simply Fit Board costs $39.96 plus shipping and handling on the QVC website.

Simply Fit Board pros & cons

The Simply Fit Board has seen rapid success since its release, but there are certain benefits and drawbacks to think about before making a purchase. Specifically, this is what you should know:


  • It's a fantastic alternative to going to the gym and can be done right in your living room.
  • It's multipurpose—you may use it as a bench or stability board—and easy to transport.
  • You may use them to improve your balance and coordination.
  • Simply put them away after you're done using them since they need nothing in the way of maintenance or storage space.
  • They're adaptable enough to be used almost everywhere.


  • It may shatter if it falls and strikes something solidly enough (which means it will break).

Simply Fit Board alternatives

As Linda pointed out, it became harder to reduce weight around her waist once she hit 60. She joked that she was "vertically challenged," and admitted that her culinary inclinations were now catching up with her. 

Simply Fit Board alternatives

Apparently, Linda was watching her grandchildren skate and decided to give it a go herself. The skateboard made her feel like she was getting to all the proper places, so she and Gloria came up with an idea for a new product.


With that, Simply Fit Board came to an end. Up until the day I wrote this piece and chose to share it with you all, anyhow.

But what exactly transpired? As far as I can see, nothing much has changed. As long as Shark Tank is still showing on Sunday evenings, the Simply Fit Board will be featured prominently in each new episode. 

However, the next step is unclear. It's anyone's guess! We might see another fitness product similar to this one in the future, or something completely new. What happens next is anyone's guess.

We can only observe and applaud as people become healthy and motivated by the Simply Fit Board for the time being. Thank you for reading.

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