What Happened To Skinny Mirror After Shark Tank?

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Belinda Jasmine is a YouTuber who began her career as an influencer but shot to fame after making an appearance on Shark Tank. She was looking for $250,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in her firm, Skinny Mirror.

Though the purchase did not go through, her exposure from participating in the program allowed her to expand her firm further. After being turned down by the sharks, what happened to her company?

What is Skinny Mirror?

The reflection in a skinny mirror makes the user seem two to three dress sizes smaller. In addition, it has a mild slimming effect, which is meant to boost confidence.  


Apparel stores loved this aspect of the product, a boost in sales (18%) was directly correlated to customers feeling better about their bodies  and resulting in the clothes they were wearing.

One may lose five to ten pounds just by standing in front of a Skinny Mirror. There was a price range of $99 for the lowest size (13 inches by 49 inches).

The goal of the Skinny Mirror was to inspire people to improve their diet and physical activity once they saw a positive reflection of themselves in the Mirror

Even though she didn't get a deal on Shark Tank, she did get some positive personal news. Her first pregnancy was announced during the show's premiere month.

Who founded Skinny Mirror?

Belinda Jasmine came up with the idea for Skinny Mirror.  According to her research, about half of all commercially available full-length mirrors achieve the same effect

Seeing how this impacted so many people, particularly women, she decided to create a compact mirror to help restore their confidence. 

The idea for the Skinny Mirror came to Belinda when she glanced at herself in an old mirror and saw that she appeared 5-10 pounds heavier than she was.

She dug further and discovered that many ladies misinterpret their reflections as more significant than they are

Her research revealed that around half of all mirrors are in this way. The findings of the Skinny Mirror give a slimming curve so that you may see yourself in a more academic light.

Skinny Mirror before Shark Tank

Belinda Jasmine of Sand City, California, has recently entered the Shark Tank. Belinda has brought her firm, The Skinny Mirror, looking for a $200,000 investment in return for a 20% stock position

Belinda states that the new standard established by Skinny Mirror is groundbreaking and will finally allow users to view themselves as they are. 

When was the last time you slapped your belly in the Mirror and said, "I need to shed a few pounds?"

We can all relate, whether willing to acknowledge it or not. What we seem to overlook, however, is that our perception of ourselves may have an impact on how others see us. 

Belinda's motivation to start the Skinny Mirror Business stems from an embarrassing incident in which an outdated, unattractive mirror caused her to seem 5-10 pounds larger than she was. 

"I had no clue it was distorting my self-image and severely influencing how I felt about my body," she said. When a friend finally did this, she looked in the Mirror and exclaimed, "That is a bad mirror that adds weight to your reflection."

When examined more closely, it became evident that the crooked frame was distorting the glass and, more importantly, altering her perception of herself whenever she saw the Skinny Mirror.

Her initial request was for a "Skinnier Mirror," but she was disappointed to find that none were available. So, Belinda Jasmine launched the Skinny Mirrors Business, which has become an official.

How was the Shark Tank pitch of Skinny Mirror?

The Skinny Mirror provides a fair, genuine shrinking reflection to boost self-esteem.


If you look nice, you feel fabulous; you feel fantastic. Seeing yourself in the Mirror every day inspires you to look and feel your best. So who will test The Skinny Mirror?

Daymond lets Lori try out the Mirror first. Lori enters the demo area and enjoys the Mirror.

She confesses she's thinner, and Robert notices her smaller head. Daymond stands, looks in the Mirror, and exclaims, "wow." Robert then notes something subtle: Lori's Mirror isn't apparent, but Daymond's is comical. 

Daymond re-sits with a smile, but Kevin concentrates on the Mirror's deception. The real motivation to lose weight is realizing it's a hard effort.

The episode shifts to a fantastic viewpoint of Mark Cuban leaning forward in the Mirror, but his twisted and shrinking proportions make him seem funny.

Robert concentrates on product sales, not its ethics. Belinda sold 350 copies of The Skinny Mirror for $85,000. 

These have gone to shops and motels; therefore, they're not for customers. Kevin points this out and says that the business plan is to sell it to shops that will then offer garments as superior

Belinda is installing a mirror in a store so a "Reuben-Esque" lady may try on a dress and deceive herself. 

Mark agrees that she wears it home. Belinda says they ran a test market in Sweden last year.

First, women who used The Skinny Mirror purchased 20% more clothes. Women were happier with their bodies than with the ideal physique represented in ads. 

The Skinny Mirror narrowed the gap between women's actual and ideal bodies. Kevin and Robert think this is the product's fault, but Belinda has a fourth point to make.

Belinda thinks women see themselves 2 to 3 times bigger in the Mirror than they genuinely are.

Belinda herself thought she was 2 to 3 sizes bigger. Robert questions the retailers' ethics — do some notify consumers and others don't or do all tell them it's a unique mirror?

Belinda notes that big-name shops have asked for a price and asked her to remove the "Skinny" label from the Mirror's bottom right corner. 

Belinda stated that when she established the firm, she didn't plan to utilize the goods for fraud

Thus, she refused the command. Kevin questions whether the user must discover a logo to identify if they're in a slim mirror. Still, Belinda says the emblem is prominent. 

Belinda goes back to get her consumer model, as Kevin envisions. She says the consumer model costs $165, but Kevin notes that Belinda has no patent on the concept; anybody can purchase the glass and create their own Mirror. 

Belinda buys it but feels the product's goal and branding are more important.

Kevin is shocked when Belinda values her brand at $1 million, but she sees promise; she urges him to look in the Mirror again, which makes Robert giggle. Kevin says no, but he won't be part of the fake.

Belinda may grin all she wants, but she's misleading the people she's trying to appeal to. 

Kevin leaves the agreement and bans other Sharks from investing in the project. Belinda explains, "the camera adds 10 pounds" A mirror is a flat, 2-D surface, much like a camera. 

Flat surfaces flatten and stretch you out, yet we're three-dimensional humans with curves and oddities. 

Kevin asks her to be honest, but Mark interrupts. When you like what you see in a mirror, you feel better, but Mirror is used to sell you something else. 

The company employing The Skinny Mirror must overcome shoppers realizing they don't appear the same in store. Mark doesn't appreciate this sort of investment uncertainty for his brand. Mark is out as well. 

Robert thinks there's nothing wrong with the goods since ladies and men adore false hair and cosmetics. However, if a consumer looks in the Skinny Mirror and takes the clothing home and looks ugly or different, they won't be satisfied.

Belinda responds, "What if they have a slim mirror?" Robert mulls on this but acknowledges he has some unresolvable difficulties. Robert is the third Shark to go out.  

Daymond feels it's hazardous because individuals  lie to fuel their unhealthy lives. Daymond can't agree, so he's gone, leaving only Lori. Lori says most women want to be slimmer than they are and constantly feel heavier. 

Still, there's a difference between using a deceiving mirror at a store and having one at home. Lori's ethics are lacking; thus, she's the last Shark out.

Who invested in Skinny Mirror?

No deal between Skinny Mirror and Sharks.

How does Skinny Mirror make money?

Skinny mirrors went to retailers and hotels.

What Happened To Skinny Mirror After Shark Tank

Sizes and styles vary. Depending on style and size, a mirror costs $99 to $675.

What happened to Skinny Mirror after Shark Tank?

Public uproar followed The Skinny Mirror. Many regarded it as a body-shaming product despite the owner's assertion that it was developed to empower individuals to feel good about themselves

This wouldn't be a problem if the product had only been supplied to retail establishments, where it may be misused.

Instead, she says she's devoted to bringing the Mirror to market and would talk to anybody interested in licensing, producing, or buying the brand.

The Skinny Mirror intends to change women's opinions of their bodies to generate a "feel-good" impact. It has developed a "Pink Band" campaign to remind women that all women are attractive.

Skinny Mirror after Shark Tank update

The Skinny Mirror continues to function carelessly. The Skinny Mirror is not taking new orders while building a new manufacturer to accommodate the increasing demand


So either more retailers see its potential, or there has been a rise in demand for a more appealing mirror. It is unusual for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn about running a firm on Shark Tank.

Is Skinny Mirror still in business?

Skinny Mirror closed in 2022, 7 months after debuting on Shark Tank.

The takeaway

While the Skinny Mirror has found favor with consumers, its future availability is uncertain.

Still, no new information or intentions have been made public. The Skinny Mirror is fantastic, but it isn't suitable for everyone. Get this Mirror if you want to try something different while applying cosmetics and checking your appearance. 

However, if you like something more conventional and straightforward, you may want to keep browsing. Since the airing of her Shark Tank episode, Belinda Jasmine has not given any interviews or made any public appearances.

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