What Happened to SneakERASERS After Shark Tank?

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SneakERASERS is a circular, dual-sided, pre-moistened, portable sponge used to clean dirt, grime, and scrapes off of shoes on the go

It’s a great way to keep your shoes clean while you’re out of the house and its small, round, portable size makes it easy to carry around in a pocket, backpack, laptop bag, and/or handbag. 

The SneakERASERS appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank Season 12, episode 23.

But what happened to the SneakERASERS after making its appearance on Shark Tank? In this article, we’ll be going over the beginnings of the two men that created the product, the pitch in the tank to the sharks, and the aftermath of the deal.

What is SneakERASERS? 

A little orphaned girl once said that “you’re never fully dressed without a smile,”. However, having clean shoes give our outfits a little more “umph” to them.

What Happened to SneakERASERS After Shark Tank

But you and I both know the hassle and struggle of maintaining clean shoes just so they will look good with our overall look and appearance.

Lucky for us, there are SneakERASERS!

SneakERASERS is a portable, dual-sided circular sponge that cleans your dirty shoes in no time. It has a sponge on one side and a scrubber on the other so it’s well-equipped in dealing with stains, scratches, and scrapes on your shoes. 

It comes pre-moistened and its small body makes carrying it around easily so you can clean your shoes wherever you are.

It’s truly a product that everyone should have in their house and in their bag!

A brief history

The creators of SneakERASERS are Chris Pavlica and Kevin Consolo

Old college roommates came up with the idea of SneakERASERS when in 2016, one of the founders was pitching a film to Coca-Cola executives and his shoes were a big part of his outfit but the soles were quite dirty. 

He spent twenty minutes just cleaning the soles of his shoes and he realized that there has to be a better, faster, and easier way to clean shoes while also out of the house.

So together, Kevin and Chris got to work on inventing their quick and easy shoe cleaner.

Kevin put his house on the line and moved to Los Angeles where they turned Chris’ garage into a makeshift laboratory

There they tried and tested samples of their patent cleaning invention until they finally perfected the formula. Creating SneakERASERS, initially named Sole Rubbers.

Once they struck gold with their invention, they ordered a pallet to start selling their product to the masses.

They initially focused on selling the SneakERASERS to shoe stores but they soon realized that it garnered mass appeal so they got to work with getting the SneakERASERS to major retail outlets like Walmart, Kroger, CVS, Costo, Amazon, and more.

Despite the mass distribution of the SneakERASERS, Kevin and Chris knew they needed help with funding and they found their opportunity when they were given the “go-ahead” to pitch the SneakERASERS to the sharks of Shark Tank.

SneakERASERS Shark Tank pitch

When Kevin and Chris entered the tank in season 12, episode 20, they asked for $200,000 for an 8% stake in their business

SneakERASERS Shark Tank pitch

They start their pitch and demonstration with Chris dirtying up a shoe and Kevin doing the talking. 

Chris showed the sharks how the SneakERASERS effectively cleaned the dirty shoe and added that it can clean any type of shoe from sneakers, sports shoes, to kid’s shoes. 

After the pitch and demo were done, they let the sharks try the product themselves on dirty shoes.

When asked how many shoes can one SneakERASER clean, Kevin answers that it depends on the shoe but in their testing stages, one SneakERASER sponge can clean up to nine pairs.

He also adds that the material works on delicate and sensitive materials on the shoe with no damage.

The sharks were quite impressed at the product so far and when asked how much they sell the SneakERASERS for, the duo told the sharks that the three-pack sells for $9.99 with their cost of $1.98.

The next question they were asked was about sales which the duo excitedly answered. In 2019, their sales were around $202,000 and in 2020, during the time of filming, their sales were around $1.1 million.

They also mentioned that they did a 100-retail store test with Walmart and have now gone nationwide with the SneakERASERS in 2,800 stores. 

The duo impressed the sharks, even more, when they admitted that they had no experience with business and entrepreneurism and yet they managed to get their product on Walmart shelves nationwide.

After all, was said and done, the sharks start bidding out their offers to Kevin and Chris. 

The duo negotiated with the sharks until they took up the offer of both Lori Grenier and, guest shark, Alex Rodriguez, and the duo left the tank with the deal of $200,000 for a 20% stake in their company.

After Shark Tank

Months after the episode aired, Kevin, Chris, and their company have made big leaps and bounds in terms of progress. Though the deal with Lori Grenier and Alex Rodrigues didn’t close, SneakERASERS is still going strong.

After Shark Tank

SneakERASERS received around more than a thousand reviews on Amazon, a five-star rating on Facebook, and the product is still being sold in major retail stores nationwide.

The product was even featured on ABC’s Good Morning America deals by Tory Johnson. At the time of writing, SneakERASERS has been acquired by a company called FITBrands.

Value of SneakERASERS

Around the time the episode aired, SneakERASERS had an estimated net worth of $1 million. And as of August 2022, it garnered a lifetime revenue of close to $5 million.

SneakERASERS features

The SneakERASERS are made up of super soft material that can handle sensitive materials on shoes. That’s just one of the features the SneakERASERS have. Let’s look at the others and see how they make the success of products.


The SneakERASERS are small and round. Easily portable and can be carried anywhere in a backpack, laptop bag, handbag, or even your own pocket. The SneakERASERS portability makes it easier to clean shoes on the go.

Cleaning ability

True to its name and purpose, SneakERASERS act like an eraser and can clean stains, chafes, scratches, and dirt on any pair of shoes like you would erase a pencil scratch on paper

SneakERASERS features

It comes pre-moistened so no need to look for a faucet to wet the sponge. Just one sponge can clean around nine pairs of shoes quickly and effectively. 


The SneakERASERS dual-sided features can tackle any dirt and grime on your shoes quickly and efficiently. It’s very versatile in any type of situation that demands your shoes to be cleaned instantly.


What really happened to SneakERASERS after making its appearance on Shark Tank? 

Even before SneakERASERS was pitched and demonstrated to the sharks, it had already garnered massive success by partnering up with major retail stores like Walmart and selling on online shopping platforms, such as Amazon. 

Kevin and Chris simply wanted a quick solution to cleaning dirty shoes and this common drive to solve a common problem allowed them to create their most successful product to date.

Both had no experience in business, entrepreneurism, and e-commerce but both took risks. Risks that turned in their favor quite well. So well, in fact, that it impressed the sharks greatly when they pitched the SneakERASERS to them.

Though Kevin and Chris did not close the deal with Lori and Alex, they’re still going strong with the SneakERASERS.

Which is still being sold to thousands of retail outlets nationwide and garnering mass approval from consumers that bought the product.

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