What Happened To The Natural Grip After Shark Tank?

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Shark Tank is more than just a typical pitch show; it's now only about the people behind their businesses: how much money the entrepreneur needs and what they'll do for it

That's why The Natural Grip has been so successful—they had a product that people wanted. Still, they also had a pitch that was memorable and engaging. And that's why they got up from their chairs and stood in front of all those sharks.

But what happens next? Does the company go under after the show? Do they get bought out, or are their products returned to the drawing board? In this post, I'll take a look at how The Natural Grip continues after its appearance on Shark Tank.

What is Shark Tank?

Shark Tank is a reality show in which entrepreneurs can pitch their products or services to a panel of investors—the sharks


These shark investors are self-made millionaires and billionaires who have built their own businesses from the ground up and are now looking for new investment opportunities.

The sharks hear pitches from the entrepreneurs about how their product or service will make money for the company and then decide whether or not they want to invest in the business.

Each episode features two startup companies that go into the tank to pitch their ideas. During the pitch, each company presents its product or service to a group of sharks.

Each shark decides whether to invest in that business based on what he or she hears during the pitch. They also consult with an expert who will assess whether that particular investment is good.

What is The Natural Grip?

The Natural Grip is a reusable hand glove and tape grip designed for weightlifting and CrossFit. This device secures your grip on the barbell and protects your hands from injury. 

There are many different colors to choose from, and they can be worn for 3 to 6 months because they are latex-free and hypoallergenic.

The Natural Grip is designed to help you increase your performance by preventing blisters, calluses, and soreness in the hands. They are easy to apply so you can get right back into your workout without delay. 

The Natural Grip is made with a non-slip material that will allow you to keep a firm grip on bars while reducing friction between your palms and barbells.

The idea behind The Natural Grip came from the founder's experience in CrossFit. He had been lifting for years, but his hands were always sore after workouts, which made it difficult for him to do other things without pain.

He wanted a product that would protect his hands while still allowing him to work out normally and use any equipment that he wanted without having to buy new gloves every time he needed them.

Who is the founder of The Natural Grip?

The Natural Grip was established in June 2013 by Ashley Drake, born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. 


In addition to Drake, a CrossFit competitor named Danielle Sidell, who also uses the device, was a guest on the show.

What makes The Natural Grip great?

With the Natural Grip's protective wrap, athletes can confidently improve their hold on pull-up bars and weights without risking injury. To ensure a perfect fit, the grips are custom-made based on your ring finger size.

Zinc oxide and an extraordinarily robust adhesive are utilized in producing Natural Grip.

This premium cotton tape is one hundred percent cotton in composition. After you have put the grips on your hands, it is recommended that you tape the wrists of the grips so that they do not slide off your hands.

You can give the grips on your hands the same color scheme as the rest of your training gear. The Natural Grip product can be obtained by going to the official website and purchasing there.

The glove has been praised by athletes who compete professionally and by regular users who put it through its paces throughout their workouts.

Because of its similarity to other pieces of training equipment, it is also an excellent product for teaching children how to catch and throw.

What happened to The Natural Grip in Shark Tank?

The Natural Grip is a unique product that has created quite a buzz in the fitness community. The product had already sold $100,000 worth of products—prior to being featured on the show

They didn't need the money from investors, but they did want to get their product into more hands—and what better way to do that than to go through the most popular television show?

The Sharks saw the potential of The Natural Grip in making workouts safer for people who work out at home or at a gym.

Although they weren't sure whether people would use it regularly enough to make a difference in their workouts, the inventors developed the idea anyway.

But one investor took a chance on this product because he believed its potential was limitless if marketed correctly (and he was right). So they initially sought $100,000 for 20% equity in their company.

Still, they got a deal to work with Robert, who offered The Natural Grip $125,000 for a 20% stake in the company.

What's the update for The Natural Grip?

The Natural Grip is an ingenious invention. Its been featured on Shark Tank and was even backed by Robert Herjavec.


But what happened after the show aired? Did they continue selling their product? And how did they fare in sales after being featured on the show?

The Natural Grip is an athletic tape that a group of former CrossFit athletes created. The founders, who sought to alleviate their injuries while competing, developed The Natural Grip to help other athletes avoid the same fate.

In the months following this appearance, sales skyrocketed, and The Natural Grip became one of the fastest-selling products of all time—but not for long.

Following its initial surge in popularity, sales dropped precipitously—so much so that the brand found itself facing bankruptcy just three months after appearing on television.

The brand has since rebounded somewhat; however, it remains to be seen whether or not it can maintain its new level of success in the wake of such a dramatic rise and fall.

Is The Natural Grip still in business?

The Natural Grip was a company that specialized in selling gloves and other products that help you get a better grip on things.

However, due to the company's low sales and lack of profitability, it went out of business in 2018. Since then, The Natural Grip has not worked and has no plans to do so.

The takeaway

The Natural Grip is a product that was featured on Shark Tank and received funding from Dr. Mark Cuban.

Unfortunately, the business has moved out of business since 2018, which is unfortunate. It is possible that the company did not reach its goals due to poor marketing, or perhaps they were just ahead of its time.

I think that the Natural Grip was a great idea. Although it is now out of business, the company was once a very successful organization. I believe that if they had executed it differently, they would still be around today.

The Natural Grip is an excellent example of how Shark Tank can be a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to design and sell a product that solves real problems for people. 

The show does its best to help every company succeed, but sometimes it just doesn't work out as planned.

Frequently asked questions

Now that we've talked about everything you need to know, I thought it would be fun to write a blog segment in which I asked some of my friends and family members what they thought happened to the natural grip after Shark Tank.

So here are my answers to some of their questions:

What is The Natural Grip?

The Natural Grip is the world's first reusable hand glove and tape grip designed for weightlifting and CrossFit. It secures your grip on the barbell and protects your hands from injury, which is especially important when lifting heavy weights.

What Happened To The Natural Grip After Shark Tank

There's a variety of colors to choose from, so you can be sure that your Natural Grip will match whatever color scheme you're rocking at the gym.

And because they are latex-free and hypoallergenic, they won't irritate your skin or make you sneeze uncontrollably—just like a good friend should!

Is The Natural Grip still alive?

In 2018, The Natural Grip went out of business

The brand specializes in selling gloves and other products that help you get a better grip on things, including gardening tools and more. However, the company saw low sales and lacked profitability, so it shut down.

Since then, The Natural Grip has not worked and has no plans to do so any time soon.

Who took on The Natural Grip's investment?

One of the most memorable pitches in Shark Tank history was from The Natural Grip. This company manufactures gloves that can be used for various purposes like weightlifting, gardening, and more.

The investors on Shark Tank took a chance on this product because they believed its potential was limitless if marketed correctly. One investor, Robert Herjavec, offered The Natural Grip $125,000 for 20% of their company.

Robert came on board because he believed that The Natural Grip's products could be marketed adequately and become immensely popular if done correctly.

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