What Happened to The Scrubbie After Shark Tank?

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The Scrubbie is a cleaning tool that attaches easily to any garden hose or kitchen sink sprayer to provide users with an alternative method of cleaning that doesn’t involve using a sponge or your hands. 

The product appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank where its founders pitched their product to the sharks in hopes of getting a deal from one of the sharks.

But what happened after it appeared on Shark Tank? 

In this article, I’ll guide you through what happened to the product before and after appearing on the show and the business that created it.

What is The Scrubbie? 

The Scrubbie is a magic cleaning sponge that attaches to kitchen sink faucet sprayers and garden hoses, doing the job of scrubbing the dirt away in a single wash

What Happened to The Scrubbie After Shark Tank

It attaches to any type of sink spray nozzle or garden hose and is ready for use. A couple of pushes are all it takes to install the device and—no instructions or tools required!

The sponge itself is dishwasher safe and can be reused over and over!

A brief history

Jeff Dakin, Tyler Kessler, and Matt Hosey are the masterminds behind The Scrubbie

The three friends came up with their idea for The Scrubbie after Dakin scraped food off his kitchen sink using the sprayer and imagined putting a sponge on it.

Dakin called Hosey for help, who then asked Kessler to join them. From there the Scrubbie was founded.

The Side Hustle Homies, as the trio referred to themselves, have been at it ever since and attended the Wichita Women’s Fair to demonstrate and sell The Scrubbie to the masses.

It was at the Wichita Women's Fair in 2020 that the trio knew that they got the chance to pitch their product on Shark Tank.

Did Shark Tank turn down The Scrubbie?

On Shark Tank’s 12th season, Kessler, Dakin, and Mosey, appeared on episode 22 to pitch The Scrubbie to the sharks. 

Did Shark Tank turn down The Scrubbie

Demonstrating The Scrubbie to the sharks, showcasing the product's convenience highlighting the fact that The Scrubbie pairs with all sorts of kitchen sprayers and garden hoses. Making it versatile with both indoor and outdoor cleaning.

By the end of it, the trio asked the sharks for $100,000 for 10% of equity.

Unfortunately, none of the sharks took the deal despite their best efforts in showing The Scrubbie’s potential. One of the sharks, Lori Greiner, pointed out to them that The Scrubbie was a copy of The Scrub Daddy (one of her earlier investments). 

Kessler, Dakin, and Mosey didn’t help their own case by giving vague and dodgy answers to the questions the sharks gave

When Kessler, Dakin, and Mosey were asked about the current lifetime sales of the product at the time, the trio hesitated and dodge answering the question directly.

When they finally answered, the sharks were disappointed at the estimated $13,000 in sales of The Scrubbie. After all, was said and done, the sharks agreed that The Scrubbie wasn’t a good investment for the company going forward. 

The trio walked away from the show without a deal.

After Shark Tank

Despite not getting a deal from the sharks, The Scrubbie is still in business and doing quite well after the episode aired

The trio experienced an influx of orders for The Scrubbie and the company even landed some interviews which gave exposure to The Scrubbie and helped increase their sales

As of 2022, Kessler, Dakin, and Mosey are still in business, selling The Scrubbie all over the country. Their exposure from Shark Tank, though not successful, was what really helped in their ventures

Value of The Scrubbie today

The Scrubbie's net worth was an estimated $1 million before the episode aired. Now its net worth is an estimated $1.25 million as of 2022—a significant increase from 2021.

The Scrubbie features

The Scrubbie attaches in seconds to the faucet on a variety of kitchen sink sprayers. It also screws onto garden hoses for all your outdoor cleaning needs—from dirty windows and patio furniture to smelly coolers! 

Let’s take a look further into the other features of The Scrubbie.


Easily attaching to any and all kitchen spray nozzles and garden hoses is The Scrubbie’s main feature.

The Scrubbie features

It has a flexible helical thread that can stretch or screw on any nozzle head. Just either widened the cap or screw it on, it will easily fit any nozzle head in your household.

Reusability and efficiency

The Scrubbie is ideal for any cleaning task, whether it be washing dishes, cleaning toilets, or window cleaning. The Scrubbie also has two sides to the sponge that can be easily flipped. 

There’s a course side and there’s a soft side. You can use the course side for heavy cleanings like getting rid of tough stains and the soft side for quick and easy cleaning like dishwashing.

And because they're dishwasher-safe and reusable you won’t need to buy another sponge for a while!

Water saving

Water saving

The Scrubbie is a water-saving device, designed to cut down on the time it takes to clean your home. This product is great for anyone who likes to keep their house clean but doesn’t want to spend hours and waste water doing so! 

The Scrubbie ups and downs

Of course, as with any product, there are ups and downs that come with it and The Scrubbie is no exception. Here are some of my ups and downs with The Scrubbie. 


  • The Scrubbie is quite versatile. Indoor and outdoor cleaning can be done efficiently with this product. My old cooler that’s been in storage for a long time was finally cleaned using The Scrubbie and boy did it do a great job!
  • Another one is that I can easily clean my windows with the sponge on a garden hose and it saved me some money by not buying a window cleaner as I had originally planned.
  • The Scrubbie has two sides. One’s a soft sponge and the other a course sponge. I used the course side of the sponge when I cleaned my old cooler and it was a quick and easy process. Then later that night, I used the soft side (after cleaning it first of course) to wash my dishes and it did the job perfectly!


  • Although it is quite easy to fit with any nozzle, I find it hard to adjust and align it properly and this somewhat drives me crazy because I’m a perfectionist.
  • For me, this product is that it is a bit overpriced. Ranging around $19.99 just for three sponges and a rubber fitting
  • Another downside for me is that sometimes, the force of the water can cause The Scrubbie to pop off and it’s annoying to go and pick it up where it flew and reattach it again.


What happened to The Scrubbie after Shark Tank? Are they still in business? What is The Scrubbie’s net worth now? Is The Scrubbie a worthy buy? The Scrubbie is no Scrub Daddy

It didn’t make history on the show, it didn’t get a deal from any of the sharks and was one of the rejects of that episode but the rejection didn’t discourage the trio that patented the product

Although The Scrubbie walked away from Shark Tank without making a deal, their appearance on the show garnered them a lot of customers that are interested in their product.

The product itself is quite good, based on my experience, and I would recommend getting one for yourself for easy and efficient cleaning!

Kesseler, Dakin, and Mosey never gave up on their ventures and are still going strong in their business. Accumulating a net worth of around $1.25 million.

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