What Happened to Trunkster After Shark Tank?

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Trunkster is a famous smart suitcase that Gaston Blanchett created. Trunkster was featured on Shark Tank in 2015

The suitcases have a built-in battery that allows travelers to charge their phones or other gadgets while on the go. Trunkster also has a sleek design and is made with high-quality materials. 

The suitcase has several innovative features, including a roll-top door that allows you to easily access your belongings and a built-in Scale that lets you weigh your luggage before you travel. 

Trunkster also has a GPS tracker so you can always know where your suitcase is, and it comes with a power bank so you can charge your gadgets on the go.

In this article, I’ll walk you through what happened to Trunkster after Shark Tank.

What is the Trunkster?

Trunkster is an innovative new luggage company that was featured on Shark Tank. Trunkster is a smart suitcase packed with features to make traveling easier

What Happened to Trunkster After Shark Tank

For starters, it has a rolltop design that makes it easy to pack and unpack. It also has two external USB ports to charge your gadgets on the go. And If that isn't enough, it also has a built-in scale to help you avoid overweight baggage fines.

Who is the person behind Trunkster?

Behind every great company is a passionate and driven individual who had a vision and made it a reality. In the case of Trunkster, that person is Gaston Blanchett and Jesse Potash.

Blanchett and Potash are the inventors of Trunkster, a revolutionary new type of luggage that has taken the travel industry by storm. 

Gaston Blanchett and Jesse Potash are the masterminds behind Trunkster's innovative designs. He was inspired to create the company after experiencing frustration with traditional suitcases. 

Blanchett was fed up with getting stuck in airport lines, waiting for his bag to come out on the luggage carousel. 

He was also tired of damaged zippers, lost items, and heavy bags. So, he set out to create a better suitcase. The result is Trunkster, who set out to create a better travel experience for everyone.

The Trunkster's smart suitcases are the perfect example of his commitment to making travels simpler and more enjoyable.

Did the Sharks strike a deal?

During the episode of Shark Tank that aired in 2015, Gaston Blanchett, the company's creator, appeared on the show to present his venture and won over two of the "sharks," Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban

They eventually agreed to invest in his company. The deal specifies that $1.4 million will be invested in Trunkster in exchange for a 5% stake and the company to be repaid within two years

This is a significant win for Trunkster, as they will now have the resources to scale their business and bring their innovative luggage to even more travelers.

After appearing on Shark Tank

After appearing on the show, Trunkster faced some manufacturing delays

After appearing on Shark Tank

For example, the company initially planned to start shipping suitcases in 2016, but production issues pushed that timeline back. As a result, Trunkster only began shipping to customers in 2017. 

By then, the luggage market had become increasingly competitive, and Trunkster lost its early advantage.

Customers pre-ordered in 2016, but the company didn't make any deliveries. Unfortunately, there is no news on whether customers got refunds

Furthermore, Trunkster has struggled to find its niche. The suitcases were more expensive than traditional luggage, but it's not as feature-rich as some of the other smart suitcases on the market. 

As a result, Trunkster has had trouble appealing to either budget-minded or tech-savvy travelers.

Many experts believe that the company overextended itself and didn't adapt quickly enough to the changing market. With so many new competitors entering the scene, Trunkster simply couldn't keep up.

Trunkster value now

Trunkster had a market worth of almost $28 million when it appeared in the shark tank.

Trunkster's value has not diminished since appearing on Shark Tank. The publicity from the show has likely only increased the company's visibility and helped it to reach a wider audience

However, since Trunkster has been out of business since 2022, its current valuation cannot be determined.

Features of Trunkster

If you're a fan of Shark Tank, you may have seen Trunkster on the show. It's loaded with features that make it perfect for travel. 

Features of Trunkster

One of the most excellent features is the built-in scale. This allows you to weigh your luggage before getting to the airport to avoid any surprises at check-in

In addition, Trunkster is unique because it has no zippers or external pockets. Instead, it has a roll-top door that allows you to access your belongings easily.

Trunkster also has a built-in battery to charge your gadgets on the go. And if you're worried about losing your luggage, don't be - Trunkster comes with a GPS tracker, so you can always keep an eye on your bag.

If you need more space, the Trunkster can be expanded by unzipping the side panels. Finally, it's backed by a 10-year warranty, so you can be confident that your Trunkster will last for years.

The company also offers various colors and finishes for its suitcases. In addition, Trunkster has been featured in several publications, including Forbes, PC Magazine, and Travel + Leisure.

The rolltop 

The Rolltop is perfect for long trips, as it offers plenty of space for all your belongings. This allows you to access your belongings without opening the entire trunk, making it easy to grab what you need without rummaging through everything.

The check-in

The check-In is slightly smaller and designed to meet carry-on requirements for most airlines

However, no matter your travel needs, Trunkster has a suitcase that will suit your needs. So if you're looking for high-quality, stylish, and innovative luggage, check-in is best.

The carry-on

This is the smallest option and is perfect for quick getaways

No matter which type of Trunkster you choose, you can be confident that you're getting a high-quality piece of luggage that will make your travels much more accessible.

The things about the Trunkster that I did not like

The Trunkster is a high-technology innovative suite case, undoubtedly the best traveler innovative luggage brand I examined. However, there were a couple of different aspects of it that I did not particularly love, and I will be honest about that.

Price tag

The price tag is somewhat more than those of comparable luggage. The website stated the carry-on model was priced at $495 while the checker model was priced at $535. So it costs you a little bit more money than other options.

Frequently asked questions about Trunkster

You most likely have specific concerns, just like you would with any travel suitcase. Because of this, I went ahead and addressed the concerns that had been raised so frequently by my colleagues, friends, and readers.

What exactly is Trunkster?

Trunkster is a line of smart suitcases in various styles and sizes. The suitcases are made with high-quality materials and include built-in batteries, digital scales, and GPS tracking.

What makes Trunkster different from other brands?

There are a few things that set Trunkster apart from other brands. First, the company offers a lifetime warranty on all of its products

What makes Trunkster different from other brands

Second, Trunkster uses high-tech materials and features in all of its products. And third, the company offers free shipping on all orders within the United States.

What do people love about Trunkster?

People love Trunkster because it's a high-quality piece of luggage packed with features that make travel easier

People also appreciate that there are two different sizes to choose from - the Original and the Lite - so they can find the perfect trunk for their needs. Lastly, people love the stylish design of Trunkster luggage - it makes a statement!

How much does a Trunkster cost?

The Trunksters are priced based on their size and type. The original Trunksters start at $295 for the carry-on size and go up to $395 for the largest size.

The Trunkster rolltop start at $495 for the carry-on size and go up to $535 for the largest size.

All Trunksters come with a lifetime warranty.


Unfortunately, Trunkster disappeared after the shark tank.

After the Shark Tank episode aired, Trunkster received a lot of buzz and orders for its innovative product.

However, due to some production delays, not all orders were filled. Customers were unhappy with their behaviors, and some also filed complaints about the poor quality.

Trunkster has seen a surge in popularity. The company now has an international presence and is shipping orders all over the world

What do you think about Trunkster? Is it something you would consider using for your travels? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

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