What Happened to Wise Pocket Socks After Shark Tank?

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Shark Tank has been airing since 2009, and in that time, we've seen hundreds of products get the chance to make their pitch to investors

Some have become household names, like Scrub Daddy or Product Launch Formula. Others have faded into obscurity, like the Pocket Hose or Zzym. But what happened to Wise Pocket Socks? Here's what I found.

What is Wise Pocket Socks?

Wise Pocket Socks is a sock startup that aims to make socks more than just a fashionable accessory. Instead, it's an invention that makes socks useful, practical, and intelligent.

What Happened to Wise Pocket Socks After Shark Tank

It has received much attention since its launch, especially among digital marketers and entrepreneurs.

Digital marketing blogs and websites featured the sock. The product has also been featured on many TV shows like Shark Tank and Good Morning America.

The company has received over $10 million in funding so far, which means that it can continue its work of making the world a better place one pair of socks at a time.

Wise Pocket Socks is a company started by Sophia Overton, a young entrepreneur. She saw a need for sustainable socks and decided to create her own company that would satisfy that need.

What started the idea?

The idea for Wise Pocket Socks came about when Sophia noticed that her cousin struggled to carry valuables because she didn't have pockets in her pants, so she put them in her socks. Sophie thought this was a brilliant idea.

This story sparked Sophia's interest in creating a sock brand that could solve this problem, so she went out and got some samples made.

The socks were made with 100% cotton material and had an elastic band at the top so that you could roll them down as far as you needed them to go (or take them off entirely). 

They also have little pockets on either side where you can put your keys or other small items, so they're always within reach— I think they are perfect for walking around town or commuting to work.

Did Wise Pocket Socks get a deal from Shark Tank?

The answer is: yes.

The show was a massive success for the owner of Wise Pocket Socks.

But, of course, it's only some days that you get to pitch your business to the sharks, and it's even rare when you get a deal with one of them. But that's precisely what happened during the airing of Shark Tank this past Sunday.

How did Sophia get the deal?

When the episode started, Wise Pocket Socks had already been through several fundraising rounds and was looking for $30k in exchange for a 15% equity stake in their company. 

Did Wise Pocket Socks get a deal from Shark Tank

And while they were confident they could raise that much money, they wanted to know if they wanted to give away so much ownership of their business.

After hearing about how much money Wise Pocket Socks had already raised and how quickly it sold out its first production run, Mark Cuban decided he wanted in—and he wasn't afraid to ask for more than just 10%.

He offered $250k for 30% of the company.

The owners didn't seem too concerned at first; after all, they'd already raised $100k before appearing on Shark Tank, so why not take another bite at the apple?

But then, Daymond John offered $35k for 33.33% equity. Lori Greiner countered $40k for 35% equity, and Sophie quickly countered it with 35k for 25% equity. With that, she had a deal.

What happened to Wise Pocket Socks after Shark Tank?

So, what happened to Wise Pocket Socks after the show Shark Tank?

How did Sophia get the deal

It's been a couple of years since the last time we heard about Wise Pocket Socks. The product made its debut on Shark Tank in 2016, an instant hit with viewers. 

It had everything: a clever name, a unique design, and a compelling concept that could help people save money and space in their closets. So what has happened since they appeared on Shark Tank?

The good news is that the company has grown steadily since they appeared on the show. They've added new products to their lineup, and they're still working hard to find new ways to improve their product line. 

In 2017, they launched a Kickstarter campaign for their newest product: Pocket Socks for women. It was also in this year that Wise Pocket Socks appeared on QVC UK with a brand-new line of men's socks.

However, I discovered that the company had trouble with its business model. They're making changes and improvements, but they still need to find a way to make their product as affordable as they'd like it to be. 

One of the most significant issues is that they've needed help finding a manufacturer to provide them with quality socks at an affordable price point.

What is the net worth of Wise Pocket Socks?

By the time the episode aired on Shark Tank, Wise Pocket Socks had a $140k net worth.

Is Wise Pocket Socks still up and running?

In a world where everything is constantly changing, it's hard to see the future. But I'm here to tell you that Wise Pocket Socks by Sophia Overton is still going strong.

Is Wise Pocket Socks still up and running

And it's not just surviving—it's thriving. Their sales have never been higher.

If you're worried about whether or not they'll still be around in the future, don't worry—I've got you covered. But first, let me tell you why I think Wise Pocket Socks will still be around in the future:

First, they have a unique product that stands out from the crowd. They created something innovative and different with their pocket socks, and people love them.

Second, they're constantly adding new features to their product that helps make it even better than before (like their new line of women's socks). 

This means that people who already like Wise Pocket Socks for what they do will keep coming back for more. And those who haven't tried them yet will keep hearing about them from friends who love them.

Thirdly (and most importantly), they've got a team that knows how to run a business well

The team is smart with their money and always looks for ways to save money for their customers by cutting out middlemen, getting the best materials possible, and ensuring their customers are happy.

The bottom line

The Wise Pocket Socks product was such a genius idea, and I'm glad they're still in business. They've managed to build a brand that people love. 

And that's important in the world of business. If you want your company to be successful, you need people who are passionate about it—and if they're passionate about it, they'll tell other people about their product too.

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