What Happened To Yumble After Shark Tank?

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Yumble is a meal delivery service that specializes in providing healthy and convenient meals for children. The company's mission is to make mealtime stress-free for parents while ensuring that kids are getting the nutrition they need. 

Yumble offers a variety of pre-prepared meals that are delivered directly to customers' doors, eliminating the need for parents to spend time planning and cooking meals. In 2018, Yumble had the opportunity to pitch their business on the popular television show Shark Tank.

The founders, Joanna and David Parker, impressed the panel of investors with their innovative concept and passion for helping families. They secured a deal with investor Bethenny Frankel, who saw the potential in Yumble's business model.

Initial success and growth after appearing on Shark Tank

Yumble experienced a significant boost in sales and customer base following their appearance on Shark Tank. The exposure from the show helped to increase brand awareness and attract new customers. The company saw a 300% increase in sales in the months following their appearance, as parents were drawn to the convenience and healthiness of Yumble's meals.

Yumble pitch

In addition to increased sales, Yumble also expanded its product offerings. They introduced new meal plans and customization options to cater to different dietary needs and preferences. This allowed them to reach a wider audience and attract customers who may have previously been hesitant to try a meal delivery service.

Yumble also received positive media coverage and publicity after their Shark Tank appearance. They were featured in various publications and news outlets, which further helped to spread the word about their business. This media attention helped to establish Yumble as a trusted and reputable brand in the meal delivery industry.

Challenges faced by Yumble post-Shark Tank

While Yumble experienced rapid growth after appearing on Shark Tank, they also faced several challenges along the way. One of the main challenges was meeting the increased demand and scaling their operations accordingly. The sudden surge in orders put a strain on their production and fulfillment capabilities, leading to delays and customer dissatisfaction.

Yumble also faced competition from other meal delivery services that entered the market around the same time. This increased competition made it more difficult for Yumble to stand out and attract new customers. They had to find ways to differentiate themselves and emphasize their unique value proposition to stay ahead of the competition.

Another challenge that Yumble faced was the need for additional funding. While their appearance on Shark Tank provided them with an initial investment, they needed more capital to support their growth and expansion plans. They had to seek out additional investors and secure funding to fuel their continued growth.

Changes in business strategy and direction

To address the challenges they faced, Yumble made several changes to their business strategy and direction. One of the key changes was a shift towards more sustainable and eco-friendly packaging.


They recognized the importance of reducing their environmental impact and started using recyclable and compostable materials for their meal packaging. Yumble also focused on improving the customer experience and retention.

They invested in technology and systems to streamline their operations and ensure that orders were delivered on time. They also implemented a feedback system to gather customer input and make improvements based on their preferences and suggestions.

In terms of product offerings, Yumble introduced new meal plans and customization options. They expanded their menu to include more variety and cater to different dietary needs, such as vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free options. This allowed them to attract a wider range of customers and accommodate different preferences.

Expansion into new markets and product offerings

Yumble continued to expand its reach by launching a toddler meal plan. This plan was specifically designed for young children who were transitioning from baby food to solid meals. The toddler meal plan offered age-appropriate portions and flavors that were appealing to young taste buds.

In addition to expanding their product offerings, Yumble also expanded into new geographic regions. They started delivering to more cities and states across the United States, allowing them to reach a larger customer base. This expansion helped to further increase their sales and brand presence.

Yumble also introduced new menu items and dietary options to cater to a wider range of customers. They added new flavors and ingredients to their meals, keeping their menu fresh and exciting. They also partnered with nutritionists and chefs to develop new recipes that were both nutritious and delicious.

Partnerships and collaborations with other companies

Yumble formed partnerships and collaborations with other companies to enhance their product offerings and provide additional value to their customers. One notable collaboration was with Nickelodeon, where Yumble offered themed meal plans featuring popular characters from the network's shows.

Kids meal

This partnership helped to attract young children and make mealtime more fun and engaging. Yumble also partnered with Stonyfield Organic to provide yogurt options in their meal plans. This partnership allowed them to offer a healthy and nutritious snack option for kids.

By partnering with a trusted organic brand, Yumble was able to further establish themselves as a provider of high-quality and wholesome meals. Additionally, Yumble joined forces with other meal delivery services in a joint venture to reduce packaging waste.

They collaborated on developing sustainable packaging solutions that minimized the use of plastic and other non-recyclable materials. This partnership demonstrated Yumble's commitment to sustainability and their willingness to work together with competitors for the greater good.

Impact of COVID-19 on Yumble's business operations

The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on Yumble's business operations. As more families were staying at home and practicing social distancing, the demand for meal delivery services skyrocketed. Yumble experienced a surge in orders as parents sought convenient and safe options for feeding their children.

To adapt to the new circumstances, Yumble implemented safety measures for their employees and customers. They followed strict hygiene protocols in their production facilities and delivery processes to ensure the safety of their staff and customers. This helped to build trust and reassure customers that Yumble was taking their health and safety seriously.

However, the pandemic also presented challenges with the supply chain and ingredient sourcing. Yumble had to navigate disruptions in the food industry and find alternative suppliers to ensure a steady flow of ingredients. They worked closely with their partners and suppliers to overcome these challenges and continue providing meals to their customers.

Reviews and feedback from customers

Yumble received overwhelmingly positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers. Parents praised the convenience and quality of the meals, as well as the positive impact it had on their children's eating habits. Many parents reported that their picky eaters were more willing to try new foods and eat a balanced diet thanks to Yumble's meals.

However, Yumble also faced some negative feedback and complaints from customers. Some customers experienced issues with late deliveries or missing items in their orders. Yumble took these complaints seriously and made efforts to address and resolve them promptly.

They implemented measures to improve their fulfillment process and customer service, ensuring that these issues were minimized.

Current state of Yumble's business and future plans

Currently, Yumble is in a strong financial position with steady growth projections. The company has continued to expand its customer base and increase sales year over year. They have secured additional funding from investors to support their growth plans and further enhance their operations.

Yumble products

Yumble's future plans include continued expansion into new markets and innovation in their product offerings. They aim to reach more families across the United States and provide them with convenient and nutritious meal options. They also plan to invest in technology and automation to further streamline their operations and improve efficiency.

In terms of sustainability, Yumble remains committed to reducing its environmental impact. They are exploring new packaging solutions that are even more eco-friendly and actively seeking partnerships with organizations that share their values.

Yumble also plans to expand its social responsibility initiatives by supporting local communities and organizations that focus on child nutrition and food security.

Lessons learned from Yumble's Shark Tank journey and advice for entrepreneurs

Yumble's journey from appearing on Shark Tank to becoming a successful meal delivery service has taught them valuable lessons that can benefit other entrepreneurs. One of the key lessons is the importance of adaptability.

Yumble had to adapt quickly to meet the increased demand and address the challenges that came with rapid growth. Being able to pivot and make necessary changes is crucial for success in a competitive market.

Another lesson is the importance of listening to customer feedback. Yumble actively sought feedback from their customers and used it to make improvements to their products and services. This customer-centric approach helped them build a loyal customer base and establish a strong brand reputation.

For entrepreneurs seeking funding and exposure, Yumble's experience on Shark Tank highlights the importance of preparation and confidence. The founders of Yumble were well-prepared for their pitch, which impressed the investors and ultimately led to a deal.

Yumble Shark Tank

Having a clear vision, understanding your market, and being able to articulate your value proposition are essential when seeking funding or exposure for your business.

In conclusion, Yumble's appearance on Shark Tank was a turning point for their business. It provided them with the exposure, funding, and validation they needed to grow and succeed in the competitive meal delivery industry.

Through their commitment to providing healthy and convenient meals for children, Yumble has become a trusted brand for parents across the United States. With continued expansion, innovation, and a focus on sustainability, Yumble is poised for even greater success in the future.


What is Yumble?

Yumble is a meal delivery service that provides healthy and nutritious meals for kids.

What happened to Yumble after Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank, Yumble received an investment of $500,000 from investor Bethenny Frankel. The company has since grown and expanded its offerings.

Is Yumble still in business?

Yes, Yumble is still in business and continues to provide meal delivery services for kids.

What changes has Yumble made since appearing on Shark Tank?

Yumble has expanded its menu offerings and now provides a wider variety of meals for kids. The company has also increased its marketing efforts and has partnered with several influencers to promote its services.

How can I order from Yumble?

You can order from Yumble by visiting their website and selecting the meals you would like to order. The company offers several different meal plans and delivery options to choose from.

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