What is Tailwind for Pinterest and Instagram? The Ultimate Tutorial 2021

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Tailwind for Pinterest and Instagram is one of the more popular post scheduling tools in the market today. But what exactly can this post scheduling platform do for you and your social media? 

Is it really better than others just like it? 

In today’s article, I dive deep into Tailwind and highlight everything you need to know about the platform.

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What is Tailwind for Pinterest and Instagram?

Tailwind is a handy tool that helps you schedule pins and posts to your Pinterest and Instagram accounts ahead of time so you don’t miss out on anything and have more time to focus on other aspects of your business

What is Tailwind for Pinterest and Instagram

Basically, what the platform does is:

  • It allows you to schedule new pins and posts in advance, and then it automatically posts your content for you
  • You can schedule your new pins to multiple different boards in one go
  • Find Similar Content helps you find relevant content to yours so you can more easily find content to add to your pin schedule
  • Your weekly highlights report shows you new content that you can schedule to pin on your Pinterest accounts
  • It streamlines your entire content creation process and allows you to create a whole month’s worth of content in less than an hour

How to use Tailwind for Pinterest

Tailwind is a fairly easy platform to master. That said, you may want to consider a few things before jumping into it to make sure you get the most out of the tool.

But we’ll talk about that later. Right now, let’s discuss how to get you started on Tailwind for Pinterest. 

Step one: sign in to your Pinterest or Instagram account

The first thing you need to do is sign into your Pinterest account through the Tailwind website. You’ll find a red button that will prompt you to sign up with your Pinterest account.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll notice a pop-up asking you to authorize the application. 

authorize Tailwind for Pinterest

This is very important: authorize the app. Otherwise, Tailwind won’t be able to post content on your behalf and you’re basically left with nothing to do with the platform. 

Complete your account

After you’ve signed up using your social media account and authorized Tailwind, you’ll be prompted to complete your account creation.

You will need to add additional information like your email address. 

You’ll also be asked to create a password for your account. While Tailwind is secure, if you’re worried about your social media account’s safety, you can opt to input a different password from the one you use in your socials. 

Setup Pinterest account

You’ll also be required to answer a short survey which allows Tailwind to better determine how to meet your needs. 

Add the Chrome extension

The Chrome extension is an optional download. However, if you really want to maximize the way Tailwind works, and its results, the Chrome extension makes it easier for you to schedule pins even when you’re not on the Tailwind website. 

Basically, you could be scrolling on some other page and you’ll be able to schedule a pin from there without having to leave the page thanks to the extension. 

Tailwind Chrome extension

Follow the demos

If you’re not too technically-skilled, don’t worry! Tailwind guides you through the process of installing the Chrome extension and scheduling a pin through it. There’s even a tutorial that shows you how to schedule pins on their website. 

Once you’ve learned the basics, you should be able to schedule and create pins quite easily on your own afterward. 

Check your pin schedule

Once you’ve added and scheduled your pins, Tailwind will take you to your pin schedule. They utilize Smart Scheduling that automatically determines optimal times for sharing a pin based on your Pinterest activity. 

What does that mean for you? It means you don’t have to stress about determining when you should post a particular pin you scheduled. Tailwind does it for you using smart software that optimizes the way you post. 

What’s great about the scheduling automation is that you’re able to add in more time slots whenever you want to. 

Pin schedule

Tailwind for Pinterest features

Like I said earlier, Tailwind can help you maximize your Pinterest presence by making it easier for you to schedule and post your content. It does this through a variety of qualities like the SmartSchedule option.

But there’s more to Tailwind than just scheduling. Take a look at some of its best characteristics below: 

The board lists

Board lists essentially allow you to categorize multiple boards under one section.

This means when you’re scheduling a pin, you don’t have to manually schedule them for similar boards. You can just add them to a board list and they’ll be automatically scheduled to appear across all the boards in that list. 

The interval pinning

The board lists are handy. However, you might not want your pin to be published to all those boards at the same time. This is where interval pinning comes in handy.

You can set an interval for when you want the pins to be published to your boards so they don’t all appear on different boards at the same time. 

You’ll be able to choose between an interval of 10 minutes to 90 days. This allows you to maximize traffic and activity to your boards without overdiluting your content to a single pin. 


Tribes is a community of Pinterest accounts that use Tailwind. Tribes allows you to share content to the community that other members can share.

You can also grab any content they put into the Tribe to share on your account as well. 

Adding your pins to the Tribe is easy. All you need to do is click the add to Tribes button and select which Tribes you want it shared to. 

Tailwind Tribes

The best way to make sure you make the most out of this feature is by repaying the favor. Don’t just focus on getting others to share your content. Rather, repay the favor by sharing others’ content as well. 

The Tribes section also comes with analytics. It shows you which Tribes you’ve selected are the most effective and which members are actively sharing your content. 


SmartLoop is an automatic scheduler that pinpoints your most popular pins and automatically reschedules them for reposting in the future.

There is also the possibility of creating seasonal SmartLoop and Evergreen pins which is seldom offered by other platforms in the market. 

Tailwind Smartloop

Suggested pins

The suggested pins ability is one of the features that make it easiest to schedule pins. It shows you similar pins to the ones you just added so you can pin them more quickly and it also makes it easier to find relevant content. 

This quality is a great feature to have if you often find yourself spending multiple hours just looking for content to pin. 

Crossposting and Pinterest analytics

Crosspost allows you to automatically share your pins to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. This is just an added automation element that makes it easier for you to share new pins to other social accounts without having to do it manually. 

The Pinterest analytics component, on the other hand, allows you to view the performance of your Pinterest account and website all in one dashboard.

It also helps that Tailwind is an official partner tool for Pinterest so you know you’re getting accurate analytics as well as features that are designed to really elevate your Pinterest activity. 

Tailwind Pinterest analytics

How to use Tailwind for Instagram

Tailwind for Instagram is a separate payment from the Pinterest platform. And just like the Pinterest Tailwind tool, it comes with plenty of features that will help you beat the Instagram algorithm and maximize your social media presence.

But first, let’s discuss how to get you started on Tailwind for Instagram. 

Sign in to your Instagram account

Much like creating a Tailwind account for your Pinterest, you need to sign up using your Instagram account to access Tailwind. You can do this by clicking on the add new Instagram account button. 

Authorize the app

Next, you will be prompted to authorize Tailwind and to connect it to your Facebook page.

This is important because you won’t be able to connect Tailwind to your Instagram account if you do not authorize the app or connect it to your Facebook page.

Authorize Tailwind for Instagram

Afterward, you’ll be asked to verify your phone number to complete the signup process. 

Tailwind personalizes your schedule

Unlike other scheduling platforms out there, Tailwind uses analytics to determine an optimal posting schedule for your account.

Once your account is all set up, you’ll be able to schedule posts for your Instagram account. 

Upload your first image

The first step to Tailwind’s Instagram success formula is to upload your first photo. Afterward, Tailwind will guide you through scheduling your posts, using the hashtag finder, adding descriptions, and queuing posts. 

Tailwind for Instagram features

Like Tailwind for Pinterest, their Instagram platform also has a browser extension that allows you to more easily schedule and post relevant content to your Instagram page.

But aside from that, Instagram for Tailwind also boasts a ton of qualities that will help you improve your Instagram game. 

The hashtag finder

Instagram relies heavily on hashtags to keep you and your content visible. The hashtag finder helps you find relevant and high-performing hashtags that rely on your past activity.

Tailwind for Instagram hashtag finder

This helps you select hashtags that are most likely to boost your content performance with less hassle. It’s also fairly easy to add the suggested hashtags to your posts by clicking on the ones you prefer. 

Moreover, the suggested hashtags are also color-coded to show which ones are the most promising. 

Hashtag lists

The hashtag lists section allows you to create a list of hashtags. You can select tags from the hashtag finder and assign them to a list of your choice.

This allows you to better segregate the hashtags you use for specific posts and apply them to your content more easily so you don’t have to manually select relevant ones each time you add something to your queue.

To add a list to your scheduled content, you just need to click the “#” icon and select which list you want to add. 

Pro tip: add at least 11 hashtags to maximize engagement. 

Auto posting

The auto post aspect allows you to schedule posts directly to your Instagram account on your desktop. You don’t need to migrate the post to your mobile or do anything else after you’ve sent your content to the queue. 

Tailwind for Instagram autoposting

Profile performance and post inspector

Once your posts are live, the profile performance feature lets you view an analytics report of your content. These will help you better determine which types of content works best for your account as well as the hashtags that gain you the most engagements. If you still find it difficult to get your target engagement then you may look for sources to buy IG followers.

The analytics are also guaranteed to be accurate and target areas you need to improve upon set by Instagram’s standards. Like its Pinterest platform, Tailwind is also the official Instagram automation tool.

Tailwind pricing plans

Tailwind is certainly a good tool to invest in. It applies several features that maximize your social media presence both on Instagram and Pinterest. But how much does it cost? 

Tailwind pricing plans

You can choose between an annual or a monthly plan for both Pinterest and Instagram. Take note that each social media platform will require a separate plan.

Here’s what you can expect when it comes to price: 

1. Pinterest Plus

  • Annual plan - $119.88 per account
  • Monthly plan - $14.99 per month

2. Instagram Plus

  • Annual plan - $119.88 per account
  • Monthly plan - $14.99 per month

All plans come with a free trial that allows you to sample the components of Tailwind until you reach the maximum number of scheduled posts. 

What can I do with the Pinterest Plus plan?

Pinterest Plus plan

The Pinterest Plus plan allows you to schedule an entire week of pins in as little as 20 minutes. Take a look at the features that come with it below: 

  • Unlimited scheduling
  • Smart schedule automation
  • Photo and video support
  • Bulk uploading
  • Browser extension
  • Ios mobile application
  • Facebook and Twitter cross-posting
  • Interval pinning
  • Tribes community
  • SmartLoop
  • 30-day analytics history
  • Post inspector data
  • Profile performance analytics
  • Weekly reports
  • Board insights
  • Domain monitoring
  • Track Pinterest traffic
  • Option to add two collaborators
  • Post approval process
  • Live chat support
  • Knowledge base

What can I do with the Instagram Plus plan?

Instagram Plus plan

The Instagram Plus plan gives you access to all the features that Tailwind has to offer for a reasonable price each month. Take a look at those offerings below: 

  • Unlimited scheduling
  • Smart.bio
  • Hashtag finder
  • Auto posting
  • Scheduled stories
  • 9-grid feed preview
  • Hashtag lists
  • Drag and drop calendar
  • First comment hashtags
  • Caption formatting
  • Comment monitoring
  • 30-day analytics
  • Post inspector
  • Profile performance
  • Weekly reports
  • Option to add two collaborators
  • Post approval
  • Live chat support
  • Knowledge base access

Free trial

Tailwind offers a free trial for both the Pinterest Plus and Instagram Plus plans. It comes with all features unlocked for a single account.

However, it limits the number of posts you can schedule. 

Tailwind free trial

For example, you’re only able to schedule up to 100 pins with Tailwind for Pinterest. On the other hand, Tailwind for Instagram allows you to schedule up to 30 posts before your free trial ends. 

If you ask me, this is certainly plenty enough to give you the opportunity to sample what Tailwind has to offer.  

How do I maximize my Tailwind subscription?

While Tailwind by itself works tremendously for stepping up your content on social media, it’s also important to know that it is possible to fail if you don’t put in the effort.

If you really want Tailwind to work for you, do everything you can to maximize your subscription. There are many things you can do to make the most out of it. And I’m going to share them with you below. 

Set your goals

It’s important to set your goals for your social media. Think ahead.

How much interaction do you want? How many followers do you want to gain? What kind of content do you want to put out there?

What is your goal for your content? 


It’s important to set our goals so you don’t lose sight of what you’re trying to accomplish.

Yes, Tailwind does a stellar job of suggesting content and hashtags for you, but ultimately, you’re the one who gets to call the shots. 

Make sure your content remains cohesive and conducive to your business. Stick to your brand’s voice.

Track your progress

The analytics feature is there for a purpose. Make use of it. Track the progress of your posts and determine when you should be posting and what you should be posting at certain times.

Try to determine why certain posts aren’t performing as well as others and improve upon what your reports are telling you. 

Just because a certain type of content isn’t popular doesn’t mean you should give up on it entirely. Make adjustments and see how it works, compare it with content you post that has better performance and see if you can replicate the same results with a different type of content. 

Don’t be lazy

Just because Tailwind makes it faster and easier for you to schedule your posts doesn’t mean you should be lazy and rely entirely on the platform. Make sure you’re putting in the work and thinking hard about the type of pins you’re adding to your board or the types of posts you’re adding to your queue.

Pay attention and use the platform as a helping hand instead of a crutch. 

Do your research

While Tailwind does give you plenty of insight into relevant content, it’s also important for you to do your own research. Make sure you’re targeting the right niches, posting the right content, or even using the right voice for your brand!

There are so many things you can do on social media now, that it can get overwhelming. 

market analysis

The key is to do your research and align them with your goals! Make sure your content is as cohesive and valuable to your audience as possible. 

Mistakes you should avoid when using Tailwind

Don’t get me wrong. Tailwind is a great platform. But that’s just it, it can get overwhelming to say the least.

To make sure you’re getting the most out of your subscription, avoid these mistakes:

  • Not using your board lists. I get it. You want to make sure you’re able to keep track of your posts more easily. But board lists are there for a reason. And you don’t need to add each pin to a single board at a time. In fact, adding them to multiple boards will maximize your account interaction.
  • Posting without intervals. On that note, just because you’ve discovered the board lists section doesn’t mean you should schedule all your content to post at the same time. Set an interval for content that will go up to different boards to make it seem un-spammy.
  • Not using enough hashtags. It is recommended to use at least 11 hashtags on your Instagram posts to maximize exposure and activity. Select 11-16 hashtags that you think would be the best for the type of content you’re scheduling.
  • Using too many hashtags. Okay, while I recommend using plenty of hashtags, there’s no need to go overboard. This will only cause your posts to perform poorly instead of having a positive effect on them.
  • Use the right hashtags. The hashtag finder has a handy design that highlights which hashtags it recommends best. However, it’s also a good idea to exercise some of your own decision making skills when adding in hashtags. Make sure you’re using the most relevant tags for your posts instead of choosing just the top ones Tailwind suggests.
  • Not shuffling your queue. It’s important to shuffle your queue so your pins are posted to different boards and are designated evenly. This makes your content look more natural, cohesive, and well thought out instead of sporadic.
content marketing best practices

Is Tailwind worth it?

If you’re looking for post scheduling software that’s reliable, and guaranteed to maximize our social media presence, then Tailwind should be at the top of your list. One of its key benefits is that it’s an official partner for both Instagram and Pinterest.

So if you want any hope of beating the algorithms and finding success with your pins, boards, and content, Tailwind is something you should look into. 

Moreover, Tailwind also lets you streamline the process of planning your content. It gives you access to several features that help you better determine a social media plan that works and one that you can stick to.

Besides, who has the time to sit down and plan out social media content for hours when you need to be doing something more productive to your business

Overall, I venture out to say that Tailwind is certainly worth your time and attention. At the very least, check out their free trial if you’re still skeptical.

There’s no harm in trying it out, but there is harm in missing out on such a helpful and well-organized platform for highly demanding social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.

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