Whatever Happened To The Cookie Kahuna After Shark Tank?

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Cookie Kahuna, who appeared on the fifth season of "Shark Tank," is likely still fresh in your mind. Cookie-crumb cups, which the firm produces, are used to keep ice cream sandwiches together in one convenient and tasty packaging. 

It's not just any old cookie crumb cup; it's the tastiest cookie crumb cup you'll ever have the pleasure of devouring.

Since then, Wallace Amos has resumed his career as an entrepreneur and attended classes to further his education.

He claims that even though he has sold his business, the famed cookie maker Wally Amos resigned from his position without an agreement because he was due money from a previous job. 

An in-depth look at The Cookie Kahuna since the conclusion of the episode of Shark Tank, as well as a review of the events that took place during the presentation of the artisanal cookies for sale.

What is Cookie Kahuna?

Cookie Kahuna is a brand of cookies that incorporates the Aloha spirit native to Hawaii.


The three primary flavors are butterscotch macadamia, chocolate chip with pecans, and chocolate chip with chocolate chips. The cookies come in a clear plastic container.

Who owns Cookie Kahuna?

During his appearance on the third episode of Season 8 of "Shark Tank," Wally Amos said he was not particularly skilled at managing a business. Firm, but that he was more skilled at marketing. 

Because Amos was not permitted to use his face to sell his company's products, there wasn't much market. In the United States, Wally Amos is known as a television personality and an author.

He started Cookie Kahuna while he was in his eightieth year of life. The phrase "King of Cookies" has been used to describe him.  

Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies was his first successful venture in the cookie industry before he started Cookie Kahuna. Amos was available for purchase in many grocery stores throughout the United States. 

Still, due to financial difficulties, the proprietor was compiling to sell Famous Amos, and his name was later trademarked.

Novelist Wally Amos is a member of the crew. He is the author of -Harris, who would go Watermelon Magic: Seeds of Wisdom, Slices of Life, and several books, including The Power Within and The Cookie Never Crumbles.

In addition, he is the author of The Famous Amos Story: The Face That Launched a Thousand Chips, starting his work with the William Morris Agency as a clerk, he rose through the ranks to become the first African-American talent agent in the agency's history.  

1979, Amos tied the knot with Christine Amosand Man Without a Name: How to Turn Lemons into Lemonade. So far, Amos has written Amos cooen a total of 10 books.

After on to assist him with the design of early products and packaging for Famouskies. Michael Amos, Gregory Amos, Sarah Amos, and Shawn Amos, the musician, are Wally Amos's children.

Amos has been a member of the Unity Church in Waikiki during his time in Hawaii, which spanned from 1977 to 2018. Amos is working on Aunt Della's Cookies and lives in Columbia, which is located in South Carolina.

Cookie Kahuna before Shark Tank

According to History, Amos created history in 1957 by being the first Black talent agent in the business.

However, it turned out that his love of baking cookies would be the thing that would propel him farther into the annals of history than his previous accomplishment.

He took cookies to meetings about the firm, which he attended. Soon after, he began to get inquiries for cookie orders. 

According to The New York Times, after launching a shop in 1975, he developed the Famous Amos Cookie Company with the backing of famous customers such as Marvin Gaye and Helen Reddy, each of whom gave $25,000.

As a result, the yearly sales of the firm had reached a total of 12 million dollars way back in the year 1982.

Unfortunately, Amos could not keep up with the firm's rapid expansion and decided to sell his majority part in the business for little more than one million dollars.

When the new owners altered the formula and rebranded the business, he was powerless to stop them. 

Following establishing a new business in 1992 under his name, he was accused of infringing upon an existing trademark and thus faced legal action

Amos's debut on "Shark Tank" gave the impression that he was attempting to reclaim the future that he had given up, and he believed that the other contestants on the show would be able to assist him.

Cookie Kahuna in pitching Shark Tank

In 1970, Wally first started baking cookies for his buddies and for himself. When Wally first came, he had no stock in the company. Wally and Amos are featured on the packaging that Famous Amos uses.


Because the company controls the name, Wally does not get any stock in the company.

About eighteen months ago, he established The Cookie Kahuna, which is now available both online and in Costco stores. His cookies are sold only at Costco locations throughout Hawaii.

Wally explains to Robert the production cost of the cookies as well as the market price for the cookies. 

Although a one-pound box may be purchased from Costco for $7.89, the preparation fee is $5.25 (the cost of ingredients is $4.20). The sales for the current year came to $36,215.97.

Wally made a light-hearted remark about how Robert shouldn't ask questions while he's reaching for the numbers. Robert's profit margin is lower than 20% if packaging, shipping, and handling are included. 

The food business is negatively impacted. A corporation cannot function on a margin of this size.

Because packaging and shipping account for roughly 40 percent of the overall cost, Robert has to find ways to cut costs. No cooked delicacies. 

After all that Wally has been through, Barbara wants to know why he would want to start again. Wally is a fan of cookies and is under the impression that he can build a business around them, similar to what he accomplished with Famous Amos.  

Wally is a significant food brand provider, but the company does not have rights to its whole image and name. Because of all the challenges involved in creating a new brand, this is not an investable opportunity.

The arrangement is terminated first by Kevin. Lori asserts that she has worked in the field of product promotion for the last 18 years. 

One of the most challenging aspects of what she does is engaging in contentious exchanges with various businesses.

Since Wally is so excited about a lot of things, she has no doubt that he can also be enthusiastic about other things. The next Shark to be eliminated from the competition was Lori.

According to Robert, it is more important to love the business than it is to love the cookie. Robert is the third Shark to be eliminated as a result of the prohibitively high costs and limited availability.

Barbara considers herself to be similarly blessed to Wally. Since the market began to shift, she has been operating her company for 10 years. 

When Barbara was concerned that she would go bankrupt, Merrill-Lynch made her a guarantee of $50,000.

They demanded that she give up her reputation as well as her brand and personality. The price of a kiss from God was fifty thousand dollars. They changed their minds just at the eleventh hour.

Fifteen years later, the same company was sold for a total of $66 million, so Barbara was really lucky. Wally believes there are mysteries to be discovered in the universe.

The fact that Wally sold both his firm and his personality was the thing that did him down. Mark has the desire to strike a deal, but he is already in the cookie business. Mark cannot participate since he has a competing interest.

The Sharks are dissatisfied that Wally will not be signing a contract with the team. Wally went and found an investor and tried to persuade him that money was the solution to everything

When he ran into financial difficulties, he would look for further stock. It ruined his financial standing.

What happened to Cookie Kahuna after Shark Tank?

Following his appearance on the program, both he and his new company endeavor garnered notoriety; however, The Cookie Kahuna was not profitable enough to be able to continue operating after the publicity it received. 


In 2017, he made the announcement that he had created a GoFundMe page in order to collect financial aid in the form of a video that he published on YouTube.

After that, Amos admitted that he did not have any money and that he was unable to pay his rent along with the expenditures of food, petrol, and any other requirements. 

After that, he made a request for monetary donations in addition to sales of the books that he had written. In spite of the severe conditions, Amos was able to maintain a positive and enthusiastic tone throughout his video

He also said that he is certain that anything, including cookies, will become available in the near future. However, unfortunately, due to a lack of available funds, that company has been forced to shut its doors. 

The question then becomes if Amos plans to launch any further cookie businesses in the not-too-distant or immediate future. The appearance of Aunt Della's Cookies was witnessed.

Is Cookie Kahuna still operating?

After making an appearance on "Shark Tank," the company that was known as "The Cookie Kahuna" ultimately decided to cease all of its business activities and is no longer in business today

Wally bragged to the other contestants that he was more of a marketer than a traditional businessperson. One gets the idea that he was unable to manage things on his own and relied on other people to get things done. 

It is impossible for him to keep things operating well on his own. On the other hand, the details of what went wrong are not known at this time.

Cookie Kahuna net worth?

Prior to its debut on the program "Shark Tank," The Cookie Kahuna had already racked up sales of $36,000, with the majority of those sales coming from inside the boundaries of the state of Hawaii.

Wally was unable to publicly associate his face with The Cookie Kahuna brand due to the contractual arrangements that Famous Amos had established that forbade him from doing so.

Where to buy Cookie Kahuna?

Have you ever wondered where Cookie Kahuna is sold? The answer is simple: in Costco stores.

Whatever Happened To The Cookie Kahuna After Shark Tank

The Cookie Kahuna was founded in 2016, and it is currently sold both online and in locations owned by Costco. His baked goods are available only in Costco stores all around the state of Hawaii.

The cookie box weighs one pound and costs $7.89, yet it will only cost you $5.25 to bake it (with materials costing $4.20).

This is a significant price difference, which makes it easy to see why so many people choose to purchase their cookies from bakeries instead of baking them themselves!

The Cookie Kahuna is a popular choice for many people in the state of Hawaii. He is well-known for his delicious cookies and other baked goods, and he has made a name for himself by selling them at Costco stores.

The takeaway

And so we have come to the end of this blog about the cookie Kahuna. I hope you enjoyed reading about our favorite sweet treat and learned a little bit about where it came from and what happened to it after Shark Tank.

It would seem that those who have sampled the cookies and discovered that they are delicious feel the same way that we do: that Wallace Amos is still alive anywhere in the globe, living his life to the fullest, making cookies, and having a good time.

And if you’re like me and think that the Kahuna Cookie is one of the best cookies in the world, I hope that you will join us in our quest to support Wallace Amos and keep his cookies on store shelves.

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