WhistlinDiesel Net Worth: How Rich Is Cody Detwiler?

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Cody Detwiler, also known as WhistlinDiesel, is a famous social media celebrity. He is famous for modifying trucks, doing dangerous stunts with them, and then destroying them in the end. He once destroyed a $400,000 Ferrari F8 in a video. 

Since he destroys so many expensive trucks, many people keep wondering what WhistlingDiesel’s net worth is. How does he earn money? 

WhistlingDiesel’s net worth is estimated to be around $8 million as of January 2024. In this article, we will dive into the Youtuber’s personal life, career, net worth, income sources, and also controversies.

WhistlinDiesel net worth 

WhistlingDiesel has a net worth of $8.1 million as of January 2024. He makes money from different sources. However, the main source of his income remains to be from Youtube ads and sponsorships. 


His primary YouTube channel has around 815M+ views. So if we do the maths, from ads alone he has amassed more than $8 million.

He also sells merch online on Redbubble, monstermax, etc. He has a T-shirt that is sold for $1000. The T-shirt says “This shirt cost one thousand dollars”

WhistlinDiesel also takes money from sponsors in his videos. So if we calculate an estimate, the net worth of WhistlinDiesel stands above $8 million. 

WhistlinDiesel early life

WhisltinDiesel was born on 18 July 1998, in the state of Indiana. His parents worked in the automobile, agricultural, and construction industries. Other than that not much is known about his parents. 

This is from where WhistlinDiesel had an interest and knowledge in automobiles. WhistlinDiesel’s educational background is not very much known to many people apart from the fact that he has passed high school. After finishing high school, he started making videos for his YouTube channel.

Whistling Diesel girlfriend and wife

He married his long-time girlfriend, Rachel in 2017 when they were just 18. She also had an interest in cars, trucks, etc. She currently works as an adult model. 

WhistlinDiesel wife

She was featured in videos with him. However, the couple have not been seen together since 2020. And in June 2022, WhistlinDiesel confirmed the split with Rachel Aka Rae. 

WhistlinDiesel’s new girlfriend is Katie Miller. Recently, he posted a photo with her where he was sitting in the car and his girlfriend was cleaning the wheels. 

Not much is known about Katie Miller since she has a private account on social media

WhistlinDiesel career

WhistlinDiesel has a very successful career on Social media. He started his YouTube channel on 07 Jan 2015 and uploaded the first video on 12 Jan 2015. 

At first, he used to upload hunting-related videos, then after some time, he took a break from YouTube to complete his high school.

After 3 years, he made a comeback and started car, truck, ship related videos. He transformed his passion into a successful career. He used to modify the cars, ride them through the mud, and destroy them.

He claims that he was tired of people who used to do clickbait thumbnails and then do stupid things. He wants to upload videos that are not deceiving and people get to see what they are shown. 

WhistlinDiesel with a car

WhistlinDiesel has been successful in getting the audience. His main YouTube channel has more than 6.85 million subscribers. The total view count of this channel stands at 815M+ views. Each video he uploads gains an average of 5m+ views. His most popular video has 30M+ views. 

He also has a secondary channel named WhistlinDiesel 1000. This channel has more than 400k+ subscribers and has amassed 11M+ views with just 7 videos

Here people can see vlogs and behind-the-scenes videos.

Apart from YouTube, WhistlinDiesel is also very popular on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

On Instagram only, he has 3.7 million followers. Here he posts about his cars, trucks, tanks, and his next videos. He calls himself CEO of Destruction on Instagram. He also has a mass following on Facebook. On his page, he publishes videos. 

Apart from YouTube and social media, WhistlinDiesel also sells merchandise on Monstermax and Redbubble. He releases limited merchandise for his followers. Whenever they are open for sale, he posts on Instagram and YouTube community to let his followers know. 

WhistlinDiesel controversy

Over the years, the famous YouTuber has been involved in many controversies. The first was when he was injured by a gun wound in 2021. He was shooting a steel plate to check how many shots it would take for the bullet to penetrate.

Unfortunately, one of the bullets ricocheted and hit his head. Fortunately, he recovered pretty quickly after that. Many fans were angry at him for not taking precautions. 

burnt a Ferrari

After a few months, he was again a hot topic in many subreddits when he took a Ford F350 in Frozen Pond. The truck was stuck in a bog and the driveshaft was broken. The youtuber was seen laughing at it.

Seeing this, many Redditors were angry at this behavior where people just waste things for some views. The same thing happened again when he accidentally burnt a Ferrari while checking its durability in a cornfield. 

He is also involved in a lawsuit. WhistlinDiesel along with his friends went into a no-wake zone and started splashing water. The youtuber claims that he was unaware of the rules. He was charged a $50 fine by a policeman and the lawsuit is ongoing. It is claimed that if charged guilty, he and his friends may face a year in prison. 


WhistlinDiesel is a very unique social media celebrity. He turned his passion into a very successful career. He modifies trucks and cars uniquely and also destroys them in the end. 

His content has kept the internet divided. While some people like the things he does on his channel and defend his property rights, some people can't see valuable things getting destroyed just for some views.

Support from people or not, we can't deny that this type of content has surely worked for the youtuber. WhistlinDiesel has made more than 8 million from his YouTube channel making him an inspiration for many people. 

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