Who Is Franklin Hatchett? (Courses & Net Worth)

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Those who have been in the ecommerce industry for a while now know Franklin Hatchett. He has been an active member in the ecom community and his passion for Shopify dropshipping is what led him to develop eCom Elites - a dropshipping course that teaches you how to generate $2000 per month with less than $500 in investment.

So, who exactly is Franklin Hatchett? Get ready for a crash course on one of the most well-known entrepreneurs and dropshipping experts below.

Who is Franklin Hatchett?

Ecom Elites was developed by Franklin Hatchett, a YouTuber who also created the Affiliate Atlas Blueprint and the Ecom Elites scheme (aimed at online marketers interested in affiliate marketing).

Who Is Franklin Hatchett

Dropshipping and Facebook advertising are only some of the topics covered in Hatchett's YouTube channel in addition to other internet marketing-related topics like Search Engine Optimization. His channel received a lot of attention from the community, which has around 351k subscribers. 

While his videos are usually guides and reviews, Franklin also shares some tips to help his viewers improve their dropshipping business.

The YouTuber also has a personal blog called onlinedimes, where he regularly shares useful tips for an online marketer, as well as his ideas about how to squeeze the most out of your online business.

His main focus is always the dropshipping industry and entrepreneurship in general. He started off writing and presenting his own business classes to help his fellow e-commerce entrepreneurs and even released eCom Elites that is aimed at newbie ecommerce entrepreneurs.

Franklin Hatchett net worth

There's no definitive documentation of how much Franklin is worth. However, if I were to make an educated guess based on his income streams, I'd guess he makes close to $1 million a year.

Franklin Hatchett on YouTube

There have been around 351 videos released by Hatchett since he first created his own YouTube channel in 2012. With 351,000 subscribers and over 17 million views by December 2020, the channel will have reached a new milestone.


There are a lot of dropshipping-related videos on Franklin Hatchett's YouTube channel. He also discusses his own experiences with online entrepreneurship.

The other topics that he covers are dropshipping, affiliate marketing and Facebook advertising.

Franklin also has his own personal blog where he regularly posts interesting topics about entrepreneurship, social media, e-commerce and YouTube.

Franklin Hatchett Courses

Franklin Hatchett has made several dropshipping courses available for sale. The courses have varying price ranges but one thing's for sure: they're all reasonably priced. They are aimed at helping newbie ecom entrepreneurs with learning how to start a profitable business.

Take a look at his online courses below:

Ecom Elites

You may learn how to expand your ecommerce business through an online course created by Frank Hatchett. The course covers a wide range of topics, including social media marketing, email marketing, Shopify, and product sourcing. Ecom elites is an all-in-one training for dropshipping and eCommerce entrepreneurs.

Let's take a closer look at the modules below:

Module 1: Setting up your store

Learn how to get your online store up and running so that everything from payment to fulfillment operates as smoothly as possible in this module! A total of 17 videos are included, with a total running time of nearly three hours. Everything in this module is self-explanatory since most of it is a series of technical tutorials.


However, Hatchett does cover some of the more critical components of setting up your site, such as abandoned cart setup, upsells and coupons, as well as tax. Hatchett does a great job of keeping his end of the bargain, as he teaches you everything you need to know to get your store up and running.

Module 2: Sourcing products

Dropshipping can be a challenging business because of the difficulty of finding products to dropship. Over the shoulder training by Hatchett teaches you how to get in touch with suppliers and pick the proper goods. There are a total of 20 movies included in this module, with a total running time of around 4 hours.

Dropshipping has a lot of complexities, and this session tackles many of them. Product sales volume, product research, and pricing are all covered in Hatchett's book. Hatchett's recommendations for simple products and ideas are also included as a bonus.

Rather than skimp on information, this program delves deep into the subject matter. It covers everything from sourcing to shipping, getting your products shipped and even how to deal with customers and other issues that come up.

Module 3: Facebook ads

Even if you've chosen a fantastic product, it's still difficult to make sales. For dropshippers, Facebook advertising is a must. As a result, Hatchett provides in-depth coverage of Facebook advertising. Hatchett's 31 videos (six hours of content) cover everything you need to know about Facebook advertising.

I really like how Hatchett breaks down the process into more digestible content in this module. He dives into the advertising aspects, as well as how to scale your ads, targeting and direct response. His video recommendations are also included in this module.

The best part of this section is that Hatchett spends a lot of time on each area of Facebook advertising, especially when it comes to performance and scaling your ads.

Module 4: Instagram traffic

Many dropshippers also make use of Instagram. Unlike the other modules, this one focuses solely on influencer marketing and advertising. There are just nine videos in all, with a combined runtime of just under an hour.

Influencer marketing and Instagram advertisements are the only topics covered in this module. As a beginner, this course is an excellent place to start if you're inexperienced with both. Only a small portion of the content focuses on Instagram ads, with the rest focusing on influencer marketing.

Module 5: Email marketing

One of the best ways to turn one-time clients into long-term customers is to use email marketing. This module goes over the many ways you can utilize your customers’ email to generate more sales. There are 12 videos in all, totaling about 2 hours of material.

online 2

Throughout this module, Hatchett covers everything from the different types of emails you can send your clients to how to use email marketing automation. In addition to direct sales, this module will teach you how to create an email marketing funnel that is a referral machine.

Increasing revenue through email marketing is critical, according to Hatchett.

Only a moderate comprehension of email marketing is provided by this module, which does not go into great detail. Using Mailchimp, creating your first campaign, and gathering email addresses are just a few of the things you'll learn. The information isn't bad, however it's lacking in advanced email marketing techniques.

Module 6: Chatbot

There aren't many course designers who go as deep as Hatchett does with Chatbot. You will learn how to use Chatbots to enhance sales in this module. In total, there are 10 videos that clock in at 3 hours of content.

Like the email marketing module, the majority of the content in this module is instructional in nature. It largely covers the setup of them, the creation of commands, the configuration of the menu and numerous conversation flows. In terms of advanced topics, it doesn't cover much, but there aren't that many. Everything you need to know about Chatbots is covered in this section.

Module 7: Sales funnels

Upsells are the primary goal of sales funnels. Increasing the number of items a single consumer purchases is possible with the help of an effective sales funnel. There are only 15 brief films in this module, making it only 2 hours long in total.

Like Chatbot, Hatchett employs a third-party tool called ClickFunnels. For the most part, this module consists of instructions on how to build up your funnel, connect it to your payment method, and create various upsells for your customers. The majority of this module is devoted to tutorials, but mastering the use of ClickFunnels is critical if you want to see a rise in your profits.

I appreciate the fact that Hatchett explains how to create a simple and effective sales funnel, rather than using complex templates.

Module 8: Google ads

Google ads are different from Facebook ads, and should be used in different cases. Hatchett uses both, but depending on your product and niche, Google ads may be a viable option. In this module, Hatchett goes over Google ads and sets them up for maximum efficiency. This module is about 3 hours long, having 17 videos.

Hatchett teaches many aspects of Google ads such as adwords, Google shopping, retargeting campaigns, and keyword research. It’s a very extensive module, providing a good amount of videos about the platform.

Module 9: Search engine optimization

Payment advertising is the mainstay of dropshipping and eCommerce businesses. Organic search engine optimization is the subject of this module, which is a challenging and time-consuming undertaking. Hatchett focuses on providing a high-level overview rather than in-depth instruction, teaching only the bare essentials. 

Less than an hour of video footage is included in the curriculum, spread across nine different lessons. Consider taking an alternative course if SEO is something you're interested in.

Think of it as a crash course on SEO for beginners.

Module 10: Top secret videos

We signed a non-disclosure agreement, therefore we can't tell you about these...

Just kidding, we'll definitely talk about it.

The following are the "top secret" subjects:

  • A coupon sales gimmick
  • The warranty upsell scam
  • Trick for increasing revenues on websites that you've reviewed
  • Set up large Facebook groups

The names don't give you much information, but all you need to know is that the "secrets" are nothing more than advice and resources. These are only one-time steps you can take to expand your store's reach.

Course Quality

It's clear that Andrew Hatchett is a good instructor. Everything in this course is well explained, and as someone who has a lot of experience with paid courses, I can assure you that the material doesn't feel generic. Hatchett goes into a lot of detail with each topic, ensuring that no matter what your experience level is you'll be able to understand the content.

One thing that bothers me slightly is the lack of any affiliate links in the course outline. I understand Hatchett has his own store and probably doesn't want to bring down his own sales, but I personally think it's important when trying to build up a new audience. As long as most people will obtain what they're looking for from his store, there's no reason for him not to do so.


This course is available for around $200 and can be as expensive as $300 depending on when you purchase it. $200 might be a bit much for beginners, who need most of the content but don't have an extensive knowledge base.

However, if you are serious about building up a dropshipping store, then this is definitely the course for you. I would've paid $200 for this course as well, so if you're sure that you don't need a lot of instructions and just want to get started on this business model then you might want to look elsewhere.

Affiliate Atlas Blueprint

You don't have to be an expert in affiliate marketing to join the Affiliate Atlas Blueprint community, which is made up of like-minded affiliates who share their knowledge, seek support and interact with one another.


An established community is essential when purchasing an affiliate marketing program. New questions and members are added every day, which is just another reason to choose this course over those that do not have this option.

There were more than 3,700 pupils at the time of this writing. In other words, this indicates that a large number of people have already purchased this course and will do so in the near future.

Let's take a closer look at its modules below:

Module 1: Affiliate marketing introduction

This section is an introduction to affiliate marketing, where you'll learn the basics of this business model. Franklin goes over all the important topics such as getting started, best practices, and the factors that affect affiliate marketing.

The course is only two hours long, but this is sufficient to teach the basics of affiliate marketing. The intention of this section is to assume that the students have no prior experience with marketing and will learn how to navigate through this new industry.

Module 2: Affiliate products to promote

In this introductory module, you'll learn about the two most important elements of an affiliate product - the link and the landing page. Franklin touches on other important aspects such as conversion rate, shipping, and tracking packages.

Paying attention to these components is essential since they will improve your sales. An entire lesson is devoted to tracking packages in this module, which is the purpose of the information provided.

Module 3: Building website assets

After learning about the elements of building a website, you'll get some tips on using graphics and design. Franklin teaches the importance of using photos, headings, and calls to action. If you've been just bumbling around without any direction or purpose for your website, then this is definitely one place to start.

I really like how in-depth this module is. One thing many affiliate marketers struggle with is figuring out how to build their website assets. The purpose of the lesson is to show you how to do it and make sense of how each aspect works, which makes this section very useful.

Module 4: Clickbank affiliate marketing

Clickbank is one of the most beneficial tools for affiliate marketers. Franklin doesn't talk about the product offerings and how to sign up, however. Instead, he focuses on teaching you how to promote Clickbank products using various platforms and methods.

You'll learn how to use Facebook Ads, Clickbank's API and review sites. This section should prove helpful for you if you're planning on making money from Clickbank.

It's no secret that many would-be affiliate marketers struggle with learning the ropes when it comes to platforms like Clickbank. Hatchett discusses every tip and trick to succeeding in the platform and also shows you how to use the tools and features for maximum effectiveness.

Module 5: Clickfunnels with websites

Clickfunnels is one of the most popular and effective affiliate marketing tools out there. In this section, you'll learn how to set it up and use it properly, which will give you maximum results.

You'll learn what Clickfunnels is, all the benefits that they offer and how to set them up. This is the type of information that has too many affiliates trying it out on their own due to the lack of instructors who go into detail regarding how to begin using Clickfunnels.

Many of you know that Clickfunnels is a fairly advanced tool. So there's definitely a learning curve for anyone who isn't familiar with similar software. It's important to have this section provided, especially if you're planning on adding Clickfunnels to your portfolio.

Module 6: SEO Google traffic

SEO is one of the most important aspects of website marketing. There's no way to make money without SEO, which is why this module was included.

It's highly recommended to at least skim through this section if you're not familiar with SEO and conducting search engine optimization on your own. It's meant to be a quick overview of the topic, so you won't need too much attention to it. You'll learn all you need to know about SEO and how to implement it into your marketing efforts.

Module 7: The Funnel Academy

About half way through the course, Franklin introduces The Funnel Academy - a community of highly-skilled affiliates. You'll learn how to move through the courses, which is perfect for any new affiliate marketers who are feeling lost and unsure of how to proceed.

This module is essential if you're looking to build a profitable business around Clickfunnels and other products in the Clickfunnels suite. If you're new to this niche, then this section will give you the tools needed to succeed.

Module 8: Email Automation Academy

Email automation is a highly-effective marketing strategy. If you aren't familiar with the topic, then this section will educate you on tactics that can help you grow your audience and generate some great traffic.

There's no doubt that email automation is one of the most important aspects of affiliate marketing, especially if you're just starting out. Losing potential customers to a competitor because they didn't get an email quickly enough can be frustrating and costly. You'll learn how to avoid this situation in this section.

One of the best things about this module is how Franklin explains the strategy and sales methods. You'll learn the basics of email marketing and then dive deeper into tactics that can help you gain more sales.

Module 9: Done for you affiliate systems

Many affiliate marketers struggle with the process of creating their own products and promoting them. This module is meant to help you discover easy-to-use systems that are available for you, which will make it easier for you to stay up to date with your campaigns and sales.

SEO and Affiliates Academy is one of the best tools to help affiliates learn how to create profitable products. It's not a one-stop shop, but it provides excellent service with an easy-to-use interface. This section is a great addition to the course that will help you get familiar with the service and how it can help you.

Module 10: Free traffic training

It's common for aspiring affiliates to struggle with free traffic strategies. In this section, you'll learn how to build a website that promotes free traffic and how to get the most out of Facebook groups.

One of the things I like about Franklin Hatchett is that he doesn't try to sell you on every platform that he's been successful with. He includes information on platforms that are more difficult, but helpful in some cases. You can try them out yourself, or at least be familiar with some tactics that can help your business grow.

Module 11: Paid traffic training

This module is where you'll learn about paid traffic strategies that you can use to increase sales. You'll be introduced to some of the most effective strategies and methods, but don't expect any long-term recommendations.

A lot of affiliate marketers struggle with finding channels that pay well and also generate a lot of traffic. This module will introduce you to some paid strategies that you can use to increase sales, like Facebook Ads and email ads for example.

Bonus module 1: Frank and Student case study

This module is a power-packed interview of Franklin Hatchett and one of his students. They discuss some of their strategies and how they've built their email lists through this platform.


Franklin goes into detail on how he's been successful with promoting Clickfunnels, Clickbank and other affiliate marketing platforms through his mailing list. This is an excellent case study that will help you understand the process better.

During the interview, Franklin discusses some of the most common mistakes that new affiliates make when trying to promote products in this niche.

Bonus module 2: Launch jacking/web hosting

This module is a showcase of the affiliate products that Franklin Hatchett has launched with Clickfunnels. He's done a great job creating an attractive and professional brand, which will help you learn about the ideas behind his products.

The last thing you want to do is promote affiliate offers that your audience can't use. In this section, you'll learn about some of the tactics that can ensure your audience gets value from your sales.

Bonus module 3: Amazon affiliate marketing

Amazon is one of the top affiliate ad networks that you can promote. In this bonus module, you'll learn about some of the tactics used to promote Amazon products. Just because Amazon has its own network doesn't mean you can't make money promoting it.

These are just a few of the things that Franklin Hatchett covers in this bonus module. If you're struggling with your Amazon-based campaigns, then this section will help you get more traffic and sales.

Bonus module 4: free gifts

This bonus module is exactly what it sounds like. You'll get access to the first two bonus modules plus a free gift. If you're struggling to make sales, then you'll really appreciate these bonus sections that can help you get more conversions and customers.

Just because affiliate products are free doesn't mean you have to use them. In this bonus module, you'll learn how to use other methods to promote your products more successfully, like Facebook groups and paid ads.

The Takeaway

Franklin Hatchett's been successful in affiliate marketing for quite some time, but that's not all. He also has a popular YouTube channel, several eBooks and other quality products that have helped him earn his results. Affiliates Academy is a comprehensive course that will help you learn the basics and advanced strategies of affiliate marketing.

If you're looking to break into the industry or broaden your current knowledge, then I highly suggest taking Franklin Hatchett's advice to heart.

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