Why are Subtitles a Must for your Video Marketing Campaign?

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As a marketer, how many times have you thought, “Wait a minute, my video content is awesome, and it will get me the desired likes and shares on social media.”

If you’re a member of this elite league, you’re not alone – hundreds, probably thousands of marketers fail to overlook the power of adding subtitles to videos

Adding subtitles may seem a drawback at first, but on the contrary, it offers some whopping advantages to your video marketing campaign. 

subtitles for video marketing

But, how do you add subtitles to your video? Do you listen to each line and type it out?

Of course not!

Businesses that want to leverage the power of videos usually use reputed subtitling services to generate subtitles. Without burning a hole in your pocket, these services can effortlessly and accurately add subtitles to your videos

Why are subtitles necessary?

With 85% of Facebook videos being watched on mute or without sound, adding subtitles ensures that your viewers are consuming content in a way that best works for them. If you watch videos on Youtube you will find out there is a button given for subtitles. Nowadays there are available subtitles for many languages on YouTube. That's why people often prefer youtube to watch and learn anything. Also to achieve faster growth users often look for opportunities to purchase channels.

Still not convinced?

Let’s explore some more reasons to convince you!

9 reasons why subtitles are a must for your video marketing campaign

Adding subtitles to all your videos offer a bouquet of advantages, including:

1. Increases customer engagement

Did you know that adding subtitles to your videos can drastically increase the engagement rate with your customers?

According to Facebook, videos with subtitles or captions increase view time by 12%. 

That’s why every marketer must make subtitles an integral aspect of their video marketing campaign because subtitles are inherently more captivating. 

Today, with videos witnessing an exploding growth, brands that understand the importance of captioning and subtitling are the ones who taste success and don’t fall prey to digital Darwinism. 

2. Makes your content more accessible

What good is your content if more than 13% of your audience cannot listen to what your video says?


According to research, 30 million people, or 13% of the population in the United States, suffer from hearing loss. 

A video ad or a video with subtitles makes your content accessible to such people. 

Interestingly, there is a high demand for captions in videos among this population. 

Video Makes your content more accessible

According to research, subtitles in your videos help these viewers retain facts, build vocabulary, and parse complex topics. Above all, it makes them feel equal because they can also access your marketing content. 

Also, these customers love to associate with brands that take care of their needs and provide them with solutions that don’t remind them of their disability. 

3. Ensures compliance with the law

Beyond being a raging trend in social media, subtitles are necessary for many businesses to comply with the legal system. The law demands specific accessibility standards from companies directly dealing with customers. 

In the US alone, companies have to adhere to the Federal Communication Commission (FCC), The American Disability Act (ADA), The Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act of 2010 (CVAA). 

Failure to comply with these federal accessibility standards can put your business at risk of hefty lawsuits and potential punishment by government agencies. 

So, when creating new videos for a US audience, either have a script ready or use a professional subtitling service like HappyScribe that can automatically create accurate subtitles for all your videos. By paying a meager amount, you can reach a larger audience and also prevent unwanted lawsuits.

4. Boosts your SEO

Search engines cannot search for a customer’s query in a video that lacks subtitles. Why?

Search engines cannot understand sound. 

Subtitle boosts your search engine optimization, makes it easier for people to discover your content, and helps you rank on the search engines. With so much on the table, video marketing campaigns can no longer overlook the power of subtitles and captions. 

Since most marketers are apprehensive about using subtitles and consider it a waste of time, using the right keyword strategy has huge growth potential. 

Businesses that nail the art of captioning and subtitling are the ones that are likely to rank higher on SEO and reach their desired audience. 

With Google indexing subtitles on videos, you can secure a better ranking in no time. This can significantly impact the number of people who find and visit your website and watch your videos. 

When creating a script for your video content, remember these tips: 

  • Use long-tail keywords: As Google favors informative video, using long-tail keywords can help you stand out from other content.
  • Put your video on your website: When Google searches for a particular term related to your work or business, it becomes easier to identify what your content is all about. 
  • Place the full transcript: You can place your transcript directly on your webpage, or any linked page, or in your HTML header.

5. Gives a better understanding of your video

Today, with customers watching videos on-the-go or while working on something else, subtitles can come in handy. For instance, some people prefer to watch recipes, while others prefer to listen, and some prefer to watch videos on mute due to their circumstances. It can help such people understand the videos much better. 

If your video has subtitles, you cater to all of your audience, as it helps them better digest your content. Adding subtitles help you send the intended message to your audience, regardless of their learning preferences. With the help of the best subtitle editors, you can create a transcript for your video with perfect timing – down to a millisecond – so that everyone can enjoy your video and understand every word

6. Connects with a non-English speaking audience

Businesses that speak to their customers in their language are the ones who are capable of retaining their customers and connecting with new ones.

As the world speaks more than 7,000 languages, translating subtitles in a language that your audience can understand will help you reach many more people.

When operating in a foreign market, the inability to communicate in your local language is a significant drawback for your business. By using an AI subtitle generator, you can bridge this gap and establish meaningful connections with your target market.

This can ensure you’re cutting off potential revenue streams. Also, if you’re not taking the first step, someone else will take advantage of it, and you could lose potential market share. 

7. Gets more out of your video marketing budget

Producing eye-catching and captivating videos requires a company to hire a whole lot of crew, pay for post-production, rent equipment and hire professional videographers. 

If you’re a startup company, you may be left with no money after producing a single video to start something from scratch in another language. 

Gets more out of your video marketing budget

So, to reap maximum benefits, it’s necessary to put all your video assets to use. 

That’s why subtitling is a great way to help you achieve that. Interestingly, you don’t have to spend too much to give your videos a wider possibility. 

8. Add Portfolio to increase engagement

A comprehensive portfolio is indicative of an agency's capabilities. Analyze their past work to evaluate their video productions' quality, creativity, and diversity. Look for projects that align with your brand's vision and goals.

You can add a portfolio to showcase how to use auto subtitle generators, sound effects, background music, transitions and many more to attract a larger audience.

As a content creator, you don’t need complex setups or pricey equipment. To gain insights into how captions and tools like Submagic can skyrocket your revenue, discover how Chris Hanna, a digital marketing owner, increased his revenue by 300% since using Submagic.

9. Keeps up with industry trends

With more than 8 billion viewers watching Facebook videos daily, social media has made subtitles and captioning your video an industry trend. 

Companies that don’t keep up with industry trends face the same fate as Blackberry and Kodak, which failed to change with the industry trend. 

Marketers who leverage the advantage of this trend are the ones who reach great heights and see an increase in video views. 

When users scroll through a social media feed it becomes easy to skim over photos and auto-playing videos. Adding subtitles can increase your chances of getting remembered and noticed by your viewers. 

Text overlay can help you build a connection with viewers while keeping up with your industry trend. For those who want to compete with other content out there, subtitles can become your best friend. 

Being proactive in your approach will benefit your business and help you grow your business exponentially

10. Increases the number of shares

According to research, videos without subtitles witness a 17% reduction in reactions and 15% decrease in shares, and a whopping 26% decrease in call-to-action clicks. 

When you add captions to your marketing videos and ads, your audience is more likely to share and interact with your content. 

So, ensure to add captions in every video you share with your audience.

Wrapping up

Whether you're watching a video on mute or scrolling down social media, adding subtitles goes a long way in attracting your target audience. Subtitles will not only make a viewer stop in their tracks to watch your video and will make your brand resonate with your target audience. 

Luckily, adding captions to your videos isn't rocket science because you no longer need a transcriber to get your job done. There are many transcription tools out there that can ease your job and help you transcribe videos within a few minutes while ensuring high accuracy. 

If you're still apprehensive about adding subtitles to your videos, there isn't a good reason why you should not incorporate them. 

From expanding your reach to increase viewer engagement, subtitles go a long way in building a strong brand on social media. It also ensures customers can watch your videos on the go and watch them on mute while sitting in their office. 

Brands that change according to changing demands are the ones that stay at the top of the mind of their customers. 

So, when are you planning to integrate subtitles in your videos?

Please share your thoughts with us!

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