The Dos And Don’ts For Using Wikipedia As A Marketing Tool

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In today's world, any business will have its website and social media pages for promotion. But there is another platform that businesses are slowly turning to. That is Wikipedia! Although a bit unorthodox as the site doesn't allow any kind of promotional content, marketers consider having a page on the site quite lucrative for the business.

If you want to learn more about Wikipedia marketing, you've come to the right place. The following blog sheds light on the benefits for a business of having its own Wikipedia page. In addition, we'll also navigate the dos and don'ts that come with using Wikipedia as a marketing tool. We'll review everything from guidelines to why you need Wikipedia page update services

So, before you go to Wikipedia and start building one yourself, read this blog thoroughly. 

Benefits of using Wikipedia in your marketing strategy

Having a Wikipedia page has a lot of benefits, especially if your small business.

Benefits of Using Wikipedia in your Marketing Strategy

Let's go through a few to get a better idea of why marketers stress Wikipedia writing and page update services:

1. Builds a positive image of the business

For a business, its image is everything. It's either the reason for success or failure. So, organizations tend to spend a lot to ensure they create a positive impression on new and existing customers. And that's where Wikipedia pages come in. Wikipedia is the first go-to choice for finding any information. 

It offers pure, neutrally written information, making it a dependable site for most visitors online. A Wikipedia page about your business could boost its business image. Customers would perceive your business as credible and consider it a professional in the industry. It's the reason why most businesses invest in Wikipedia marketing. 

2. Promotes SEO

Not only does Wikipedia create a positive impression on its visitors, but it also helps with the technical side of things. We're talking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Have you ever noticed that nearly all Google searches refer to a Wikipedia page close to the top of the search engine ranking? 

Yep, Google loves to share results from Wikipedia purely because the site does the thing that Google works for, and that is providing information. Wikipedia can be a great off-page SEO tool to improve your domain authority. The website can develop link opportunities through which you can link with high authority pages, boosting your site credibility and improving your search ranking.  

3. Relevant information retains and drives traffic

Another reason why marketers want businesses to go for Wikipedia pages is because it can lead to boosting online traffic. Millions of users worldwide visit the site for the reason of getting information.

If they stumble across your page on the site, it could lead to most traffic diverting to your original website. This way, Wikipedia increases online traffic. 

Dos and Don’ts of using Wikipedia as a marketing tool

Dos and Don’ts of Using Wikipedia as a Marketing Tool

Now that we have a clear idea of how Wikipedia benefits your business let's go through the do's and don'ts of Wikipedia marketing:

1. Do go through guidelines first

Wikipedia is a free online platform, meaning anyone can edit, create, and revise. However, this freedom also creates the threat of vandalism and self-promotion, which Wikipedia strictly disapproves of. To ensure pages are clean, Wikipedia editors have made their own set of policies and guidelines to maintain quality.  

Before building your page, you should look at these policies and guidelines. You must read them thoroughly, as a violation could result in a page rejection or deletion. You could also opt for Wikipedia writing services for assistance with page creation.  

2. Don't make a page for promotion

Although you can include a Wikipedia page in your long-term page marketing plan, you must realize you can't do any kind of self-promotion on the page. It is an encyclopedia that aims to offer only free information and nothing else.

To ensure nothing comes off as promotional content, practice neutrality while working on your page. If you struggle with neutral writing, partnering up with a professional Wikipedia writer is beneficial.    

3. Do use credible sources

The reason for Wikipedia's massive popularity is that the site offers credible and accurate information. But how does it know if the information is accurate? It's simply because Wikipedia only allows information that has verifiable sources.

The site only allows information that is published in credible sources. The more credible sources you have, the better chances your page approval will have.  

4. Don't go for original topics

No Original Research is among Wikipedia’s core content policies. Simply put, the policies don't allow any sources you created yourself. So, although you need to link your information with quality published sources, you must ensure those sources aren't your creations. 

Anyone found in violation could end up with page deletion. Rather than your website, use published sources like guest posts, newspapers, magazines, and peer-reviewed journals for information.

5. Do consider page translation

Wikipedia isn’t just for the US audience; anyone worldwide can access it. Apart from English, the site supports 335 languages. So, by translating your content into different languages, you could reach out to a larger portion of the audience. 

Consider the help of page translation services to help you translate your Wikipedia page content.  

6. Don't DIY

Wikipedia writing isn't as simple as it sounds. Creating approvable content requires a strong grasp of guidelines, writing skills, and extensive research. On top of that, Wikipedia discourages writing about a business your affiliate to as it could lead to bias.

Don't DIY

Let a professional Wikipedia writer take care of it is always best.

7. Do opt for Wikipedia page update service

Your job isn't done after creating a page; instead, it just started. To make your page relevant, you need to ensure your page has up-to-date information. You need to regularly update it. We know it is a time-consuming project. So, rather than doing it yourself, hire a Wikipedia page update service instead.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, Wikipedia can be a powerful tool for marketing your business. It can build a positive brand image, boost SEO, and drive online traffic. However, Wikipedia marketing isn't as simple as it sounds. The information-sharing platform doesn't allow direct promotional content. 

And so, you would need a strong grasp of writing skills and guidelines to ensure you create the right content for Wikipedia. You must partner up with a Wikipedia writing and page update service. Through it, you're sure to help your business grow. 


1. Can I edit my Wikipedia page to make it more positive and promotional?

Wikipedia has strict policies against any kind of positive or self-promotional content. It only allows editors to use a neutral tone while writing. 

2. Can I hire a professional Wikipedia editor for creating a Wikipedia page?

Yes, hiring a professional with relevant experience to handle Wikipedia page creation is advisable. However, make sure to review them properly before hiring. 

3. What should I do If I find incorrect information about my company on Wikipedia?

If you find incorrect information, you can edit the page by using accurate sources and a neutral writing style. However, giving the project to Wikipedia page update services is best. 

4. Can I use copyrighted material from my company's website as a source on Wikipedia?

No, Wikipedia prohibits anyone from using copyrighted material without proper authorization. The site offers free information, so any information with copyright could result in page deletion. 

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