WordAi Review 2022: Better Than The Best Spinner 4?

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Content is still king when it comes to digital marketing, although it is now available in different appearances: videos, audio, texts, etc. Because of that, as a marketer, you need to churn out a considerable amount of it monthly to remain relevant and strengthen your rankings on search engines. 

Not everyone has the time to create articles regularly, though. I certainly don’t. So when push comes to shove, many depend on article spinners, like WordAi. The question is, does this work?

To help us understand whether WordAi is our saving grace from our online marketing business, let’s make a comprehensive WordAi review

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What is WordAi?

WordAi is a spin rewriter. Sometimes called an article spinner, it is a program or platform that creates multiple copies of a text using alternative words, phrases, sentences, or paragraphs based on their synonyms. 

A long time ago, these programs were crude. To produce your spun articles, you exhaustingly inputted the alternatives for every word. 

Wordai review

Consider the example below: 

  • Original sentence: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
  • Spun article: The {fast|agile|quick} brown fox {leaps|hops|jumps} over the {procrastinating|idle|lazy} dog. 

The software will then pair the synonyms to make different copies, but you were the ones who provided these alternative words. Not only was it time-consuming, but it also made you prone to errors. Missing even one bracket could already stop an article spinner from working properly. 

The spinners of today are way better in that aspect. For one, it stops you from doing the dirty work, so to speak. Enter the text, press the right button, and voila, you can already have different versions of the article. 

This is the core of WordAi, but it also claims something else: artificial intelligence. What does this mean? Although content is king, context is the queen in online marketing

Context is the reason search engines, especially Google, can provide you with more accurate search results. It’s what differs from apple the fruit and Apple the tech brand. Spiders or crawlers look into the relationships of the words in a text to understand the whole meaning and search engines can index the site properly. 

In the case of WordAi, it claims that its software doesn’t just spin articles but “reads” the entire texts. This way, it can provide the right synonyms and even use them in the proper context. 

The website has perhaps the best example of this:

WordAi's Brain Understands Concepts and Ideas

The system is supposed to recognize the difference between Drake and Josh, who may be friends, and Drake and Josh, the TV show. 

Why does this matter? One, Google is smart. Its algorithm and crawlers are getting better that they can detect whether an article is merely paraphrasing another. Humans are also smart. Those who like to read often online can also notice the subtleties. 

Second, you want to pass the plagiarism checker, such as Copyscape. Third, you want to make sure that your spun articles are understandable and readable by humans. 

WordAi accomplishes this with its long list of features.

Features of WordAi

Here are the prominent features of WordAi: 

1. Article spinner

Of course, the heart of WordAi is the article spinner. But this review covers the latest version, which is 4.0. It seems there’s a stark difference between this and the earlier version. 

WordAi Turing spinner_

In the earlier version, the system offers three types of spins: 

  • Standard
  • Turing
  • Foreign language

The latest one removes the Standard, so as soon as you open the site, you can immediately use the Turing spin. This option, other reviewers claim, should be more superior than the standard. This is because the WordAi Turing spinner “reads” the entire article and understands the context, so it doesn’t really rewrite the text per sentence or paragraph. 

Take a look at the examples below: 

Original Text:

Aging affects people in different ways. The variety, though, usually increases the contention among experts. For example, do men experience male menopause or andropause like women?

What Is Testosterone?

To understand the reason for the confusion, let’s begin with testosterone.

It is a hormone produced by the testicles of men and ovaries of women, although the ladies create only a little of it. It influences the development of the primary and secondary sexual characteristics of guys:

  •  Thicker, coarser, and more voluminous hair all over the body
  • Buildup of muscle mass and strength
  • Deeper voice
  • Sperm production
  • Sexual drive

Testosterone also helps maintain bone density, reducing the risks of osteoporosis wherein bones become brittle and prone to fractures.

It also encourages optimal fat distribution. In a 2012 study, Canadian researchers discovered an association between low testosterone and protein levels that increase fat trapped in cells.

Spun Text: 

spun article

However, WordAi retained the settings for the spinning quality, of which there are four: 

  • Very readable
  • Readable
  • Regular
  • Unique
  • Very unique

Why does it have settings like these? In many cases, spun articles will have some semblance of the original. If you’re concerned about passing plagiarism checkers, then you need to produce more unique copies. 

You can also direct WordAi to automatically rewrite paragraphs and sentences called nested spintax or let it spin per line. To illustrate, using the same original article, here’s the output: 

nested spintax

2. No duplicate content generation

One of the most impressive things about WordAi’s tech is that it generates text that is guaranteed to pass Copyscape. How can I say this, you ask? 

Well, one of their latest updates is that the Ai goes through every line of text and generates an endless loop of possibilities to rewrite it. The process is much too complex to explain.

But what you need to know about it is that it results in unique sentences that don’t sound like mumbo jumbo. Instead, it’ll look like content that’s ready to sell.

Wordai perfect tense integration

3. Import through Article Forge

Article Forge is another platform you can integrate to WordAi, although it works similarly. This is a system that uses deep learning and artificial intelligence to help you create articles from scratch

For a better perspective, let’s say you want to write an article about the advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing. You input the primary and subkeywords, and the program then looks for web content that suits your needs. It scrapes the content, spins, and curates them to produce a brand-new article. 

Article Forge’s benefit is you can already embed videos and images into the text. If you use WordAi, it means that you can further spin the text while retaining the media files. 

4. Bulk spinning

Bulk spinning is a common feature of article spinners, and fortunately, it’s here in WordAi. If you have plenty of content to spin, then you can place them on a zipped file and upload them directly into the system. 

This is a good idea for anyone who has to meet tight deadlines. Instead of uploading articles one by one, you can do them in bulk to make the process much easier.

5. Foreign language support

WordAi also supports different languages, and yes, you can spin them. Note that you may have to be familiar with the language as the platform doesn’t offer a direct translation to English. 

Either way, it’s still an awesome feature since you can streamline your workload.

6. Title spinning

With title spinning, WordAi also creates multiple versions of the original title. It may sound something simple and routine, but it is necessary since the title is the first thing your readers see. It is also not easy to come up with dozens of alternative titles. 

The best part? You won’t have to sit around dealing with writer’s block. Instead, you’ll have access to a wealth of ideas that you can tailor as you see fit.

7. HTML support

Sometimes it’s exhausting to create an article, spin it, and then reformat it for your content management system such as WordPress. If you want to speed up the process, then WordAi can help. 

The new version can already support HTML, which means you can already place tags or holders, such as <bold> or <p> (if you’re uploading the doc to WordPress), right on the WordAi editor. This way, you can copy and paste the spun article without having to format it again for your CMS. 

8. API integration

If you’re planning to offer WordAi as a free or freemium tool for your website or you don’t want to open the website all the time if you want to spin articles, you can generate an API for it. 

9. Custom synonyms and protected words

This feature allows you to customize the synonyms for certain words. It also lets you protect some terms, which means the spinner will skip it when generating alternatives. This is helpful if you want to prevent it from spinning brand names. 

Furthermore, it makes it easier for you to keep track of the tone of voice you want to use. For example, words that are often rephrased into something that sounds more formal, can be kept as is to keep the general tone of your article.

wordai Custom synonyms and protected words

10. Content writers

This handy feature is an amazing improvement and one that you’ll appreciate immensely. Basically, what it does is use the latest in artificial intelligence technology to get the tool to rewrite entire articles from scratch.

You heard that right. Entire articles and blog posts rewritten without any duplications or losing its value in under five minutes. Not only is it immensely powerful, but it’s also a very promising feature that bulk content creators and agencies can benefit off of.

Imagine being able to make use of competing articles and making them your own. Your turnaround times will skyrocket through the roof!

WordAi pricing plans: how much does it cost?

WordAi offers a flexible pricing plan for enterprises. But other than that, you also have 2 options for your business. But before we get carried away, it’s important for you to know that the platform offers a 3-day free trial. 

Like I always say, make great use of your free resources before jumping into anything. I quite like how the trial period lets you get a hang of everything. 

wordai free trial

Unfortunately, it’s not as extensive as other options out there. But that shouldn’t be much of a problem. If you can maximize your three days, it’s more than enough.


This option obviously bills you every 30 days. It’s not as cost-efficient as the annual option. But if you don’t want to make a long-term commitment just yet, then you should give this a try.

It’s $57 a month and comes with the following features: 

  • Access to the Ai rewriting tool
  • Human-like content
  • One-click rewriting
  • Copyscape-approved rewrites
  • Rewriting entire sentences and phrases at a time
  • Rewrite bulk articles
  • API access


On the other hand, if you want to save up on marginal costs, the annual option bills you $324 a year. That’s basically only $27 a month which is quite inexpensive if I do say so myself. 

It’s a good option if you’re sure that WordAi is something you want to invest in for the next year at the very least. It comes with everything from the previous plan.


For this option, you’ll need to get in touch with their sales team for a demo and to get custom pricing. I quite like how you can tailor it to meet your exact needs as well.

Basically, you get everything from the previous plans with the options to add:

  • High-volume usage
  • Increased output
  • Add multiple user accounts for employees
  • Customize your rewrites
  • Heightened rewrite quality
  • Account manager access

Pros and cons of WordAi

Even a platform with the most advanced features may still not be the right one for you. They may also have disadvantages that you should consider before using or buying it. The same thing goes with WordAi. 

Let me discuss its pros and cons: 


1. It makes your life easier

I usually spend two days or more to write a single blog post. If I am managing many similar websites that need regular quality content, then I may end up spending most of the time just writing! That won’t do me any good if my goal is to grow my online business

I need help, so tools like WordAi can be beneficial. It saves me – and its other users – plenty of time. Although they may still need polish, editing may take me less than writing something from scratch. 

Plus, if I want to spin many articles, I can use its bulk-spinning feature. Since I can integrate Article Forge, I now have the option to just not write anything at all and rely on the efficiency of artificial intelligence and deep learning, which the two platforms use.   

You can also edit the article directly using HTML codes. This way, your spun articles are ready for upload anytime. You can also access the site online, so you don’t need to download any software that only eats up more space on your PC. 

2. It lets you produce good articles

I’ve already used dozens of article spinners for work or for testing or experimentation. Later, I will compare this with my other favorite, the Best Spinner 4

But overall, compared to its predecessors and even older versions, WordAi can produce good-quality articles. With integrated tools like Past Tense, it’s easier to come up with something you will feel more confident to publish. 

Wordai spinning

3. It is great for branding

Branding is probably the last thing that you can associate with article spinners, but WordAi gives you tools so you can retain perhaps the name of your brand, slogan, and other terms that customers can relate to your brand or business


1. It is not cheap

WordAI is expensive, especially its Yearly Plan. You can likely subscribe to multiple spinners for the same amount. Although it has a free trial, three days is a short time to truly get the most out of the software. 

One may argue that a marketer can save money in other ways. For example, they may no longer need to hire a human writer, which could cost more. However, when other options are cheaper, users may still prefer the competitors until they can see the true value of WordAi. 

With WordAi, you can integrate API, but some tools are also premium. Take, for example, Article Forge, which costs $324 yearly or $77 monthly. 

2. Its unique setting may not produce quality articles

While I like that you can customize the quality of your articles, in some cases, the output is shoddy or difficult to understand. You may still need to spend some time to improve readability.

Moreover, choosing the Readable setting may create easy-to-read articles, but the uniqueness may be low, and that can mean a penalty from Google. If you set it to unique, it may be 90% to 100% original, but based on my experience, the quality is mediocre or even bad. (Some people still use those for building tier 2 links.)

3. The foreign-language option needs improvement and feels limited

WordAi already allows you to spin foreign articles, but it supports only three languages: Italian, Spanish, and French. Keep in mind that some of the biggest international markets don’t speak any of these languages. You also need some mastery of these languages to know that the spun articles are of excellent quality.

WordAi Review: Comparison with the Best Spinner 4 and Chimp Rewriter

I have already compared some of the best and popular article spinners some time ago, but some may need a repeat mention. This is especially true among WordAi, the Best Spinner 4, and Chimp Rewriter. How does the first fare with the latter two?

Chimp Rewriter in action: 

Chimp Rewriter spinning

To help us compare, let’s consider the following criteria: 

1. Spinning process

Both ChimpRewriter and WordAi are clear that they’re using both artificial intelligence and deep learning to help them create spun articles. However, ChimpRewriter claims that their technology is proprietary, having been built and funded by a university research team. 

Meanwhile, the Best Spinner 4 relies on having the “biggest synonym thesaurus” for an article rewriter. These words have been contributed by their users, and they now number thousands or millions. 

What does this entail? It implies that a word can have more than three synonyms, which have been pretty much the standard. You can create more spun articles in the process. 

All of them said that they could create human-readable copies and that spinning can take only one click. You can also opt for nested spinning, which means you can go deeper into your spinning layer. You can spin from paragraphs to sentences to phrases to words. 

Based on reviews and my experience, though, all three can still produce poor-quality articles, depending on the level of spinning. However, they are the best right now since overall the created copies are easy to edit or worthy to publish. 

The Winner: I would probably hand this to either ChimpRewriter or WordAi. Although I like the idea that the Best Spinner 4 has an extensive synonym thesaurus, I still prefer a program that “learns” because that’s how it becomes more efficient.

2. Cost

Their costs can vary. Let’s begin with the Best Spinner 4. This one has three plans: 

  • Basic ($67/year)
  • Standard ($127/year)
  • Pro ($297/year)
the best spinner 4 pricing plans

All provide full access to the article rewriter with credits available for audio conversion and translation. Users can also maximize the bonuses, which include private-label-rights (PLR) articles and images and audio files. 

Basic is the cheapest, but it offers only half of the credits of Standard. Meanwhile, Pro is supposed to give the best value for money.

This article spinner doesn’t give any free trial, but buyers can opt for a 30-day money-back guarantee if they don’t like the results. 

ChimpRewriter has a simpler pricing plan than the Best Spinner 4: for $15 per month and $99 per year. They have the same benefits or features, including three bonuses with a total value of $215. You can also sign up for a 14-day free trial and take advantage of the 60-day money-back guarantee. 

Winner:  ChimpRewriter offers the least expensive pricing plan of the three, although I find the Best Spinner 4 to be more versatile. Moreover, you get a 14-day free trial on top of a 60-day money-back guarantee – double that of Best Spinner 4. The costs of both, though, only highlight what I stressed earlier: WordAi is expensive and feels less competitive. The free trial pales in comparison to that of ChimpRewriter. 

The costs of both, though, only highlight what I stressed earlier: WordAi is expensive and feels less competitive. The free trial pales in comparison to that of ChimpRewriter. 

3. Accessibility

WordAi and the Best Spinner 4 are accessible through the web. As soon as you sign up or create an account, you can already access the tools. 

ChimpRewriter is different since you need to download it to your PC, and it works only on Windows. However, regardless of the plan you choose, you get a second license for free. It means you can install the same program on two computers. 

Winner: I give this to WordAi because you can use it anytime, anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection. Now, you may ask why when Best Spinner 4 is also accessible online. This is because Best Spinner 4 can have a lot of pop-ups, and they can be annoying or distract you from your tasks.

Granted, there’s also an advantage of using a downloadable program. It means you can spin even when you don’t have the Internet. However, even if the second license is free, it still feels limited. Not all devices can run on Windows as well. Best Spinner 4, for example, can run on Mac and even tablets. 

4. Unique features

Each of them offers features that are, for me, excellent add-ons: 

  • Foreign language – Best Spinner 4 and WordAi can spin foreign-language articles. However, the Best Spinner 4 can also translate articles from any of the fourteen languages to English and vice versa.
  • Seed articles – ChimpRewriter and the Best Spinner 4 offer bonuses called PLR articles, which can function as seed articles. These are copies that can act as your original articles for spinning. Between the two, the Best Spinner 4 has way more free articles — 132,000! — than ChimpRewriter.
  • Plagiarism checker – The Best Spinner 4 allows you to integrate Copyscape, so you can immediately verify the uniqueness of the article. As for WordAi, it claims that it uses the same algorithm of search engines and plagiarism checkers to generate the percentage of uniqueness.
  • Media files – The Best Spinner 4 already includes a collection of reusable images and lets you convert text into audio. Both ChimpRewriter and WordAi let you add image and video into your seed and spun articles.
  • Bulk spinning – All three allow you to spin bulk articles that are in zipped files.
  • Metrics – ChimpRewriter can analyze latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords and word density to understand the context of the articles and provide the best synonyms or alternatives.
  • Side-by-side comparison – The Best Spinner 4 lets you compare articles side by side so you can check the quality of the spun articles.
  • Blog submission – WordAi can let you spin articles in an HTML format, but ChimpRewriter allows you to export and submit the spun articles directly to your blogs. You can even add signatures and style tags.

Winner: It’s a toss between the Best Spinner 4 and ChimpRewriter because they feel more comprehensive than WordAi.


WordAi is an effective article spinner loaded with essential features that let you generate alternative copies in a jiffy. Plus, because it is anchored on the concept of machine learning and artificial intelligence, it will only continue to get better at its job later. 

However, the Best Spinner 4 and even ChimpRewriter may be better price-wise and with their bells and whistles. 

Overall, WordAi can appeal more to those who don’t like to download a program, prefer to use their own media files, or believe in the reliability of artificial intelligence than the user-built thesaurus.

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