WordPress Hosting: How To Choose The Right Provider

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If you have a WordPress website and want it to perform better, you will probably need a WordPress hosting provider. 

There are ample WordPress hosting providers in the market, but how do you choose the one that is ideal for your business website or blog? 

What is uptime? Is WordPress hosting different from web hosting? What features should my web hosting provider have? 

You must be having so many questions in your mind right now. We will answer all of these and a lot more questions so take it easy. 

WordPress is a very famous CMS (content management system) that people use to make their websites.

After your website has been created and you also have a domain name, your job is to find the right WordPress hosting service to enhance the performance of your website. 

What does WordPress hosting mean?

WordPress hosting is a simple concept. What makes it confusing is domain name hosting and web hosting. 

WordPress Hosting How To Choose The Right Provider

We will see the difference between web hosting, domain name, and WordPress hosting to understand what WordPress hosting means. 

WordPress hosting vs domain name

When you create your website using WordPress which is essentially a content management system, you will need a host to keep your website live on the internet. Let me make it simple. Let us start with what you must have done. 

You have created a domain name for your WordPress website. In a layman’s language domain name is the address of your website. This is the name that people will recall whenever they want to visit your website. For example, google.com. 

The domain name is provided by a particular hosting provider. So, what is this WordPress hosting now? 

WordPress hosting lets you store all the data (images, text, graphics, etc) of your website on a server. A server is a larger computer that has a lot of space to store a huge amount of data. 

WordPress hosting companies have this computer and they let you use it in exchange for some said amount of money along with some handy features to help you out. 

In a nutshell, WordPress hosting stores your information at a particular location on the server, and that location is called your domain name. 

If you have selected your domain name hosting company, you can easily direct it to your WordPress host, that is not much of an issue. 

WordPress hosting vs web hosting

There isn’t much difference between the two. Both do the same job of storing website data, except WordPress hosting is specifically designed for WordPress websites

“WordPress powers 43% of all the websites on the Internet”. It is more than one-third of all the websites on the internet. 

This big percentage of WordPress users is probably the reason why there is a hosting service for WordPress. 

In short, web hosting is a broad term for hosting websites (WordPress and others as well) and WordPress hosting is only for WordPress websites.

Why do I need a WordPress hosting provider?

Well, there are a bunch of advantages associated with having a WordPress hosting provider. The basic requirements of a WordPress host are PHP version 7.4 or higher and MySQL version 5.7 or higher.

Why do I need a WordPress hosting provider

In simple terms, it is not a difficult task to host a WordPress website. But do you want to just host your website or do you want it to perform in the best possible way? 

A WordPress hosting service can help you with better security and fast speed. It is easy to install and makes your website perform better

You won’t need a lot of plugins to help you with caching and other things because the provider has optimized features for your WordPress website.

Having an SSL certificate is quite necessary for SEO. The security factor is also an essential ranking factor that search engines consider. While optimizing your website for SEO you have to take care of this as well.

With a WordPress hosting provider, you can easily get an SSL certificate. Moreover, if you are stuck anywhere, they also have customer service to help you out. 

How do I choose the right WordPress hosting provider?

There are so many WordPress hosting providers that claim a hundred things under their banner. But how will you decide the one that fits your business website the best? We will know that soon. 

I want you to have 2 things in mind as you read further. One is the traffic on your website and the other is the budget. This will help you to filter out the ones that won’t fit your needs. 

Analyze your need

The first step is to understand your needs. Take some time to figure out what you want to do with your website.

Analyze your need

See the traffic on your website now and how much traffic are you anticipating in a year. Once you know what you are going to do with your website and what benefits you want from your WordPress hosting provider, the rest becomes easy.

There are some hosting providers that are feature-heavy and have all sorts of features you can think of.

Some are simple and provide necessary features. You can definitely go for a feature-heavy provider, but if you are not going to use all those features you are wasting your money. 

If you are a beginner, a simple WordPress hosting provider, but with all the necessary features (discussed further) is a good choice. Websites with higher traffic can go for hosting providers with a lot of handy features. 

Decide the type of WordPress hosting you want

There are a few types of hosting services available. We will take a look at each. Your job is to decide which one is most suitable for your business website. 

Shared WordPress hosting

As the name suggests, it is a type where you share the server space. If you are just starting, it is quite obvious that you don’t have much traffic on your website.

In that case, this is an ideal option for you. It will save you money and give you good service. Beginners should definitely consider this type of hosting

Managed WordPress hosting

Managed WordPress hosting service manages all the technical aspects of your WordPress website on its own. So sit back, and have a cup of tea. 

It is a perfect hosting service for websites with huge traffic. It is not cheap but you get what you are paying for.

You won’t require more employees because the hosting service handles it single-handedly. They also give high security, automatic backups, and high performance. It is also easy to use for back-end developers. 

VPS - Virtual private server

VPS is the middle ground. It is a shared platform but it also gives you privacy and security like managed platforms.

It has an allocated space just for your website and any changes to others parts of it won’t affect your space. If you are on a budget but you also want to get better performance and control over your website, you should select a VPS. 

Dedicated WordPress hosting

With dedicated hosting, you can have the whole server for yourself. It gives you more control over your website. It is perfect for websites with very high traffic

Cloud WordPress hosting

With the developments in cloud infrastructure, this type of hosting was formed and it is fairly new. Unlike the previous type of hosting where the website data is stored in physical servers, cloud hosting stores your data using cloud infrastructure.

It is not expensive but it is subject to changes. You can make changes according to your requirements and that will increase the cost.

Other than this if your websites get huge traffic suddenly, you will be charged more suddenly as well. Flexibility is the key feature of this platform. 

Must-have services

WordPress hosting providers have a lot of features that will help your website perform better. But there are some necessary features that your provider must be providing

Even if you are on a tight budget please do make sure that these features are available on your hosting service.


With growing reports of cybercrimes, you have to ensure the security of your website. Security depends on a bunch of factors and a good WordPress hosting service should be able to provide the topmost security


Don’t try to save your money by going for a fishy, over-promising provider. Do your research when it comes to security. If you don’t know things, read about them. There is this thing called RAID.

If your provider says it has RAID pre-installed, great, go for it. RAID is a system that protects your website data. Make sure your provider has a backup and restore feature. Most expensive hosting services have a daily backup feature. 

After a lot of effort that you have put into building your business and the website, you don’t want to be a victim of cybercrime. Do you? Don’t compromise on the security of your website. 


What is uptime? It is the time your website will be live on the internet. Your hosting provider should have an up-time of 99% and more.

A lot of WordPress hosting providers will boast a 100% uptime. 100% is always fishy. Only a Cloud-based platform should be able to do this.

If your website gets high traffic throughout the day, then you should have 99% or more uptime. 

If your website is fairly new, you don’t need to have a 99 % uptime. There must be a few hours of the day when your target group is sleeping. You can avoid those hours and reduce the cost. 


Have you heard of Google’s 3-second rule? A research report by google says that around 53% of visitors are likely to move to the next website if a page is taking longer than 3 seconds to load.

Your business is losing customers because your website is slow. 

You as a website owner should help your team understand how to improve site speed of the WordPress website.  

But I have optimized my content so that it loads fast. How is it still slow? 

Yes, the speed is dependent on the content but if your provider is slow, to begin with, there is no hope for your website to load faster. Now that you know the 3-second rule, make sure you select the provider with the least time required to load. 

Great customer service

The technical stuff can get too complicated sometimes. At times like these, you need robust customer service that can help out with your problems related to your WordPress hosting. 

Great customer service

Especially for beginners, having good customer service is a must. There is so much you don’t know. You are trying to figure out stuff. Having very efficient and fast customer service is necessary. 

Companies can make bigger claims related to their customer service. So do your research before investing your money in a WordPress host provider.

Read reviews, those are the best places to find out how good or bad the customer service is. You don’t want to wait 2 days for solving a query, do you? 

You must also check if they are available to you in your time zone. Moreover, check what channel they use to communicate. Is it email, chat, or anything else?

Compatibility with plugins

For instance, you are running a few digital campaigns on your WordPress website. You want to use Google Analytics with UTM tracking for digital campaigns, to track the progress and get data for the same.

But your WordPress hosting provider is not compatible with Google Analytics, so your plan to use it has failed. Not to mention the important analytical data that you missed. 

Plugins are great to help you out while running your business online on a website. There are so many plugins that can do incredible things for your business provided your host allows them to be used. 

You may not need a lot of plugins in the beginning but later when you start getting more traffic and you start launching digital campaigns, you will feel the need for these plugins.

So, make sure your WordPress hosting provider is compatible with a lot of plugins. 


Anyone who has a website on the internet, whether it is for business or a simple blog, wants to increase their traffic. You too, want more people to visit your website.

You have to keep one thing in mind when you are buying services from a WordPress hosting provider.

Your business will eventually grow, there will be more people visiting your website, and when this happens, you will have to upgrade your hosting service. 

When people come to your website and they perform an action, the website host will initiate another action in response to it. If there are more people visiting your website your host will get busy and eventually become slow

A slow hosting service can cause a lot of problems. You already know the 3-second rule.

Your content is bringing so many customers to your website but the low performance of your hosting service will force them to abandon your website and jump to another. 

This is just one scenario, there could be many reasons why you would like to upgrade your WordPress hosting service. 

Location of the server

This is something that most people ignore but they shouldn’t. Why does the location of your server matter? It affects the speed of your website. The closer the server location is the better speed it will have

Location of the server

Did you know that various countries have varying data privacy laws?

In some countries, they provide specialized authorities authorization to access your servers and the capacity to track information relevant to the websites these servers administer.

When you know where the server is situated, you may look up the local legislation to see if it's suitable for your business.

If you have visitors from multiple countries you will need a CDN (Content Delivery Network).

A CDN enables the rapid distribution of website data including images, videos, and the page code that are required for loading your website on the user's browser via the internet. 

CDN services are becoming increasingly popular, and they now handle the bulk of online traffic. Many big companies that have an international presence use CDNs.


You have a budget! My suggestion is that you should not compromise on the security of your website. Find the best WordPress hosting provider in your budget without compromising on security and must-have features.


If you can expand your budget a little please do. You might think WordPress hosting is expensive but the ROI associated with it is great. It will save you a lot of time and you can use that time somewhere else and help your business grow. 


With these simple steps, you can find the most ideal WordPress hosting platform for your site. WordPress.org recommends BlueHost, DreamHost, and Siteground for WordPress hosting

Quick recap

  • WordPress Hosting Providers provide hosting services for WordPress websites.
  • Once you have the domain name, you can start looking for a provider.
  • A WordPress Hosting service is specially designed for WordPress websites to run smoothly and give outstanding performance. This is what differentiates it from general web hosting platforms.
  • A WordPress hosting service can help your website with speed and better uptime and security. 
  • Steps to find the right WordPress hosting provider for your website: 
  1. Analyze your need 

  2. Select the type of hosting you need 

  3. Must-have features 

  4. Location of the server 

  5. Budget

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