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Writesonic is an AI-powered content generation tool that helps business owners and marketers write everything from Facebook ads to landing page content with the push of a button. It's not enough to be original; content has to be engaging and interesting to earn clicks and conversions. Websites like Facebook and Twitter can make or break a marketing campaign, which is why most content marketers turn to professional copywriters for help.

The only problem is that high-quality copywriting takes time, effort, and mastery of the English language — three things you probably don't have enough of as it stands.

With Writesonic, you can generate content with the push of a button. 

In this Writesonic review, we'll dive deep into everything the platform has to offer so you don't have to waste your time.

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What is Writesonic?

Writesonic is an AI-powered content generation tool. Like most AIs, Writesonic uses technology to learn at your request. Like most AIs, Writesonic works best with the right instructions, so you'll still have a heavy hand in the writing process.

Writesonic Review

Writesonic can write Facebook ads, blog posts, Twitter tweets, landing pages, emails, and any other sort of marketing content you can imagine. It's also capable of writing shorter text like headlines and descriptions of any sort you can think up on demand. 

Who is Writesonic for?

Writesonic is for anyone who wants to create engaging content quickly, easily, and on demand. The platform is great for content marketers who want to save time and money with fewer headaches. You can start with a simple Facebook ad or landing page on your website, and then move onto longer "subscribers-only" blog posts as you grow your audience. 

Writesonic features

Writesonic is best known for three things: generating marketing copy, article and blog writing, as well as generating product descriptions. We'll take a look at those features below:

Marketing copy generation

Writesonic generates text for your PPC ads, landing pages, blog posts, email campaigns, and more. The service uses AI to learn about the words you use in your business, then write ads that will convert.

Writesonic Marketing copy generation

Writesonic can help you scale your marketing efforts without the normal headaches that come with hiring a copywriter. This platform is especially ideal for any business owner who struggles with content creation.

Writesonic has various options for creating copy such as:

Landing pages

The tool helps generate landing pages for your marketing efforts. This is great for anyone who plans to use PPC ads or social media because it's so much easier to generate content if you already have the landing page in place when the potential customer clicks on the ad.

SEO meta descriptions

Writesonic helps create meta descriptions for your landing pages and blog posts so that Google and other search engines know what you're selling. This is sure to help increase your organic search rankings, and low-quality content can easily be filtered out by algorithms.

Digital ads copy

It can help with your digital ad copy. This is perfect if you're running Facebook ads, Twitter campaigns, or other types of pay-per-click advertising.

Sales emails

Writesonic can help you create sales emails aimed at converting leads into paying customers. This is great if you're struggling to find the right words for your sales emails, or if you just want to save time writing them.

Press releases

Press releases help build backlinks and gain exposure for your business. Writesonic can craft a basic press release on your behalf, or you can opt to help write it from scratch.

AI article and blog writer

Writesonic isn't only good for generating short-form content. You can also use it to write long-form content in a matter of seconds. This quick and efficient AI writing tool can generate entire articles and blog posts with precision - in the blink of an eye.

Writesonic AI article and blog writer

And all it really needs from you is a bit of information and direction on what you're looking for. I found that this feature is easy to use and I really like how accurate the AI is when generating blog posts and articles.

It's simple to use, and even for someone who doesn't have any experience writing long-form content, you shouldn't have any problems when it comes to telling the software what you need.

Product description creator

Do you sell products, but struggle to create compelling product descriptions that urge customers to buy? You're not alone! Many people struggle with describing their products in an engaging way. But here's the good news: Writesonic can generate product descriptions for you in seconds.

You can choose between three different lengths of product description: short, medium, and long. The AI uses your existing content to generate descriptions based on what it learns about your audience and your product.

I like how engaging the product descriptions created on the platform are. I like how they're short enough to quickly skim over, but long enough to be interesting and descriptive.

User friendliness

Writesonic is simple to use. All you have to do is press a button, and the software does the rest.

You'll be able to choose between different types of content you can create - landing pages, digital ads copy, sales emails, press releases, blog posts, tweets... the list goes on.

Overall, I found Writesonic to be really user friendly and easy to use; especially for people who aren't exactly tech-savvy and/or don't know their way around writing content or creating landing pages and other types of marketing content. 

Writesonic pricing plans

Writesonic offers up 10 free credits to anyone who wants to try out the platform. Unlike other subscription-based AI generation tools, it follows a credit-based system where each action requires a certain amount of credits to accomplish.

Writesonic pricing plans

After that, there are 4 paid plans to choose from. Here's a closer look at your options:


At $15 a month, Writesonic offers 75 credits for you to use. It comes with support for up to 25 languages, one user seat and access to all existing features.


Geared towards freelancers, this plan costs $45 a month. It comes with all the same features as the previous plan, plus unlimited credits.


Designed for startups and small business owners, this plan costs $95 a month. It comes with everything from the previous plans plus browser extensions, Shopify app integration, and priority support.


Last but not the least, this option costs a whopping $195 a month. Although if you're already operating a high-volume content agency, I don't think there's anything more you can ask for in terms of AI tools. It comes with all the basic functionalities plus the ability to add up to 4 users, request custom features, and white labeling.

Overall, I think the Writesonic plans are reasonable enough. That said, you may find it a bit expensive especially since you need to pay at least $45 a month to get unlimited credits. 

Writesonic alternatives

If you're interested in learning more about other AI content generation tools, check these out:



CopyAI is a great alternative to Writesonic. It's a lot more comprehensive and has a bigger library of features, which is why I think it's a better choice.

It has a ton of features for creating landing pages, blog posts, digital ads copy, sales emails, and more. You can use CopyAI to generate text from scratch or from CopyAI's AI library.

Some of my favorite features on the platform include:

Drag and drop editor

Just like Writesonic, you can create text using the "drag and drop" editor. This makes it so much easier to create text using CopyAI than using the other AI tools I mentioned earlier because you don't have to worry about selecting the right keywords and inserting links.

You can also re-write any text you've already created on the platform, which can be really useful if you're not happy with how a certain content piece is turning out.



One of the most powerful AI content generation tools currently in the market, Jarvis is designed for businesses that want to create engaging content for social media.

Jarvis supports almost any type of content you can think of:

But here's what really sets Jarvis apart from other AI content generation tools: it's designed to speak like a human. It analyzes and mimics your writing and talks like you (or someone else) would, meaning that the content generated is more engaging and authentic.

I love how Jarvis integrates into Instagram, Slack, Salesforce, and other popular business tools.

I've been using this tool for a few months now and it's really useful. Even though there isn't a free option, I personally think it's totally worth the price. It's become an essential part of my social media strategy and has already driven more traffic to my blog and helped me generate more leads for my business.

However, I agree with most when they say that the tool can be too expensive for any business owner who is just starting out. 

Final thoughts

With the range of different options and pricing plans, Writesonic has something for everyone.

And although I said that it might be a bit complicated to start with, I think anyone who's interested in AI-style content generation tools should really try the platform out. You have nothing to lose by going for a trial!

Writesonic can help you create engaging content without any of the headaches or drawbacks associated with traditional content creation.

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