XTorch: What Happened After Shark Tank?

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A high-quality flashlight is an essential that should never be left behind at the campsite. A dead vehicle battery might leave you stranded at any moment. Therefore, the first step in selecting a flashlight is to define its intended usage.

A decent camping flashlight uses durable LED technology with a minimum beam distance, and it should be bright enough, strong enough, and have long-lasting batteries. XTorch is a brand that pioneered flashlights with these capabilities.

What is XTorch?

The XTorch is a solar-powered, rechargeable flashlight. It must be charged before use, which is done naturally by the sun's rays.

XTorch What Happened After Shark Tank

This item has a wide range of potential applications, including both indoor and outdoor settings. One unique feature is that it can survive repeated impacts with the ground or water.

It can run for up to 48 hours on a single charge and saves the consumer $2,000 on batteries. This XTorch gadget is powered by solar energy and equipped with two flashlights and a "USB" charging wire.

This light has a maintenance-free lifespan of 7–10 years with normal usage. So it's ideal for camping, walking at night, studying, and other activities that take place in the dark.

Either solar energy or conventional electricity may power this gadget. The lithium-ion battery inside contains 3000 mAh and can last for between 7 and 10 years.

Highlights of XTorch also include the following:

Some features of XTorch

  • The XTorch requires 22 hours of direct sunlight for charging and 32 hours in cloudy weather. Only 15% of solar radiation is transmitted when the sky is substantially overcast.
  • The XTorch requires 1.5 hours to charge completely when connected to a computer via USB (cables or adapters do not come with the torch).
  • Cell phones may be charged from an XTorch using any regular USB cord.
  • Once ultimately charged, the light may remain functional for up to three years before needing another charge.
  • A 1-watt monocrystalline solar panel is already installed.
  • A USB silicone cover protects it from damage.
  • Furthermore, the light is unaffected by UV rays, which means that it may be used in any climate.
  • Additionally, the lights are made to float.
  • With only 9.4 ounces and 8.5 inches in height, it's very portable.

XTorch pros and cons


  • Unlike other solar-powered torches, this one won't break the bank.
  • The torch is water- and air-tight and can float.
  • It's versatile because you can choose between three different kinds of lighting and two levels of brightness.
  • It is light. It's compact enough to fit in a purse or car trunk and portable enough to take with you everywhere.
  • The XTorch flashlight emits up to 400 lumens and has an integrated glow feature. This will provide you with enough light to see your way around the tent or caravan in the dark, ward off potential attackers, and aid you in an emergency if one arises.


  • There are no significant cons to this product.

The founder of XTorch

Gene Palusky, Keidy Palusky, and Bob Sweat founded XTorch. This product is the result of their efforts.

The founder of XTorch

After completing his education at Macalester, Gene Palusky moved into the renovation business for homes and structures.

Gene developed the concept for this product while working on infrastructure improvement projects in Equatorial Guinea, Africa, and the Dominican Republic. Keidy is in charge of both the design and marketing of this product.

Engineer-in-chief Bob Sweat is always looking for ways to make this gadget better.

XTorch before Shark Tank

Light and electricity were limited throughout Gene Palusky's time spent working in Equatorial Guinea, Africa, the Dominican Republic, and other far-flung locations.

They saw how many kids could only go to school when the sun was up since there was no way to set up lights for them later in the day.

Since there are only a few reliable power sources, charging a mobile phone costs quite a bit. During a crisis, people's phones won't be charged.

After discussing the issue, Gene's wife, Keidy, developed the concept for an XTorch. Keidy, a teacher, has been working on developing and promoting this product.

The couple invested $300,000 in developing the device with engineer Bob's help.

As a result, they produced 1,500 torches in 2018, 1,200 of which were sold at a loss and 200 at a profit of $60. In 2019, sales were up 200%, and in 2020, they increased by 350%.

Twenty-five percent of XTorches's earnings are given to nonprofit organizations. For example, in 2018, this group gave 1,000 X-Torches to Compassion International so they could be used in classrooms in Haiti.

According to a statement I found in a StarTribune story, "Our business plan indicates that we will generate income of around $200,000 this year," Gene Palusky stated. And by 2024, increase annual income by 100% to $3.2 million.

The appearance of XTorch in Shark Tank

On the Shark Tank episode, the husband and wife team presented their rechargeable solar-powered flashlight, XTorch. And here's what occurred during and after their pitch.

The XTorch pitch

Gene and Keidy Palusky attend Shark Tank with an X-Torch and a goal of $150,000 in exchange for 10% ownership. They explained the tale of how this product came to be.

The appearance of XTorch in Shark Tank

According to the entrepreneur, the product costs $18.50 to create and sells for $55.95. They took their time presenting the shark's backstory.

From 2019 through 2021, this firm sold a total of $53,000. A patent does not protect their product.

Mark, Kevin, and Daniel have declined this business opportunity. However, Robert is still present and wants to purchase the whole corporation.

Did XTorch get their deal?

Demo sharks understood the invention was not yet patented during the product demo, so they risked being tapped by established companies.

Pulaskys did ship $113,000 in units but could be more adept at direct-to-customer sales. However, most sharks were unsure, so Robert made a risky offer of $500,000 to buy the whole company.

The couple replied with $1 million, but it was turned down. Finally, Robert did clarify that he has the knowledge to sell to clients directly.

However, Gene and Keidy were unwilling to give up the whole company and were forced to walk away without a DEAL.

What happened to XTorch after Shark Tank?

Starch didn't get the deal on Shark Tank, and although Robert wanted to buy this company, Gene and Robert's talks went nowhere.

The company's primary emphasis remains on charity, giving out 25% of its profits. As a result, consumers enjoyed this product a lot.

The company sold 1400 units just a few weeks after this episode aired, and they only had a little stock left. As a result, this company had exceptionally high sales within the first month of the Shark Tank show.

This product cost $49.95 in September 2022, yet the corporation still needs to be profitable. However, this product sold well on Amazon.

During the Russia-Ukraine conflict in April 2022, this firm distributed XTorch to Ukrainian refugees.

XTorch Shark Tank update

Although Xtorch's Shark Tank show had little influence on this company, the company was able to sell 1400 units in a few weeks following Shark Tank.

The majority of their orders came from both Amazon and his website. In addition, this corporation collaborates with several national and international charitable groups.

This company's yearly revenue is $1.5 million. Unfortunately, this company still needs to give further information.

Is XTorch still in business?

The XTorch product is doing well on Amazon. More than 80% of Amazon customers have given this product 5 stars, which means they find it very helpful.

Is XTorch still in business

Southwest Journal, Star Tribune, Gadget Hints, Best Camp Kitchen, Edina, Kare, Gear Junkie, and many other media outlets have covered this company's charitable efforts.

Yes, XTorch is still in operation as of October 2022.


To summarize, XTorch is a "must-have" solar-powered flashlight. If you're searching for a cheap flashlight or lantern that does everything mentioned above, XTorch is the finest choice.

An excellent camping lamp should cost at most 50 euros. However, its attributes, which include brightness modes, durability, battery life, battery type, light run time, size, weight, and price, set it apart.

This solar table lamp, hand lantern, and tent pendant light will make your fellow campers green with envy.

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