Youtube Affiliate Marketing: How to Make Money

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Have you ever thought about YouTube affiliate marketing? Why not! 

You get to promote the products that are made by companies, and in return, they pay for your time. The business model works really well too because of its simplicity. Besides, this is a great way to earn money online without any risks or complications since there's no need for any investment at all (as long as you have free access to the internet).

This article will be more than enough so if want "how-to" guides on how YouTube affiliate marketing can help increase your income check it out!. 

What is YouTube affiliate marketing?

YouTube Affiliate Marketing is a marketing strategy that allows companies to promote their products and services through video ads displayed on YouTube. 

Youtube Affiliate Marketing How to Make Money_

The affiliate marketing model is based on revenue sharing, where companies pay an individual or company to perform specific actions, such as clicking on a banner ad. 

A potential benefit of this strategy is that it can provide brands with access to consumers who may not be able to afford to buy their products or services outright. 

The benefits of using YouTube for affiliate marketing

1. Accessibility

The best thing about YouTube is its accessibility. I mean, you can watch a video in your office and don't have to go anywhere. Or you can stay at home with family members for dinner while watching videos online on YouTube without disturbing anyone else in the house/family because they are busy preparing food or doing other activities that require their undivided attention.

2. Competition

Another great aspect of having an account on YouTube is its ability to compete against one's peers by posting useful content regarding certain topics which would help people solve problems related to those topics easily and quickly. You can also get YouTube subscribers to your channel by posting interesting videos with good content.

3. Credibility

The credibility of your account on YouTube is another huge benefit because, as mentioned previously, there are millions of people who are subscribed to it and they all have the potential to see your videos if you promote them properly.

4. Traffic Generation 

There's no question that getting more traffic for one's website would be a great advantage in affiliate marketing. 

Youtube Affiliate Marketing Traffic Generation

An aspect which goes hand-in-hand with being able to build up a strong presence on YouTube by posting relevant content about whatever topic that person has chosen for their channel/videos due to its high number of subscribers.

5. Additional revenue

YouTube can also generate additional, potential revenue streams for those who have a channel on it by offering the opportunity to earn money through promotions or just following their videos and potentially interacting with them in order to receive exclusive content that they may not be able to offer on their website due to restrictions/terms of services.

How can you make money with YouTube affiliate marketing?

1. Create and upload your videos 

This is the most popular method of earning money with YouTube. You don't need to be a professional videographer or filmmaker, as long as you can film quality content that your target audience will find interesting.

2 . Make money from other people's (videos). 

Suppose you have some time on your hands and want to earn quick cash from home. In that case, this is how it works: Find popular videos related to topics that interest you and create new promotional clips using those exact same keywords. 

People searching these terms on YouTube might watch them and click on your affiliate link when the video is over. The more views like and comment a particular video gets, the better it is for you to make money with YouTube Affiliate Marketing.  

3 . Create new channels 

If you want to make more than just one or two cents per month from YouTube, then here's what you can do: Start by creating new channels and upload high-quality videos that will eventually attract large numbers of subscribers (10,000+). 

Then include links into these videos that direct viewers down to another page where they might be able to buy something that they might be interested in. You can build up these affiliate sales into a substantial income stream over the long term, particularly if you have several of them going at once.  

4 . Use promotional codes 

You can always use the promotional codes that you find on YouTube. Once Google approves them, your viewers will be able to see these specific links in their "My Ads" section of an account, making it easy for them to place orders without even necessarily browsing through all the videos.  

5 . Use pay per click advertising 

Suppose you want a simple way how to make money with YouTube Affiliate Marketing. In that case, this is precisely what I am talking about: Start by picking keywords or topics related to products and services that people might actually be interested in buying. 

Then get the keyword adverts approved by Google Adwords, and you can use them to drive traffic back to your website, which will be an excellent way of building up a decent income stream with minimal effort on your part. You may as well start with this now as it's the fastest method how to make money from YouTube Affiliate Marketing. 

What types of videos generate affiliate revenue?

Product review videos

Product Review videos can be used to generate affiliate revenue. These types of videos come in a variety of different styles and themes, and viewers often ask for product reviews before they make a purchase. The majority of these videos are created by vloggers who provide honest opinions on the products they try, but beauty experts or influencers may also do some.

Product Review Videos are generally completed with video footage embedded onto the business website, social media, or marketing website. Some businesses are creating review videos that incorporate text-to-speech for the visually impaired.

How-to videos

When creating a how-to video, businesses can quickly demonstrate their product or offering in the shortest amount of time. This makes it easier for viewers to purchase without feeling they missed out on an opportunity if looking up information for alternative products and services.


With most How-To videos, people create one at a time; this means they do not know what requests will come from other people or affiliates that would ask them to produce more product or service-related videos to meet their needs.

How-To videos are suitable for anyone looking at your site and could be an advertising partner because if they like what you're offering, then there is a chance that they will email or view your website again in the future when new products come up. 

Unboxing videos

Unboxing videos are useful for those who have previously not seen a particular product as their first introduction to it. These give potential buyers an overview of what they should expect from the item's performance and appearance in real-world situations. 

Sometimes, unboxed products can be examined more closely, which is good because you might find other details that need attention before buying the actual item. If a customer has any concerns once he sees its package, he will be more likely to contact you.

Best of videos

With Best of videos, your business can get customers to revisit their website by letting them choose products or services that were mentioned in a previous video. You are targeting the individuals who have visited your site but haven't made any purchase yet, so you are hoping they will go through all the other content online before making their choice. However, if it's not enough, then they take another look at what interests them.

Best Of Videos as a process of earning revenue from several different sources is not difficult as long as you have the right video marketing software. 

How do you get traffic to YouTube videos?

Google organic search

If it is your goal to increase traffic to YouTube videos, then Google organic search will be the most effective. As long as you tag your videos with relevant keywords in their titles and descriptions, you should see an increase in the number of viewers. 


YouTube subscribers are consumers definitely curious to watch what your company produces. The more you've got, the more targeted traffic your videos will get. 

Youtube Subscribers

But how do you acquire YouTube subscribers in the first place? It doesn't happen overnight - it takes time and effort on your part. 

Recommend videos 

The best way to get traffic to YouTube videos is to share them on social media. You should also use other methods like blog posts, email marketing, and podcast advertisements. You can also use the YouTube channel to market products or services, so long as they are related.

YouTube organic search

There are several ways to increase the traffic to YouTube videos. The most effective way is by using Google's organic search engine. As long as you tag your videos with relevant keywords, you should see an increase in the number of viewers. You can also acquire subscribers on YouTube by sharing your video on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter or through email marketing campaigns. Also, you can promote your videos through blog posts and podcasts.

YouTube suggested videos

Another way to increase the traffic on your videos is through YouTube's suggested video feature. This can be a very effective strategy, as it helps you play off of other users' search queries and encourages them to click on your video (and not another one). It also means that people will watch more than just one video for even entry-level content; they'll likely see multiple titles from different creators. 

Some good affiliate networks for YouTube

The most important thing you can do to promote your YouTube channel is affiliate marketing. 

Yes, there are many affiliate networks for YouTube. Affiliate networks provide an opportunity for advertisers and publishers to work together to reach a common goal by selling ads or links on one content channel while providing certain benefits to the other party.

The most popular affiliate network for YouTube is Google AdSense, which has been around since 2006. This program allows video creators to earn money from their videos through ads that appear before, during, and after the individual video streams without worrying about building their advertisement campaign.

Here are some examples of affiliate networks for YouTube:


ShareAsale is one of the most popular affiliate networks worldwide since 2000 with over 700,000+ large and small affiliates and 3900 merchant programs in their database. 

ShareASale for affiliate marketing

ShareASale is a popular affiliate network among internet marketers because it gives its affiliates access to tens of thousands of merchant programs, including, Amazon, Walmart, Apple, eBay, Macy's, and more.

The company provides a wide range of features such as e-commerce solutions, product feeds, advertising products, analytics, and more to ensure maximum success for all of its users.


Clickbank is an online retailer of products that are related to various industries. 

Clickbank for affiliate marketing

It offers affiliate marketing programs for people who want to sell their services or products on the site. The program involves selling items by using its product links, and users also receive a commission if they refer others through their link.

Users can register with ClickBank's affiliate network program by creating a unique ID that will allow them to promote specific companies' websites via text links on blogs, forums, etc. 

It gives sellers the option to choose how much money each referral receives (from $10 up).

It was ranked # 1 in the "Top 500 Most Powerful Websites" list by an internet marketing company, Traffic Junky.


LinkShare is an online advertising network (affiliate marketing) that provides other affiliate programs for users to promote products. 

Linkshare for affiliate marketing

Users can create their website, blog, or forum and share them with other people interested in the content; they get paid when they click on the link/advertisement displayed on their site. 

It was ranked # 2 by comScore Media Metrix's list of top sites among teens in 2015 after Wix came out tops, but before it released its earnings data later that year showing a loss of $1 million during 2014.


JVZoo is a platform that provides affiliate marketing services. It has over 800,000+ affiliates worldwide. It offers different products or services that are available in different price ranges. 

Jvzoo for affiliate marketing

JVZoo has helped thousands of affiliates earn millions of dollars each year. The company has a wide variety of products and services that offer a lot of opportunities to make money for their members. 

Conclusion: Youtube affiliate marketing - how to make money

In conclusion, YouTube is a great way to create a niche for yourself and run successful affiliate marketing campaigns. Use your creativity to find your niche and then market it with videos.

It has many benefits and can be a great site for affiliate marketing. Moreover, there are some things you should consider like not making too many videos about the same topic, not using too many advertisements, etc., to attract more viewers to watch your videos.

To sum up, YouTube is a great choice if you are looking for an online marketing strategy. Let me know your thoughts on it in the comments below.

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