5 Missteps In Email Marketing That’s Costing You Customers

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Mistakes are a fact of life - we all make them. When we put a foot wrong, we correct it and keep moving forward, but what elevates us from our peers and competitors is that we learn from our mistakes. 

When it comes to email marketing, mistakes can be costly - from losing customers to diminishing the reach of your brand, you can’t afford to make an email marketing mistake more than once and, for most mistakes, you don’t want to make them at all.

That’s why we’ve assembled this list of the most common email marketing mistakes - to help you correct your course. Maximize brand awareness, convert more leads and boost your revenue by avoiding these email marketing missteps.

Finding out what works

Before we go on to explore the common mistakes, however, let’s pause and talk about what works. Email marketing is, to some extent, a secret sauce.

5 Missteps In Email Marketing

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach and finding out what appeals to your demographic can require some trial and error. Sometimes, making mistakes is the best way to hone in on the recipe for success.

Choosing KPIs

Identifying key metrics to assess the success of your email marketing strategy will allow you to spot your mistakes should you come to make them, meaning you can quickly get back on track. KPI (Key Performance Indicators) take the guesswork out of measuring your marketing success, and should be chosen at the outset of any campaign. 

You could be measuring lead generation to see how successful your emails are at creating leads, tracking open rates to see which email headings are grabbing your audience’s attention or recording the time your readers are spending in each email. Without these metrics you’ll be fumbling in the dark.


Once you have your KPIs you can start experimenting with your emails. Experimenting with your email marketing to find out what works is a vital part of the process, and could lead to uncovering powerful new strategies for boosting your revenue. A/B Testing, for example, gives you a clear insight into what your email list likes to see - design two subtly different email layouts, or send out emails with different CTAs (Call To Action) at the end, and see which finds the greatest success. 

“Sometimes experimentation can be intimidating and we’re often taught to be risk averse in our marketing strategy,” says Joseph Kohn, a business writer at Australia2Write. “But customers love to be surprised - so get creative and get testing.” 

Alternatively, there is also another way to take your email marketing to the next level by collecting as many prospects as you want. Taking advantage of LinkedIn is a smart way to do this. Linkedin sales navigator is most recommended for sales professionals who need premium features to get more engagement with their target market.

5 email marketing missteps you don’t want to make

Experimenting with your email marketing is about making the right kind of mistakes - and learning from them. But some mistakes are simply costly. Here are 5 common missteps you could already be making - and how to fix them.

email marketing2

1) Having one email to rule them all

You’ve got a long email list, with diverse customers at different stages in their journey towards learning about, identifying with and purchasing your products. So why are you still treating them all the same with your email marketing strategy? Sending one email to your whole list is a huge mistake, yet too many brands are taking shortcuts and doing exactly that.

Email marketing provides an opportunity to connect with your customers on a personal level - but basic one-size-fits-all emails ignore that opportunity and turn away potential customers. Segment your audience depending on how deep they are in the sales funnel - have they purchased from you before? Are they only just learning about your products or brand? 

Tailoring your emails to your audience means every email can make its mark, and as customers feel cared for they’ll grow increasingly loyal to your brand.

2) Rushing the subject

What’s the first thing a customer sees in your email marketing? It’s not your graphics or your call to action, it’s the subject line right there in their inbox or as a notification on their mobile device. 

The subject line should be instantly appealing to your customers, or they’ll likely never see what’s inside.

Perfect subject lines grab attention, and intrigue the reader as to what’s inside. Emojis have been demonstrated to work great at increasing the open-rate, because they add a splash of color as well as offering an ambiguity that begs to be solved. Encouraging subject lines are also proven to be helpful in improving email open rates. Your subject lines can tell about exciting prizes, rewards etc that encourage the customers to open the email. 

Keep your subjects short and sweet as most email clients have a character limit (usually around 40) to what they’ll show.

3) Ignoring color

Color has a powerful and often hidden influence over our lives. Doctor’s waiting rooms, for example, tend to be light blue and green - colors that deepen tranquility, patience and relaxation amongst their anxious clientele. Red and pink tones on the bedroom walls create a recipe for romance. Color subtly changes our mood and perception of our environment, and that’s equally true for your email-readers as it is for doctor’s patients.

Finding the right colors for your email marketing will depend on your brand as well as the aims of your email. Are you introducing yourself to your users, creating a connection of trust through deep blues and greens, or inspiring action through dynamic purples and red? 

Find ways to subtly hint to your users the action you want them to take and you’ll see your email hit rates rocketing.

4) Ignoring mobile users

We get it - designing emails is hard work. But given that  41% of emails were opened on phones in 2019 and that number is only rising, ignoring the UX of mobile users alienates a distinct proportion of your readers. Email marketing needs to work in landscape, desktop mode and pare down to the perfect portrait size for mobile users.

Ignoring mobile users email marketing

“Previewing how your emails look across multiple screens and devices is essential to getting your audience to engage with the message,” advises Daniel L. Vita, a marketer at Originwritings. “There are web tools out there that will reformat your designs based on hundreds of device specs, giving you an insight into how your emails look to every user.” 

5) Neglecting your CTA

Your call-to-action is the most important part of your email. Without a strong CTA that influences your audience it won’t matter if you’ve got the perfect subject line or the ideal color combo - nothing will happen. 

Deciding on a purpose for your email - getting customers to take up a special order, or recommend your brand to a friend - is the first step to building an appealing CTA.

Next, design is vital. The coloring, typography and positioning of your CTA will determine its success. Ensure it’s eye-catching and easy to spot to get audiences following through. You can even have multiple CTAs in your email, arranged according to a hierarchy of importance. 

5 missteps in email marketing: wrapping up

If these email marketing mistakes seem familiar to you, don’t despair. It’s never too late to change your ways and even the best make mistakes. Reset your email marketing strategy with targeted metrics and A/B testing to hone in on the perfect formula for success.

Email marketing done right is a powerful tool for connecting with your audience, boosting brand awareness and ultimately bringing in greater revenue. Set out on your email marketing journey today.

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