FastPages Review: Lifetime Deal For a Landing Page Builder?

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Do you know how many websites get uploaded every day? Estimates suggest that at least 540,000 sites are born every 24 hours. Overall, there are about 2 billion sites in the world today. If a person wants to check all of them in a year, then they need to see over 5 million sites a day – an impossible feat. 

Despite these numbers, though, only 400 million are active. This means their pages are up-to-date while the engagement rate is present or even high. One of the reasons is speed. 

In the next section, I would like to tackle why you need to have fast landing pages or sites. But for now, let me share the gist of this article. I am here to provide you with a Fastpages review

Let’s see if it truly lives up to its claim and whether its lifetime deal is worth grabbing. We will also compare it with an equally famous page builder called Clickfunnels. 

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Why do you need fast landing pages?

Before I talk about, let me answer this nagging question: why do you need fast landing pages? There are many reasons:

1. You want to make Google happy

When it comes to digital marketing, it is always helpful to broaden your sights. Do not limit yourself to Google only as there are other search engines. However, we also cannot deny that among them, Google lands the first spot. 

In the data collated by Oberlo, Google holds over 92% of the market share in search engines. It processes a whopping 3.5 billion searches a day and receives over 60 billion visits annually. There’s a good chance anytime today, you’ll search for something there.

website load speed

Like at a party, if you want to be seen, you need to be where the crowd is. Google, though, knowing its value, sets high standards for websites. One of these is page load speed (how fast your page appears on the screen). 

For Google, the ideal page load speed should not be below 3 seconds. Anything “slower” than that, and users are likely to close the page and move on to something else. Meanwhile, Blue Corona’s article suggests that 3 to 5 seconds is acceptable to Google if a user is connected to a 3G network.  

Unfortunately, only a few marketers could meet this criterion. Over 45% run pages that load between 6 and 10 seconds. About 5% load within 21 seconds or more – which is SO SLOW.

2. Loading speed is a ranking factor for mobile searches

There are two critical points here. First, Google is already practicing mobile-first indexing. It means it uses the version of your mobile site when adding pages to searches. Second, because of this, page load speed matters.

In fact, it is so vital that it is already a ranking factor for mobile searches. The bottom line is, the slower your page speed is, the less likely you will appear on the searches, much less on the first page or even at the top. 

What does this mean? Over 75% of Internet users don’t scroll past the first page. That’s zero visit or, worse, conversion for you. 

3. You want to keep your users engaged

That the human attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish is still subject to debate. What is clear is that we are becoming more impatient. That is especially true as an Internet user. As early as 2016, reports already suggested that users could wait up to 3 seconds only. 

But that’s not all. A sales funnel usually involves many pages. Each of these should load fast if you want to keep your leads engaged and eventually become your customers. 

How can help

Fastpages is a landing page builder that claims to promote the fastest loading page speed. According to it, it is 10 times faster than its competitors. In fact, the average speed is a quarter of a second! Whew! 

FastPages Review

But does it stay true to its claim? Let’s explore its features and Fastpages review. 

Fastpages features

Fastpages don’t have many features, but based on experience and other experts’ reviews, they are enough to help you build landing pages. Most of all, they are impactful and powerful as far as page load speed goes. 

Fastpages templates

There are two ways to work on Fastpages templates: use the presets or start from scratch. The presets or ready-made templates are available in various categories.

 These include e-books, quizzes, newsletters, design, health and wellness, etc

FastPages templates

Just click Create and you can edit the different sections of the templates. But if you want to create your own, press Blank Project that appears at the top part of the screen. It will direct you to this:

fastpages landing page builder

You still have options for texts, covers, and other sections, but you have more control over where they go and how they look. 

Online editor

As long as you have an Internet connection, you can edit your landing pages anytime, anywhere. You can even do that on your mobile device, although it may be a struggle since it doesn’t have an app version. 

Some of the highlights under Editing include:

  • Title, where you can create different landing pages
  • Appearance, where you can modify the color and fonts of the title and paragraphs
  • SEO settings, where you can add your targeted keywords, meta description, favicon (your icon), and images
  • Code if you want to edit the pages further


You can integrate third-party apps to complete your landing page design and enhance your Fastpages funnel strategy. These include:

  • MailChimp and ActiveCampaign, which are both e-mail marketing platforms 
  • Zapier, which is a handy tool that helps automate processes by allowing you to place your favorite platforms in one place. Zapier can manage over 2,000 apps, including Slack and Trello and premium add-ons like Facebook Lead Ads
  • WordPress, which is helpful if you want to use this content management system to build your landing page or website

Single-click publish

Whether you’re using a template or starting from scratch, the page always includes a Publish button. Click it and your page goes live. You can also edit your pages anytime.

Fastpages pricing plans

Fastpages has three pricing plans:

fastpages pricing plans

At first glance, they all look the same, which then begs the question: which one is worth the price? But if you dissect the pricing plans, we can come up with the following points:

Professional plans may be the cheapest, but the number of page views is limited

This option is ideal only when your site is brand-new. It doesn’t make sense to spend about twice as much when you don’t have any idea yet of your metrics or analytics. However, as your site becomes popular or the engagement increases, limited page views could also mean limited revenues.

In fact, you’re likely to lose money in the process. Thus, you have to upgrade at some point. 

The lifetime deal doesn’t offer unlimited domains use

Besides unlimited page views, the Enterprise Plan also lets you connect unlimited domains. Whether that’s good or bad depends on your needs. If you’re running one or two sites, either the Lifetime Deal or the Professional Plan will be a good choice.

However, if you’re an agency taking care of multiple clients, the Enterprise Plan is an ideal pick. 

Fastpages lifetime deal: does this make sense?

What makes Fastpages so different from other landing page builders (or app for that matter) is it offers a lifetime deal as part of its pricing plan. It is not merely an offer that disappears after a certain period. 

It costs $197, which is over four times the Professional Plan cost and about twice your spending for the Enterprise Plan. In other words, it is expensive, so why should you consider it?

fastpages lifetime deal_

If you’re committed to e-commerce or digital marketing, the lifetime deal is going to be worth it. Based on my and other people’s experience, it takes around 6 months to a year before you start making good money

In other words, you take more than two to three years to feel that you’ve truly succeeded. 

Moreover, once you make it, you are more likely to replicate your success with your other projects or online businesses

Again, it all boils down to your commitment. If you see yourself being in this industry for years, then consider the Lifetime Deal. Note, though, that it provides limited connections to domains.

Fastpages pros and cons

Knowing the features and pricing plans of Fastpages, we’ll try to determine whether it’s a steal - or not - by studying its pros and cons. We’re also going to do a Fastpages vs ClickFunnels comparison. 

fastpages quiz


1. It’s so easy to use

One of the primary advantages of Fastpages over other landing page builders, especially ClickFunnels, is its user-friendly interface. I like the fact I don’t have to click a lot of times to find a template, edit it, and eventually publish the landing page. 

Even someone who doesn’t have any experience with designing landing pages or sales funnels will be able to produce one in no time. Whether you’re starting from scratch or using the premade ones, the templates come with easy-to-navigate placeholders. 

2. It is cheaper than ClickFunnels

You will also like the pricing plan of Fastpages since it seems to be more affordable than ClickFunnels. You can check my ClickFunnels review to learn more about the subscription cost for this. 

But just to give you an overview, the Standard Plan of ClickFunnels costs $97/month, which is already the price of the Enterprise Plan of Fastpages. The Platinum Plan, meanwhile, is worth $297/month, which is even pricier than the Lifetime Deal offered by Fastpages! 

fastpages vs clickfunnels

Speaking of Lifetime Deal, I find this pricing plan excellent since it allows you to buy a subscription one time and maximize the features and its updates anytime. However, I also think it is not for everyone. Anyone who’s still “testing the waters” should not consider the Lifetime Deal. 

Probably the advantage of ClickFunnels as far as pricing plans are concerned is its free trial. You can try its features for up to 14 days, but you need to give your credit information before you can do so.

3. The integrations are great

Fastpages doesn’t offer plenty of integrations, but the apps you can use alongside Fastpages are essential. I particularly love the fact that you can connect it to WordPress as a plugin. WordPress is one of the best content management systems out there and comes with beautiful themes.

I also like Zapier since it automates many processes. Most of all, it allows you to access plenty of tools that can help you run a digital marketing system from the ground up. 

4. It can speed up loading time

Probably the biggest reason to use Fastpages over ClickFunnels is it guarantees a fast page load speed. That helps anyone who doesn’t have any coding experience or whose knowledge of SEO is limited. 

fastpages pros and cons


1. Zapier can be more complicated to use

While I appreciate Zapier, it seems to have a learning curve. Sometimes you get overwhelmed by the different applications you can use. As a hint, you may begin your automation by choosing any of the premade workflows. As you learn, you can modify the app connections. 

2. ClickFunnels offers more options for earning

Both Fastpages and ClickFunnels offer an affiliate program. However, ClickFunnels edges over Fastpages by having a membership site builder. You can now offer an exclusive digital product to your customers or build a membership club by running one. 

3. There’s no analytics

There are many ways to check page-load speed, but it will be easier to run and manage sales funnels if you can also generate analytics or even conduct split tests on Fastpages. You can do that, though, but you need to utilize Zapier. ClickFunnels already has these as built-in features. 

4. It's quite new to the market

Since it's a new software, there is only a small community around it. Furthermore, unexpected bugs might happen sometimes.

FastPages review: conclusion

Is Fastpages worth it? Should you subscribe to its Lifetime Deal? I believe the answer to both questions is yes. 

Fastpages provides you a feature that’s rare in other landing pages: ultra-fast page load speed. It goes beyond well-designed, user-friendly templates. The integrations are few but essential, while the dashboard is easy to navigate. 

Compared to an equally popular option, ClickFunnels, it is also more affordable.

It even offers a Lifetime Deal, which is a steal, in my opinion, if you foresee yourself doing online marketing in the long haul.

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