Best Asian YouTubers You Should Learn From

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The rise of the Asian YouTubers has been a complete game-changer for the platform

Because the information they produce is frequently so insightful and sympathetic, it can be difficult not to get the impression that you are familiar with these individuals personally. 

And while we're sure you've heard of some of your favorite Asian YouTubers, there are so many more you should be watching!

And it's not just because you're looking for the newest music videos or trying to figure out how to get your hair to look like an Instagram model. These days, there are a variety of video formats to choose from, and they're all equally enjoyable.

There's no better resource than YouTube for broadening your horizons and deepening your knowledge on a particular subject. 

Many people have taken their passion for their field and made it into a business by sharing their knowledge with anyone who wants it. 

And if you're looking for Asian-related content, this list is for you. Here are my picks for the best Asian YouTubers you should learn from!

What are YouTubers?

YouTubers are people who use video as a platform to communicate and entertain their audience. Numerous channels cover various topics from fashion, beauty, gaming, and YouTube. 

Best Asian YouTubers You Should Learn From

If you love entertainment and have a good sense of storytelling, then you'd be interested in finding out about different types of YouTubers.

YouTubers are usually self-made celebrities who are not affiliated with any major network. Most YouTubers work from home and make money through ad revenue and sponsored posts.

YouTubers have become some of the most influential people online in the last few years because they have extensive reach and audience. 

Many YouTubers have millions of followers on their channels, which helps them gain sponsorship deals with big brands like Netflix or Apple Music.

Although there are many YouTubers, some are better than others. Some YouTubers have millions of subscribers and millions of views on their videos.

These YouTubers are called "influencers" because they can influence (or change) people's opinions and behaviors through their online content.

Best Asian YouTubers you should learn from

As a budding YouTuber, you're undoubtedly curious about the artists you admire and want to learn more about how they do what they do. 

You can grow exponentially on YouTube, just like these YouTubers. You can also monetize your channel but for that, you need to have genuine youtube subscribers and 4000 watch hours.

We've got you covered if you're looking for Asian YouTubers to learn from. Here's a list of the t best Asian YouTubers that you should check out:


With over 34 million YouTube subscribers, Indian comedian, rapper, and gamer Ajey Nagar/Carry Minati is one of the most famous names on the site. Comedic sketches and live-stream gaming content are among the material he posts on social media.


Additionally, he has been named one of Time Magazine's Next Generation Leaders (2019) and Forbes 30 Under 30 due to his YouTube success (2020).

He prefers to post satirical parodies, comedy, and live gaming on YouTube. Since he's had so much success, there has been some backlash.

In 2020, YouTube took down one of its videos, YouTube Vs. TikTok, in response to reports of abuse and bullying on the platform.


With over 10 million subscribers, Hajime Syacho/Haijme is one of Japan's most popular YouTubers. In addition, he has 4.7 million Twitter followers and 1.1 million Instagram followers.

Pranks, sketches, and "scientific experiments" like putting mentos and Coca-Cola in the bathtub or filling a swimming pool with slime are the focus of his work. Watching them is a lot of fun because they're so silly and silly!

He collaborates with various firms and brands, including product review videos, events, and marketing.


One of the most popular Asian YouTubers in the United States is Ryan Higa/Nigahiga. For the past decade, he's become a YouTube sensation, with more than 20 million followers.

The actor and singer have garnered various prizes and accolades. 

For Forbes' 30 Under 30 in 2017, he was included. The 'how to be' series that propelled him to popularity in 2008 is comic.

He goes by the name Nigahiga, which combines the Japanese terms "niga," meaning "rant," and "Higa," which is his last name.

Triggered Insaan

A Delhi, India-based YouTube personality, Nishchay Malhan, aka Triggered Insaan, is a former engineer.

More than 14 million people watch his videos on YouTube, 3.3 million people follow him on Instagram, and tens of thousands of people follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Discord.

Funny rants, satire, roasts, and comic sketches are posted on the Triggered Insan channel. He's also a video gamer with a dedicated gaming channel called Live Insaan on YouTube.

PONY Syndrome

Meet Korean beauty blogger, makeup artist, and author Park Hye-min/PONY Syndrome. She's also the most popular beauty YouTuber in South Korea, with more than 5.9 million followers!


She shares vlogs from behind the scenes, makeup reviews, how-to videos, and a wide range of other stuff connected to makeup and beauty. Dior, Clinique, L'Oreal, and Karl Lagerfeld are among the companies she has worked with.

Few K-beauty channels, such as PONY Syndrome, have English-subtitled content or focus on international beauty trends and transformations.

Wong Fu Productions

Wesley Chan, Ted Fu, and Philip Wang's work can be seen on the Wong Fu Productions YouTube account.

It's a diverse range of genres that the Asian American trio produces, ranging from meaningful, in-depth pieces to lighthearted capers.

More than 3 million people follow Wong Fu Productions' English-language programming on YouTube. In addition to YouTube, their work has appeared on Netflix and other sites.

Yuka Kinoshita

With over 5 million subscribers, Kinoshita Yuka is the most famous Japanese YouTuber. Her content is food-related and mostly 'making' videos where viewers can watch tiny Kinoshita Yuka eat massive amounts of high-calorie food.

In one of her most famous videos, she eats 4 kilograms of fried chicken in one go.

Many of her films are subtitled in English, which has helped her gain a worldwide following of people who enjoy watching her eat. Eating sounds are another ASMR video that she broadcasts on her YouTube channel.


Hikaru Kaihatsu/HikakinTV has collaborated with Ariana Grande and Aerosmith as an accomplished beatboxer and songwriter. It's his primary channel right now.

Despite his popularity, he was respected for his gentle demeanor and lack of controversies. He makes an effort to make his content suitable for children so that the whole family may enjoy it.

He shares anything from music videos to hilarious videos to viral challenges.HikakinTV is his most popular channel, with more than 10 million subscribers.

Atta Halilintar

He is an Indonesian businessman, actor, musician, and content producer known as Muhammad Atta Halilintar /Atta Halilintar.

Music videos, celebrity interviews, and motivational content are the main focus of his YouTube channel, which has over 2 million subscribers.

He has risen to the position of being Indonesia's most famous YouTuber and one of the top 120 worldwide in 2021. Besides being well-known on YouTube, he has also appeared in films such as The Haunted and The Return of the Devil Child.

Rice's Official

She goes as Ria Yunita/Rice's Official, and she is an Indonesian YouTuber and social media influencer. The content she posts includes vlogs and challenges and music, and vacation videos.

She has over 29 million subscribers on YouTube and 29.6 million followers on Instagram, making her one of the most popular YouTubers.

Kaykai Salander

Nutricia Namwong/Kaykai Salaider, a Thai YouTube star, is one of the most popular female Asian YouTubers. First Thai YouTuber to surpass 10 million subscribers in 2019, and she hasn't looked back since then.

Her content is cheerful and lighthearted, focused on her life and traveled as she pursued a college education. Furthermore, she has her skincare line, which she actively advertises on various social media platforms.


Kuwaiti storyteller, writer, and YouTuber Mohammad Almutairi/Kwili go by "Kwili." His work consists primarily of stories, poetry, and collaborations with others.


Even though some of his videos are somewhat depressing, his 5.4 million subscribers illustrate his content's popularity.


Weng Chuan-ming/Joeman is a Taiwanese YouTuber specializing in gaming and other lifestyle content. He shares his Joeman Show chat show skits and music and gaming stuff videos.

Joeman is a gaming and lifestyle YouTuber from Taiwan with over 2 million subscribers for those who aren't familiar with Taiwanese YouTubers.

I've been following him on YouTube for the past decade, and I've learned so much from his videos.

Ridhwan Azman

Ridhwan Azman, and he is a Singaporean actor and YouTuber. He uploads comedy sketches, parodies, music, and other collaborative stuff to his website.

His videos are in English and include English subtitles, making it easy to follow along. He has 680K YouTube subscribers, 217.8K TikTok followers, and 201K Instagram followers.

Alieff Irfan

Over 4 million people follow Malaysian YouTube star Alieff Irfan, who is just 21 years old. The majority of his videos are pranks, song mashups, and drama parodies.

More than two million people follow him on Facebook, and even more, people follow him on Instagram, with more than one million people following him there.

Amit Bhadana

YouTuber and comedian Amit Bhadana hails from India. On top of that, the Mobile Premier League has made him an official brand ambassador (MPL). Even though he doesn't post many videos, he has approximately 24 million subscribers.

Comedy sketches and parodies make up the majority of his material. Apart from his YouTube channel, Amit has 9.2 million Facebook fans and 6.8 million Instagram followers.

Bie The Ska

Krit Boonyarung/Bie The Ska is a Thai YouTuber most known for his parodies of pop culture, music videos, and other mainstream media.

He started writing parodies of songs when he was still in college to keep himself and his friends entertained during stressful exam periods.

Bie the Ska is a Thai YouTube sensation with over 11 million fans. His parody videos made him a household name. To keep his empire and reach growing, his content has to be on the edge of delighting his audience continually.

Hello Catie

Hello Catie is an influencer, beauty blogger, and professional makeup artist from Taiwan. Her YouTube channel currently has more than one million subscribers.

YouTube is her platform of choice for daily vlogs, tutorials, fashion lookbooks, and beauty product reviews. She posts beauty, fashion, and lifestyle articles on her other social media accounts.

zbing z

Gamer and YouTuber oNaiyarat Thanawaigoses/zbing z hails from Bangkok, Thailand. So far, she's amassed a significant fan base, both male and female, for her live streams and gaming casts.

She opted to be a voice actor for her primary career and asked her family for permission to do so. She promised her mother that if it didn't work out for the family business, she would return and help out.

Jess No Limit

Indonesian gamer Jess No Limit (also known as Tobias Justin) With just over 22.6 million subscribers and more than 1,500 videos on YouTube, he is one of the most popular YouTubers globally.

Frost Diamond

An Indonesian YouTuber known as Frost Diamond (aka Kananda Widyantara) is known for his focus on video games, notably Minecraft. He has posted more than 1,500 videos and has about 19 million subscribers on his channel.


Even the name "Frost '' was inspired by Home Alone, as a snow lover unexpectedly came across the word "frost" while watching the movie. 

The term "Diamond" itself is derived from Minecraft, where diamonds are one of the most sought-after things by Minecraft players. Kananda's name is becoming more widely known because of this channel.

He's one of the most popular Asian YouTubers, but that doesn't mean he's free of controversy. When he was caught in 2018 copying another channel's thumbnail, his pipeline was temporarily shut down.

His work was accused of plagiarism when, in 2021, another video he made was found to have identical premises and thumbnails.

Conclusion: best Asian YouTubers you should learn from

Strategies like influencer marketing and video production with Asian YouTube stars are effective ways to reach the large Asian market. Investing in the Asian market is vital.

Regardless of the demographics of your intended audience, there is a perfect Asian YouTuber to collaborate with. There are a variety of excellent YouTube channels focused on Asian culture and viewpoints.

In conclusion, these Asian YouTubers are the best. They have a huge following, and their content is always high quality. Start with watching fantastic videos if you want to learn how to make great films!

When it comes to Asian YouTubers, those who are most faithful to themselves are the best. Their imperfections and troubles aren't hidden from view, and they're not ashamed to admit it. They're also not afraid to be silly and fun.

With these channels, you can discover everything from the many countries in Asia to how they spend their life.

Discovering the similarities and differences between different cultures through these resources will broaden your perspective on what it means to be human.

Nothing compares to the joy of introducing others to something you're passionate about. Whether through music, comedy, or cooking videos, there's something about watching someone else enjoy what you love that makes it all feel worth it. 

We think these Asian YouTubers are doing just that—and we hope you do too! If you haven't heard of any of these people before, we encourage you to check out their channels and learn from them!

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