Why Do You Need To Delegate Web Development To Ukrainian Developers?

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The dedicated web development team model has gained widespread adoption in HR practices, offering a more flexible approach to completing projects without the need for hiring full-time professionals.

For instance, when creating a minimum viable product, such as a physical product, an app, a website, or a landing page for a client, there is no requirement to retain the specialists after the project's completion.

Instead, companies can opt to work with outstaff providers who can delegate tasks to their professionals to ensure high-quality and prompt delivery. This collaboration model is convenient, especially considering that many companies offer their services remotely, even from abroad.

By leveraging this approach, businesses can efficiently complete projects without the long-term commitment of hiring full-time staff, benefiting from specialized expertise on an as-needed basis.

What is the main benefit of hiring a dedicated developer?

The main benefit of hiring a dedicated developer revolves around getting a professional who is solely focused on your project and committed to its success.

What is the main benefit of hiring a dedicated developer

When you hire a dedicated developer, you gain access to their specialized expertise, which can be invaluable for tackling complex challenges, implementing best practices, and delivering high-quality solutions. By being dedicated to your project, the developer can apply their expertise fully and consistently. 

On other hand, hiring an offshore dedicated team can be cost-saving — you do not have to pay for:

  • The office rent
  • Payroll management
  • Insurance

Eastern Europe provides the ideal destination to find the appropriate expertise. Countries like Poland and Ukraine boast extensive pools of IT professionals. Poland has nearly 280,000 IT experts, while Ukraine has around 185,000. You can tap into this talented workforce, known for its proficiency and commitment to delivering high-quality results.

Their skills and experience will help you bring your projects to life efficiently and effectively.

Why choose web developers from Ukraine over other locations?

The expertise of Ukrainian IT companies includes software development tailored for startups, launch an MVP service solutions, offering startup consulting services, and conducting thorough startup research across multiple industries. These companies are particularly renowned for their proficiency in data management, telecommunications, cloud services, gaming, e-commerce, and media sectors.

Ukraine continues to establish itself as one of the most promising IT destinations globally, boasting a vast network of tech talent comprising over 1,600 companies and more than 184,700 experts. The country's potential for local improvement with international experience is evident through the presence of major industry leaders such as Microsoft, Siemens, and eBay operating within its borders.

Why choose web developers from Ukraine over other locations?

Notably, the IT sector in Ukraine witnessed a remarkable growth rate of 19% in 2018, underscoring the industry's rapid progress. The country is steadily gaining recognition in the global fintech landscape, with Ukrainian outsourcing facilities securing 18 positions in the 2018 Global Outsourcing 100 list. In terms of starting a business, Ukraine ranked an impressive 30th, outperforming countries like Bulgaria (52), Slovakia (68), Poland (85), and the Czech Republic (93).

Furthermore, Ukraine has been witnessing a surge in the number of startups, with several high-tech companies gaining international recognition for their practical applications. Unicorn startups like Grammarly, Jooble, and DepositPhotos have achieved widespread acclaim beyond Ukraine's borders.

Additionally, Maxymiser, a Ukrainian product, has become a part of Oracle, and Looksery was successfully acquired by Snapchat, showcasing the country's potential in the startup space.

Ukrainian dedicated developersare highly sought after globally, with 63% of development projects being executed within Ukraine. According to recent statistics, 22% of projects are catered to North American clients, 13% to European clients, and 2% to clients in Israel.

Young initiatives and science-tech potential

Ukraine stands out as a hub for young IT initiatives, contributing a significant number of graduates to the IT market, with an impressive 130,000 graduates annually. This number surpasses that of many technologically advanced countries, including Japan, Switzerland, and Belgium. The abundance of tech talent makes Ukraine an excellent choice for fulfilling outsourcing demands.

Young initiatives and science-tech potential

The country offers a wide array of outsourced specialists, with the majority (44%) working in the outsource sector, followed by 28% in product development, 10% in outstaffing, and only 3% engaged in freelance work. Notably, 31% of IT professionals confessed that they work in the industry for the sheer enjoyment and passion it brings. Ukraine's science-tech potential is commendable, bolstered by its strong IT sector and a wealth of educational and research resources dedicated to improvement.

The presence of R&D centers representing industry giants like Samsung Electronics, Apple, Wargaming, Boeing, and many others further reinforces its technological prowess. An impressive 60% of Ukrainian developers have regular experience participating in specialized IT events, such as iForum, DEV challenge, Saas Nation, or IT Arena, demonstrating their commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and advancements.

What to consider when hiring abroad:

Organizing a devoted development team in another country is always a challenging deal. There are several points to ensure before you start building your dream team:

  • Cultural Gap: Address potential misconceptions regarding communication and work approach through proper management and hiring strategies. The working culture in Ukrainian tech companies aligns well with Western countries.

  • Language: While English may not be the strongest suit of Eastern European developers, it is generally better than that of developers from Asia or South America. Project managers in Ukraine are often fluent English speakers, facilitating effective communication and MVP solutions.

  • Age Diversity: Be mindful of the age diversity within the Ukrainian tech workforce. A significant majority, 64%, falls within the age group of 21-30 years. Different professional roles have varying age demographics, such as designers among the younger group and top-management and system administrators among the older ones.

  • Wages: Understand the average wages of developers in Ukraine, which typically range from $25-50 per hour, with monthly salaries in the range of $1400-3300. It is a competitive labor market compared to other countries in the region.

  • Expenses: Consider that using a dedicated team from outsourcing companies might impact the overall cost of services, as they often keep prices higher to remain profitable. However, investors often pay for the project once they see the developed MVP framework.

  • Time Zone Difference: Take into account the time zone difference, as Ukraine is one hour ahead of most European countries and has a 7-10 hours gap with the US. While it may require coordination, it is still more manageable than working with specialists from more distant regions.

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