pCloud Review 2021 – Is it The Best Cloud Storage Service?

One of the essentials of our ever-expanding digital world is storage. With billions of files created per day, individuals and companies grow increasingly reliant on a more reliable repository, cloud storage.

Cloud storage offers easier and more efficient file management compared to those heavy bulky hard disks we used to buy. Our increasing demand for cloud-based storage resulted in the rise of numerous cloud storage providers and pCloud is one of them.

With the growing need to expand and preserve data, I tried multiple cloud storage services. Here is a complete pCloud review 2021 to help you understand whether or not it’s the suitable cloud service you’ll need.

I’ll discuss its top features, its pros and cons, and candid information on other cloud services to broaden your range of choices.

Let’s get to the gist, shall we?

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What is pCloud?

pCloud like any other cloud-based storage provider provides users with a way to store, maintain and access files off-site. Established in 2013, pCloud was created for one main purpose: make cloud storage extremely user-friendly.

pCloud home

pCloud is based in Switzerland that caters to a worldwide audience. Its main purpose is to provide users with an easier way of storing and accessing files.

On top of that, pCloud provides extra security features keeping sensitive company files and user copyright files an extra shield against unwanted eyes.

pCloud is among the top-rated cloud service providers not only because of its user-friendly interface. On top of ease of use, pCloud deals are quite rare and highly sought after especially for individual users, it offers:

  • 10GB of free storage 
  • pCloud lifetime subscriptions that are rare to come by
  • Unlimited media sizes making it ideal for large file storage
  • Linux Distros integration
  • Mobile (both android and ios) and desktop application

pCloud provides access through multiple devices, it’s compatibility allows you to store and manage your files across multiple platforms. One of its perks is the pCloud subscription plans that fit all types of budget. It is amongst the very few cloud services that provide lifetime subscriptions making it an ideal long term storage provider.

Who are its target users?

Initially intended to cater to the needs of individual users, they designed pCloud with a convenient interface. It has an auto system integration making it easy for even tech-noobs to learn, use, and master.

pCloud target users

Though it was primarily geared towards individual users, pCloud has expanded its primary target market to businesses and larger corporations. With massive media files and the need for quick file management between members of a team, pCloud simplifies corporate systems even further.

Once installed, it is automatically incorporated in your File Manager. With an easy click and drag storage, it acts as part of the system making file transfer and access simpler.

Why is the pCloud app necessary?

  • It is ideal for those looking for a great cloud service at mid-price. For most individuals, price is a major deciding factor. pCloud is a reasonably priced cloud service. Price ranges for a full subscription can range from $47.88 to $350.
  • It is perfect for those who want their files protected from hackers. One of the perks of using cloud service is full privacy and secured file protection. Even in our personal computers, we are still at high risk of being hacked and cloud service providers offer top-notch protection over your files.
  • It is compatible with Linux Distros. pCloud is available for Distro making it a highly in-demand service for Linux Distros users. It is compatible with other software as well especially meant for file management and even cloud computing.
  • It offers more space and file preservation for less cost. One of the perks of getting cloud service is getting a larger storage space at a way cheaper price. On top of that, we don’t have to worry about losing our files stored in flash drives and hard disks that we may lose or break eventually.

Is pCloud safe?

Yes! Let’s get straight to the point here, pCloud offers security protection over your files. All subscriptions offer end-to-end encryption. This means that only you and those who you grant access to your files can see and view your files. You also have the full authority to grant or limit a person’s access to certain files on your pCloud storage.

pCloud encryption

Cloud offers one of the best protection services but this only applies to subscribed users. Free users aren’t covered under the pCloud Crypto policy. You have to pay extra if you want to have the best file security.

However, it already offers great privacy and basic protection over your files. Unless you’re using a ridiculously easy password or you have very little protection over who gains access to your computer and files, anyone can access your pCloud's storage.

pCloud review 2021: What are its best features?

pCloud is among the highest-rated cloud services in the market and it’s time to know why.

I’ve already mentioned some of the best pCloud features. But in this part of our pCloud 2021 review, let’s delve deeper into the benefits you can get in using this cloud storage service.  

Online and offline file management

The pCloud app acts as your virtual disk drive. The virtual drive is a cloud extension of your computer or mobile phone’s storage capacity expanding your storable space up to 2TB.

pCloud online and offline file management

Naturally, all your files are uploaded on the cloud. Every file and document you edit are also directly saved on the cloud as well.

pCloud always gives you the option to sync your files offline allowing you to access your file even when you’re off the grid. You can choose the option to save your files locally by folder and not by individual file.

Easy-to-master user interface

One of the perks of using pCloud is its easy navigation. Unlike other cloud services, you need to open your web browser or the local cloud app on your phone or on your computer. The pCloud app, on the other hand, has an auto-integration with your File Manager.

Simplified use

Once installed, it automatically creates a drive on your File Manager. This pCloud file transfer feature is ideal for all types of users.

Whether you’re an individual rushing to find and edit your files or a member of a corporate in quick need to share files to your teammates, pCloud file transfer simplifies it for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re completely new to the pCloud app or you're a tech Pro, the app is very easy to use and master.

Lightweight usage

What I love about it is that it also doesn’t take much space on my RAM and disk usage. As someone who has multiple devices, I have some with a less powerful processor. Opening more than 6 apps on one of my computers takes a heavy toll that it slows down.

pCloud doesn’t add to that heavy load because I don’t have to open the app to access my files.

End-to-end encryption

The best cloud storage service always comes with the latest files security, and pCloud has that. I came to realize after trying out multiple cloud services that pCloud is among the top cloud storage providers that come with the best file protection.

pCloud encryption

Needless to say, I don’t have to worry about my files being accessed by a third party. The pCloud Crypto folder is an advanced feature that offers client-side encryption.

Client-based vs. server-based encryption

It means that only you can decrypt your most important files. Server-side encryption, or server encryption, is the basic file encryption offered on free storage users. 

It stores your files in its data centers. In this case, pCloud stores your files in 3 different locations to ensure that you gain access to them if one of these locations fail.

Server encryption uses TLS and SSL encryption on your basic files. pCloud automatically encrypts your data whenever you store them on your pCloud drive.

Client-side encryption, simply put, encrypts your files on your computer and not on the server. It is perfect for individuals or companies who need larger storage for highly sensitive data. I prefer using client-side encryption simply because pCloud doesn’t have a copy of my files on its unencrypted form.

So even if hackers end up breaking through the server protection, they won’t have access to any of my files. Plus, only I have the encryption key to decrypt my personal files.

Quick file sharing

pCloud file transfer has never been easier. One feature that makes pCloud unique is that anyone can access your files whether or not they are pCloud users.

Using the pCloud app on your device or on its web interface, you can share or transfer your files in 3 ways:

Via invitation to access

You can easily collaborate by sharing private folders to other pCloud users by sending an ‘Invite to Access’. You can also limit who can ‘Edit’ and just ‘View’ the files on your shared folders.

Limitations: You can only use this pCloud feature with other pCloud users.

Download or upload links

Conveniently share large media files (photos and videos) by sending your recipients the download link to your files. What’s great about this is that the files are dynamic. So, your recipients will always get to view the latest update on files you’ve made changes to.

Download or upload links

In the same manner, sending recipients an upload link allows others to add large files to your folder from their local devices.

Limitations: Upload links are only applicable to pCloud users.

Direct link access

The pCloud offers your very own Public Folder directly accessible in an index directory. This is a unique pCloud feature where you can use your cloud storage as a hosting service. 

You can use it to embed visual media, share multiple files of any size and even create a static HTML website.

Limitations: You are limited to 2TB of data storage and nothing more than that.

File tracking with pCloud versioning

Save multiple versions of your files with pCloud file versioning. You can recall previous changes you’ve made on files in your pCloud app.


You can check the changes you’ve made on your folders on your entire drive using the Rewind feature. You can see the changes you’ve made in the past 15 days or up to 30 days for free users and subscribers respectively.

pCloud Rewind


You can revisit every change you’ve made on a file and restore these versions. However, you can go only as far back as 15 days of changes (on the free plan) and up to 30 days (on the premium plan).

Extended file history

Although you’re given a 15- or 30-day history of your files (backup), you can keep a record of all the changes and deletions you’ve made in the past 360 days. It’s like a recycle bin access where you can still retrieve some of your files with ease.

Multiple device synchronization

One of the pains of losing or having a device broken is losing all the files in it. We’ve probably lost one or two flash drives, had a broken hard disk, or even had our phone stolen. The betrayal of devices also means the complete loss of our data.

Device synchronization

One of the latest pCloud updates allows us to access our files throughout all our devices. pCloud doesn’t limit the number of devices logged into a single account. 

pCloud drive for windows10

pCloud has block-level sync, it speeds up file updates making your recently edited files available on other devices in real-time. You can do the same thing with your mobile images and videos. You can automatically upload all your files to pCloud anytime by turning the auto-upload on. 

pCloud for android

Cloud synchronization

Interestingly enough, you can link pCloud with other popular cloud storage service providers like Google, DropBox, and One Drive.

You can also sync it with social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram allowing you to have easier access to your media files.

Large file uploads and media preview

One of the highlights of pCloud storage is its large file transfer. Unlike most cloud storage services that give a 25MB limit, pCloud doesn’t have that. That makes it ideal for professional photographers and video makers with massive media file sizes.

pCloud file upload

My favorite pCloud update made just recently includes a built-in player. You can create your own music playlist and play it directly from your cloud storage.

The video player also allows you to view media directly from your cloud without opening other video players.

pCloud pricing packages

Price is everything when it comes to getting the most out of the lowest price. pCloud deals offer multiple pricing packages. From those with a tight budget to those willing to spend on advanced features, there’s an array of pCloud pricing packages to choose from.

Free subscription

Anyone can create an account with pCloud absolutely free of charge. With a free account, you’re given a 10GB storage space.

It also comes with the basic SSL security transfer where your files are safe and protected. You’re also not limited to uploading large file sizes.

On top of that, you also get file versioning and link sharing. In a free account, file versioning allows you to access changes you’ve made on your files for up to 15 days only.

Monthly plans

pCloud prices start off with the monthly plan that offers all the benefits of a free subscription with the additional benefits:

  • You get to retrieve your deleted files dating 30 days back in the trash history.
  • You’re given a fair share feature where you don’t have to use some of your online storage data when accessing files from other users.
pCloud pricing packages

To get 500GB on top of your 10GB free storage, it costs $4.99 or $59.88 annually.

For an extra 2TB storage, it will cost $9.99 monthly or $119.88 annually. Since it is a monthly subscription, you only get to pay for your subscription every 30 days.

Annual packages

There are 2 yearly pCloud subscriptions and the only difference between the two is the storage space provided. Both packages include everything on the monthly storage.

Premium 500GB. This is the low-cost pCloud pricing package set at $47.88 (at the time this pCloud review 2021 was written). You get to save $12 compared to purchasing the cloud service monthly.

Premium Plus 2TB. Perfect for power-users and professionals with the constant need to store and access very large files, the Premium Plus package costs $95.88 giving you a total of $24 in savings.

pCloud lifetime subscription

pCloud pricing packages offer a shockingly reasonable lifetime package. Not a lot of cloud storage service providers have this deal. pCloud lifetime deal offers a one-time fee payment granting lifetime access to pCloud.

pCloud lifetime subscription

You also get to enjoy the same features offered in any paid subscriptions. The only difference is that, you only have to pay once and enjoy the pCloud lifetime deal.

The 500GB lifetime purchase costs $175 while 2TB extra storage costs a total of $350. The lifetime deal gives you a free lifetime Extended File History. 

Group subscriptions

pCloud also offers group subscriptions. Instead of different individuals purchasing different accounts, this pCloud deal offers a family or business packages.

  • Family package. You are given a lifetime 2TB subscription but you can allocate storage spaces to 4 members of your family (or friends). You get to manage which files are shared while still enjoying the privacy of your files and data. Each of the users in your package also enjoys their own file privacy.
  • Business package. Unlike the family plan, you purchase the business subscriptions monthly or annually. You can allocate up to 1TB or storage space per user and enjoy a multitude of file management services like:

You can set files management and data sharing in teams. This allows you to control which team gets access to which files and at which level of access.

You can also actively monitor the changes made with details logs and team commenting and sharing.

Individual users also get to enjoy file privacy allowing each member of the team to protect sensitive data.

This package also comes with a 30 day free trial.


pCloud offers two additional packages:

  • 1. pCloud Crypto. This added wall of security provides users with a client-based encryption. Compared to the basic SSL encryption, only you can access your files with your key code. SSL encryption also offers a secure line of file protection for third party users but your files can also be accessed by pCloud.
  • 2. Extended file history. This allows you to have a detailed log of all the changes you’ve made on your files for an entire year instead of the basic 30 day trash history.
pCloud crypto

pCloud pros and cons

As great as pCloud is, it still has its pitfalls to consider. Here’s a quick list I put together for you to consider.


  • You can upload massive media files because it doesn’t have a file size limit for uploads.
  • The lifetime plan saves you hundreds of dollars in the long run.
  • There is a link sharing variety option that allows you to share files in different levels of access and protection.
  • It is highly compatible with different software and even social media platforms.
  • Basic protection and Crypto protection are highly secure, protecting your files with ease and without difficulty.
  • Perfect for large companies or corporations in managing large and sensitive data.
  • pCloud syncs really fast both upload and download
  • It is very reliable with decent uptime and it is also quite stable


  • You have to pay extra for the extended trash history but that is only limited to only 360 days.
  • You also have to pay a hefty extra price for the cryptocurrency.
  • pCloud only comes in English.

pCloud alternatives

This review of pCloud won’t be complete if we don’t compare it to the best cloud storage service providers. Let’s get straight to it.

iDrive is a lower end cloud storage service compared to pCloud. Both cloud storages provide easy file upload and quick syncing.

idrive home

Here are some features and benefits you need to know:

  • Versatile syncing to tools and social media platform for easy auto-storage of files
  • Full control and management of files and folders - auto-syncing allowing you to edit and save your files directly to the cloud.
  • Quick data restore provides version restoration of date directly on your cloud or on your computer.

On the upside, iDrive provides a lifetime of file versioning. You can access different versions of your files ever since it was uploaded on the cloud.

It also has a larger storage space giving you up to 2TB per year at a lower cost. You can add up to 5TB annually if you choose to renew your contract with iDrive.

Unfortunately, its free subscription only offers up to 5GB of storage space. And it has a poor interface making it quite hard for non-tech savvy users to navigate and use the app.

Ranked as one of the best cloud storage service providers in the market DropBox is no doubt on top of the list.

Dropbox is ideal when it comes to file-sharing with wider collaborative options.

dropbox home

Dropbox comes with app extensions to automate updates and file back-ups.

Here are some notable features:

  • 128-bit AES and TLS/SSL encryption during transit but no end-to-end encryption
  • Dropbox paper offers a space for team sharing and collaboration
  • Allows viewership to comment and request access on your public files
  • Secure file sending of file sizes up to 100GB
  • Provides digital watermarks to protect your ideas

Dropbox may be a great place to store files but it doesn’t offer much compared to the competitive cloud storage services being offered by competitors. 

Dropbox lacks security and external files can be searched and accessed by unwelcomed users. Still, despite its lack of update, it remains one of the best cloud service providers in the market.

Google drive is probably the top of the ladder for the best cloud storage service in the market. 

google drive

It has its own tools and apps to access, edit and share files in real-time. Its team collaboration features make it ideal for small and even large businesses to remotely work with each other.

The notable benefits and features of Google Drive are:

  • 128-bit AES encryption to transfer files while TLS protocol is used to protect files during transit.
  • Multi-tool environment and access to direct communication with different users while focusing on a certain file.
  • File versioning has no limit.
  • Sending files and viewing files is accessible even for those without a GDrive account.

Although GDrive allows you to store, manage, and edit your files in just one app, you need to secure your account with a powerful password.

Another great cloud storage option is Sync.com. With your privacy in mind, Sync.com offers its subscribers the ultimate default protection. Sync doesn’t have access to your files unless your files are set for public sharing.


It is one of the most user-friendly cloud storage mainly because of its multi-access point.

Here are other features you might like about Sync:

  • Vault storage allows you to store data outside your sync folder, still in the cloud
  • File restoration is free and has virtually no timed trash limit.
  • Referral perks, referring Sync to other subscribers get you 1 GB free on top of 5GB data.
  • Free “Enhanced Privacy” with zero-knowledge encryption

Though a newer and lesser-known cloud storage service, Sync has a lot to offer especially for businesses and corporations.

To learn more about this cloud storage, I made a full Sync.com review.

Putting it all together

Whether we want to send or collaborate files with team members, flash drives aren’t cut out for the job anymore. As we slowly transition from bulky and easy-to-break hard drives to cloud storage, saving our valuable data on a cloud server is nothing more than a way better option. 

With many storage providers to compare, it’s no wonder that we struggle to find the best cloud storage service that fits our needs.

The pCloud app, though lesser-known, is a highly rated cloud service provider for the following reasons:

  • You pay a decent price for all their services
  • Getting a pCloud lifetime subscription saves you a ton of money compared to getting a monthly or annual purchase.
  • It doesn’t have a maximum file size limit so you can upload huge files as long as your storage has space for it.
  • It prioritizes security above all to protect your files.
  • pCloud deals with multiple tools and social media platform syncing.
  • It has a very simple user interface useful for technoobs.

If you’re looking for a platform that will secure your sensitive files, then pCloud is a great solution. Since it offers end-to-end encryption, you’re sure to protect your files even from pCloud itself.

Since collaboration with other users is also very simple to use and master.

Although pCloud is a starting cloud service provider, it offers great features at highly competitive prices. I’ve compiled all the useful information you can get in this article. 

Get the latest updates here and make the most of your cloud storage service experience with pCloud. You can register for free and get a lifetime 10GB extra storage space on the cloud!

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