Social Media Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

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Social media sites are now crucial sources of new leads for modern marketers and their brands. With almost everyone having social media accounts, advertisers are working hard to engage prospects on the sites where their target audiences are most active.

The increasing global expenditure on social media advertising underscores the effectiveness of social media marketing. In 2021, spending for social media ads reached $116 billion, a figure projected to grow to $262 billion by 2028.

A quick look at social media advertising

This digital marketing strategy relies on social media platforms to establish a company's brand, boost sales, and drive website traffic. This tactic’s purpose-built data analytics also allows advertisers to monitor the performance of their campaigns and identify innovative engagement opportunities.

A quick look at social media advertising

Campaigns on social media platforms involve more than just creating business accounts and uploading content at random. This approach requires an evolving strategy and includes the following tasks:

  • Optimizing social media profiles
  • Uploading images, videos, and stories that represent your brand
  • Streaming live to attract the right audience
  • Replying to comments and engaging with followers
  • Following influencers and followers to form a community around your brand

To help you develop your own social media advertising strategy, we will outline the best practices and mistakes you should avoid.

The do’s of social media marketing

Knowing the best social media marketing practices can help your advertising team run successful campaigns. Read on to discover the do’s of social media advertising.

Be original

People online do not want to see the same stale and unoriginal content daily. To get your audience's attention, switch it up and get creative with the content you publish. Creating unique branded posts will make your profiles feel more personable, unique, and entertaining to your followers.

Try experimenting with your brand's visual identity online. Adding fun graphics or videos helps your account stand out. It would help if you also studied what dimensions work best on which site so you can make the best content for the platform you choose.

Be consistent

One of the most critical aspects of promoting your brand on social media is finding the perfect posting frequency. Conventional wisdom dictates that brands should post something at least once every day. However, there are no hard-and-fast rules to optimizing upload strategy.

Instead of relying on others’ suggestions, commit to a schedule you think you can sustain long-term. You can look up the best times to post for brands in your industry and geographic location. Another tactic is to review your social media analytics and determine when most of your followers are active.

After creating a sustainable upload schedule, you should stick to it. Remember that consistency is critical to building a following on social media.

If you can only publish two pieces of content every week, then commit to posting twice a week. Sticking to your upload schedule week in and out is highly important.

Consistency can boost brand awareness and increase your followers. By being consistent, you won’t disappoint followers who have come to look forward to your posts on certain days of the week. 

Determine a brand voice

Identifying a brand voice or determining how formal or casual you want your voice to be online can help you create consistent content. You must identify your target customer to understand who you want to talk to and the type of communication they may expect. 

For example, if you run a social media marketing campaign on LinkedIn, keep a professional tone. It is an employment and business-focused social media site, and most users are professionals making connections with other professionals. So, if you do not want your content to look out of place, stick to a formal tone.

Determine a brand voice

Meanwhile, if you promote a fashion brand on Instagram or Twitter, you can use a more casual tone and add fun emojis and pop culture references to your content. 

Talk to your followers

Make your social media profiles a space where people can engage with other users, share their thoughts, and socialize. Send replies when your followers comment on your content.

You should also check your direct messages and respond to them to show your audience that the brand cares about their thoughts. You can also spark engagement by posting conversation starters, such as polls.

Address criticisms professionally

Your social media page is public, which allows anyone to engage with your content. Even previous customers with a negative experience with your brand can comment on your posts and share your content.

This fact opens your brand to public criticism, which you should always address online. Remember to reply if you receive criticism under one of your posts. Take the time to draft an intelligent response to show you care about your customers. 

If you need more information to address their issue, kindly request additional details through a direct message. This strategy is an excellent way to show your followers that you care about resolving issues while moving the discussion to a private space. 

Getting flak publicly may seem daunting, but it allows your brand to demonstrate to your followers how you handle negative criticisms. Moreover, audience feedback can help you identify areas of improvement, which can elevate your customer service.

Make a separate account for your business

One mistake entrepreneurs often make is wanting to add a “personal touch” to their social media campaigns. These business owners want to associate their social media profiles with their brand accounts by sharing and commenting between accounts.

Unfortunately, this tactic can be a slippery slope because it can attract controversy to your business if your personal account gets negative attention.

The don’ts of social media marketing

Digital marketing is not just about uploading clips on TikTok and hoping for the best. There are mistakes that you should avoid if you do not want your brand to get the wrong kind of attention online. This section outlines these mistakes so you know what to avoid when running a social media campaign.

Don’t make spelling mistakes

If you want your brand to look professional, you should avoid committing any spelling or grammar mistakes in your posts. Unfortunately, only a few businesses proofread their posts before uploading them on their profiles. This mistake leads to typos and grammatical errors that may turn off the readers.

Don’t make spelling mistakes

Before sharing new content, you should have at least one proofreader check the text and sources of your posts and images. You can also use apps like Grammarly to avoid typos and other errors.

Don’t remove comments

It may be tempting to delete negative replies for fear of exposing internal issues or losing customers. However, deleting comments can harm your brand’s reputation

Instead of deleting comments, respond and tell them to take the discussion to a private message. This way, you can show your followers that you care about your customers while resolving the matter privately. Even if you cannot resolve the issue, responding demonstrates your commitment to high-quality customer service.

Don’t spam your audience

You should limit the number of posts you publish daily to prevent overwhelming and spamming your followers. 

Before uploading content, ask yourself whether the new post provides value to your audience. If the answer is no, try creating something more relevant. This way, you ensure the quality of your content on your social media accounts.

For example, social media marketers for mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) can answer frequently asked questions online. They can inform their audience about the advantages of using MVNOs over traditional network operators, discuss how MVNOs work, and talk about other topics relevant to their brands. This way, they are establishing their brands as reputable sources of information within their industry.

Don’t waste your time on trolls

Social media sites are also home to trolls who post inflammatory content to get attention and a rise out of other users. If a social media troll keeps posting disparaging or offensive comments, delete the reply immediately and send a report.

It is crucial to remember not to interact with these troublemakers. Doing so can affect your brand's reputation and start conflicts in front of your followers.

Don't buy followers

It may be tempting to purchase social media followers through a third-party organization to boost your brand's online image. However, there are several crucial reasons social media marketers stray from this strategy. 

Buying followers

Purchased followers are usually bots or fake accounts, which means you only increase your follower count but not your engagement rates. Instead of buying followers, create a well-rounded marketing strategy and publish relevant and valuable content.

Don't repost content without permission

Sharing user-generated content (UGC) can effectively establish partnerships with other brands and help develop a loyal sense of community. However, you should always ask permission from the original poster before reposting any UGC.

Get explicit permission before you share someone else's videos, photos, graphics, or posts. You can send a private message to the original creator before uploading repurposed content. You should also fact-check the details of the repurposed post to ensure the information you share is accurate.

Tag the original creator to your post and credit them for making the original content. This way, you avoid issues regarding stolen content, which can harm your online reputation.

Do social media marketing right and boost brand awareness

There are unspoken rules when advertising your brand on social media platforms. Keep them in mind to get the most out of your digital advertising campaign. This way, you can build a solid following on various social media platforms without attracting negative attention to your business.

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