Viddyoze Template Club 3.0 Review: Is It Really Worth It?

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Creating videos for marketing these days is already non-negotiable. The massive growth of the likes of Tiktok, IG Stories, and YouTube shows that most Internet users are visual learners and consumers. If you do these media right, they can reward you with incredible returns and passive income

However, publishing videos is a different story from creating one. The latter can be painstaking and expensive, particularly if you’re a beginner with hardly any knowledge in producing or editing them. That’s why I have great appreciation for tools like Viddyoze. 

In this post, I would like to pay tribute to the beautiful templates this application offers. I would also like to make a Viddyoze Template Club 3.0 review.

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First, a recap

I have a thorough review on Viddyoze, and I highly recommend that you check it out. But just in case you don’t have the time, let me give you a refresher. 

Viddyoze is a 3D animation and video platform that works similarly to Canva. The biggest difference is the content. The latter provides you with static designs while Viddyoze gives you dynamic ones. 

Viddyoze Template Club Animations

The heart of it is its dozens of video templates, which you can customize according to your preferences: 

  • Images
  • Color scheme
  • Audio
  • Duration (although the duration options are already given – you just need to pick) 
  • Text

The clips already have placeholders where you can likely add your text or image and preview everything before you publish them. 

Template Club 3.0 Review Is It Really Worth It

Depending on the plan you’ve chosen, you can also do the following: 

  • Include a watermark to ensure no one steals your content
  • Opt for a bespoke service, where an in-house team can produce videos for your brand from scratch (this is perhaps the peak of customization at Viddyoze)
  • Send your previews to your clients if you want these videos to be part of your portfolio or make corrections before publication
  • Sell your produced videos in the market and earn a handsome profit 
  • Add a team member for collaboration 
  • Use its proprietary ALPHA technology, which lets you create more seamless backgrounds and foregrounds
  • Incorporate visually appealing calls to action

Pricing plans of Viddyoze

At first glance, it seems that Viddyoze only has two pricing plans for a license:

  • Viddyoze Personal
  • Viddyoze Commercial
Viddyoze pricing plans

Although both are single payment and reasonably priced compared to Viddyoze’s competitors, I strongly suggest that digital marketers subscribe to Commercial Plan:

  • They can use almost a hundred more Viddyoze templates.
  • They can create unlimited renders per month.
  • They can receive excellent bonuses, like YouTube Accelerator for those who want to win at YouTube and Reverse Sales Method for the ones who like to earn money from the videos they make.
  • They can still enjoy other features or benefits of the Personal Plan.
  • The difference right now is only $10!

Under this pricing plan, Viddyoze also gives you another choice. It’s still a Viddyoze lifetime deal worth $67, but this time, you can access an exclusive FB group.

Additionally, I recommend you using TubeBuddy for Youtube. I'm also using it. It's a great keyword research and video SEO tool.

You can read my TubeBuddy review here. 

Business pricing plan

What some Viddyoze users, particularly new ones, don’t know is the platform has other subscription options. 

Viddyoze Business pricing plan

First, you can indicate the number of animations you make per month. This is awesome if you’re a personal user but would want to make more renders than 30 every month or a commercial subscriber who has a tight budget. The cost per animation changes depending on your choice. 

Then, you have the Agency pricing plan, which costs about $297 per month. Although that’s a lot, Viddyoze believes you can earn thousands every 30 days with their bespoke service, comprehensive customization options, and white-label privileges. 

What’s Template Club 3.0?

By now, you already know that Viddyoze is all about flexibility, convenience, and customization. So on top of those three major pricing plans, the platform also offers add-ons, one of which is the Template Club 3.0.

What is Template Club 3.0? It is an additional subscription that will give you access to at least 1,500 Viddyoze templates – and more:

Viddyoze Template Club pricing plans

Viddyoze Template Club 3.0 review: is it your money’s worth?

As always, I strive to be as objective as possible with my review by giving a product’s or feature’s pros and cons. Here’s my take on the Template Club: 


1. The best access to Viddyoze templates

If you haven’t guessed it yet, Viddyoze seems to be giving you access to templates by the piecemeal. Fortunately, what they offer you is usually enough (or, in fact, more than enough). For example, if you subscribe only to the Personal Plan, being able to use any of the 170 templates already sounds great. 

However, when you have access to the entire catalog, you can be more creative and original with your approach to video production – and that’s a good thing. It’s easier for your work to stand out. With over 1,500 templates plus 15 more each month, the sky’s the limit with your artistry, so to speak.

Viddyoze pros and cons

2. A variety of options for sound

Videos feel more effective and engaging when they include sounds. With Template Club, you can use your own, which is highly recommended for branding. But you can also opt for sound effects alone. Using these specific sounds can heighten people’s connection to your videos.

3. Integration support

When you’re a member of the Template Club, you can integrate third-party platforms. These include Unsplash, Pixabay, and Pexels. Although you can get their photos anytime since they’re free (or, better yet, give the artist a shout out or a small fee for their incredible work), integration makes work easier and faster. 

It means you don’t need to close Viddyoze or leave the apps. The integration also provides you with more sources for wonderful images. Based on experience, they feel more authentic or human than the ones you usually see on stock photos. They are also less likely to be used often online. 

At some point, you need to use your media assets. But until then, the integration support will help you get your video production running in no time. 

4. Rendering of animated GIFs

While I am not a huge fan of GIFs, they have a place and time – and they can be effective marketing materials. I would strongly suggest using custom ones for social media, particularly Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest. GIFs are fun and engaging while they can also be brand-centric. 

You can create GIFs with other platforms such as, but being able to do the same in Viddyoze sounds better because of customization.

5. Flexible

The addition of the Template Club only makes Viddyoze more flexible or versatile for users. It’s nice to know that you have options depending on your need and budget, which can sometimes change. You have better control on the output and its quality and quantity. 

Moreover, the feature is available regardless of your choice of plan, so it’s advantageous to those with Personal Plan who may feel like they need more than 170 Viddyoze templates. Meanwhile, those who plan to sell their videos or build agencies surely should have access to all the available templates to maximize their earning and spending. 

Viddyoze social animations


1. Costly

I have no doubt that being able to use thousands of templates is a tempting offer, but the cost can potentially hold customers back. If you subscribe to the monthly plan, it could cost you $97 (although discounts can reduce it to $37/month). 

The annual plan is even more head-scratching. You can certainly do more with $347/year. I would also like to relate this to point #2.

2. Pretty much similar to the Commercial Plan

Although they have differences, the Template Club features are still closely similar to the Commercial Plan, and that can be problematic for Viddyoze. It may not really answer one of the most common questions of customers, “What’s in it for me?” That is unless, of course, what they’re after is thousands of templates.


Viddyoze is certainly one of the best 3D video marketing and animation platforms out there, and the fact it’s cloud-based makes it even more compelling to use. The team behind it also seems to never run out of ideas to make it better, which I definitely appreciate.

I also love its flexibility in terms of features and add-ons, including the chance to subscribe to its Template Club. But is it worth it to spend more money on extra templates?

I believe that this subscription plan is ideal if: 

  • You don’t want to limit yourself with design, style, and customization. You need not worry about rehashing the same template or video over and over. The chances of seeing a similar video online also decline, so that boosts your originality.
  • You are under the Personal Plan but you want more. When you’re using videos for personal consumption, you’re likely to need plenty of other features that will only cost you more but you cannot maximize. However, with the Template Club, you can be more versatile with your renders since you now have access to thousands of templates. It’s also a good introduction to what you can expect if you’re thinking of getting the Commercial Plan later.

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