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ClickFunnels Review 2020 | Is it the Best Sales Funnel Builder?

More often than not, the number of generated and converted leads reflect the quality and effectiveness of the sales funnel. It is why, as an aspiring marketer, learning the ins and outs of a good and lucrative funnel is crucial to your success.

Fortunately, all in one marketing platform such as Clickfunnels exists.

A customer’s buying journey involves meticulous planning and an ingenious approach. And Clickfunnels eliminate such difficulties.

It basically enables online business owners to grow their revenue using tested and proven funnel templates. The software provides other handy features too that can support your marketing needs.

That being said, in this Clickfunnels review 2020, I will tackle its features, pros and cons, as well as alternative platforms to help you decide whether it is the appropriate software for your business.

Let’s start?

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What is Clickfunnels?

Established way back year 2014, Clickfunnels is a marketing software created by Russell Brunson and his team. Essentially, it is a page and sales funnel creator packed with other key advertising tools to assist aspiring and professional biz owners to leverage their businesses.


Clickfunnels aims to help marketers and entrepreneurs design a high-converting sales process without the hassle of manual coding. It works as a visual drag and drop builder as well, which made it known as an intuitive app with entry-level accessibility.

Apart from making sales funnels, the software can also help you bring out the following:

  • Help grow your brand, leads, and revenue through webinars
  • Produce eye-pleasing and professional landing pages
  • Create more ways to earn via its membership site (ex: gated premium content)
  • Build meaningful relationship as well as generate sales with your audience via email campaigns

The platform is among the earliest visual sales funnel creators as well - which came after Leadpages. And prior to these applications, internet marketers used to build landing pages via HTML.

Clickfunnels 14 day free trial_

Clickfunnels offer a 14 days free trial as well, which gives users unlimited access to all its tools. And I find it very helpful as it allows marketers to have firsthand experience on how the software works.

Who are its target users?

As already mentioned, Click funnels is geared towards individuals whose primary concern is to generate leads and successfully convert them into sales. However, there are a few instances that might limit marketers from using it.

Take a look at these few situations to help you determine whether Clickfunnels is the best platform for you and your digital needs.

Clickfunnels review 2020: target audience
  • It works well with people who want to drive leads and increase sales. The app includes features (the webinar builder, for instance) that can help you capture your audience’s attention and drive them into your sales page. It is why it is best to recommend to people who sell online through their site.
  • It suits well with less experienced individuals who wish to improve their sales pages. The platform comes with a library of premade marketing funnels that you can use as-is or modify it to your liking. Hence, it is practical, time-saving, and more convenient for amateur entrepreneurs and marketers.
  • It is compatible with those who are not in a tight budget. If you are interested in purchasing Clickfunnels’ whole bag of tools, you have to consider your budget first. Its platinum plan (which I will discuss further later) costs $297 per month.

Clickfunnels pricing packages

As of today, Clickfunnels’ pricing plan comes in two bundles: the standard plan and the platinum plan. Each of them comes with a different set of features and may vary depending on the cost.

Here’s a breakdown of the two plans:

1. Standard plan. As its name tells, it is the basic and cheapest plan Clickfunnels offer. For $97 per month, you will receive access to almost all marketing tools included in the platform, particularly the funnel and landing page builder. The catch is you cannot use its built-in email marketing provider Actionetics as well as its affiliate marketing program Backpack.

Another thing to take note of is that it is very limited. For instance, instead of having an unlimited number of sales funnels to create, you are granted to make twenty only. The same goes for other features. For pages, you can build 100 only and with a limit of 20 000 visitors.

2. Platinum plan. If you want to have unlimited access to all its tools, you will have to purchase the platinum plan (formerly known as etison suite plan). Just like the first bundle, you will receive access to all its features, including the built-in email marketing automation Actionetics and affiliate program Backpack.

With Clickfunnels platinum, you can build unlimited funnels and landing pages. The only downside is that you have to pay $297 every month to get all the mentioned perks.

Clickfunnels pricing

Quite expensive?

Sure, it is. But the good news is there is an existing - but not so much advertised - budget-friendly Clickfunnel plan: the share funnel bundle.

The package enables users to gain access to the software but with limited usage. It only lets you create three funnels and ten pages. One more thing, you can only purchase it through signing up via someone’s share funnel link. 

The pros and cons

Clickfunnels is not a flawless product. I listed down below its advantages and disadvantages to help you figure out whether it is worth the investment or not.


  • It is intuitive with entry-level accessibility
  • It contains a massive collection of premade sales funnels
  • It is a cost-effective solution for ecommerce
  • Its features functions as drag and drop
  • It has easy-to-use sales funnel and landing page builder 
  • It offers a 14 day free trial


  • The platinum plan (etison suite package) is expensive
  • The standard one is very limited

Clickfunnels review: What are the best features?

As an all in one marketing solution, Clickfunnels is indeed loaded with valuable advertising tools every aspiring solopreneurs and internet marketers need to pave a successful online venture. You can have everything from captivating email campaigns to high-converting funnels.

In this review of Clickfunnels, however, I will only discuss the unique features Clickfunnels has. I will share as well how these applications set the platform apart from other all in one marketing software.

Let’s dive in?

The lucrative funnel builder

The visual editor - which also represents the platform’s totality - is Clickfunnels' top feature. It is, in fact, its strongest point from other builders.

It is divided into two sections: the classic funnel builder and the cookbook builder.

Clickfunnels cookbook funnel builder_classic builder

Both lets you have premade funnels to use and modify. The only difference is that the latter has a broader collection of templates suitable for different industries, while the former lets you build according to one goal only.

Both are straightforward to use with an intuitive user interface, as well. Tech-noobs need not fret too as it has an easy to use UI.

To give you a full grasp, here’s an overview of each. 

The cookbook builder

The cookbook builder is Clickfunnel’s most recent addition. Compared to classic funnel editor, this one comes with a massive collection of premade funnels.

Essentially, it gives users a wider selection of landing page templates to use in all types of industries.

Clickfunnels cookbook funnel builder

You can choose from the following:

  • Professional services
  • Ecommerce
  • B2B
  • Author/coach
  • Network marketing

For quick sorting, you can opt what type of funnel you want too. Say, you need to earn new leads, simply select the lead capture funnels. If not, you can choose from the remaining two options, which are sales page funnels and event funnels.

The process is simple, as well. Once you are done choosing the criteria for your desired funnel, it will automatically transfer you to the editor where you can alter each page according to your preferences and brand.

Apart from that, each funnel category comes with paid and free templates too. If you are not into designing, you are free to pick or purchase one from it. 

The classic funnel builder

It's the first editor of Clickfunnels. And unlike the cookbook, it does not have a library of templates. Rather, it produces sales funnels based on the following conditions:

  • Product selling
  • Lead collection
  • Webinar hosting
clickfunnels page editor

After choosing which funnel you want, the tool will then ask you to label it and tag it to one group. That’s it. Simple as that.

The drag and drop editor

While the premade funnels give the heaviest bearing particularly to professionals, the editor makes Clickfunnels more manageable for less experienced marketers.

Page designing is not everyone’s cup of tea. And it is most likely unbearable for, say, tech-noobs, to manually design a sales page via coding. Also, stylish and neat pages are crucial to capture your audience's attention.

Based on a study, 94% of the first impression is typically build due to design-related elements. It is why I find the editor helpful.

This tool allows users to design and modify sales funnels more smoothly and conveniently. It has an intuitive UI and will enable you to produce aesthetically-pleasing pages using its features.

You simply need to drag any elements you want to add and release them into the canvas. Resizing, placing, and moving them around is straightforward as well.

To give you an overview, here are some of the features included in the app:


This tool lets you add any media you want for your funnels, including videos, audios, and images. You have two integration options as well: either upload it directly or select one from Clickfunnels’ library.

Clickfunnels add media_add video

The feature’s pretty impressive as well since you can pick royalty-free photos from websites like Unspalsh and Pixabay without leaving the platform. Not only that. Users can also embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo.

Fonts and background

Of course, the app has font and background features too that enables users to modify how the pages look. For the background, you have three options to use: videos, images, or a simple backdrop color.

The fonts are customizable, as well. You can resize it, alter the color, and change the size.

Content blocks

This tool enables users to drag content blocks into their sales funnels effortlessly. It comes with various elements such as pricing tables, FAQs section, timer, etc.


It lets you add essential search engine optimization elements such as keywords, meta description, and title into your funnels.

Clickfunnels seo data
Social media

This feature is all about integrating social media buttons and displays. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you can add any display you like.

Say, you want to promote your Facebook group or page, you can add a signup button that is linked through it. Users can also add a comments section and share buttons. All displays are customizable, as well.


This application lets you capture your visitor’s attention by adding popups into your pages. It has options that let you set where to put it and when it will appear.


The feature allows you to integrate any forms you would like into your sales funnel. Say, you want to conduct a survey, you can then add a survey form. You can also place SMS sign up form, billing and shipping address form.

Custom CSS

The editor is not only a visual tool. It also offers a feature where you can customize your page via manual coding. Perfect for those who are knowledgeable in CSS and HTML.


Actionetics is Clickfunnel’s built-in email service provider. It is straightforward to use and beginner-friendly. It integrates well with different marketing funnels and records all online engagement within its dashboard.

That being said, here are the other things you can do using Actionetics:

  • Create and segment email lists
  • Build email campaigns
  • Track and record customer metrics
  • It lets you send broadcast emails
  • Build and design action funnels and follow up funnels
  • It lets you manage all your leads' contact information such as email address, phone number, membership information, and action score.

The sad part about is that Actionetics, unfortunately, is not included in the first plan. Pretty bad for those who are only starting and in a tight budget who cannot afford the platinum plan.

Clickfunnels actionetics_new action funnel

On a lighter note, the software lets you integrate various email service providers like MailChimp, Salesforce, and Aweber. 

Action score

If there is one aspect that sets Actionetics apart from other email providers, I think it is the action score. What this feature does is that it designates a score (which is dependent and procured from different factors that I will explain later) for every lead that you have in your email list.

Essentially, it tells you how engaged and active each of your lead. And the total score is based on the following criteria:

  • Monetary value (25%). Based on the amount of money spent on your merchandise.
  • Relevancy (25%). Based on a customer’s last interaction in any of your funnels.
  • Frequency (25%). Based on how often the interaction is with your funnels.
  • Social (25%). Based on how active a customer is on different social media channels. 

Backpack affiliate program

The backpack is Clickfunnel’s built-in affiliate program system wherein you can earn extra money online every time someone from your referrals subscribed or purchased the software. And just like other affiliate program, you have the opportunity to earn with various payment tier as well as recurring commissions.

Clickfunnels backpack

The program is expectedly as basic as other affiliate programs. The only difference I found is that it offers more opportunities. The commission rate looks more promising compared to other platforms.

Having that said, here are the many ways you can earn money using it:

  • Pays 40% recurring commission for every successful referral
  • Offers 5% 2-tier commission for every successful purchase (for promoting backpack only)
  • You will receive commission every time your referrals purchase an upsell
  • 40% commission every time you sell Clickfunnels’ products such as Expert Secrets, Software Secrets, and DotCom Secrets.

Backpack does a lot of management tasks as well. Say, if you want to add an affiliate plan for your products, you can setup multiple commissions then. Also, it lets you do the following:

  • Manage due payments of your affiliates
  • Manage your affiliates
  • Let’s you check leaderboards
  • Check and manage commissions

With Clickfunnels’ reputation, the program indeed an excellent job. The catch is it is only available in the platinum package.

Membership site builder

Aside from backpack, Clickfunnels’ membership site builder is another cost-effective application internet marketers and business owners must try. It is particularly useful for those who have active subscribers or fans.

The tool is a great way to make a profit via selling physical or digital products. It will enable you to sell in two ways: a full-access membership or a gated premium content. And just like other Clickfunnels’ features, its editor is newbie-friendly.

Clickfunnels membership access

Furthermore, it is straightforward to use as well. I find the interface with entry-level accessibility, which is perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs and people with minimal to no marketing experience.

It supports various payment options too including:

  • PayPal
  • Apple pay
  • Stripe
  • ClickBank
  • EasyPayDirect
  • Bluesnap

But what I find interesting about it is that it is not only about membership management. It comes with fully-functional membership funnels too. Click funnels also provides professional landing page templates you can edit or utilize as-is. All can be used to market and optimize your campaigns.

If you are a newbie, the premade membership funnel is a great start to kick off your business. It can assist you to do the following tasks:

  • Promoting your page
  • Persuade your audience why they need to subscribe to your site
  • Demonstrate your top content and its value to your target market
  • Push leads down the funnel via asking them to signup

On the one hand, you also have an option to create your own membership funnel from scratch and tailor it to your online marketing strategy.

Webinar integration

If you are an industry expert, Clickfunnel’s webinar integration is an excellent means to showcase what you can provide as an entrepreneur. It is especially beneficial for consultants, coaches, speakers, and other types of services that involves sharing information.

Webinars are famous for holding live events online. In fact, 60% of marketers say that they use webinar funnels as part of their content marketing strategy. It is also a great technique to drive and capture leads.

And Clickfunnels’ webinar integration can help you on that part. It will enable you to create events like workshops, seminars, and lectures via online streaming.

It lets you pick what type of webinar event you want to hold. Either you do it live using Zoom or pre-record it and have your audience watch it on-demand. It comes with a webinar funnel as well that you can use and customize.

The funnel includes three stages, too: the registration, confirmation page, and broadcast room.

Here’s how each of it works.

  • Registration. The registration is the funnel’s first step wherein the audience needs to provide their contact information in exchange for a seat/slot inside the webinar.
  • Confirmation page. The next step in the funnels is a page wherein it confirms your attendance. It also includes an access link to the webinar.
  • Broadcast room. Lastly, the broadcast room is where you will broadcast your webinar. 

Using it, you can communicate with your audience without having to leave their houses. And it is one of the many reasons why many find it a cost-effective and time-saving way to engage their target market compared to holding in-person events.

Split testing and analytics

For better performance, Clickfunnels added an application that lets users test their funnels before implementing them. Essentially, A/B testing helps you to understand what elements within your funnel work and don’t.

Clickfunnels split testing

Here are the things you can split test:

  • Pages
  • Headlines
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Buttons
  • Copy

Aside from A/B split testing, Clickfunnels has an analytics tool too that you can use to track key metrics. Using it, you can check how your materials perform and see how you can improve it.

You can check the following stats:

  • User behavior
  • Pageviews
  • Metrics over time
  • Conversion rates
  • Comparisons between funnels

Clickfunnels alternatives

Judging Clickfunnels alone is not an efficient way to determine whether it is suitable for you or not. That is why, in this section, I compared it to its top three competitors - Builderall, Kartra, and Kyvio.

Both online marketing platforms are built to cater to online marketers’ and business owners’ digital needs. Builderall, on the one hand, is more like a jack of all trades.

Using it, you can create landing pages, compelling content, funnels, autoresponder campaigns, webinars, animation, and graphic designs, and many more.


Builderall functions as a drag and drop too. It has an intuitive user interface and straightforward to use, which makes it beginner-friendly. But what’s truly promising about it is that it offers 30+ tools.

Here are some of them:

  • Website and landing page builder
  • MailingBoss autoresponder
  • Canvas funnel builder
  • SEO report
  • Animated videos
  • Mobile app creator
  • Online store builder
  • WordPress dashboard

Mainly, Builderall’s features can help you in email, content, and social media marketing. The apps can assist you in enhancing your online presence and brand too.

However, I can’t find anything that makes Builderall stand out from its competitors apart from it includes a suite of 30+ tools at an affordable price. Unlike Clickfunnels, which strong point is its premade sales funnels and newbie-friendly builder/editor.

Another downside I noticed is that Clickfunnels is much more professional. The quality of its features, for instance, is far better than Builderall.

That is why if you are a less experienced marketer, Builderall is the right alternative. It is cheap and has entry-level accessibility.

Additionally, the platform has WordPress, too as a separate tool. So it's a great way for you to keep your existing WordPress website or build one inside Builderall.

If you want to learn more about it, check my Builderall review here.

Similarly, Kartra is primarily designed to build landing pages, marketing funnels, and membership sites. And just like Clickfunnels, all the tools have an easy to use visual interface as well, including the funnel and landing page software.

Kartra review_home page

Kartra features various tools. All are used for marketing campaigns, lead generation, lead conversion, and brand awareness.

Here are a few of them:

  • Page builders
  • Webinars
  • Email automation
  • Analytics and split-testing
  • Done-for-you campaigns

When it comes to being professional, both platforms share the same traits. For instance, they both have an easy to understand and navigate interface, yet the learning curve is quite high. They both offer a membership management tool and analytics integration as well - which Builderall doesn’t have.

(Though you can build membership sites with Builderall but the process is more complicated compared to other platforms.)

Having that said, Kartra is ideally for established and professional marketers and entrepreneurs. And for newbies, I recommend trying Builderall instead.

If you want to learn more about it, check my full Kartra review here.

Kyvio is another marketing software that is pretty close to Clickfunnels. It is a full suite digital marketing solution filled with vital apps to help solopreneurs grow their brand and search visibility, generate leads, and increase revenue.

kyvio homepage

Kyvio is an excellent alternative if you like Clikfunnels’ features, yet you don’t have enough budget to afford the platinum package.

Primarily, it can help you do the following:

  • Building sales pages and funnels
  • Create landing pages
  • Market and sell your products
  • Drive traffic and capture new leads
  • Manage your members efficiently
  • Produce compelling email campaigns.

Moreover, it is compatible with tech-noobs since all tools have a visual UI. It includes handy features you can utilize for all your marketing efforts.

Here are a few samples to give you an overview:

  • Sales funnel creator
  • Landing page editor
  • Extensive collection of premade funnels
  • Membership site builder
  • Email automation
  • Affiliate program
  • Conversion tracker
  • A/B split testing

Kyvio has tools (like drip-fed content) that are particularly for online course creation and selling. It has exceptional customer support as well to help you clear things up.

The only downside I noticed is that Clickfunnels is much more professional compared to Kyvio.

If you want to know more about it, study my Kyvio review here.

Putting it all together

To compete with established and other aspiring entrepreneurs is, perhaps, the most demanding job as a startup. It is crucial that you find ingenious ways to increase your leads and conversion. Otherwise, you are more likely to fail than to thrive.

By the way, don't forget to check out my list of other tools: 
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One way to ensure your success - aside from grit, effective planning, and marketing - is to get assistance from all in one marketing automation platforms such as Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels can help you leverage your marketing campaigns using its suite of advanced tools. Particularly, it is beneficial to individuals whose goal is to improve the average lifetime value of their customers.

Here are some of the things you can do using the software:

  • Build effective sales funnels
  • Create compelling landing pages
  • Drive leads and increases conversion
  • Build a membership site and manage your members
  • Track and record key metrics (user behavior, page views, etc.)

If you wish a professional platform, I recommend you try Clickfunnels. On the other hand, if you are, say, an amateur or a tech-noob, its best to try alternatives I mentioned earlier. It has a steep learning curve and might come to be a hindrance for beginners.

Another thing to take note of is it is quite expensive. To get full and unlimited access to all its features, you have to get the platinum bundle, and it costs $297 per month.

All in all, the platform can help you with most of your digital and marketing needs.

I hope you liked this Clickfunnels review. If you think it is the right solution for your business, go and take the 14 day free trial now.

But before signing up, make sure to get ClickFunnels 30 Days Marketing Plan. Everyone who has ever had a ClickFunnels account, needs these 30 day blueprints. The summit is totally free.


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