Why Popular Bloggers Are Buying Likes On TikTok – Pros and Cons

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Are you a blogger who wants to grow your online presence? TikTok is the perfect place to do so. From fashion advice to current events to lifestyle tours, the billions of videos offer something for everyone.

In order to be seen on the social media platform TikTok, you might need to think about buying likes. In this article, we’ll go over the pros and cons and what sort of benefits you can expect to see.

Why likes are important for TikTok?

Social media is constantly changing and right now, there is nothing hotter than TikTok. The video sharing site has millions of users and tens of thousands of celebrities and influencers have jumped on the bandwagon.

Why likes are important for TikTok?

TikTok is similar to other social media platforms, in that you provide content and users will then like or comment on that content. The videos are as short as three seconds or as long as 10 minutes.

The better a TikTok video has, the more likes it will naturally receive. The more popular a video is, the more users it will reach, which will then increase the viewership rate even more and increase your follower growth.

While you can try your best to gain more likes organically, many bloggers go the route of buying TikTok likes. This is perfectly within the guidelines and can help you grow your business or platform faster and more efficiently within the TikTok community as it leads to more organic followers and genuine likes.

What makes bloggers buy likes?

The goal of most TikTok accounts is to grow your TikTok followers organically. Whether you are an individual or a business, you want to have as many people watching your content as possible.

When viral content has a lot of likes, two things happen. One, followers that already subscribe to your social media channel will stop to watch the video, as it shows that other people have found benefits to it.

Secondly, the TikTok algorithm kicks in and will promote your video to other users who don’t subscribe to your channel. This will then grow your TikTok profile with your target audience of followers.

Quick and genuine engagement rate

The engagement rate of a TikTok video takes into the account of anyone who has watched the video, liked the video, or commented on the video. The higher the engagement rate, the more TikTok will promote the content to other users.

Quick and genuine engagement rate

While you may eventually get the same reach without paying for likes, this can take too long. If you own a business and want to tap into the relatively free benefits of TikTok promotion, buying likes is a much faster and easier route.

After you create a larger audience on your TikTok channel, you will get organic likes, which translates to authentic engagement and organic growth. This is the best way to increase your followers but it helps if you have a head start from buying TikTok likes and views.

Boost for important videos and more followers

The beauty behind buying TikTok likes is that you can be selective about which videos you want promoted. For example, if you put together an amazing video that generates some fast interest, take advantage of it.

Deciding to buy TikTok likes for that one video can have a much better impact than randomly selecting a video that didn’t have much traction to begin with. The smarter you can be about buying TikTok likes, the better the outcome will be.

You will also gain more followers if the TikTok video that is being promoted has some relevance to it. A video about motivation, instructions, or daily routines, will be viewed by a large audience. Then, you can gain more followers as these people will want to see more similar content.

In addition to being able to purchase TikTok likes, you can also purchase followers. This can cost more money but targets social media users who are interested in your content. It does not use fake accounts.

It’s not forbidden by TikTok

Yes, when you buy TikTok likes, you are taking a shortcut, but it’s still allowed. There are no rules or guidelines surrounding the practice, as long as the service uses real users and not robots.

While it’s great to have this concern, you can rest a lot easier knowing that many other accounts engage in the practice and there is absolutely nothing stopping you from doing so as well.

When you purchase TikTok likes, ensure they are not fake likes from inactive accounts. This is still not forbidden but it will not gain you any traction with the algorithm.

Understanding paid promotion 

Before you part with your hard-earned money, there are many basics to understand about the process of buying TikTok likes. There are both the pros and cons of the practice.

What are the pros when you buy TikTok likes?

Let’s get to the good stuff right away: what the advantages of buying TikTok likes are. In a word, there are plenty of potential benefits but here are some of the better ones, including finding active users and paying for high quality likes.

What are the pros when you buy TikTok likes?

You may find yourself constantly checking your follower count or worrying about just how many followers your next video will attract. When you purchase likes, you can take a lot of these worries away.

It’s cheap

Yes, you have to spend money to buy TikTok likes but it is incredibly affordable. Plus, you get a major return on investment.

One advantage when you buy followers on TikTok or purchase likes is that you can tailor your purchase to your budget. So, whether you want to spend $20 or $2000, there is an option for you.

Most businesses may be skeptical about whether buying TikTok likes is worth it. That’s fine. Simply spend a little money and wait to see what the results will be. In just a few hours, you will start to see results.

If you are able to spend more money on TikTok likes, then you will benefit from bundle pricing. That’s right – the more you spend, the more you save.

As for the return on investment, this is especially beneficial if you own a business. Business bloggers need to attract a lot of attention to translate to sales. The more likes you pay for, the more people there will be who will view your content, thus translating to more clients or customers.

There’s an old adage that in order to make money you have to spend money. However, when buying TikTok likes, you don’t have to spend very much to see that return. This makes TikTok content one of the more lucrative advertising avenues.

It’s effective for organic growth (if you know where to buy them)

As we mentioned earlier, it’s understandable that businesses may be leery about purchasing TikTok likes. What you need is a highly reputable organization that has proven effective results.

There are two ways you can go about testing a company. First, you can spend a little money on likes to gauge the response for yourself. There is nothing wrong with this and can give you much-needed peace of mind when you are getting started.

Then, once you do see the results, you can order larger volumes of likes. You might lose out a little by not taking advantage of the bundle pricing right away but in the grand scheme of things it will be just fine.

An alternative to testing out for yourself, you can look at reviews and a company’s history. There are plenty of sites that advertise buying likes on TikTok and other social media platforms. However, they are not always reputable and the results are not always guaranteed. But there's always an exception!

For example, SocialsGrow, one of the best services promotion in the UK, stands by its products and actually offers a money-back guarantee. This means that if you aren’t satisfied or don’t think your investment has made a difference, they will give you back your money without any hassles.

Not many companies provide this kind of guarantee. It’s a real mark of how the pride they have in what they offer.

It’s safe for follower growth

No, you aren’t going to get a bunch of weird people suddenly liking your videos. What you will get is authentic accounts.

As for your account details, payment is secure and SocialsGrow never gives your personal information out to third parties. The Internet isn’t always the safest place but this is a website you can trust.

The bottom line is that SocialsGrow offers a reputable service. Yes, it is paid engagement, but it is a trustworthy form of digital marketing.

What are the cons when you buy TikTok likes

Alright, we’ve looked at all the amazing benefits that come with buying likes on TikTok. But what about the negatives?

Like all services, there are some issues to be aware of. Be sure to do your due diligence to mitigate any risks so you don’t disrupt the all-mighty TikTok algorithm.  

There is always the risk of a scam

No matter how hard a service works, there is always a chance that the profiles of users are not the best. There is no shortage of people on the Internet looking to promote a scam, so if something doesn’t feel right, you need to trust your gut.

The good news, however, is that this is very rare, and it does not happen very often with services like SocialsGrow. Furthermore, if the likes you get are not from the best accounts, simply contact the customer service department and they will be happy to help.

Remember that your purchase comes with a money-back guarantee, so be sure to use it if there is an issue.

It may not fit your budget expectations

There are many pricing tiers for buying TikTok likes. The right pricing will work within your budget and lead to sustainable growth.

It may not fit your budget expectations

Any good business will come with a needs assessment and an advertising budget. It is imperative that you stick within your budget when you are starting out as margins will be incredibly thin.

The more TikTok likes you buy, the more interest you will get in your videos and by extension, your business. The sky’s the limit when it comes to buying likes and you may be tempted to keep spending money you don’t have.

One important factor that comes with your advertising budget is the quality of your videos. You can purchase all the likes you want but if you don’t have quality videos, this increased viewership will not translate to increased sales.

It may not work out in the end

It’s important to realize that buying TikTok likes does not mean instant success. While it is a means to growing your audience faster, if the content you create remains subpar, you will lose any new viewers pretty quickly.

There are hundreds of millions of TikTok channels, which means competition is fierce. There is nothing forcing people to continue to subscribe to your channel, so if your content is boring, offensive, or not the right fit, then users will quickly look for an alternative. Unfortunately, there is nothing from stopping you losing followers on TikTok, so you need to work hard to keep these accounts after you attract them.

If part of your strategy for growing your TikTok account doesn’t include creating high quality content, then you will never be successful, nor will you attract more users.

Be aware of current TikTok trends so you can stay relevant. Yes, this can be a little time consuming at first, but it is imperative to appeal to younger audiences and have a vibrant social media presence.


Your decision to purchase TikTok likes and followers is perfectly safe, as long as you do so with a reputable company. It is an easy way to get a head start in growing your business as you can tap into a larger audience.

In fact, more likes and loyal followers are an important part of starting your TikTok journey. As long as you continue to produce relevant content that TikTok users will find useful, you can capitalize on your investment.

All businesses, small or large, should have an account. Ditch the fake accounts and instead focus on organic engagement strengthened by more followers on TikTok and you will quickly find favor with TikTok’s algorithm.

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