15 Best Speedwrite Alternatives And Competitors (Free And Paid)

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 If you're looking for a way to share information quickly and easily, there's no better tool than Speedwrite.

Speedwrite is a paraphrasing tool that lets you take an existing piece of writing and turn it into something that looks like you wrote. The best part? It's free!

But what if you want more options? What if you want something that can do more than just simple paraphrasing?

If this sounds like you, then keep reading! This collection of 15 free Speedwrite competitors and alternatives I put together will hopefully help you improve your article production skills.

What is Speedwrite?

Speedwrite is a tool for copywriters who want to write more and faster


Think about your work from a different perspective; rather than producing a lengthy stream-of-consciousness statement, you're using Speedwrite's simple prompts to help you get started.

This website has over 500,000 subscribers and over a million lines of material, all of which are free.

On their end, they create material that is both unique and well-written.

speedwrite pricing

You do not have to pay anything to utilize the service. Paid memberships start at $19.99 a month and include access to one of the most cost-effective text generators on the market.

Speedwrite pros and cons


Most of their 500 thousand subscribed users are likely students who change Wikipedia entries for personal benefit. The benefits of Speedwrite go as follows:

  • Rewrite product descriptions 
  • Generate fresh text for Facebook advertising
  • Receive help writing lengthy blog entries or essays


The downsides of utilizing the tool are apparent:

  • It's not especially good at coming up with new ideas. All your material must be hand-typed into the tool or copied and pasted from another place before using it.
  • Because there are few alternatives for personalizing your voice, tone, or style, it might be challenging.
  • This application does not contain pre-made samples, like blog articles or sales copy.
  • In the most basic sense of the phrases, text generator and paraphraser.

Speedwrite alternatives

If you've been thinking about trying Speedwrite but are not sure it's right for you, you're not alone.

Speedwrite is excellent—when it works. But sometimes, it doesn't work. Unfortunately, there are many times when it doesn't work. And that's where I come in: with our collection of alternatives to Speedwrite!

There are a lot of rewording techniques and rewriting tools and I've got some fantastic alternatives to Speedwrite that are definitely worth checking out. If you're looking for an alternative to Speedwrite or want to try something new.

Jasper AI

Jasper, previously known as Jarvis, is an artificial intelligence writing tool that enables you to generate articles automatically.

jasper ai

This program has been used for several applications, including creating novel-like content and scripts for YouTube videos

The program uses a combination of machine learning and natural language generation to produce high-quality, engaging content.

jasper ai paraphrase

In addition, there are no errors in the program's source code in its entirety. Finally, the service is effective in satisfying its commitments and achieving the objectives it set for itself.

Jasper AI has a lot to offer, so here are some of my favorites:

  • It is easy-to-navigate 
  • Jasper.AI provides more reasonable pricing compared to other software.
  • It is a handy tool for creating appropriate-length sentences and paragraphs. 
  • Jasper is exceptionally adept at writing articles for social networks, SEO meta titles and descriptions, and other material with character constraints.

The application has its flaws. These flaws, however, are not due to any lack of effort or care on the part of the developers. Instead, it is because this application is unlike any other that these concerns have arisen.

Because it is a novel concept and has no precedent, there are still certain concerns that must be addressed:

  • It pulls information from sources all over the internet, but none of it is independently verified.
  • You won't be able to confirm the correctness of the material since there are no citations.
  • The vast bulk of the material provided is taken from other sources.


QuillBot is a paraphrasing tool that has been designed for easy use. The interface is very intuitive, and everything you need to know can be learned in a short period.


Because everything is so easily accessible and visible, putting it to use is a breeze. In a matter of minutes, you'll be able to master the QuillBot tool. After that, it's a cinch to utilize anything since it's all right in front of you.

quillbot paraphrase

Quillbolt is the go-to choice for a free Speedwrite alternative for many people looking to automate their writing. Here are some of the things I liked when I was testing out Quillbot:

  • It has a summarizer tool
  • Interested users can utilize Quillbot's features for free
  • Quillbot provides its users with Chrome extensions compatible with many apps and platforms.

Quillbot is a pretty cool bot. It's got many pros, but it does have some cons that I find annoying:

  • There are just two writing styles available for free accounts.
  • It does not have GPT-3 writing like Speedwrite.
  • No extensive usage of the paraphrase feature


In my journey through the universe of AI-powered writing tools, I've found a gem called Wepik's AI Writer. It's a fantastic alternative, thanks to its speedy performance, easy-to-understand interface, and massive collection of templates to customize. It stands head and shoulders above the rest, making it my go-to choice for content creation. 

wepik ai writer

One of the coolest things about Wepik's AI Writer is how quickly it can generate text, and you can even select the tone of your text between professional, casual, confident or friendly. You just pop in your prompt, and like magic, it whips up high-quality content in no time. This feature is perfect for anyone who needs professional text fast. 

What's more, Wepik's AI Writer has an incredibly user-friendly interface that makes creating content a piece of cake, even if you're a beginner. You don't have to be a tech guru to use this tool - its simple design ensures anyone can use it with ease. 

Here are some key features that make Wepik's AI Writer a real game-changer:

  • Speedy Text Generation: Generate professional text instantly with just your prompt.

  • Intuitive User Interface: A user-friendly tool that makes content creation seamless, even for beginners.

  • Integrated Template Editing: Edit templates from Wepik's vast collection to align your content with your specific requirements.

Finding things not to like about Wepik's AI Writer isn't easy because it can do so much. But I gave it a good think, and here's what I found that could be better:

Sure, here are the bullet points, made shorter:

  • Template Limitations: The tool's templates can be restrictive and may require editing if content exceeds the template length.

  • App Interface Issues: The mobile app interface may be challenging to navigate due to smaller screen sizes and layout changes, but the desktop works wonders.

Overall, if you're searching for a reliable, fast, and intuitive AI-powered writing tool, Wepik's AI Writer is definitely worth considering. Its blend of speed, ease-of-use, and professional results truly sets it apart in the market.


Web-based platform, WordAi, employs artificial intelligence to rework previously written information into high-quality prose that both readers and search engines find appealing.


Because of the transformation, the original text remains, but it's now something completely different from what it was before.

Sophisticated machine learning models are utilized to reconstruct the original content in a way that is not only original but also readable while keeping its meaning.

WordAi is a wonderful tool for content writers, particularly those who must create a significant amount of material, and I recommend it.

WordAi allows you to create massive amounts of new material for your website(s) without feeling overwhelmed by the task. Even though you will still need to modify the article, WordAi will do the fine-tuning for you.

WordAi is an excellent tool in your arsenal as a writer, whether you're a blogger, an author, or just someone who likes to write up a storm. Here are some of the positive things that I noticed about WordAI:

  • This application uses artificial intelligence to identify the importance of each line, after which it rewrites the phrase to be unique and easy to grasp.
  • WordAI can detect LSI keywords and add them to a document with high accuracy.
  • WordAi enables you to explain your thoughts more effectively by reducing the number of words used in the material you create.

WordAi is one of the most popular content creation tools, but it's not without its drawbacks. The following are some of the most significant drawbacks I encountered when working with WordAi:

  • It is somewhat more expensive than many of its rivals, putting it at the center of the price scale's center.
  • WordAi restricts its customers' word counts to 250,000 words per month.
  • Access to the program may be bought on a monthly or annual basis. However, neither option is available on its own.

Spinner Chief

SpinnerChief is a software program that can generate hundreds of new articles in a matter of minutes and rewrite old articles with a click of a button.


Because of the greatest natural language analysis and artificial intelligence methods created by firms such as Google, this software can produce text with a high degree of originality that humans can read.

Spinnerchief's article-generation software can produce content of the same high quality as that created by a human hand since it employs cutting-edge statistical replacement technology. 

SpinnerChief is a firm that provides desktop software and SpinnerChief online, a set of tools that can be accessed and used from any place.

Spinner Chief is an excellent choice for anyone looking to save time and energy on their writing. However, while testing Spinner Chief, I found some exciting things that I liked about it myself:

  • Only SpinnerChief offers a desktop and an online version of their article spinning program.
  • It is possible to rewrite your content using a translation API like the one given by Bing.
  • When you utilize Spinnerchief, you can scrape YouTube videos based on keywords.
  • Provides other developers access to the SpinnerChief API, allowing them to integrate SpinnerChief functions into their apps.

Even though I liked many of its features, I also noticed some drawbacks:

  • The free version is limited in some ways, but it has enough features to get you started. 
  • Spinner Chief's paid plans are expensive.


Spinbot is a program that can instantly rewrite human-legible language into a new type of writing. It's like having your own personal writer, but better: no coffee breaks, no deadlines, just instant results whenever you need them!

Best Spinbot Alternatives And Competitors

The editor allows you to either type or copy and paste the content. Both of these methods may be used.

Spinbot's rewriter's programming interface (API) is only one of several accessible possibilities. The application programming interface also drives additional products, such as a proofreading tool and others (API)

I've been using Spinbot for about three months, and I like it. There are several things I find especially valuable:

  • The learning curve is not at all steep.
  • You won't have to pay on a regular basis, and the payment alternatives offered are reasonably priced.
  • It has a 'Translate and Spin" feature.

Spinbot is a free tool that allows you to spin anything, but it has a few limits that you may not be aware of:

  • You are only given 10,000 characters each day to utilize as spinning credit.
  • Spinbot, unlike Speedwrite, does not use sophisticated article spinning technologies such as natural language processing, artificial intelligence, or English neural networks.

Chimp Rewriter

Chimp Rewriter has been around for quite some time, making it one of the most veteran rewriting tools available online.

chimp rewriter

Using this application, you may rewrite (spin) your articles in a matter of seconds and convert them into unique works of art. 

In addition, it creates material that seems to have been created by people using artificial intelligence and clever cross-checking.

If you want to use Chimp Rewriter, you'll need to download and install software on your computer, unlike many other online article spinners. MAC users can also utilize it, but they must do it through Parallels or Virtual Box.

I have been testing out Chimp Rewriter for a couple of weeks now, and I've found many things I like about it: 

  • Chimp Rewriter will research the subject to give you the most relevant content gathered from all over the internet.
  • The Chimp Rewriter supports a broad range of language formats.
  • You can save time on your workweek by using its one-click features.

It's hard to find many things you don't like about Chimp Rewriter because it's so versatile. But I gave it my all, and here are some of the things that I don't like:

  • Chimp Rewriter is not great for automatic rewriting.
  • It can be challenging to use if you're not an experienced user.
  • It's only available as a desktop-based app.


I also explored Rytr, which is now one of the most widely used AI writing tools, to see whether or not it was capable of competing with Speedwrite.


You can utilize Rytr to write a broad range of different types of content. You are free to use it to create the material for your website, the text for your marketing and sales efforts, the posts for your blog, and pretty much anything else you can think of. 

All of this may be accomplished via a user-friendly online platform.

Using Rytr proved to be a mixed bag for me. Despite its flaws, it excels in a few areas:

  • The text it generated is almost free of plagiarism
  • The application has a ton of useful functions and is also enjoyable to use
  • You can use Rytr for free

When I recently tested out Rytr, I found a lot of things I didn't like about it:

  • Both the tone and manner of writing have room for improvement
  • It does not have the same degree of sophisticated skills as Speedwrite

Furthermore, here are some Rytr alternatives you can try out.


My first ideas and experiences led me to think that Copy.ai has the potential to become a valuable tool that adds to the success of the appropriate individual.


Copy.ai allows you to quickly produce stuff that appears and reads as if it were written by a human, which accomplishes this for you. 

It has aided me in improving my headlines, email subject lines, meta descriptions, and blog post beginnings. I've been using it with Jarvis for a while.

Copy.AI An artificial intelligence copywriter who uses the AIDA framework to develop viral content ideas for usage in your content

The website gives users access to a wide range of copywriting tools. This tool set covers several items, such as long-form blog articles, tone rephrasing tools, sales copy generators, and more.

I've been testing out Copy.ai for about a month now, and I have to say: I'm impressed. Some key points that caught my eye were as follows:

  • Simply put, it's easy to start creating high-quality content and copy, thanks to the straightforward interface.
  • CopyAI, unlike other comparable technologies, consistently produces grammatically correct phrases.

The following are only two of the many things I noticed lacking in Copy.ai throughout my testing:

  • The quality of the content can be improved.
  • Certainly not the most efficient writer in terms of SEO


Copysmith is a cutting-edge piece of software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to swiftly and efficiently produce a wide range of high-quality marketing copy.


Copysmith is a wonderful tool for anybody who wants to create a wide variety of material for their websites or other digital assets, such as businesses, entrepreneurs, content writers, copywriters, and anyone else in this category.

According to Open AI's GPT-3, Copysmith offers the most powerful artificial intelligence model to interpret human writing. Deep learning is used in this model (machine learning).

When you offer the model feedback, it improves its ability to provide outcomes that are more tailored to your needs and improves with each input.

Finally, this aids Copysmith in interpreting the information supplied, allowing it to produce high-quality output.

The following are some of my favorite aspects of Copysmith:

  • It can be utilized in a short period and with minimal effort
  • Features an easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Ensures the protection of your information 
  • Produces information that has been enhanced for search engine optimization

I found some things I didn't like about Copysmith while testing it out:

  • Credits will be lost if they are not utilized
  • Copysmith has much space for improvement


Anyword is an artificial intelligence-driven copywriting tool (AI). Customers will find it simpler to find the items and services they need if companies highlight the specific keywords connected with those products and services.


Anyword AI's copywriting prediction model has the potential to increase conversion rates and attract new customers.

In addition, customers may use the platform's Predictive Performance Score and A/B testing tools to explore how various keywords affect the sales of a range of goods.

The application uses artificial intelligence (AI) to tailor messages to different platforms. For example, postings on social media that are particularly oriented at their intended audience may assist businesses in reaching more people.

There are many things I like about Anyword while testing it out:

  • Copy may be generated with only three mouse clicks.
  • Utilizes a combination of AIDA and PAS Framework.
  • Anyword has a cutting-edge AI language platform.

When I was testing out Anyword, I only found one thing that I didn't like about it.

  • It does not offer any direct integrations.


Paraphraser.io is a cutting-edge online tool for content producers; it is also a free service that uses professional paraphrasing techniques to assist you in creating unique content.


The main goal of Paraphraser.io is to modify a piece of writing by replacing certain words with synonyms that are more closely related to the original text.

The material is distinguishable from others by altering the sentence form while preserving the original text's meaning.

I like Paraphraser.io. I mean, it's not perfect, and a few things could be improved, but overall I think it's an excellent tool for writers. It's one of the best Speedwrite alternatives, and here are some of the things I liked about it while testing it out:

  • Paraphraser.io employs an AI-based technique to safeguard the core meanings of the words.
  • It is possible to utilize the platform without joining or registering.
  • Rewriting text written in more than 10 different languages is likely due to an algorithm created mainly for the app.

I liked testing out Paraphraser.io, but here are some of the things that I didn't like:

  • You can rewrite no more than 500 words every round.
  • For free users, there is a word restriction of 1000


SmallSEOTools is a website that offers a variety of tools to help website creators and owners. This website's major goal is to provide information and resources to anyone working to produce high-quality online content


The website provides free search engine optimization tools, allowing visitors to get the most out of their web pages and written content. Making users create material for the web that is both unique and searchable.

Bloggers who outsource their content generation often pick this option. As a result of this element, they can ensure the legitimacy of the information they publish. 

I was impressed with SmallSEOTools. During my week-long trial, I found it to be a terrific tool!

  • Every instance of plagiarism is eliminated using SmallSEOtools' paraphrase tool, and reputable substitutes are added in their stead.
  • It is a web-based application that is free for its users to utilize.
  • Natural language is used to create the material provided by the paralinguistic technique.

I think SmallSEOTools is a great tool. It's got many features, and it's easy to use. The only problem is that I found some things I didn't like about it while testing it out:

  • Analysis capability is limited
  • Is reliant on third-party software
  • A large number of commercials are often shown on the screen.

The Best Spinner 4

By spinning the same piece of material using "The Best Spinner," you may create a new version of the same material. In other words, the stuff generated will be totally new and fully original. 


Everyone who writes articles, creates blog material, or distributes press releases should have "The Best Spinner" as one of their tools since it is an invaluable resource.

The most recent version of "The Best Spinner," dubbed "The Best Spinner 4," was published not long ago. Being a web-based application, it works on both Windows and Mac systems. 

The latest edition of the Best Spinner has over 10,000 "Seed" articles. In addition, The Best Spinner's sales website claims that its thesaurus has the most extensive collection of synonyms and antonyms globally.

 I've been using The Best Spinner 4 for a few weeks now, and I can't say enough good things about it:

  • The quality of the content generated is better compared to other tools.
  • Compared to prices offered by competing Article Spinner Tools, the one provided here is relatively affordable.
  • An extensive online thesaurus hosted in the cloud that covers a wide variety of related terms.
  • WordPress blogs are able to publish content instantly after it has been spun.

After testing The Best Spinner 4 for a few weeks, I can say that I'm impressed. However, here are the few things that I just couldn't get into:

  • There is no free trial that can be used for testing
  • No lifetime access plan is available


To put it another way, ShortlyAI is an artificial intelligence-driven writing assistance built on the GPT-3 platform. It can help you write anything from articles and advertisements to emails and book manuscripts.


ShortlyAI uses artificial intelligence to determine what you want, following which it creates a paper that meets the requirements. Since the information is above the level of a person, there is no need to worry about its quality.

Although I am aware that ShortlyAI is not the first artificial intelligence-powered writing help program, the results of my study indicate that it is a viable alternative to Speedwrite.

The past half-month I've spent with ShortlyAI has been a tremendous learning experience, and I'm excited to see what the future holds. Here are some of my favorites from Shortly:

  • Very user-friendly.
  • It can write blog posts, books, emails, advertising, and several other forms of written content.
  • You have access to various strong commands that can aid you in writing anything.
  • ShortlyAI provides unlimited credit usage for all of its users.

My experience with ShortlyAI was overall a good one, but I did find a few things that could use some work:

  • ShortlyAI carries a risk of providing you with information that is either inaccurate or misleading.
  • Grammar errors may or may not be present in a piece of writing.

Prepost SEO Article Rewriter 

PrePostSEO's Article Rewriter is a freemium product that uses cutting-edge algorithms to rewrite any content you provide after submitting it completely.


Using the 'Fluency,' 'Advanced,' 'Simple,' and 'Creative' modes, this spin rewriter will create a whole new article from scratch.

PrePostSEO employed artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to create this article rewriter (ML). As a consequence, the findings have a greater degree of accuracy.

The PrePostSEO Article Rewriter incorporates Natural Language Processing (NLP) as created by its creators. This program begins by assessing the text's surrounding context. 

The whole text of the uploading procedure is then rebuilt from scratch based on the previously evaluated context. As a consequence, the PrePostSEO Article Rewriter generates results that are relevant to the subject being addressed in the content.

 While testing it out, I found many things I like about Prepost SEO Article Rewriter. 

  • The Prepost SEO Article Rewriter is capable of supporting several different languages.
  • Determines whether or not you have plagiarized your work and teaches you how to rephrase it in your own words if you have it correctly.
  • The app is accessible on mobile devices.

I've been using Prepost SEO Article Rewriter for a while now, and I have to say: I'm not impressed. Sure, it's got a lot of cool features, and it can rewrite articles with more words than most other tools can, but that doesn't mean it's worth the money:

  • You experience a variety of technical difficulties when you are visiting the PrePost SEO website.
  • The copywriting of this firm has several issues, including misspellings, improper punctuation and syntax, inconsistent capitalization, and an unnatural writing style.
  • The usage of PrePost SEO's tool for checking for plagiarism, which considers a query to be a sentence of up to 60 words in length, costs $45 per month to use.


Writer is a generative AI platform used to create different types of content. You can use the platform to create blog posts, social media posts, meta descriptions, product descriptions, sales emails, and so on.

The tool uses a B2B-trained model, meaning it was primarily trained using B2B data. Not only that, but it also allows users to train the model and fine-tune it using their own data. So, for example, you can use the model to create your style guide and ensure the platform uses that guide whenever it’s creating content for you.

Writer also stands out because it can browse the internet. Yes, you heard that right. Unlike GPT-based platforms, the Ask Writer tool can crawl the internet and reference other web pages while generating content for you. This ensures the platform gives you accurate and up-to-date content almost every time.

What’s more, the Ask Writer tool is free to use. You don’t even need to set up an account to use it. 

That said, you’ll only experience the full potential of the Writer platform through the paid plans.

Here are some of the standout Writer features I loved: 

  • You can train the model to reflect your brand voice and tone
  • The Ask Writer tool is free to use
  • It integrates with Word, Google Docs, Chrome, and Figma
  • The platform is HIPAA and SOC 2 compliant
  • Writer can generate all major types of content

It’s not all merry, though. I also came across a few issues worth pointing out. Here are some of them.

  • There’s no free plan for the main platform
  • It comes with a bit of a learning curve
  • Sometimes the Ask Writer tool takes quite a bit of time to respond

The takeaway

When it comes to paraphrasing, there are many ways to do it. Of course, you can use a paraphrasing tool, like Speedwrite. When it comes to finding an alternative, there are several alternatives.

I've compiled a list of 15 sample Speedwrite alternatives and competitors that you can try—both free and paid versions. Keep in mind that these tools do not guarantee 100% original content, but they'll help you start writing in a hurry!

Frequently asked questions

In this last installment, I'll address some of the most often asked questions regarding paraphrasing that I received while researching and writing this blog.

It's a topic that often comes up on the internet and in real life. So much so that we have to wonder: why do people care so much about paraphrasing? Is it just because it's so popular? Or is there something deeper going on?

What is Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is an excellent approach to improving the quality of your writing.


When you paraphrase, you take something from the source material and rewrite it in your own words.

Paraphrasing helps you avoid plagiarism because even if you're using the same information as someone else, you've changed it enough that it's still your work.

What is the definition of a paraphrasing tool?

A paraphrasing tool is a software program that helps you rephrase the text. It's an excellent option for people who aren't looking to write an entire article from scratch but still want to improve their writing skills.

This kind of software works by analyzing the text in your document and suggesting synonyms. You can pick and choose which suggestions you prefer, and the software will then substitute the selected suggestion for the original.

It's like a thesaurus, but it's online and easier to use.

Why do I need a paraphrasing tool?

Because you're writing a lot of content, you're tired of having to rehash the same ideas repeatedly.

You need to make your material to be original, but you don't have the time to complete the research. For the sake of accuracy and readability, you don't have the time to devote to studying grammar and punctuation.

You want to ensure your content is engaging, but you don't have time for all that reading. 

It also lets you avoid plagiarism because if you're using someone else's words and putting them into your sentences or paragraphs instead of directly quoting them, then no one will know where those ideas came from (unless they have access to the source material).

Are paraphrasing tools 100% plagiarism-free?

No. You can use these tools to ensure you aren't plagiarizing, but they aren't perfect. For example, they use algorithms to scan your text and compare it against other works, which means there are certain things they won't be able to catch.

It's a common misconception that paraphrasing tools are 100% plagiarism-free. Most of these tools can detect plagiarism in a text by comparing it to other texts on the web. But this doesn't mean they're immune to mistakes.

The problem is that while they can detect plagiarism, they can't always tell if the text being compared belongs to the same author.

In other words, your tool may not catch it if you write something very similar to someone else's work but still different enough for it not to be considered plagiarism. 

Why are paraphrasing tools popular?

Paraphrasing tools are popular because they're super easy to use and can help you get a good grade in your writing class.

A paraphraser that works best for you is the most effective instrument. There are a plethora of options. Still, they all do the same thing: they take an existing piece of writing and change it around so that it has a similar meaning but is more unique.

Paraphrasing is a great way to improve your writing skills. It allows you to take a piece of content you've already written and change it just enough to feel like something new.

When you paraphrase, you're not plagiarizing—you're just re-purposing someone else's words and ideas in your unique way.

This can help you learn more about how language works, make sure that your writing is effective and clear and even give you ideas for other pieces of content that you might want to write later on!

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