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Builderall Review 2019: Want My Honest Feedback?

Are you having a tough time choosing which SaaS platform to use? Perhaps, you have Builderall in mind but still in doubt whether it is the right software for your online business?

Rest your mind now as you are in the right place.

In this Builderall review 2019, I will show you what’s inside the program, help you weigh its features, and see if it can help to improve your online business.

Software as a service software (SaaS) is known by providing scalable solutions primarily for business owners who plan to expand their influence on the internet as well as offline.


In fact, 56% of CEOs claimed that leveraging their digital efforts led to sales growth. And almost 93% of CIOs are expecting to move to cloud-based software.

Given that information, integrating a SaaS platform such as Builderall into your online business could be a no-brainer. I bet it is.

But before we jump into conclusion that Builderall is the right software for your online business, let us take a closer look at each of its features.

Let’s start?

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What is Builderall exactly?

Created by Erick Salgado, BuilderAll is an all-in-one internet marketing platform packed with essential tools to help business owners and marketers leverage their digital efforts. It was introduced around the year 2011 and was mostly geared towards entrepreneurs who wish to leverage their online businesses or start one.

Last year, they launched BuilderAll 3.0 with upgraded tools and much more promising benefits. And inside the software, the tools are divided into five different sections:

  • The builders
  • MailingBoss autoresponder
  • Design section
  • Traffic management
  • Social media engagement
builderall five sections

Within these five categories, you will find numerous tools to help you create sales pages, websites, landing pages, sales funnels, videos, mobile applications, and many more.

Being true to its name, the software is consisting of at least 30 useful features. And all are designed to help aspiring online entrepreneurs like you build all requirements needed to either start an online venture or promote/sell products efficiently.

On the other hand, if you are still in doubt and looking for a way to test it yourself for FREE, the software offers a 7-day free trial. This Builderall free trial comes with almost the same features included in the premium plan. As such, it is indeed an excellent way to test if the product matches your business’ needs.

builderall 7days free trial_

Builderall 3.0’s aim is to provide a complete package of digital marketing tools at a reasonable price.

Rather than making individual purchases for each feature, the software provided a cost-effective plan to help beginners save money while delivering the results they want.

Pros and cons

Perfect products do not exist, unfortunately. And BuilderAll has its advantages and disadvantages too. So, to give you an overview, I listed down below a few of its pros and cons to consider.


  • It comes with over 30 tools under one roof.
  • Old features are all updated.
  • It offers a 7-day free trial.
  • It is an affordable alternative compared to Clickfunnels and Kartra.
  • The software is actively being updated with improvements, new tools, and features.
  • It is preferable for entry-level entrepreneurs, particularly for those with a tight budget.
  • It includes a lucrative affiliate program.


  • The company is too focused on adding more tools to their platform.
  • 30+ tools might be overwhelming for beginners.
  • The tools, as well as the interface, should look more professional.
  • Inconsistent user experience between the tools.

Builderall cost & plans

Builderall offers two cost-effective packages: the essential plan and the premium plan. Each of them comes with a different set of tools suitable for different types of businesses.


The essential plan

With a price starting at $29.90 per month, the essential plan is a perfect solution for internet marketers who wish to maximize their online and marketing efforts. Essentially, users will have unlimited access to its drag and drop builder as well as Mailingboss autoresponder.

The only downside about this package is that it is very limited. The Mailingboss, for instance, is capped at 10, 000 leads. Only a few tools are included, too, together with the site builder.

Check out the tools and features included in the plan below:

  • Site builders
  • Mailingboss autoresponder (10, 000 leads)
  • Professional checkout application
  • Your affiliate system
  • Connect to 15 domains
  • Automatic daily backups
  • SSL
  • Bandwidth & unlimited visitors
  • Third-party integrations
  • Premium local and CDN hosting

The premium plan

If you are looking for a complete solution, Builderall’s premium plan is a great option to use for your online business. The package costs $69.90 per month only and unlocks all 30+ tools the platform offers.

The nice part about it is that unlike the essential plan, this one has unlimited leads with Mailingboss autoresponder.

Most importantly, you will have unlimited access to all five categories and its tools:

  • Site builders
  • Mailingboss autoresponder (unlimited leads)
  • Design section
  • Traffic management
  • Social media engagement

Builderall 3.0 affiliate program

Builderall does not only render help to entrepreneurs who need digital assistance. It also gives a chance to those who wish to earn passive income through its new and leveraged affiliate program.


Builderall’s 2-tier affiliate system lets you earn money (and even recurring commissions) for every time you sell the software after you become a Builderall affiliate. The program is all new and updated with more perks so there’s a lot of ways for you to earn.

  • 100% personal sales commissions on the first payment
  • 30% personal sales recurring commissions
  • 30% 2nd tier recurring commissions
  • Bonus commissions for low, mid and high-ticket courses 

Builderall review 2019: What’s inside?

Compared to its original version, BuilderAll 3.0 is a neat, more organized, and user-friendly software. On the other hand, there is still much room for improvement on the platform.

And together with its UX’s improvement, Builderall now offers more than 30 tools as well - making it a suitable platform for entrepreneurs who are ready to launch their first online business.

These applications are then divided into five groups: The builders, the Mailingboss autoresponder, the design section, the traffic management, and the social media engagement section.

And for every application, you will find a ‘Tutorial’ for that specific program, too. And such a feature is handy for beginners, especially for tech-noobs.

Tutorials for the pixel perfect builder:


Having that said, in this section of Builderall review, I will list down all tools included and share how to use BuilderAll.

The builders 

The builders is a section where you can find all tools you will need to build websites, landing pages, sales funnels, mobile apps, videos, online courses, as well as online stores. Essentially, this category is specifically for creating materials needed for marketing purposes.

Let’s start with Builderall website builder.

1. Pixel perfect builder

If you prefer tools that let you create pages without the hassle of manual coding and designing, this application is a must-try. The pixel perfect builder, also known as the drag and drop builder, is a program created specifically for site and page creation.

Essentially, the application is used to build and outline:

  • Websites
  • Landing pages
  • Sales pages

But what’s remarkable about it is that you don’t have to begin from scratch. Rather, you can choose from its extensive collection of templates.

builderall templates

​Unfortunately, Builderall is not the best when it comes to professional templates. Some of them are outdated and their copy is just simple lorem ipsum text. But there are some really good ones that are aesthetically pleasing and professional-looking as well.

On the one hand, if you want to tweak a few elements about it- say the color, font, and margin- you will have to move it on the editor. No need to worry too if you are not familiar with page editing because the editor lets you drag and drop any element you want into the page.

builderall pixel perfect editor

For instance, the sidebar of the editor includes tools that let you do the following:

  • Add a blog to the page
  • Improve its SEO
  • Integrate a checkout process
  • Add or edit design elements

2. Canvas funnel builder

If you are not an experienced marketer- and most likely a beginner- one thing you should be wary of is your sales funnel.

According to a report conducted by Fresh Relevance, the cart abandonment rate in the third quarter of 2018 was 56.82%. That is low compared to the previous years. Still, card abandonment suggests that half of the consumers show that their sales journey was not a fulfilling one.

The arrangement of your sales funnel - or how you lure a potential customer down to the funnel and convert it into real sales—is one of the most critical factors in managing an online business.

It will dictate and push customers to behave how you want them to, which is to purchase your product. And failure to create an efficient customer path can also lead to little, or worst, no sales.

Having that said, is your knowledge enough to build an effective sales funnel?

builderall canvas funnel builder2_

One of the newly added tools in Builderall is the Canvas funnel builder. If you are not that familiar (although you should) in creating sales funnels, this feature can help you build one.

What it does is that it allows you to choose your desired sales funnel or map out and construct your own.

Here’s what you can do inside the tool:

  • Choose a funnel template and use it as it is.
  • Choose a funnel template and tweak it to how you want it.
  • Build your own from scratch by pulling different pages and attach them to one.
builderall canvas funnel builder_

Moreover, the tool also allows users to add, connect, reconnect, and rearrange pages. If you feel like the pages’ design are slightly off, you can redesign them as well.

The canvas lets you have a birds-eye view too to help you double-check if everything is in their right place.

Just to let you know, since it's a brand new tool, it's in the early stages yet.

3. E-commerce

For those who plan to venture into selling products (both physical and digital) online, the ecommerce feature could help you supply what you need.

builderall ecommerce

The online store builder is BuilderAll’s newly added application that allows users to create and design their online shop. It is a partnership between Builderall and the already established open-source cart platform Magento.

The application works like other typical online store builders such as Shopify. You have a wide variety of options to help you build your desired look as well as how it operates.

builderall magento

What’s irresistible about it is that you can get it at a low price, together with other handy digital marketing tools. As such—whether you use and monetize it or not—you will lose nothing as it looks more like a “freebie.”

However, I suggest it is wise to use an individual ecommerce shop builder if online product selling is the venture you want to dip your toes into.

Investing in a separate and established platform is a much better option.

4. App creator

Instead of reaching out to your target market through a website and social media networks, why not heighten your influence by connecting to them straight from their phones?

The mobile application creator- although quite too much for Builderall’s overflowing bag of tools—is another unique feature to help in brand optimization. It is a drag and drop builder that lets you design apps without the hassle of manual coding. You can then upload it to Google Play Store, Apple Store, or Amazon App Store.

Using the app builder, you will be able to bridge a more profound and meaningful connection with your customers.

builderall app builder

In there, you can add essential marketing elements such as:

  • Upcoming events
  • A new wall
  • A page where they can book your service
  • An announcement like sales and discounts
  • Videos and audio files
  • Social media links

Just like the ecommerce builder, this offer is a good deal as you don’t need to hire a professional mobile app developer to do the job.

The only downside is that this tool hasn't been upgraded for a long time and I encountered some bugs when I tried it out. Hence, I cannot say that this is the best app builder.

5. Webinar

Being true to its name, Builderall also added a feature wherein users could create webinars. It is an interactive webinar where you can do things such as live video streaming, share screen, and record a webinar.

builderall webinar2

The feature has been sitting on the platform prior to the version 3.0 upgrade. Builderall improved it and added a function called “streaming tool.”

What the streaming tool does is that it allows users to play the video directly and simultaneously to Facebook and YouTube. The feature is made possible through the use of RTMP or real-time messaging protocol. Users had to pull the videos into the webinar tool before, but now they can skip that part and play it directly.

builderall webinar

But why you should use webinars?

As of today, the use of webinars continues to become a common avenue for entrepreneurs and industry leaders to connect and build a meaningful relationship with their audience.

In fact, a study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute states that almost 60% of B2B marketers utilize webinars to engage their audience and drive leads. The webinar is also among the top profit driver for B2B marketers.

Webinars allow you to engage your target market through sharing knowledge and ideas, which in return earn their trust.

6. WordPress installation

The ready-to-go WordPress installation tool is a newly added feature that enables marketers to use Builderall and at the same time, reap the benefits of WordPress’ perks.

Compared to the pixel perfect builder (Builderall’s official webpage creator), this one has a separate set of functionalities and does not share the same dashboard as the site builder.

builderall wordrpess

And as every internet marketer knows, it is SEO-oriented, has a vast collection of responsive templates, and comes with essential plugins. It is also built specifically for WordPress fans and those who already are using it as their domain host.

On a good note, I find this move from Builderall quite tactful yet clever, knowing that it has its own site and page builder.

It helps those who like to continue using WordPress save time, too, as they don’t need to rebuild their pages again via Builderall. It is a win-win offer as users can both reap the benefits of the two website makers.

The MailingBoss autoresponder

Email marketing is one of the vital aspects of your online business. And failure to implement this part will result in a downhill slope. And in return, it would make your way up towards your goals steeper.

But here’s a catch: integrating emails as a marketing strategy is not enough.

Sending email campaigns might seem easy. However, in order to deliver results, it needs to be organized efficiently.

Most importantly, it must follow a compelling sequence in order to keep a potential buyer engaged until it is converted into sales.

That being said, Builderall provides an email program called MailingBoss Autoresponder.

mailing boss autoresponder_

The MailingBoss autoresponder is an automated email system wherein users can send emails and respond accordingly. One of its many impressive features is the “list segmentation,” which helps users to segregate leads depending on their behavior.

Say, you send an offer, and several leads open the email and click the provided link, it will trigger and notify the tool to make another action. The same goes when leads don’t open the first email. The action, on the one hand, will vary depending on your workflow.

mailingboss workflow

Here are a few actions automated response MailingBoss provides:

1. Trigger actions

  • Transfer the contact to a different list
  • Send a new email offer
  • Add a tag

2. Select actions to unclicked emails.

  • Send a new email campaign
  • Move to another list
  • Alter the field name

When it comes to its user interface, the application did not change much. However, it looks neater and more organized compared to before. The colors are slightly brighter now, too, making it look livelier.

Social media engagement

Believe it or not, Builderall has also added a section packed with handy tools you can use in social media marketing.

builderall facebook chatbot
  • Facebook chatbot. This chatbot will help you keep updated about your Facebook audience. You can send automated messages whenever someone commented in one of your Facebook posts.
  • Social proof. Have you noticed the pop-ups saying “John just bought this x product” in online stores you visit? If yes, then that is what this feature exactly does.
  • Sitebot. The SiteBot tool allows you to create an interactive chatbot that you can add to your page. What’s impressive about it is that you can tailor the conversation. It is a drag and drop app as well, which means it is straightforward to use.
  • CRM. The CRM feature is where you can keep all your customers' data. Whether it is their contact details or sales activity, you can all track and record it using it.
facebook sitebot

Traffic management tools

The traffic management tools section is consisting of two features only: the SEO report tool and the click map. They are built solely to help users leverage their web presence and marketing techniques.

SEO report

As its name suggests, the SEO Report feature is a program aimed to guide users on how to enhance their search engine visibility. The app has every basic function you will need to check your site just like other SEO tools.

builderall seo tool2

Moreover, the information provided in each report varies depending on the scope and complexity of the result. To give you an idea, here are the types of data you will get:

  • Critical factors. 
  • High relevance factors
  • Moderate relevance factors
  • Low relevance factors
  • Optional factors

All reports mentioned above will deliver all on-page SEO information of a particular page. You will get to know all aspects that lower its visibility as well as its chance to rank on Google’s first page.

It can also give you insights on how to improve your content’s SEO based on the report procured from your webpage.

Below are some of the elements.

  • Appropriate keyword usage
  • Excessive internal links
  • Page title’s length
  • Placement of keyword in titles
  • Meta descriptions length
  • Keyword usage alt attribute
  • Content’s length (required number of words)
  • Minimum and maximum number of keywords to use
  • Accessibility to search engines
builderall seo tool

Another impressive use of SEO report tool is its ability to scan and analyze other domains or URLs—in other words, competitors—and not just Builderall pages. The only downside I noticed is that it does not provide off-page SEO data. Hence, it is incomplete.

If your goal is to rank in Google’s or Bing’s first page, I suggest you use a separate SEO tool. One that is comprehensive and delivers all information (both on-page and off-page) you need to enhance your online visibility.

Still, the integration of SEO Report is quite handy if search engine optimization is not your top priority. 

Click map

Also known as the Heat Map, the Click map is a feature wherein you can see the areas within your website your visitors click. Essentially, its purpose is to know and understand what links, pages, images people click and open. That way, you know what pages you need to optimize.

It also serves as a guide concerning what type of images and content your viewers typically consume so that you know what kind of materials as well as topics to share with them. 

builderall heatmap

All about designing

The design section is where you can find all the tools you can use to create and design various materials. It is consisting of more than five features and are all handy if content marketing is one of your top priorities.

Animated videos

As its name suggests, this feature is all about creating animated and interactive videos. I think this tool could be a bit overwhelming for beginners, especially those non-techy individuals.

builderall animated videos

However, once you get the hang of it, it could be a great app. You can utilize it, for instance, to create sales videos or tutorials.

On the other hand, much better and modern animation creator apps exist out there. Therefore, I wouldn't pay for it if it was a standalone tool.

The feature lets you have unlimited access to its library as well. Here’s what you can do using the program:

  • Opt whatever character you prefer
  • Add facial expressions
  • Select a background
  • Add images and texts
  • Add sound effects
  • Choose a text speech

Apart from that, you have the option to export all the videos you will make as well. Meaning you can upload and share it to your social media networks and other channels you use to market your business.

Mockup studio

Mockup studio is a feature built to aid users design different content. Using the tool, you can create materials such as Facebook posts, eBook covers, product info, and catalog.

You can opt and use a template from its library as well.

builderall design studio

Video wrapper

Just like the animated video tool, this one allows you to create videos again. The only difference is that the video wrapper tool is commonly for short and brief videos.

builderall video wrapper

To make its content, you will have to supply all elements you need like images and videos.

This video wrapper tool doesn't have a huge amount of features and such a modern user interface but it serves its purpose.

Builderall alternatives

Builderall is not the only one all-in-one digital marketing software for entrepreneurs available in the market today. So, if you feel like its overflowing bag-of-tools isn’t the right one for you, check these two platforms.

Similarly, Kartra is essentially designed to build sales funnels, pages, and automated email campaigns. It is also a drag-and-drop app for most of its features, including the sales funnel and page builder.


It comes in three different affordable plans as well for you to choose from.

Kartra’s tools are closely parallel to Builderall’s main tools. The quality of the former’s features, on the other hand, I think, is far better than the latter. And if you prefer a professional one, then it is the right fit.

But what sets it apart is that it has a membership management system that lets users deliver gated course content. By the way, Builderall also has membership functionalities but it's more difficult to set up and you need to build it from scratch.

Kartra also offers analytics integration, which means you can track your customer’s journey from the start until the end.

You can also use it to oversee key metrics such as:

  • Subscriptions
  • Web traffic rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Click-through rates
  • Sales

That said, Kartra is ideally for established entrepreneurs. It is for those who have proven good credibility, have built quite a large number of audiences, and those who want to launch their own products.

kartra sales funnel

So, if you are a newbie, I suggest you try other platforms that will help you build and nurture leads. It will only be a waste of money if you jump right into using Kartra without business related experience.

If you want to learn more about it, check out my Kartra review.

As its name suggests, Clickfunnels is an intuitive funnel builder platform focused on creating high-converting sales funnels.

It has an extensive library of funnel templates that users can use and edit. And compared to Builderall 30+ applications, it consists of a few numbers of tools only.


There’s nothing much to compare about Builderall and Clickfunnels as both serve varying objectives, I must say.

The only thing you need to figure out to help you determine which software you should use is this:

Are sales funnels your top priority?

If yes, I recommend you opt for Clickfunnels. If not, try Builderall.

Both are easy to use and does not need broad technical knowledge. The only thing that sets the two apart is that the latter has various handy tools, while the former offers apps solely for funnel building.

If you want to know more about it, check its website here.


The integration of SaaS platforms is becoming more of a necessity than a solution as consumers continue to adopt digital transformation. As such, businesses today need to adapt and alter the way they operate accordingly, as well.

If you are an online entrepreneur or someone who is aspiring to be, there is no valid excuse to reject the help cloud-based software like Builderall can offer.

Builderall, together with its 30+ features, is an excellent software for all already-established businesses as well as startups.

All its tools are designed to help you (1) build websites and landing pages, (2) produce compelling and aesthetically-pleasing content, (3) improve your brand and online presence, (4) implement efficient email marketing campaigns, (5) analyze and improve your search engine visibility, (6) and maximize your social media engagement.

For $69.90 per month, I must say it is a cost-effective offer knowing that it is packed with numerous digital marketing tools. Its Builder tools are a great aid in creating landing pages as well as sales pages.

builderall all the tools

Its newly added Canvas funnel builder feature is perfect for amateur marketers as well. It has a library of funnel templates that users can utilize as is or tweak.

On the other hand, I think 30+ tools are quite overwhelming, especially for beginners. Aside from that, I noticed that most of the features are incomplete and not as extensive as other standalone software.

Say, if your top priority is to improve your search engine visibility as well as your content’s SEO, I suggest you purchase a separate software built exclusively for search engine optimization. The tool is incomplete and can only provide basic functions.

The same goes for its online store builder feature, mainly if you prefer to venture in online product selling.

All in all, Builderall is a great platform to serve you all your digital needs. All its features may not be as comprehensive as other individual programs but it will all sure come helpful eventually.

Builderall bonuses

If you've decided to buy Builderall, you can grab it through my link and all the bonuses below:

Personal 1 on-1 mentoring

Regular coaching calls to help you succeed with anything marketing or technical related.


Different software packages

Different tools regularly like graphic design tools, covers, templates.

$497 VALUE

Done-for-you content

Done-for-you emails, guides, books, articles that you can customize and publish.

$699 VALUE

Affiliate Action Plan Handbook

A complete, step by step digital marketing plan to succeed in affiliate marketing

$299 VALUE

Select Columns Layout

WordPress tools

Best premium WordPress page builders, themes and plugins.

$399 VALUE

Select Columns Layout

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