Elegant Themes Divi Review 2022: Features, Cons and Alternatives

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Are you a WordPress user looking for a theme and page builder to help you leverage your website and campaigns?  

I know you do.

It is because, in online marketing and selling, using a comprehensive and quality digital tool is crucial to build and nurture a business. It is especially true for freelance marketers and solopreneurs who often rely on different software to make their job less complicated.

Take Divi WordPress builder as an example. It gives the most essential tools - whether it is about running high-converting campaigns or optimizing your landing pages - every entrepreneur needs.

Having said that, did that spark your curiosity as to how it can help you? If yes, continue reading my Elegant Themes Divi Review 2022. I will show you its key features, how each of them works, and brief insights about its functionality.

If you've already decided to get the product, just skip to the end of this Divi theme review and grab my bonus package.

What is Elegant Themes Divi builder?

Developed by Elegant Themes, Divi is a theme and visual page builder designed to cater to WordPress users. And due to its accessible interface and easy-to-use features, it became a widely used editor, typically by beginners and even seasoned marketers.

The software is comprised of four comprehensive features: the Divi page and theme builder, extra magazine theme, bloom email opt-in plugin, and monarch social media plugin.

Elegant Themes Divi page builder

Essentially, its objective ranges from brand awareness, lead generation and conversion optimization, to improve social media engagement.

Here are a few things that can help with your biz:

  • Build visually appealing websites
  • Create online store and product pages
  • Do live edits via its front-end editing feature
  • Seamless and intuitive design process
  • Individually create design for each section of your page
  • Drive web traffic and build email lists
  • Promote products/services on various social media networks

Apart from non-programmers, Divi also provides a solution built specifically for website developers. It is an extendable open-source program that allows users to produce modules, themes, and other materials on their own accord.

Divi Elegant Themes also has an affiliate program that, unlike its competitors, offers a 50% commission for every successful sale. And that’s 20% to 30% higher from the typical percentage most program gives. 

The company offers a decent price as well. However, it only has two plans. The first one is an annual plan, and the other is a lifetime subscription.

Who are its target users?

Divi, along with its suite of features, is essentially built for individuals who wants to venture into online marketing and selling. It does not, however, necessarily mean it is the right tool to use for your biz. 

To see if Divi is the right platform for you and your biz, below are a few categories of entrepreneurs who I think will benefit greatly from it.

Elegant Themes Divi Review_target audience

1. Freelancers

Being a marketing software, freelancers, as well as affiliates, will benefit greatly from Divi’s perks. It is particularly true for freelance marketers and web developers who work with multiple clients.

Divi gives unlimited access to its website pack. The package comes with tools that are essential to make the building process faster and easier. It has a wide array of elements too that you can use to equip your websites and impress your clients. 

2. Digital agencies

As mentioned, Divi renders unlimited website building. Users don’t need to purchase a premium - and mostly expensive - plan just to get unlimited usage.

Hence, it is suitable for mid-size to largescale digital agencies that handle ten or more customers.

Users get to build through a single platform too, which is a proven way to keep everything organized and in place.

divi target users

3. Webmasters and online merchants

For webmasters, especially those who can code, the software is a gift. If you can remember, I mentioned earlier that the Divi builder plugin has an extendable platform designed for web creators.

Using it, you can build your own themes, page layouts, and modules and control its functionality inside and out. It is a perfect product for said webmasters as it gives all the freedom one needs to visualize the exact design the person wants.

The same goes with merchants. In fact, it has a feature that works specifically for ecommerce. You can opt how you want to build it too. Either via its builder or coding scripts.

Are there pros and cons?

Divi has advantages and disadvantages too. To help you weigh things, here is a brief overview of what you should look forward to and be wary of:

divi pros


  • It is an intuitive visual page and theme builder. Divi builder is equipped with advanced tools every solopreneur needs to create quality and high performing pages. It requires no coding skills and uses real-time editing via its front-end editing feature.The builder offers web packs as well, which is comprised of more than 800 templates that you can use as a guide and customize. Along with is more than 40 website elements that you can integrate to enhance the functionality of your page.
  • It has a platform separately created for web creators. Divi has an extendable platform with features dedicated solely for website developers. Rather than using the visual editor, programmers can build (even better than the existing templates) designs from scratch.
  • It has an online store builder. If you are looking to put up a digital shop, Divi gives seamless integration of WooCommerce into its builder. Essentially, it enables you to apply all features included in the Divi builder when creating your webshop.
  • Its building and designing process is seamless. When it comes to customization, the software guarantees versatile and innovative options to ensure you get to visualize the exact result you need. It has advanced options like animation and advanced code editing.
  • It offers built-in lead gen and optimization features. Aside from its comprehensive builder, Divi provides a suite of optimization and conversion tools too. One example is the A/B testing tool which allows you to see which pages and approach your target audience reacts and interacts most.


  • Divi shortcodes can’t be used or transferred to another builder. Unfortunately - especially if you are planning to switch to another page editor later on—custom shortcodes cannot be accessed through another builder.
  • Divi page builder plugin can be unresponsive at times. You might experience slight trouble when it comes to the building process. Some pages, for instance, freeze. Editing, saving, and page loading could be a bit buggy at times as well.
  • You may have trouble when creating longer pages. As mentioned, the editor is glitchy sometimes. And it is particularly evident when creating longer pages.
divi pros2

Divi pricing plans

Divi provides with two subscriptions only: annual plan and lifetime access. Here’s a breakdown of each package: 

1. Yearly access

For an annual payment of $89, the yearly subscription gives you access to all Divi plugins. You will receive hundreds of website packs, product updates, and unlimited website usage for a whole year.

In other words, you can install and activate your license for unlimited websites.

divi pricing plans

2. Lifetime access

This bundle covers the same perks the annual subscription offers. The only difference is that it is a one-time payment and renewal isn’t needed. It costs $249.

Elegant Themes Divi Review 2022: what are its main selling points?

As a flagship platform of Elegant Themes, Divi indeed is loaded with handy and lucrative marketing tools. It covers a wide range of areas including lead collection, site and page optimization, and brand awareness. 

Having said that, I will tour you around Divi best features and at the same time share brief insights as to why and what sets it apart from other builders.

Let’s start.

Divi builder all-in-one plugin

Divi’s first and main selling point is its all-in-one builder plugin. It is a combination of different tools and most are used for building and designing.

It includes a page and theme building tool, online store builder, and an exclusive web developer’s platform.

divi page builder

Page and theme builder

Divi visual page and theme builder is a plugin that lets you create WordPress-specific website layouts and landing pages. Its main objective is not only about building content to put into your website but to produce advanced and high performing digital materials.

The visual page editor has a drag-and-drop interface that, rather than coding scripts, which allows users to simply build pages by dragging elements into the canvas.

If, on the one hand, you are not confident with your designing skills, the software offers a library - also called as “website packs”’ - of web themes too. It is a collection of more than 800 templates that you can edit as you want. 

But what’s more impressive is that it uses front-editing instead of back-end. It means the building process takes place on the frontend part, which is much more convenient and time-efficient as you do not need to simultaneously switch both sides to check the changes. Such an option gives you a precise preview of how your finished design looks when it is already live as well.

divi theme builder

Divi’s theme builder allows you to create individual designs for each section of your website. You can customize the following parts:

  • Website’s header and footer
  • Product page templates
  • Post templates
  • 404 pages
  • Category pages

Apart from that, Divi provides a collection of content modules too. It is comprised of more than 40 customizable premade layouts that you can insert into some areas of a webpage to make leverage its functionality.

Some examples are call-to-actions, countdown timers, testimonials, email forms, video sliders, and maps. 

Last but not least, Divi also added an option that enables users to build mobile responsive websites. Own-made designs can also be saved if ever you want to reuse it in the future or repurpose it. 

All in all, the builder is essentially intuitive and accessible. It is why many entrepreneurs recommend it to beginners, especially those without prior experience or knowledge of how to code.


Online ventures often involve product and service selling. And if you are looking to build an online shop, Divi can help you too. 

Divi builder allows WooCommerce integration. Instead of purchasing another standalone store builder, users can now simply combine the two software.

divi woobuilder

Essentially, once WooCommerce is integrated, all options included in the Divi builder can also be applied when creating digital stores.

Simply put, creating product pages requires zero coding. The customization process is flexible as well. All in all, both are compatible and Divi promises seamless integration.

Customization process

When it comes to designing, Divi gives you full control over everything.

The tools it offers allows you the freedom to realize the exact result you want by eliminating unnecessary restrictions. And instead has innovative customization options to make your webpages appear more interactive.

Its animation presets, for instance, enables you to integrate moving pictures into your pages. You can also manipulate its speed, direction, type. Divi animation tool also lets you create and customize your own presets. The software has a hover state styling tool as well that you can apply to your content modules to make them more interactive. 

divi customization process

Programmers will also enjoy Divi’s advanced code editing. As I have mentioned earlier, Divi also caters to people who can code. The tool is a fully-featured code editor which includes functions like syntax highlighting, multi-line select, error reporting, color picking, auto-complete and many more.

Adding custom CSS and scripts to any elements and Divi modules is possible as well. 

Below are the other options you can enjoy from Divi builder:

  • Fonts and text styling. You can customize your text font the way you want it. Whether it is the size, spacing, or height. You can also choose from hundreds of web fonts available in the builder or build your own.
  • Text shadows. Apply unique effects to your text using Divi’s text shadows presets. You can also customize your own presets.
  • Drop shadows. This option enables users to add depth to pages by adding a drop shadow around it. Just pick one preset or produce your own.
  • Border options. Make the border of your elements more appealing by individually customizing it. You can, for example, change a building block border’s size, color, and style. You can make your own unique effects as well.
  • Shape dividers. Give your page a more elegant look by adding dynamic transitions in-between content blocks. You can place it either above or below your chosen area.
  • Responsive editing. Boost your lead conversion by building mobile-responsive landing pages. It gives you the freedom to optimize all content of your website to ensure they all are responsive to all devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

Marketing and conversion tools

Building aesthetically pleasing and fully functional sites is not enough to succeed in digital marketing.

As an aspiring marketer, you will need to equip your campaigns with optimization and advertising tools too to ensure the performance of each of your landing pages.

divi Marketing and conversion tools

Thankfully, Divi builder plugin has built-in conversion materials to help biz owners like you in enhancing your marketing efforts.

For instance, the software renders an A/B testing tool that allows users to test different variations of content and design and see which one appeals more to your target market.

Essentially, the A/B split test tool is a type of trial and error to help you analyze and gain insights on what, how, and why your audience react and interact with your pages.

You can also enjoy building email lists through Divi email opt-in module. What it does is that it enables users to connect and use an email automation software such as ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, ConvertKit, GetResponse, AWeber, HubSpot, and many more. 

Here are the other blocks you can access:

  • Contact form builder. Collect more leads by building responsive contact forms. You can come up with your own fields - name, email address, and contact number for example - that you think are helpful to reach out to your prospects. The editor comes with styling options that you can utilize to modify your form’s appearance too.
  • Pricing tables. Create neat and stunning pricing tables to give your potential customers a clear overview of what they will receive upon purchasing one of your subscription packages.
  • Social following. Add social media buttons (social sharing and follow icons) to increase your brand’s presence in different social media networks. 

Bloom email opt-in plugin

As a marketer, it is not new to use email marketing as a key strategy to optimize lead generation and conversion campaigns. And since it has a proven record, there’s no reason for Elegant Theme’s Divi not to add it in its arsenal. 

Regarding email marketing tools, you might want to check my guide: the best autoresponders.

Essentially, the plugin aims to increase conversion rates by earning mail subscribers, building highly targeted content, and integrating intuitive opt-in forms. 

Bloom email opt-in plugin

Take its customization options, for instance. It comes with various design settings that let you modify even the tiniest detail of your opt-in forms. 

But what’s more impressive is that it has a Bloom Dashboard wherein you can manage as well as supervise the activity and performance of your opt-in displays. Say, you want to know how your audience behaves with your emails, you can get insights using its conversion and email list statistics feature.  

Aside from that, you can conduct A/B split test too on your opt-in forms and identify which variation appeals strongly to your market. Data migration is also available in Bloom.

Opt-in displays

Here are the available opt-in forms you can build using Divi:

  • 1. Automatic opt-in pop-up. These are popups that automatically appear when triggered by a specific action.
  • 2. In-line opt-in forms. These popups are location-specific forms and do not need triggers. Simply add it to your chosen page. 
  • 3. Automatic opt-in fly-ins. This type of display is closely similar to opt-in popup. It only shows when it is triggered. An excellent approach to grab your viewers’ attention.
  • 4. Below content opt-in forms. These opt-in forms are simply located at the bottom part of a page. These are typically (and recommended) seen on blog posts and long pages.
  • 5. Require opt-in to unlock content. If you need a more direct and powerful way to subscribe to your email list, unlocking content opt-in is a great option. Rather than giving away content freely, it requires users to subscribe to your mailing list first before they can get access to your giveaway content.
  • 6. Widget area opt-in forms. As what its name suggests, these are opt-ins users can place on sidebars. Your site’s footer is also a great area to stick to these widgets.

Furthermore, here are the triggers you can set into the said opt-n forms: delayed time, after purchasing, after commenting, after scrolling, after inactivity, and bottom post.

Divi WordPress theme alternatives

If you feel like the platform’s features are not enough to get you to your goals, I prepared below a few Divi alternatives you should check out:

OptimizePress is a WordPress visual page editor and marketing software. Its interface allows users to build and design layouts easily. And just like Divi, the product requires zero coding skills.


It comes with a library of premade designs too, which is built to cater to beginners who are not familiar yet with how a good web design should look like.

Although it is not its main selling point, you can also use it to produce high-converting and fully functional landing pages.

The software’s main objective is not only about building pages and websites but also creating high performing sales funnels, and deliver digital products.

OptimizePress provides tools like training page creator, sales funnel builder, and checkout creator (OptimizeCheckouts plugin).

In other words, you can create online courses, tutorials and different training materials with its membership design. Only your favourite membership plugin is needed.

Just like Divi, Elementor is a WordPress page builder known for its entry-level features. It is a visual page editor equipped with quality marketing tools.

Although its scope mostly caters to aspiring entrepreneurs, Divi is built as a solution to both newbies and seasoned business owners. Its main objective is to help people create functional and at the same time aesthetically pleasing websites and landing pages.

elementor features

The other tools, on the one hand, act as a support and works as a way to boost its efficiency as well as to maximize its usage.

Elementor also has a collection of 150+ premade landing pages users can both modify and use instantly. But compared to Divi builder, it is only a quarter of Divi’s web packs. The product also has an option wherein you can create individual designs for all areas of your page including the header, footer, contact pages, 404 pages, and many more.

Here’s a glance of what to expect from Elementor:

  • Visual builder
  • A huge collection of mobile-responsive templates
  • Tools for building and designing pop-ups
  • A large collection of building blocks
  • Fully-featured conversion forms

If you want more details, take a look at my Elementor review.

It's another builder known for its WordPress-oriented tools. It is an all-in-one digital solution that aims to build high-converting landing pages and sites as well as to improve underperforming sales funnels.

The platform also provides a wide selection of plugins equipped with intuitive tools that I find are perfect for those who wish to improve their marketing campaigns or expand their businesses


Thrive Themes and Elementor almost share the same features. Both have a drag-and-drop interface, a library of page and theme templates, opt-in forms, and essential elements to integrate into your pages.

The only difference I noticed is that Thrive Themes provides with more marketing-oriented products and features. It also has an online course creator called Thrive Apprentice. It is why, if you are an industry leader looking to find ways to monetize your knowledge, I suggest you opt for Thrive Themes. 

It is also more focused on producing quality and high performing landing pages. 

If you want to know more, study my Thrive Themes review.

Apart from these alternatives, Beaver builder is also another great WordPress page builder plugin you might want to try out.

Putting it all together

Being acknowledged as the widely used WordPress builder, it is apparent how useful Divi’s features are to marketers and online merchants today.

Whether it is for website creation, landing page optimization, or lead generation, the software can help you with basic digital essentials your business needs.

That is why, if you are looking to venture into digital marketing, there is no reason for you not to choose Divi to kickstart your plans. It is intuitive, beginner-friendly, and provides all essential tools to launch your online business.

Divi bonuses

If you've decided to try Divi, you can grab it through my link and all the bonuses below:

Personal 1 on-1 mentoring

Regular coaching calls to help you succeed with anything marketing or technical related.


Different software packages

Different tools regularly like graphic design tools, covers, templates.

$497 VALUE

Done-for-you content

Done-for-you emails, guides, books, articles that you can customize and publish.

$699 VALUE

Affiliate Action Plan Handbook

A complete, step by step digital marketing plan to succeed in affiliate marketing

$299 VALUE

Select Columns Layout

WordPress tools

Best premium WordPress page builders, themes and plugins.

$399 VALUE

Select Columns Layout

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