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Starting a blog is not as easy as it looks. If you want it to be a profitable venture, you need to make sure you target the right niches. That’s why it’s important to think about what types of blogs make the most money

In this article, we’ll be discussing the best blog niches and how to turn your blog profitable

What types of blogs make the most money?

Blogs are nothing new. In fact, they’re one of the earliest forms of social media. Blogs allow you to share your thoughts, and give value to an audience while giving them the ability to connect with you as well. 

What types of blogs make the most money

For some, blogging may simply be a hobby. However, it is an undeniable fact that blogging is also a highly proficient way to earn a passive income

When choosing a blog niche, the sky's the limit. However, if you want to start a blog purely for the monetary benefit, you may want to consider choosing blog topics that make money. 

Take a look at some of the best blog niches for a money-making blog.

Personal blogs

Personal blogs are one of the most popular types of blogs. They’re easily the most versatile as well since you’re able to write about any topic without being constrained to a single niche. 

Personal bloggers are able to write about anything that interests them. This can cover a wide variety of topics such as life, finances, art, and even food. 

Here’s what makes personal blogs popular:

  • This appeals to a wide audience. You’re not constrained to a single niche which means you can reach a varying audience.
  • You’re able to write about different things, which means you won’t have trouble thinking of new creative topics to write about.

How do I make a personal blog successful? 

The biggest challenge personal bloggers face is finding an audience that is okay with a collection of different topics. Some people tend to favor blogs that stick to one topic because of its consistency. 

I suggest investing in your own brand to make your personal blog more successful. Instead of your blog topics, people would gravitate towards what your brand represents. Personal blogs are recently gaining popularity due to the rise of various influencers. It’s important to build up your brand and offer consistency by sticking to your brand’s voice.

Personal brand blog

Personal brand blogs are different from personal blogs in the sense that they focus on a specific niche. Take financial coaches for example. Their blogs are heavily focused on providing you with content about finances and how they personally view finances. 

personal branding formula

Personal brand blogs give your audience an insight into your profession or specialty. It builds upon your reputation and credibility, which in turn lets people know your thoughts are of value to them. 

Here’s what makes personal brand blogs popular:

  • They allow you to focus on a certain niche and make it easier for you to find your audience. 
  • Gives you more than one outlet to earn a passive income.

How do I make a personal brand blog successful? 

Personal brand blogs provide you with the unique opportunity to market certain products or services. This is ideal either for affiliate marketing specialists or digital marketing specialists. A personal brand blog will make you most successful if you attach other ways to earn from it like selling your products, marketing your services, or adding affiliate links to your blog posts.

Corporate blog

Corporate blogs are a way for businesses to communicate and interact with their audience. This gives website visitors more reasons to browse their website longer and effectively lowers bounce rates which in turn, helps with your website’s SEO rankings

corporate blog

These types of blogs also help you build a reputation and boost your authority in the industry you’re in. The more high-value blog posts you put out, the more your leads will be able to connect with your business and identify how your business is run

Here’s what makes corporate blogs popular:

  • They give you a unique opportunity to build your credibility and drive up trust ratings. Having content on your website that’s more than just you selling your products shows that you value your customer’s time. You’re showing them that there’s more to your business than the business side of things and that you’re committed to your craft. 
  • This boosts your authority in the industry you’re in. More content means you have a lot to say about things in your industry. This gives your audience the impression that you know a lot about what you’re talking about and that your business is worth their time.
  • It saves you time. Answering customer’s questions before they ask them is a good way to save time. It also saves you the energy of having to answer the same questions repeatedly.

How do I make a corporate blog successful? 

The ultimate goal of a corporate blog is to drive up your conversions. Do this by being consistent with your content. You need to make sure you’re consistently able to publish high-value content that your audience will appreciate. 

Another thing you need to consider is veering away from being overly salesy. Your blog posts are designed to help drive up your conversions. But that doesn’t mean you have to constantly squeeze in promotional content about your products in each post. 

In fact, the most popular corporate blogs seldom mention their own products or services. They simply focus on publishing valuable content that will intrigue their leads.

Niche Blog

Niche blogs are one of the blog types you can always count on. There are several types of niches to choose from. Basically, this allows you to focus your blog on a single topic. It can be anything from sports, crafts, or parenthood.  

best blog niches

Some niche blogs are even very specific about their content. For example, some blogs focus on geographical accuracy like Canadian gambling blogs which focus entirely on gambling culture in Canada. 

Here’s why they’re so popular:

  • Sticking to a certain niche makes it easier for you to market your blog since you can easily determine what audience your blog is best for. 
  • It’s easier to think of blog content when you have certain topics to choose from. Variety is not always a blessing. In fact, in some cases you might have a hard time thinking about what content to publish when you’re given too many options.
  • They can be created for businesses. If you own a niche business, then adding a blog to accompany your business will help you maximize monetization and boost your sales.

How do I make a niche blog successful? 

Niche blogs are most successful when you’re writing from the heart. People who follow niche blogs are often looking for someone knowledgeable about that particular niche. But you shouldn’t focus on just spewing out facts about certain topics. Make sure your passion for your niche shines through. Your audience will only connect with you if they feel that you are genuinely knowledgeable and passionate about what you’re talking about.

What niches are the best to blog about?

People are always looking to add value to their lives. One thing that is certain is that even if you choose to write about a niche that isn’t particularly popular, you will still find an audience for it. In fact, specialty niches may require a lot more work to get out there, but they’re a great investment because they’re not overly saturated. 

On that note, here are some of the most popular niches in blogging today.


Food is something that EVERYONE needs. This gives you a wide audience in itself. However, food blogs are popular for more than just the fact that they write about a necessity. Food blogs focus on different aspects of the food industry. 

food blog

You can choose to write food reviews, cooking tips, recipes, and even write about the best places to eat in certain areas. They’re not tied to a singularity, which gives you plenty of berths when you’re choosing something to write about. 

Most food bloggers are able to create their own content. Take Binging with Babish for example, he takes fictional food and turns them into reality. 

In the same spirit, there are several other types of food blogs. People tend to gravitate toward food blogs simply because they not only provide a form of entertainment, but they also add value to your life through something that everyone can connect with.


If there’s one thing parents need more of, it’s being able to connect with other parents. Parenting blogs provide not only much needed relief from overthinking or confused parents but it’s also usually aimed at educating others about parenthood. 

parenting blog

There are many topics tackled in parenting blogs. After all, parenting doesn’t stop at any age. What makes these types of blogs popular is how relatable they are to a wide audience. Many parents rely on the internet for information on questions that they usually feel aren’t important enough to ask their doctors. 

What’s more, sharing your experiences as a parent will help you blow off some steam and offer some much needed relief. 

Not only that, parenting blogs can connect you to a worldwide audience. Plus, there are countless opportunities for selling products like handmade toys, accessories,and parenting tools. You could also monetize your blog by providing sponsored product reviews or through affiliate marketing so you don’t have to rely on a single source of income.

Digital marketing

With the whole world going digital and looking to the internet for their shopping needs, many businesses are eager to jump into digital marketing to further their business. However, this also means many platforms and tools geared towards making digital marketing easier for those who aren’t experienced have popped up. 

Digital marketing blog

Digital marketing blogs focus on one thing: giving accurate information. Basically, the value digital marketing blogs have to offer is to give you tips on the best ways you can utilize digital marketing to your advantage. 

This makes it easy for anyone who doesn’t have the basic knowledge to understand a complex subject like digital marketing and to make choices based on the content you present.


Personal finance blogs have recently grown in popularity. More and more people are looking for ways to maximize their finances and to keep track of spending habits which leads them to look for blogs that share ideas and tips to better handle their finances. 

finance blog

Personal finance blogs also answer several questions your audience may have about finances. It’s an ideal niche option for you if you have some background handling money and taxes and would like to help others be less confused about how they can better handle their money. 

Personal finance blogs also have the opportunity to lock into insurance and investment affiliate marketing strategies. While personal finance blogs don’t have any formal requirements, you may want to make sure you’re able to present yourself as knowledgeable in the field. 

Some of the more successful personal finance blogs earn over thousands of dollars a month. In hindsight, it may be because they’re good with handling money. And if you are too, expect to be able to cash in on this niche as well.


Fitness blogs are on the rise. Many people are looking for ways to hit their fitness goals, and in turn, this has brought personal fitness and training to the digital world. Fitness blogs are usually run by either influencers or personal trainers. 

fitness blog

These are people who are adamant about living a healthier life and are able to show results for it. Although recent body-positivity trends have opened the niche up to a wider audience, fitness blogging remains the same. 

It gives you the opportunity to share workout tips, your favorite healthy meals, some “cheats” that are both healthy and indulging, and many more. Some of the most popular fitness blogs share more relatable content and don't just focus on the good days where you’re able to stick to your schedule and accomplish everything you set out to do. 

But more than that, fitness bloggers are able to tap into product sales, affiliate marketing, and sponsorships as well to earn a better passive income through their blog.

How do I choose a niche?

With an unlimited number of niches to choose from, it’s understandable that you may have difficulty making a decision. After all, if you’re considering running a blog for the monetary benefit, you don’t want to jump into it head-first without thinking about what you need to do. 

Here are some tips to help you find a blog niche that will work for you and raise your blog’s chances for success: 

Choose something you’re passionate about

Write about your passion. Blogs are less of a chore when you’re writing about something you truly enjoy. It should be more than just making the money for you, but more about sharing what you’ve learned about the niche and how you can add value to other’s lives. 

Sincerity is key to a successful blog. That’s why the first step to choosing a niche is to pick out something that you’re passionate about.

Take the time to research

Whether you have formal experience with the niche you’re thinking about or not, it’s important to keep yourself updated. Make sure you take the time to research your possible competition and see what works for them. 

It’s also a good practice to do research about your niche in particular. List down problems you want to answer and think ahead: will I still enjoy writing about this niche in the future?

Check your audience

Sometimes, writing about something you’re passionate about isn’t enough. If you don’t want to have a hard time monetizing your blog, make sure you check your audience. An oversaturated market will be difficult to dive into. 

The same can be said if you’re writing about a niche that virtually has no market. Make sure you’re able to tap into an audience, without having to share the spotlight with another ten new bloggers each week trying to make it out the same way you are.

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How do I start a successful blog?

blog plan

Starting a blog is the easy part. Making it successful however, is not. There are many factors that go into a blog’s success and you need to be ready for the highlights and lowlights of blogging. Here are some of my key takeaways:

  • Choose the right niche. Write about something that excites you. Make sure you’ll still enjoy it a few years into the future. Your passion will drive your success and fuel your determination for your blog. Don’t be afraid to choose a niche that isn’t listed above. There is a market for nearly every niche out there. Just make sure you choose the right one. 
  • List down your goals. It’s important to visualize the goals you have for your blog. Yes, earning money is a great bonus, but it should be more than that. When your goals are clear, you’ll be better able to make decisions regarding your blog like the type of content you choose to put into it. 
  • Learn about everything you can. Before you start writing your first blog post, make sure you have all the correct information. Make sure your blog is accurate and gives value to your audience’s lives by answering questions they may have about your niche or giving them something to relate to. 
  • Size up your competition. I don’t mean to compare yourself to your competition and copy off them, but taking a look at popular blogs in your niche can help you better drive your content and blog in the right direction. Take the time to visit their website and think to yourself: what do I need to improve upon? 
  • List down possible topics. I’m the type of person who likes to be well prepared. Listing down several topics to write about will help you keep your creative juices flowing and will help you commit to a more consistent publishing schedule. 
  • Set aside time for your blog. One of the key qualities of a successful blog is consistency. Commit to a schedule of publishing content. Take the time to plan out your weekly schedule and commit to publishing at least 1-2 posts per week. On that note, you should also commit to time for writing. Keeping a clear writing schedule can help you raise your productivity levels. 
  • Invest in digital marketing. Try to get your blog out there as much as possible. Digital marketing is an effective way to get your blog out there. There are many digital marketing techniques you can employ. Try to create a social media account to help promote your blog for free as well.


Starting a blog requires commitment, consistency, and passion. Truth be told, some of the most successful blogs are born from the passion of their creators. So choosing a niche to write in should be entirely personal to you. 

Try to choose subjects that are interesting and will provide the most value to other’s lives. Write about questions you want answered in your specific niche and employ other strategies to further monetize your blog like affiliate marketing and selling products and services. 

Besides, you can find here the best affiliate programs with recurring commissions that I promote. I can assure you that this list includes only high-quality products.

Whatever type of blog and niche you choose, make sure you’re dedicated to putting in the time and effort to make it successful. Remember: you need to put in work to make your blog work.

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