Repurposing Content: Ideas That Bring Profit to Your Business

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Feels like your digital content doesn’t work for your brand’s good anymore? Don’t be too quick to throw it away - recycle it! Learn the top-effective tips on how to get it made.

How to use content repurposing for your benefit?

To make or not to make repurposing content - that’s not a question in our digital era when one has to constantly update all their communication platforms and keep them fresh. Certainly, adding new gems to your content treasury is necessary from time to time. However, when possessing enough quality texts, there will be multiple ways to turn them into original and appealing posts.

Repurposing Content_ Ideas That Bring Profit to Your Business

It’s a great thing to have all these Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others - they are always ready to supply you with huge audiences. You can even use such searching tools as to enrich your leads. But sending your website’s blog links to their emails is not enough to turn them into customers today.

It does not mean that your blogs are bad or useless. Surely, they’re not. You simply need to recreate them a bit so that they can make your leads grow interested in your product or service. And this article contains the top-easy repurpose ideas to do this quickly and effectively.

What is repurposing content

Repurposing content represents a process when one takes their ready-existing content and reformat it instead of creating anything new from the ground up. Thus, voluminous and boring-to-read documentation may be turned into a series of visually pleasing posts, statistical data - into infographics, an article intended to invite customers to interaction - into polls, etc.

Your choice of a format may depend on the platform, audience, or the moment's purpose.  Luckily, there are plenty of handy content repurposing tools that can facilitate this process. Yes, there are many tools for creating new content, too. But recycling your blogs has enough benefits. Let's observe the most important of them.

Why repurpose content?

When having a proper content reuse strategy - and, of course, already created promo/info materials - you are halfway to success in attracting new customers to your brand. And this approach has a whole lot of advantages the main of which are placed below.

Repurposing Content_ Ideas That Bring Profit to Your

Time/costs more reasonable spend

The most obvious reason you should reuse content is that it will save you both money and time. Creating a fully new blog or post is sure to consume your resources - you will need to engage writers, content designers, etc. Repurposing the existing items in its turn will be much faster and require not so big investment.

Diversified content

Repurposing content is a perfect condition for experiments with different forms and formats. What can be more underwhelming than a website filled with texts only? However, videos only won't bring you much success as well. The only way to increase traffic to your platforms is to supply them with not only quality but also diverse content. And repurposing is an ideal instrument for this.

More people attracted

Have diversified your content with the help of a content reuse strategy? Then, get your traffic increased! Whether these people will make up your buyers is still up in the air. However, you will find sure ways to communicate with new audiences interested in your brand. This certainly has nice potential.

Target audiences identified more precisely

Use content repurposed in different ways as a means of learning your target audience. You can analyze such factors as:

  • Which content type attracts which groups of people?
  • Who tends to share this or that content?
  • How is one and the same content perceived on different social platforms?

By answering such questions, you will be able to re-identify your target audience. Needless to say that knowing it as precisely as possible is one of the key components of efficient marketing.


One more reason for recycling content is SEO optimization. Want your web platforms to make friends with Google? Then, repurpose your content.

Repurposing Content_ Ideas That Bring Profit to

Online omni-presence

It will take ages to create a new piece of content each time you want to conquer a new online platform. Moreover, today's markets require a quicker reaction from your digital content workflow, so repurposing seems to be the most adequate solution. It does not mean that your team does not need to produce anything new anymore.

But reuse content strategies are those tools that will allow you to keep pace with different types of competitors.

Chance to improve the content

Repurpose ideas are so universal that you may not only reformat your best pieces of content. You can revitalize your less viable items as well.

What to repurpose?

You should have a coherent idea of your content. That is, you should be able to sort out the things that merit repurposing. First of all, pay attention to the posts that are:

  • relevant;
  • of high-quality;
  • SEO-optimized;
  • the most popular with your guests.

The latter can be traced by various tools including Google Analytics. But no matter which content type is on your mind, always check it for possible improvements.

8 great ideas to repurpose content

How does repurposing blog content work? Well, there may be an infinite number of ideas. We have only gathered the top effective of them. They are perfect solutions for blogs you wish to post on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or whatever social platform. You do not need to be a pro designer to use them.

1. Stories

Almost all content types can serve as a source for creating a story. How-to slides, company news, statistics, interesting facts, quotes are only several examples of what can be turned into an attractive carousel. This is an ideal means to hook your customer and draw them into reading your texts.

Repurposing Content_ Ideas That Bring Profit

Useful tools: Canva, SlideShare

2. Infographics

Be sure to use infographics since this technique of conveying data is very popular with social online users. You can also turn all types of guides, instructions, etc. into infographics. People would rather learn some interesting statistics in form of colorful graphs. But a detailed textual article crammed with loads of figures and percentages would scarcely lure your blog’s guests.

Useful tools: Visually, Piktochart, etc.

3. Video podcast

This is one of the most effective ways of repurposing content at present. When there’s a choice between reading a highly informative article and watching a short video on the same topic, most users will choose the latter. It’s natural since most people prefer a visual method of getting information. 

Repurposing Content_ Ideas That Bring

So, consider creating a series of videos that can be educational, informative, or whatever. The only rule here is to entertain and make your guests become interested in learning more about your brand.

Useful tools: Wistia, Corel, and many more.

4. Webinars

Webinars and all sorts of live sessions are now available on numerous social networking platforms. By the way, LinkedIn is already among them, too. No wonder. These are extraordinarily popular means of interaction with prospective customers

Repurposing Content_ Ideas That

With the help of webinars, you can directly promote your product or service as well as hold various polls, conduct interviews, etc. You do not need to write scripts or create anything new - you already have all the necessary materials! Just recycle your ready-existing content.

5. Email series

One more great technique is choosing an interesting topic that can be presented to the reader in form of an email series. Let’s say you have a long and informative article with several chapters. 

Each of these chapters can be turned into a separate letter. This content reuse strategy will be very effective for communication with your existing leads. You can also find new ones through an email address finder or encourage your guests to subscribe to this set of emails and thus extend your lead base.

Useful tools: MailChimp, Campaign Monitor.

6. Content enrichment

This method of repurposing content is perfect for improving your old textual content. We speak about blogs that contain lots of relevant information and have a single drawback - no rich media inside. 

Repurposing Content_ Ideas

What is rich media? This can be anything that makes your post more appealing to the user. High-quality images, the same old infographics, videos, etc. are examples of rich media. All this can be inserted into your blog on practically all modern platforms today. So, do not remove links to rich content from your articles - add it directly to them!

7. EBook

How to make a solid and interesting presentation of your company or brand? One of the ways is to create an eBook. Again, one of your blogs may serve as a source. What you have to do is to take away outdated info from this blog and supply it with the relevant one. 

Repurposing Content_

How voluminous should it be? Well, it’s up to you to decide. But be sure to add images, photos, graphs, etc. to it. Ask your guests to subscribe to your website in order to get the EBook.Thus, you will add another couple of leads to your clientele.

Useful tools: Visme, Papyrus, and others.

8. Guest posts

Want to attract users to your blog? Be an active guest to other people’s blogs! You can write a guest post for a nice blog related to your industry. The potential of increasing traffic to your website with the help of this content reuse strategy is truly huge. But your guest post should be of high quality. It should comply with this blog’s readers' interests. The rules are simple. Be polite. Be an expert. Prove that your post will enhance this blog. 

This can’t be a post about your company or product, but you have to “book a seat” for a link to your website in the most natural way.

Knowing how to repurpose content…

So, when knowing the main techniques of recycling content, you can rethink the entire strategy of creating it. Each piece of it can be initially designed so that you can repurpose it in the future in various ways. This will save you money and effort.

Be sure to combine repurpose ideas with in-depth analyses of your audience and their needs. Use those methods that have been accepted enthusiastically by your customers and new guests. When the most suitable means is determined, feel free to display your creativeness - thankfully, you will never run out of quality instruments to do it.

About the author 

Maxim Grigoryev

Maksym has 15 years experience in marketing at B2B and B2C markets for engineering solutions, e-commerce, products distribution in EU/US markets. He helps small and medium businesses to build and optimize digital performance. If you have any marketing questions or would like to offer cooperation, please feel free to contact on LinkedIn.

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